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Best Mattresses for Couples

best mattresses for couplesSharing a mattress can sometimes cause a few challenges. Especially when there are different preferences between who is sharing the bed. However, when you find the perfect mattress that works great for you and your partner there is nothing that beats both of you getting the necessary rest and relaxation you deserve.

In our section of best mattresses for couples we focus on the top mattresses that work great for people who either share or differ on preferred comfort and firmness levels. As well as mattresses that perform well for motion transfer and sex.

Below we have our top picks based on our full reviews from every mattress on our site. We can confidently recommend every one of these beds and know couples will not be disappointed.

Our Top 7 Mattresses for Couples

  1. Helix – $995 – $100 Coupon = $895/Queen | Custom Hybrid (Dual Sided Optional)
  2. Helix Luxe – $1745 – $125 coupon = $1620/Queen | Custom Hybrid
  3. Brooklyn Bedding Rubix – $1249 – 20% = $999/Queen | Adjustable Hybrid
  4. Bear Hybrid – $1350 – $125 coupon = $1225/Queen | Hybrid
  5. Morphiis – $995 – $100 coupon = $895/Queen | Adjustable Foam
  6. Amore Beds – $975 – $150 Coupon = $825/Queen | Hybrid (Dual Sided)
  7. Zenhaven by Saatva $1899/Queen | 100% Latex (2 Sided)

Finding The Happy Medium

Maybe you and your partner prefer the same feel. Maybe you don’t and one of you likes firm and the other prefers soft. And in that case who wins? What if you could both win? Well now you can. Two of the five mattresses in our couples section are 100% customizable. Even to the point that each side can have its own perfect feel for each person’s preferences.

Helix and Helix Luxe offers a hybrid mattress that is made upon order. It is created specifically based on your answers to a short survey. The feel and support will be ideally engineered for your optimal sleeping surface. Now you can both have your perfect side all wrapped in one perfect mattress.

Shop the Helix Mattress and Helix Luxe at

best mattresses for couplesA few other mattresses in this section may not be 100% customized, but they do offer the option of choosing your preferred comfort level on each side. This is great if you and your sleeping partner have different preferred feels. The Amore Beds hybrid mattress has the option of selecting your preferred feel on each side when ordering.

While the Luxi all foam mattress has the ability to unzip the cover and shift the layers on each side to find your ideal feel. These two beds are perfect for couples since you can have each side altered for ideal comfort and firmness. This makes both of them one of kind just for you and your partner.

Shop the Amore Beds mattress at or the Luxi mattress at

The other mattress we chose is a 100% natural latex mattress. The Zenhaven mattress works really well for couples. It offers good, dense support with just enough sink and responsiveness to contour perfect to you and let you easily move. It is also naturally aerated so no excess heat will be held.

The Zenhaven also can be altered in its own way to create an ideal comfort. The mattress is flippable with one side being slightly firmer and the other a little softer. All of these mattress choices would make a great addition to anyone’s room, especially if you are sharing a mattress.

Shop the Zenhaven mattress at

best mattresses for couplesDo Not Disturb

Different schedules? Baby in the other room? Light sleeper? Whatever the reason, motion transfer may be a concern to and your partner.

All the mattresses recommended in this section have very minimal motion transfer. And shouldn’t send much, if any, vibrations through the bed. Many of these mattresses use several layers of premium, high end materials. Including dense foams that absorb much of the feelings of movement from a partner getting in and out of bed. Even a light sleeper shouldn’t feel much disturbance, at least from the mattress.

Time To Get It On

best mattresses for couplesIf you’re sharing a bed you are probably sharing a lot more. So why not have a mattress that not only works great for sleep but also your love life? Having a mattress with a dense, supportive core as well as just enough responsiveness for easy movement is your best bet. These mattresses will have a foundation that will be solid and sturdy and provide plenty of support and not let you bottom out.

They also will have layers of foam or coil systems that provide just enough spring to help you move around easily. Especially layers of latex, these layers help keep the bed cool and respond to your movements quickly. Regardless of which of these mattresses you choose, a quick romp or an all night love session should be comfortable for both of you.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.