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Mattress Review Tempur-Cloud Mattress Review

Tempur-cloud bed in a boxYou knew it was bound to happen eventually. Tempur-pedic offers their mattresses for purchase through their website. However they haven’t officially entered the online bed-in-a-box market. Until NOW! They are still putting the finishing touches on the Tempur-Cloud mattress. But, this exclusive Tempurpedic bed-in-a-box is coming very soon.

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What to Expect:

When it comes to their first official online mattress Tempurpedic isn’t venturing too far from their existing bread and butter. Which is a memory foam mattress that ranges between $1499 in a Twin size to $2199 in a King size. Their patented dense and durable memory foam will still be the star of the show. Offering amazing pressure relief and ideal comfort and support. As well as an emphasis on reducing motion transfer and temperature regulation too. Making this 10″ mattress not far off from all other online competitors goals.

Tempur-cloud online mattressThe new Tempur-Cloud will be much like what Tempur-pedic is known to offer. This time they deliver the mattress in a convenient box  dropped at your door. As well as marketed towards the online shopper, opposed to those looking for a brick and mortar shopping experience. This high-end memory foam mattress may just what so many shoppers are still looking for. And now they will have it right at the click of a button.

Many details of this new bed are still evolving, but the TempurCloud mattress is currently exclusively offered in the Seattle area only. They will eventually add availability in other large cities as they roll it out. Allowing Tempur-pedic to work out their new logistics as well as create some buzz.

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Tempur-Pedic Latest Coupons & Savings

More to Come:

Clearly there will be more on this new mattress coming soon. We are interested and excited to see just how this mattress will set itself apart. With so many players already established in the online mattress market will their be room for Tempurpedic? We will see soon. Make sure you check back to find out more about this bed. As well as check out our insight and full mattress review.

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