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Mattress Review Helix

The Helix Mattress creates the optimal bed for you by customizing the entire mattress to your specific needs. It is a personalized hybrid mattress that utilizes pocketed micro coils. These are great for pressure relief and weight distribution. It also has high grade foams to create plenty of comfort. When ordering a Helix bed you will start by taking a short survey. This will create the perfect mattress for you, as well as your partner. You can even have it customized on each side to really create the best custom mattress for each sleeper. Check out the fun Helix sleep quiz here! 

helix mattressThis one of kind mattress will not only by ideally comfortable. It will also provide optimal support, temperature regulation and great motion isolation. The Helix bed is even priced right, especially when you can include our exclusive coupon too. Once you receive your perfectly designed mattress you even have 100 nights to make sure it is just for you. It also is conveniently shipped right to you door for free. And even comes with a 10 year warranty too. Start creating your perfect mattress today and tomorrow you will be sleeping sound.

Below we have our in depth Helix mattress review. Including our comprehensive video review as well as our detailed written review. We will go through how it performs for off gassing, comfort, motion transfer, sleeping cool, edge support, value, material, trial and warranty.

Also, remember that if you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you!

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Off Gassing

The very first thing you’ll need to do with your new Helix mattress is take it out of the box and get it set up. It should show up right at your door and in a fairly compact box, for a mattress anyway. Getting it to where it needs to go may take two sets of hands. It is about 75 lbs and a little awkward to maneuver if you’re on your own. Once you get it to where you’ll be sleeping it should only take a few minutes to get it out of the box and take out of the plastic and come to life.

During the unboxing process you will notice a bit of off gassing but it should be very minimal. With most boxed mattresses there will be a little bit of smell once it is allowed to unroll and take shape. It should be fine within a few hours but if you are more sensitive to certain smells letting it breathe for 12 to 24 hours would probably be a good idea.

See how easy the Helix is to unbox in the video below!

When setting up your new mattress it will need a foundation that provides a flat, even surface that will support the weight of the mattress as well as the sleepers. It also will need to be the right height for you as well as be aesthetically appealing. The Helix mattress would work great on a box spring with or without a frame, an adjustable base, a platform bed or slatted bed. To find a foundation that would work for you check out our frames & bases reviews.

mattress foundation chart



The Helix Mattress is 100% completely customizedaccording to your sleeping preferences. Before ordering your Helix Mattress you will take a short quiz that will go through questions like what your sleeping position preference is, your height and weight and whether you sleep warm or cool, etc. They then use this information to design the perfect mattress for you and your partner that will focus on the right comfort specifically for you. Check out the Helix sleep quiz for yourself!

Ordering our Helix mattress only took a few minutes and in those minutes they were able to decide what qualities would work best for us. We ended up with the medium-medium firm feel, with light support, very cooling and high point elasticity. It also was blended so the entire surface felt the same regardless of what side was slept on. There is the option to have each side customized individually so one side could be firm for one persons preference and the other side soft for someone else’s preference. We were happy with the end results and what was made just for us.

The comfort of the mattress was a great compromise for what both of us like in feel for a mattress and the medium-medium firm support was just enough for each sleeping position to be comfortable. We also liked the flexible support the micro-coil system brought to the feel of this bed. The coils did a nice job of feeling supportive and even as well as give enough push back to allow you to move easily.


Motion Transfer

The motion transfer of the Helix was minimal and we didn’t notice much partner disturbance while sleeping. Because there is a coil system in the mattress there is alittle more vibration then you would get from an all foam mattress. However, since the coils are individually wrapped that cuts down on most of the vibrations and will not be disruptive. Overall the motion transfer in the Helix was what we expected, very minor.


Sleeps Cool

This mattress did a great job for sleeping cool. This was one of the customized optionsincluded when ordering a Helix and if  you are a warm sleeper then the mattress will be made accordingly to help offset overheating. The coil system will naturally help with this as well since there is more airflow between the coils. And because it is the second layer it will also give you the support you need not to sink in too far. Not sinking in too far means that there is less of your body that will be touching the mattress and retaining heat. For warm sleepers, this mattress should work out very well.


Edge Support

Edge support is one of the things you probably don’t think about initially when looking at a mattress but can be a very important feature once you get it home and use it daily. Edge support is especially important if you sit on the edge of your bed for any reason, like to sleep close to the edge or share the bed and need to really utilize the full sleeping surface. While sleeping on the Helix mattress we found that the edge support was fine. You are able to sleep edge to edge fairly comfortably. However, if you sit on the edge of your bed more frequently you may not have the necessary support especially over time. This isn’t uncommon in beds that are compressed and shipped mostly because you can’t have a super solid edge support to accommodate shipping.



helix mattressThe price of this mattress comes in at $995 for a queen and we feel that this is a good value. Especially considering this mattress is made especially for you, and comes with good materials and features that should benefit your sleeping preference and comfort. Also, get $50 OFF simply by using the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE50 when you are at the checkout page at

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The Helix mattress is made up of 4 layers that come out to be a total a little over 10″ thick. The top layer is a comfort layer of 2″ of Helix dynamic foam. This proprietary foam that is contouring, yet reactive and has cooling qualities too. This foam will vary from 10-30 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) depending on how your mattress is customized to accommodate how firm or soft you like your mattress. This layer will also have a density of 3.0 PCF (Pounds per Cubic Foot).

The next layer is a 2″+ of pocketed microcoils and this layer will be the same in all mattresses. It has 1350 coils with an ILD of 18 that help evenly distribute weight, relieve pressure and circulate air. They are individually wrapped to help soften vibrations and lessen any motion transfer.

Under the coil system is a 2″ layer transitional poly foam. This helps for deep comfortsupport and also helps the comfort layers work with the base layer for proper support to work with the top layers. This layer will vary depending on the firmness level as well as the support needed for you mattress and will have an ILD between 20-26 and a 1.8 PCF.

The bottom layer is 4″ of base foam that will be the foundation of the mattress. This layer will vary depending on the amount of support your mattress will need and be anywhere from 26-33 ILD and 1.8 PCF.

The Helix Mattress is covered in a 100% polyester white topped and signature Helix blue side panels. The top is soft to the touch and not very thick and quite breathable with a nice amount of stretch to keep the cover taut to the surface. The sides are a little thicker and durable and are pulled tight to the sides. There is a zipper on the bottom of the mattress, but this isn’t a cover you would want to take off.


Trial Period

The Helix mattress has a 100 night sleep trial period. This is the online mattress industry average and what is typical offered. This trial period allows for a sufficient amount of time to see if this mattress is a good fit for you and also has a very easy return process if it isn’t.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Helix trial period find out more at or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.



This mattress has a 10 year warranty. Like most mattress warranties the 10 year Helix warranty is prorated to coincide with the natural average wear of the bed over time. This warranty is fairly standard and provides consumers with the confidence that this is a product that the company will stand behind.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Helix warranty find out more at or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $600
  • Twin XL: $700
  • Full: $850
  • Queen: $995
  • King: $1245
  • Cal King: $1245


The Helix Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You like the idea of customizing your mattress specifically for you
  • You like a coil or hybrid mattress
  • You like a mattress that has the unique and well made with quality materials

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Still looking for some more information? Visit Helix at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!