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About Us

Who We Are Our goal at Our Sleep Guide is to help you find the best mattress and sleep products for you and everyone in your family. We focus on giving you quality and in depth reviews that give you the necessary insight to make a confident decision.

We are a busy couple with a growing little girl, an active dog and a lifestyle that barely gives us a chance to catch our breath. It seems most people these days are in the same boat and we know first hand that having useful and honest feedback when making purchasing decisions, especially of online products, can make life much easier.

Our mattress reviews will give you a detailed and unbiased look at many popular mattress brands. As well as several up and coming mattresses that are well worth taking a look at too. We sleep on and test memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses, as well as everything in between. We not only give you in depth written reviews but also insightful and personable video reviews that give you a first hand look at each bed.

Our Sleep Guide not only look at mattresses but also all the necessary accessories that are needed for a good night sleep too. Our reviews include the most popular pillows, sheets and mattress protectors. We even have frames and base reviews. And lets not forget about the rest of the family with our growing lineup of pet beds and baby bedding reviews as well. We are here to help you and everyone in your household get their rest. We hope you find our reviews helpful on your mattress and bedding journey.

Meet Justin

Meet Justin Justin has been in the mattress industry for 9 years. In 2008 he opened his own mattress store in Mankato, MN. And through lots of hard work and dedication was able to grow that store, even becoming the local communities best place to buy a mattress.

His outstanding customer service and straight to the point approach coupled with his years of experience and knowledge allow him to really know what to look for when comparing mattresses and relaying that information effectively.

Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal Crystal has a professional background in Interior Design and an acquired background in the mattress industry. Working side by side with her husband at his mattress store for the past five years has given her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and valued opinion when looking at a mattress.

Also, as a new mother and a wife, much of her focus is on all the other elements beyond the mattresses that help your entire family sleep comfortably. With the help of their new daughter and family dog, Crystal, will also be sharing her new found insight of baby bedding and accessories, as well as bedding for the family pets.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us, we are here to help!