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May 3, 2018

Ojai vs Luft Hybrid

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress that feels like it was made just for you, the Luft Hybrid Mattress and the Ojai from Brentwood Home Mattress are two excellent choices. They are very comparable but have some key differences. Making one or the other more suitable to your personal needs in a new bed. So read on to get our perspective in the Ojai vs Luft comparison review.

Ojai by Brentwood Home Overview:

brentwood home ojaiThe Ojai mattress is from the Brentwood Home mattress line. It marries together the perfect combination of latex and memory foam for a premium hybrid mattress that will have you sleeping soundly in no time. The Brentwood Home company is dedicated to making quality products using the healthiest of materials.

The Ojai mattress is no exception to their handcrafting excellence and honest prices. With hand stitched tufts and a reasonably priced finished product. As well as materials meticulously selected for their comfort and cooling properties. This company has been helping people create a better bedroom for over thirty years. And the Ojai is a top choice among premium hybrid mattresses.

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Luft Mattress Overview:

ojai vs luftLuft started in the mattress industry from the manufacturing end. Giving them the knowledge to make perfect beds with amazing comfort and durability. Through the information they obtained in the industrial process, they were able to design the Luft Memory Foam mattress and the Luft Hybrid mattress.

With this mattress coming in at over fourteen inches thick, you are sure to get every pennies worth of price. Gel and graphite are infused in the foams for optimal comfort. As well as easily address your pressure points while keeping you cool.

Find the full review of the Luft HERE or learn more about Luft at

In this comparison, the Ojai mattress and the Luft Hybrid mattress will square off for an honest tit for tat review. Measuring levels of off gassing, comfort, motion transfer and sleeping cool. As well as the materials, edge support, and value. Continue reading to discover which of these two contenders will be the winner for your next mattress purchase.

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Ojai vs Luft – Delivery & Off Gassing:

Both mattresses are comparable when it comes to set up due to their weight. Since they are both heavier than the typical bed, you will want to have a second set of hands when unboxing your mattress. You could notice some minimal smells from the off gassing process with either of these options. If you are more sensitive to this, then the Ojai mattress may be a better choice for your individual needs.

Brentwood Homes give you the option to have your Ojai delivered and set up through a white glove delivery service for just under and additional $200. They will even haul away your old mattress at another low rate of $76.

Otherwise both beds have free shipping that includes compressing the mattress and putting it in a box. If you go with the option to have your roll packed and compressed mattress delivered for set up on your own, be sure to give your new mattress time to breathe before placing any of your bedding, like mattress covers and sheets. This ensures that the bed has ample time to expand to its full size for the dissipation of any noxious smells and to provide optimal sleeping comfort.

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When we look to compare comfort, a few areas come into play. First, we look to the overall firmness provided by each brand. We do this by comparing the two on a scale from 1 to 10. A level 1 would be the softest with each level increasing in firmness up to 10. We found that the Ojai and Luft are very similar in feel, but the Luft provides just slightly more firmness.

Ojai Comfort:

The Ojai mattress comes in at a 5.5 on the firmness scale. Making it a medium feel that suits all sleeping positions. Those that prefer to sleep on their backs could find relief from back pain. Especially because this bed will hug the lumbar and shoulders perfectly. Side and stomach sleepers will also find ideal comfort. There is a perfect amount of cushioning to allow for sinking in at key points of the body. All while retaining a level of ideal support. This will keep the shoulder and hip from sinking too far for side sleepers. And keep the back from bowing for stomach sleepers.

softness scale meter
Luft Comfort:

The Luft Hybrid mattress will fall somewhere between the 5.5 and 6.5 section on the firmness scale. Back sleepers will find the perfect balance between support and sinking. As well as pressure relief in the lumbar and shoulders for ideal comfort. With optimal levels of reinforcement and cushion, both side sleepers and stomach sleepers will get a good night’s rest on a Luft Hybrid mattress.

Between the two, the Ojai mattress will be a better pick for side sleepers. But only by a small margin, since it is slightly less firm to provide more cushioning for your shoulders and hips. The Luft Hybrid mattress will be ever so slightly more suitable to back and stomach sleepers due to the extra support. Consider your sleeping position when making your choice between these two medium firm level beds.

Ojai – Materials:

best hybrid mattressesBrentwood Home mattress company is dedicated to using the healthiest of materials for your home and our environment. The Ojai is a hybrid mattress that brings together a gel infused memory foam and natural latex layer for a harmonious top portion that allows for cooling properties, movement responsiveness, and little motion transfer.

The bottom component of this bed utilizes a coil system with a reinforced edge for an across the board uniformity. Altogether, these materials make up the 12-inch thick premium mattress. When you purchase the Ojai hybrid mattress, you will experience support and cushioning in all the right places for a perfect sleep.

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Luft – Materials:

luft vs alexanderThis heavy-duty bed is made from four different layers and a quilted cover to provide you with optimal sleep. Graphite gel is infused into the top layer of open-celled memory foam to keep you cool as your weight is evenly distributed to provide joint pain relief. The second layer is made from a transitional foam that aids in support and comfort.

The third layer of the Luft Hybrid mattress contains the innerspring coil system. This eight-inch thick area includes a count of 1074 individually wrapped coils in a queen size to provide ideal support. The final layer of the Luft Hybrid is a rock-solid foundation of dense support foam that will lend to this mattress’s durability and function.

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Ojai vs Luft – Motion Transfer:

It’s a toss up between the Ojai and the Luft Hybrid when it comes to motions transfer. Since the largest portion of both mattresses is made from individually wrapped coils, you are very unlikely to disturb your partner when changing positions in the middle of the night.

You may feel some minor vibrations in each choice of bed, but their top layers of various foams will dissolve most of these sensations. You can think of it the way a drop of water will cause a ripple in a pond. The disturbance will be softened by the time it reaches your partner, making both the Ojai and the Luft Hybrid excellent selections for those that share a bed.

Sleeping Cool:

Since both mattresses contain foam on the top layer, there is a higher likelihood of heat retention. Fortunately, the coil systems in and of themselves will lend to drawing heat away from the body. To counteract the heat retention, both companies have additional cooling elements within the foam layers. While both have different additives, they are again very even in comparison on this topic.

Ojai Sleeping Cool:

brentwood home mattress reviewThe Ojai mattress by Brentwood Home provides its main cooling support through the coil system. On top of providing excellent air flow, the coils provide superior added support. However, before adding cooling properties to the foam, Ojai is already an excellent choice. This is due to the level of heat retention that is alleviated using a coil system for the base. Only breathable foams are used in the top layers of the Ojai.

Maximum heat dissipation is achieved by combining layers of gel infused memory foam and latex that also allow for easy movement. The TENCEL cover of the Ojai is comprised of a wool batting that aids in heat reduction by wicking away moisture and providing a breathability that promotes good air circulation.

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Luft Sleeping Cool:

luft mattress reviewThe Luft Hybrid mattress also provides it main cooling benefits using a coil system to promote air flow and heat dissipation. It differs by the materials used within its foam layers. Graphite is infused into the memory foam layer to create an open-cell structure that allows for more breathable qualities. The three-inch thick quilted cover is infused with gel cooling foam and Dacron high loft fibers that wick away moisture and draw the heat from the body toward the coil system. Overall, the Brentwood Home company has created a high-end product for those that value sleeping cool.

The Luft Hybrid mattress comes in with a score that is a small fraction of a point higher than that of the Ojai. While it uses materials that may be more beneficial to sleeping cool, the Dacron fiber in the quilted cover may not provide quite as much of a cooling property as that of the Ojai’s wool batting in the TENCEL covering. Both are still a far better choice than an all foam mattress when it comes to keeping cool.

Read our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers guide to find the perfect bed choices for those most concerned with the aspect of sleeping cool.

Ojai vs Luft – Edge Support:

brentwood home mattress reviewWhile edge support is not a concern to every person, it can be a deal-breaker to others. If you share your bed, you are more likely to need an even level of comfort across the entire mattress. This is so you are not forced to sleep in only the center of your bed, which can cause mattresses to cave in over time. No one wants to feel like they are going to roll out of the bed in the middle of the night. This aspect is also important to those that tend to sit at the edge of the bed from time to time.

Both mattresses scored nearly the same for edge support, as they utilize almost identical systems with coils and similar layers of foam. The Ojai mattress and the Luft Hybrid utilize a coil system with higher gauge steel in the coils that go around the perimeter of the bed. This creates a rugged framework for comfortable sleeping throughout every square inch. In addition, both beds employ a high-density layer of foam that provides an even feel throughout the entire surface. Both mattresses are extremely stable and will provide years of continued comfort with their solid builds.

Ojai vs Luft – Value:

The Ojai mattress from the Brentwood Home company is $1195 for a queen size, which includes a 25-year limited warranty and a 120-night sleep trial. You can select free shipping in a box through Fed-Ex or upgrade to the White Glove Delivery for an additional $199.

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The Luft Hybrid mattress is only $1099 for a queen size, which includes free delivery, a 10-year warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial. Save $125 when you utilize our coupon code to bring your final price on this luxury choice down to $974. Use coupon code OURSLEEPGUIDE125 for instant savings.

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Both mattresses are an amazing value. With either selection, you are sure to sleep well in all areas of comfort, edge support, motion transfer, and more. You will get an extravagant feel at an affordable price point.

Ojai vs Luft – Summary:

When choosing between the Ojai mattress and the Luft Hybrid mattress, you will undoubtably have a hard time. These two beds are very comparable in many aspects, but you will notice very slight differences that could have you leaning one way or the other in comfort levels and materials.

The first difference that is most noticeable is the size difference. Where the Ojai mattress measures twelve inches thick and the Luft Hybrid mattress measures fourteen inches thick. The overall composition of each mattress is almost the same. As far as comfort goes, the Ojai sits right at a level 5.5, while the Luft Hybrid is around a 6.5 on the firmness scale. This means that the Luft Hybrid is likely a better choice for back and stomach sleepers.

While the Luft Hybrid falls in at a slightly lower price, the free sleep period is twenty days shorter than that of the Ojai mattress. The warranty is where the Ojai clearly takes the lead in value by a difference of fifteen years.

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