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Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

best mattresses for side sleepersSide sleepers will typically prefer a mattress that is more on the soft to medium side. You will still want a solid support system to keep your spine aligned and supported. However, having a softer top will allow for your hip and shoulder to sink in to be more comfortable. In our best mattresses for side sleepers section we have narrowed down our top picks. These mattresses  provide the necessary support you’ll need while having the perfect amount of contouring cushion. Each of the mattresses suggested we confidently recommend.

Our Top 8 Mattresses For Side Sleepers

  1. Oceano by Brentwood Home – $1495  – 15% coupon = $1270/Queen | Hybrid
  2. Puffy Lux – $1795 – $300 coupon = $1495/Queen | Memory Foam
  3. Layla – $899 – $100 coupon = $799/Queen | 2 Sided Memory Foam
  4. Nolah – $949 – $125 coupon = $824/Queen | Aveena & Poly Foam
  5. Helix Luxe -$1745/Queen – latest coupon | Luxury Hybrid
  6. Brooklyn Signature – $949 – 25% coupon = $759/Queen | (Soft or Medium) Hybrid
  7. Molecule – $1149 – $200 coupon = $949/Queen | Foam Combo
  8. Cocoon by Sealy – $799 – $100 coupon = $699/Queen | (Medium Soft) Memory Foam
  9. Solay – $1295 – 10% coupon = $1165.50/Queen | Hybrid

Soft, But Not Too Soft

Sleeping on your side means that the natural curves and shape of your body will need to be contoured around. Having a supportive yet softer top mattress will be more ideal for side sleepers. Having a plusher feel will allow your body to adjust quicker and more comfortably. You still want the core of the bed to provide optimal spinal alignment and plenty of support. However, the necessary sink is is best achieved through the added softer layers on top of it.

For side sleepers we recommend looking at a range between a 2 and 6.5 on a softness to firmness scale. This is a wide enough range to still accommodate your personal preference but still focuses on mattresses that are more ideal for side sleeping. The mattresses in this range are categorized as soft, medium and just on the edge of medium-firm.

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best mattresses for side sleepersProper Support

Support and firmness or feel aren’t the same thing. We use the word support in reference to the core of the mattress that provides the necessary foundation that gives you proper spinal alignment. The feel pertains to the comfort levels of the top layers that range from soft to firm.

It’s good to understand that a mattress can have poor support and still be firm just as a easily as a bed can have great support and still be soft. This is where the core or foundation of the mattress play an important role. When looking for a mattress for a side sleeper you want to make sure that you aren’t sagging. You want to feel cocooned by the top but not like your body is unnatural. You also don’t want it to be too firm or too supportive, this causes the same reaction but in the opposite direction. Also, having the proper pillow will help keep your posture and spine comfortable too.

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers Recommendations:

#1 Oceano by Brentwood Home

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano by Brentwood Home is not only one of the best quality mattresses we have tried but it is the perfect feel for dominant side sleepers. Easily giving it the #1 spot for best mattresses for side sleepers. This mattresses is a side sleepers dream. Just soft enough to relieve every pressure point. But with a combination of flexible micro coils paired with dense yet plush memory foam. Creating perfect balance of contouring cushion that is still easy to move on.

The construction, materials and durability of this bed make it world class. The meticulous details and attention to not only each layer but the overall mattress give it benefits that check every box. The hybrid build allow for plenty of air flow while still isolating motion superbly. The reinforced and zoned coils create solid edges with optimal lumbar support and ergonomics.


The affordability of a bed this luxurious makes it feel almost too good to be true. But it isn’t. And that isn’t even including our EXCLUSIVE 15% off coupon.

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Not only does this mattress have an ideal medium to medium-plush feel, the dual coil system creates long lasting support that moves with you. Giving flexible yet resilient durability that will give you many years of enjoyable sleep. A testament to the materials, including several natural non-toxic layers, is the 25 year warranty.

This USA made product also is shipped for free or can be upgraded to white glove delivery service too. This heavy 135lb bed also comes with a 120 night sleep trial period. But we know you probably won’t need it, because it really is the BEST!

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Read our full review HERE or Shop the Oceano mattress at

The Oceano is an amazing mattress with so many great features. It is comfortable, durable and priced just right. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like a very premium, well made durable mattress that uses non toxic & eco-friendly materials.
  • You are a side sleeper who likes ample support but also an ideal medium-plush feel that uses memory foam and micro coils to relieve pressure and perfectly conform to your body.
  • If you like a mattress that doesn’t retain too much heat, has very minimal motion transfer and is very sturdy and solid.
  • You like buying form a company that has great customer service, a fabulous reputation and years of experience.
brentwoodhome essentials

#2 Puffy Lux

Side sleeping is the most popular sleeping position. Having a mattress that is great for sleeping on your side, but also great for sleeping on your back and stomach may seem impossible. Not anymore! The Puffy Lux is not only one of the best mattresses for side sleeping, but its design and materials make it great for back sleeping and even stomach sleeping.

puffy vs puffy lux

This three layer memory foam mattress has the perfect layering technique to provide ideal pressure relief, along with proper support and just enough internal cushion to let your shoulders and hips sink in. Most mattresses have the softest layers on top.

This can work okay for side sleeping, but most of the time lacks the desired support. The Puffy Lux puts its softest layer in the middle. Making a mattress that is about as close to perfect for comfort and support for all sleeping positions, but even more so for side sleeping.

This 12″ true memory foam mattress cradles every inch of your body as well as adapts to every move all night long. The solid and supportive base layer makes for a sturdy platform and durable foundation. This paired with the softer center foam layer and perfectly pressure relieving top comfort layer make for a truly exceptional mattress that really is like sleeping on a cloud. And an ideal mattress for side sleepers, who like to sleep on their backs and stomachs too.


The Puffy Lux comes in at a solid price point, but if you want an even better price click our link below! We have easy access to the latest and best Puffy Lux coupon code. Our relationship with Puffy ensures that we are able to offer the best Puffy promo code so you can save the most on your new mattress!

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The Puffy Lux is an amazing memory foam mattress, especially for side and back sleepers. This ideally feeling mattress adjusts to your every move and allows for perfect support and comfort. It will be perfect for you if…

  • Want a mattress that has great support and ideal pressure relief that adapts and contours to your body.
  • You want a memory foam mattress that has very little motion transfer as well as heat reducing properties.
  • You like a medium mattress that is luxurious and perfect for all sleeping positions, especially side and back sleepers that also comes in at a good price point and offers a lifetime warranty.
  • The idea of sleeping on a cloud sounds appealing to you!
Puffy Lux

#3 Layla:

layla mattress reviewNot sure if you want something softer or firmer? That’s okay! The Layla has both and all you have to do is flip it over. This allows for you to test out two different options to find the perfect fit. The soft side is perfect for side sleepers and won’t disappoint. This memory foam bed is also infused with copper for multiple benefits.

The Layla is a 10″ four layer all foam mattress with one side being medium soft and the other a firmer feel. Each side uses a layer of copper infused memory foam for a truly contouring feel. Copper also helps with keeping the mattress cleaner and pulling heat away too. Having the option of simply removing the cover and flipping the mattress over allows for you to try two options instead of one. This way you are sure to find the best fit for you.

Read our full review HERE or BUY your Layla mattress NOW at

The Layla mattress is a unique bed with two feels to allow you to find the perfect feel for you.  It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • If you like a true memory foam mattress that is also a two in one flippable mattress with a soft and firm option.
  • If you like the feel of memory foam and the benefits of copper infusion.
  • You want an all foam mattress with minimal motion transfer and sleeps fairly cool.
  • You want a bed at a good price point, four month trial period as well as lifetime warranty.


#4 Nolah:

our mattress guideThe Nolah mattress has been a top pick for side sleepers since its inception. This innovative all foam bed has focused its priorities on cooling and pressure relief. Nolah has created a proprietary foam to that is designed with these features in mind to make a one of a kind mattress. It is a medium feeling bed that is easy to change positions on and just soft enough for comfortably sleeping on your side.

The Nolah mattress is a 10 inch, three layer mattress that combines it proprietary Cooling Nolah Air Foam and Avena Foam for the perfect balance. This innovative, one of kind Nolah foam has the same feel of memory foam but is much cooler as well as 4x better at relieving pressure. They also have incorporated Avena foam which is as responsive and supportive as latex but without the high price tag. These layers work together on top of the dense base foam to create an ideally adaptable and supportive mattress that works great for side sleepers.

Read our full review HERE or BUY your Nolah mattress NOW at

The Nolah mattress is a well made all foam mattress that does a great job of using innovative materials that provide ideal pressure relief as well as a cool sleeping surface that won’t get too hot. This bed is perfect for you if…

  • You like a medium feeling mattress that provides the feel of memory foam with 4x better pressure relief and cooling properties.
  • You are a side sleeper and like a mattress that has plenty of support but also allows for ideal comfort and contour for your hip and shoulder to sink in.
  • If you like a company that not only has a higher than average warranty and trial, but also gives back and for every mattress sold makes a donation to the Defenders of Wildlife.
  • You want a mattress that won’t get hot, has great adaptable comfort and comes in at a great price point
Nolah Mattress Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

#5 Helix Luxe

Say hello to the th newest addition to the best mattresses for side sleepers page. The premium hybrid Helix Luxe proved to be not only comfortable and supportive but great for anyone who sleeps on their side. Especially when they have multiple options made just for side sleepers.

More information coming soon! In the meantime, read our full and detailed review of the Helix Luxe & get the latest coupons HERE! Or visit to see this amazing mattress for yourself.

#6 Brooklyn Signature

brooklyn signatureThe Brooklyn Signature was revamped at the beginning of 2018. This once all foam mattress is now one of the best hybrids we’ve tried with nothing more than a simple change. Brooklyn Bedding swapped out the base foam for a durable coil system not only improved feel and support, but also heat dissipation longevity and value.

The New Brooklyn Signature still uses the pressure relieving and responsive TitanFlex latex alternative foam. It also is still available in a soft, medium and firm option for your desired feel. This mattress has so many great qualities and one of the best is that it doesn’t bust the budget.


The Brooklyn Signature has a great price point, but also is offering an additional 25% off coupon too. This is for a limited time, so do take advantage of it while you can. The soft or medium option is perfect for side sleeping and offers support that is easy to move on. This is a truly great mattress and easily our top pick in the best mattresses for side sleepers.

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The Brooklyn Signature is a great hybrid mattress with tons of benefits all for an exceptional price. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like choosing your comfort & firmness option between soft, medium & firm.
  • If you like the feeling of a responsive, latex like foam that is also breathable and is paired with a solid coil system.
  • You are on a budget and want a mattress that is a great value, constructed well and uses quality materials.
  • You like a company that has a long history and solid reputation that ensures top notch customer service and products.
brooklyn signature

#7 Molecule:

Is side sleeping your style? Having something a touch on the soft side makes relieving pressure in your shoulders and hips much easier. The Molecule is not only a perfect medium mattress but truly luxurious too.

Read our full review HERE or Shop the Molecule mattress at

The Molecule mattress is the ultimate foam mattress for side sleepers. This well made mattress is an ideal medium feel that cocoons your body just right. It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • Want a true memory foam mattress that is a medium feel and ideal for sleeping on your side.
  • If you like a mattress with minimal motion transfer, comes in at an affordable price and uses great materials.
  • You like working with a company that is very customer service orientated and quality driven

#8 Cocoon by Sealy:

cocoon by sealyThe Cocoon by Sealy is another great option for side sleepers who want a memory foam mattress. This bed has a solid reputation and uses quality materials. For side sleeping the softer option would definitely be preferred.

Sealy’s bed in a box uses 3 layers of foam to create a 10″ mattress. You can even choose between a soft or firm feel. This mattress has a thick top layer of memory foam to give you a hugging and cocooning feel, hence the name. The Cocoon mattress has an instant edge over its competition with the well known Sealy name behind it. Using years of experience and innovation to create this premium mattress. Their are two options when it comes to this mattress. The Chill has added cooling properties in its cover to give it an instant cool to the touch feel. While the Classic is a great price point without the extra cooling cover. Also, save $100 on your Cocoon purchase with code: OSG100.

Read our full review HERE or BUY your Cocoon mattress NOW and save $100 with our coupon at

The Cocoon by Sealy mattress is a true memory foam feel with just enough pressure relief and ideal support. As well as the cool to the touch cover.  It will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like an established brand with a good quality mattress at a good price.
  • You like a true memory foam mattress that is either a touch soft or a touch firm.
  • If you want a memory foam mattress that doesn’t get too hot and has added properties to keep you cooler.
best memory foam mattresses

#9 Solay:

solay mattress reviewThe Solay mattress is a new hybrid bed that offers a supremely comfortable top layer with a supportive coil core. This makes for a dreamy mattress for any side sleeper. The layers of foam are supportive yet soft and easily contour to your shoulders and hips. The coil system provides ideal support while being adaptive and flexible.

This 11″ layer bed has five layers of foams and coils. Each selected for their performance properties that combine to create proper spinal alignment along with pressure relief. This combination makes for a medium feeling mattress that is accommodating to most all sizes and shapes as well as sleeping positions. However comfortably side sleeping on this mattress is a perk.

Read our full review HERE or BUY your Solay mattress at

The Solay bed is a hybrid that is the ultimate side sleepers bed and it will be the perfect bed for you if…

  • You like a mattress that is supportive as well as ideal pressure relief and comfort.
  • If you like the responsive, yet contouring feel that is easy to move on and easily adapts to your body.
  • You want a hybrid mattress that has minimal motion transfer, sleeps cool and is at a great price point.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.