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Mattress Review Loom and Leaf Reviews

There’s no shortage of Loom and Leaf reviews out there, but you’ll soon see what makes us different. The Loom and Leaf Mattress by Saatva offers a luxury memory foam mattress at an affordable price. It also allows you to choose your desired comfort level. This all foam bed has ample support and dense, high-quality memory foam layers. These high-end materials work together to create a perfect sleeping experience. Not only can you choose the mattress but also the base and frame that works best for you. Not to mention free white glove delivery & set-up, no bed jammed in a box here.

Loom and Leaf Reviews –  Overview:

The 12″ thick, four layer Loom & Leaf bed uses not one, but two top layers of premium memory foam. This creates the best pressure relief and a bed that perfectly adapts to your body. This contouring, yet just responsive enough bed is supported by dense base foam. There is also a high-quality transition foam for deep comfort too.

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The Loom and Leaf all foam mattress has the perfect support for proper spinal alignment and ergonomic balance. They even use a cooling gel panel to specifically relieve pressure points as well as keep you cool. The attention to detail and quality in this mattress put it in a class of its own.

This luxury mattress comes in at a great price point too. It even comes with a 15-year warranty as well as a 120-night sleep trial. This mattress will check all your boxes and not break the bank. We found this bed to be incredibly comfortable and perfectly supportive. We would highly recommend this bed to anyone who wants the best memory foam mattress available.

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Below we have our comprehensive Loom and Leaf reviews. We will go through how it performs for off-gassing, comfort, motion transfer, sleeping cool, edge support, value, material, trial, and warranty.

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Off Gassing

loom-and-leaf-image-3One of the best perks of the Loom & Leaf is the free white glove delivery and removal service. This makes set up a breeze and off gassing barely existent. The reason this mattress is delivered this way is because it isn’t a mattress that is compressed and rolled up and put in a box. The Loom and Leaf is completely uncompromised for delivery purposes and therefore can have thicker, denser and durable materials.

The benefits don’t stop there. This mattress will also have less noxious odors too. Many mattresses in a box are tightly wrapped in several layers of plastic. In many instances trapping in fumes of not just the mattress but the plastic too. This can sometimes be off putting and cause less desirable fumes that permeate when being unboxed. The Loom and Leaf will come wrapped in a protective layer of plastic, however, it doesn’t trap in odors nearly as much. This mattress will hardly have any scent attached and will easily dissipate in a few hours.

Another bonus with this process is not having to wait for your bed to expand to sleep on. Many mattresses compressed for an extended period of time take several hours to several days to fully expand and firm up properly. As soon as the Loom and Leaf is set up in your room it is ready to go.

This mattress also comes with the option of purchasing a box spring and frame or the Lineal Adjustable Base as well. Otherwise this mattress will need a foundation that provides a flat, even surface that will support the weight of the mattress as well as the sleepers. It also will need to be the right height for you as well as be aesthetically appealing. The Loom & Leaf mattress would work great on a box spring with or without a frame, an adjustable base, a platform bed or slatted bed.

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The Loom & Leaf mattress comes in two comfort levels, relaxed firm and firm. We tried the Loom and Leaf in the relaxed firm comfort level and were very impressed.

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This mattress really proved to work amazingly for all sleeping positions and gave the optimal support with just enough cushion to relieve pressure points and contour your body. The fact that this mattress wasn’t compromised by compressing into a small box really elevated it’s comfort and quality. It made for a truly substantial and solid sleeping surface that made this stand out against most other all foam mattresses delivered in a box.

The relaxed firm is the most popular and provides a great combination of support and cushion. This option would work great for back, stomach and side sleepers and is going to be best for people who like a supportive feel but with still a little extra softness. This option will fall around a 6 on a firmness scale between 1 and 10. 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

The firm option is going to appeal to people who like to not sink into the mattress and more than likely sleep on their stomachs and back. This choice will fall around an 8 on the firmness scale. Either of these comfort options would work great for heavier sleepers that need more support as well.

This mattress is very well made and durable, but also very comfortable and has proper support that will leave you well rested. The layers of foam on this mattress are just cocooning enough to make you feel hugged perfectly but also just responsive enough to easily move and switch sleeping positions. This mattress makes it hard to get up because it’s just that comfortable.


Curious what how Loom & Leaf stacks up to other popular brands? Read our detailed side by side comparisons of Loom & Leaf vs Purple and Loom & Leaf vs Casper mattress reviews.


Motion Transfer

This mattress is an all foam mattress with a dense base foam and premium memory foam layers as well. All of these qualities equate to very minimal motion transfer, barely even noticeable at all.

Motion transfer is very important to us, since we typically are getting in and out of the bed at various times throughout the night. Not disturbing one another is when working around different sleep schedules is key. This mattress had hardly any vibrations when getting in and out of bed, or even when tossing and turning, and partner disturbance was almost undetectable. If you are a light sleeper or sensitive to movements, this mattress would be ideal for you.


Sleeps Cool

The Loom & Leaf mattress has a cooling gel panel that is layered onto the spinal zone area (roughly from your neck to the top of your legs.) This layer not only helps with keeping you cool but it also helps eliminate pressure points and supports spinal alignment. The Loom & Leaf mattress also has cooling gel added to the top layers of memory foam to also regulate temperature and minimize any over heating. The base foam on the mattress is also promotes sleeping cool by having breathable airflow channels as well.

Every layer of this mattress was considered for sleeping cool. We found that all of these attributes that are used to help stay cool in this mattress work very well. The temperature of the Loom & Leaf stayed comfortable all night long and if you really want a durable, quality mattress that also won’t make you overheat, this really does check all the boxes for one of the best memory foam mattresses.

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Edge Support

This mattress has dense base foam as well as high quality memory foam that provided a solid, stable surface from edge to edge. We were able to fully utilize every inch of the surface and it felt no different from being on edge to being in the middle. The quality of the materials and overall thickness makes for great edge support.

Even while sitting on the edge of this mattress we barely noticed and feeling of sinking or sliding off. The edge support on the Loom and Leaf was great and would work perfectly. Especially for anyone who likes to utilize the full sleeping surface or has a tendency to sit on the edge of their mattress from time to time.



Thie price for the Loom and Leaf mattress is $1099 for a queen size. This also includes a very generous 120 night sleep trial and a 15 year warranty. This mattress also has FREE white glove delivery and removal service. This is a HUGE perk, considering the mattress will be hand delivered and set up for you. As well as including the removal of your old mattress and box spring too.

We feel that this price is an outstanding value. For a very high quality, durable mattress that exceeded our expectations across the board. If you truly want a substantial, yet wonderfully comfortable bed that doesn’t break the bank, the Loom and Leaf is for you.

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Our Sleep Guide has the latest pricing as well as any and all available coupons or discounts for the mattresses we review. We have a direct relationship with Loom & Leaf and make sure that we pass along any savings we can to the readers of our reviews. There are no additional coupons or discounts on the Loom and Leaf mattress because their price point is already so incredible.



This mattress is 12″ thick and those extra 2″ from the typical 10″ thick mattress in a box really make a big difference. The top 2″ of the mattress are a Conforming Gel Foam, this layer is a cooling layer that not only has gel “swirled” into the foam, but it is also channeled to allow for air to circulate and stay optimally cool.

The 2nd layer is 2.5″ of Visco-elastic 5.0 PCD dense memory foam that is there to provide contouring comfort that is also supportive.

Under that is 2″ of transition foam that creates a surface to work between the base foam and top layers to give the best support while allowing the top layers to perform as they should.

All of this is on top of the foundation of 5.5″ of solid base foam. This base foam provides a dense, supportive foundation for the mattress and will keep the bed performing optimally for many years.

This mattress is covered in quilted, organic cotton that is breathable and soft to the touch. The quilting adds a little extra softness and is about 5/8″ thick. This cover also incorporates thistle, which is a natural flame retardant and adds a unique feature to the mattress. This mattress provides premium materials with great qualities from top to bottom and creates an amazing product.

Overall, the materials of this mattress are all premium foams and products that make this mattress luxurious from top to bottom. The longevity, as well as consistent comfort you will get from this mattress are directly linked to the high end construction and design. Materials matter, and this mattress proves it. You won’t find this kind of breakdown in any of the other Loom and Leaf reviews.


Trial Period

The Loom & Leaf mattress has a 120 night sleep trial period. This is a bit longer than many other online mattress companies offer. This allows you a few extra days to see if it is the right bed for you. We highly doubt that this mattress won’t be loved instantly, but if for some reason it doesn’t, Loom & Leaf will gladly work with you to make sure you are taken care of.



The Loom & Leaf mattress has a 15 year warranty. This is a bit longer than many other online mattress companies offer. It also shows that they truly stand behind their mattress if they are willing to go the extra mile to warranty it for a few more years than most competitors.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Loom & Leaf trial period and warranty find out more at or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free White Glove Delivery
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $699
  • Twin XL: $799
  • Full: $949
  • Queen: $1099
  • King: $1499
  • Cal King: $1499


The Loom and Leaf Reviews Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You like a mattress that allows you to choose your preferred level of firmness.
  • You like a high quality memory foam mattress that will be delivered and set-up for you.
  • You like a bed that delivers on comfort, has minimal motion transfer, sleeps cool and comes in at a great price point.
  • You like a company that creates a great product and stands behind it.
  • Overall, this mattress proves to be not only one of the most comfortable and durable that we've tried, but the price point is unbeatable for the quality of what you are getting.

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