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Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepersSide sleepers will typically prefer a mattress that is more on the soft to medium side. You will still want a solid support system to keep your spine aligned and supported. However, having a softer top will allow for your hip and shoulder to sink in to be more comfortable.

In our best mattresses for side sleepers section we have narrowed down our top picks for mattresses that provide the necessary support you’ll need while having the perfect amount of contouring cushion.

Our Top 6 Mattresses For Side Sleepers

  1. Puffy Mattress – $1150 – $200 discount = $950/Queen | Memory Foam
  2. Yaasa Studios Mattress – $995  – $50 coupon = $945/Queen | Hybrid or Foam
  3. Brooklyn Bedding – $750 – $100 coupon = $650/Queen | Latex Alternative
  4. Nolah – $849 – $100 coupon = $749/Queen | Aveena & Poly Foam
  5. Silk + Snow – $850 – $100 coupon = $750/Queen | Memory Foam
  6. Snuz Mattress – $850 – $200 coupon = $650/Queen | Foam Combo

Soft, But Not Too Soft

Sleeping on your side means that the natural curves and shape of your body will need to be contoured around. Having a supportive yet softer top mattress will be more ideal for side sleepers. Having a plusher feel will allow your body to adjust quicker and more comfortably. You still want the core of the bed to provide optimal spinal alignment and plenty of support. However, the necessary sink is is best achieved through the added softer layers on top of it.

For side sleepers we recommend looking at a range between a 2 and 6.5 on a softness to firmness scale. This is a wide enough range to still accommodate your personal preference but still focuses on mattresses that are more ideal for side sleeping. The mattresses in this range are categorized as soft, medium and just on the edge of medium-firm.

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best mattress for side sleepersProper Support

Support and firmness or feel aren’t the same thing. We use the word support in reference to the core of the mattress that provides the necessary foundation that gives you proper spinal alignment. The feel pertains to the comfort levels of the top layers that range from soft to firm.

It’s good to understand that a mattress can have poor support and still be firm just as a easily as a bed can have great support and still be soft. This is where the core or foundation of the mattress play an important role. When looking for a mattress for a side sleeper you want to make sure that you aren’t sagging. You want to feel cocooned by the top but not like your body is unnatural. You also don’t want it to be too firm or too supportive, this causes the same reaction but in the opposite direction. Also, having the proper pillow will help keep your posture and spine comfortable too.

Mattresses For Side Sleepers Recommendations

Below you will find the list of our best mattresses for side sleepers. These mattresses should be a great fit for anyone who sleeps on their side and need a supportive yet soft mattress.

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Hybrid or Foam Combo
Medium-Soft, Medium, Medium-Firm & Firm
Memory Foam
Medium Firm
Latex Alternative
Soft, Medium & Firm
Memory Foam
Poly Foam & Avena Foam
Polymer & Memory Foam
Medium Firm