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September 20, 2019

Best Indoor Plants & Flowers For Bedrooms

best bedroom flowers and plants

Humankind is innately interested and fond of the natural world around us. Trees, grass, plants, and flowers are beautiful and full of life. However, we have long since grew past living outdoors and opted for privacy and shelter instead.

Our love for nature is still there. Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside with house plants and flower arrangements is calming and helps to induce and improve sleep quality. They do this with their aromatherapy, beautifully calming appearance, and even by cleaning the air around us. Continue reading our guide to the best indoor plants & flowers for bedrooms to get all of our tips on how to maximize these features.

best flowers for bedroomFlowers For Bedrooms

Flowers in your bedroom can add a lot to the space they’re in. By adding color and cheer along with potential health benefits. As well as their own unique look that adds an element of design too. From a simple orchid or a more lavish arrangement the options are endless. With the ability to easily switch up your fresh flowers you’ll have a fun ever changing natural touch.

Scented or Unscented?

Flowers range in scent strength. From unscented to being able to fill an entire room with the smell of billowing heady floral. These scents also range and vary widely, from the heavily sweet smell of Gardenia to the light fruity smelling Free Spirit Rose.

scented flowers for bedrooms

To some, the smell of flowers in a bedroom may be too strong and distracting to sleep in. So if you’re putting flowers in a guest bedroom, I would ere on the side of caution and put unscented flowers in that room. That is unless you know your guests particular taste.

However, if you love the smell of flowers and you are wanting to fill your room with the smell of a flower shop, then there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Availability varies so widely in different areas that we suggest getting guidance from your local florist. One nearly fail proof choice for highly scented flowers is an Oriental Lily, they are widely available and are highly scented.

Learn more about some of our favorite scented flowers and other ways to add a little scent to your bedroom safely in our blog Safe Scents For Bedrooms.

Easy Arranging

best flowers for bedroomsWe suggest keeping it simple. While you can pay to have a florist create a stunning arrangement for you (Support local when you can! We love our local florists) It is much more cost effective and relatively simple to create your own design.

Our favorite way to arrange flowers for the home is to get a full bunch of the same flowers. Then place them in a vase of your choice.

These simple arrangements are elegant and timeless. We particularly love white roses for this look, as it is so clean and classic.

Pick Your Blooms

If you pick out your vase and placement for your flowers first, this will help you to determine the size of blooms that will work best for your situation.

easy flower arrangements for home designBedside tables typically do best with shorter arrangements or even a simple bud vase. While your larger and taller arrangements work better on top of dressers, or on other tables away from the bed.

– Large or Small?

Larger blooms that tend to be the main draw or focus in an arrangement are the ones that I will refer to as “focal flowers”.¬† These focal flowers, like roses, peonies, tulips, even hydrangea are perfect choices for simple single flower arrangements like we mentioned previously. Their large blooms take up a lot of space and create a full look. Sometimes smaller blooms can get lost and loose their appeal when bunched together.

Be aware that tulips continue to grow in length in water, so take this into account when you cut them to length. They will also turn in the direction of the sun or light that is provided for them. This makes them slightly more difficult to arrange in single flower arrangements.

– Color or No Color?

simple floral designs for the bedroomChoosing a color flower for your bedroom can add a lot character to a space. You can either go with a simple all white approach or choose to match the color scheme of your room. Or even opt for a contrasting color to really make them pop.

One way we love to change up our bedrooms during the changing seasons is to choose seasonal flowers. Or by picking flowers in seasonal colors. It is a fun way to bring a bit of the spirit of the season indoors.

Leaves Need Love Too

greens for bedroomsWhile greenery typically serves as a backdrop for most floral arrangements, they are often stunning all on their own. They vary in color and texture just about as much as flowers do. Eucalyptus varieties are rather popular at the moment with they pale silvery green colored leaves and therapeutic aroma.

Although some varieties like Smoke Bush come in long stiff stocks of round dark burgundy leaves. (Pictured on the right) This striking variety of greenery is beautiful in a mixed arrangement or even on it’s own.

Is it a flower?

different types of flowers for bedroomThere are a lot of different plants with varying colors and textures that are becoming very popular in the floral industry. Like the Protea. These are in fact flowers, although you may doubt us when you see one for the first time. Their distinct shape is rather different from the soft petaled flowers we are used to. However, they are stunning and pack quite a punch with personality.

So striking that you can place one in a small vase all on their own and they will stand proud and create quite a beautiful look. Other fun textured plants to take a look at if you like nontraditional flowers are Birds of Paradise, Thistle, and even Ornamental Kale.

Plants For Bedrooms

Indoor plants are taking the world by storm. The internet is exploding with people obsessed with their house plants. Filming plant tours and handing out care advice. With house plant popularity on the rise, we thought we should go into what types of plants work will in bedrooms and are safe to have around while you snooze. Is it possible that they could even help you sleep? Keep reading to find out.

optimal plant bedroom

Breath Easier

When it comes to purifying and improving air quality throughout the night, not all plants are equal. Most plants have a cycle of respiration that includes absorbing carbon dioxide during the day and releasing it at night.

This is not helpful for sleeping air quality. Instead, use our list below for plants with a reversed schedule that actually release oxygen at night. Giving you higher air quality to sleep in.

Plants With Best Air Quality for Nighttime house plants best for sleeping

  • Areca Palm
  • Neem Tree
  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Gerber Daisy
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Peepal Tree
  • Orchids
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Pothos

Basic Plant Survival Tips

best house plants for bedroomsWhen picking a house plant for a particular location, like in your bedroom, we suggest taking note of the space. Which direction do you windows face? How much direct or indirect sunlight do you get? Is your bedroom humid? Where is the AC directed, and would it hit the spot you’re planning to put your plant?

All of these questions are important to know the answers to in order to ensure you pick a plant that will survive and thrive in it’s new home. Some plants will be more particular than others. So do a little research first to make sure your plant and space work well together too.

Fake Plants & Flowers

plants for inducing sleepWe know there are a lot of haters out there. However, fake plants are a lot like plastic surgery, you can only recognize the bad ones. With the rise indoor plants being used to decorate homes, faux house plants have gotten very believable. They have become a lot harder to spot. One of our favorite tips for fake plants is to mix it up. Instead of only having real or fake, combine the two. It has a sort of camouflage effect.

Faux house plants or flowers don’t have any of the beneficial scents or air purifying properties to help you sleep. However, they can add plenty of beauty into your bedroom. And may be a bit cleaner and very easy to take care of.

If you are really looking to design a beautiful bedroom that creates the ultimate vibes for sleeping, then check out our article Creating The Perfect Sleep Space. 

Best Indoor Plants & Flowers For Bedrooms: Final Thoughts

Bringing a bit of nature into your sleep space makes for a more calming and beautiful bedroom to fall asleep in. While having fresh flowers in your bedroom isn’t maintainable for everyday, it adds a nice touch for special occasions or just to treat yourself every once and a while. While house plants last for quite a bit longer and have the added benefit of cleaning the air around you. These plants that release oxygen at night are especially bedroom friendly. We hope this article helps you decorate your bedroom with a little bit of nature, and that you keep sleeping sweet.

flowers and plants

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