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Best Mattresses for Heavy People

The function of a mattress is the same for everyone. To find the best sleeping surface for you. Making sure that you have a mattress with proper support and comfort is necessary regardless of your size. However, if you are a larger or heavier person there are a few things to look for to ensure you will have a mattress that will provide you with the best night’s sleep.

In this section of best mattresses for heavy people we focus on mattresses that have solid, durable foundations, proper edge support and a thicker profile. These qualities are important in narrowing down which mattresses will perform best and get the most life out of. My father happens to be 6’3″and about 260lbs and I would feel confident in recommending any of these mattresses to him, as well as you.

Our Top 7 Mattresses for Heavy People

  1. Saatva$999/Queen | Coil on Coil | BEST Overall
  2. Luft – $1099 – $125 coupon = $974/Queen | Hybrid | BEST Edge Support & BEST Value
  3. Cedar by Brentwood Home – $1949 – 15% coupon = $1656/Queen | Hybrid Latex | BEST Natural & BEST for Hot Sleepers
  4. Big Fig $1699/Queen | Hybrid | BEST Niche Brand
  5. Loom & Leaf by Saatva $1099/Queen | Memory Foam | BEST Memory Foam
  6. Ojai by Brentwood Home – $1195 – 15% coupon = $1015/Queen | Hybrid | BEST Hybrid
  7. Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding – $1199 – $150 coupon = $1049/Queen | Hybrid
best mattresses for heavy peopleThe More The Merrier:

Having a more substantial mattress means that there is more materials and more materials means that you have a more solid, durable mattress. All of these mattresses are a minimum of 12″ thick and use several layers of dense, high quality foams and coils to create these beds. Also these mattresses are going to provide more deep comfort because they are thicker. Deep comfort describes the comfort layers that you would experience when you sink deeper into the bed. This is important because you want to feel supported but you don’t want to literally feel the support layer.

Edge to Edge:

Being able to utilize the full sleeping surface of your mattress is important no matter your size. But when the edge support is sub par it doesn’t take much to feel like you are rolling out of the bed, and no one wants that. Finding a mattress that has an edge that feels solid and stable and really allows you to utilize the full mattress is important.

You want to be able to use all the space you can and the only way to do that is by having a mattress that has good edge support. This can be done by adding reinforcements in the form of foam encasements, border rod and denser heavy duty materials overall. All of the mattresses chosen for this category are built to utilize the bed in full for even a heavier person.

our mattress guideIt’s What’s on the Inside:

The core, or foundation of the mattress, is where the durability, longevity and proper support come from. This layer may not be the sexiest but it is one of the most important for proper spinal alignment and necessary support to keep you comfortable. The support is going to be provided by a thick layer of dense foam or by a coil system and sometimes a combination of these.

Dual Coil System Mattress:

The mattresses in our top beds for heavy people include both all foam and coil mattresses. The Saatva is a coil on coil mattress that has two coil systems layered on top of each other to create a 14.5″ thick bed that won’t disappoint in quality or comfort. Having a dual coil system really adds the extra support for a larger sleeper. The foams are supportive and dense and the construction is top notch.

Get the latest pricing and shop the Saatva coil on coil mattress HERE!

Hybrid Latex Mattress:

A hybrid latex mattress is not only going to provide insanely durable materials that will hold up for a long time. It also is going to be great for keeping the mattress a little cooler too. The Cedar by Brentwood Home is all that and more. This natural mattress uses the highest quality materials for a great feel as well as a health sleeping surface. The pairing of all the materials makes for a mattress that is ideally comfortable and more than supportive too. The thick and solid coil system is joined by dense and durable yet very pressure relieving ad comfortable layers of Dunlop latex. This combination makes it perfect for heavier sleepers as well as anyone who likes an natural mattress that will sleep cooler too. For a solid and durable mattress you can even save a little with our exclusive 15% off coupon too!

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Hybrid Mattresses:

The Big Fig is a hybrid mattress specifically designed for the larger frame. This premium niche mattress uses dense and supportive layers to create a thick and durable mattress that holds up to a 1000 lbs comfortably.  The Ojai by Brentwood Home is another hybrid that is super thick and durable. It uses very dense premium foams with a sturdy coil system and the best construction for a solid yet contouring feel. This mattress is a great price for such a luxurious feeling bed too, especially with our 15% off coupon.

Shop the Big Fig mattress HERE and the Ojai by Brentwood Home HERE!

The Alexander Hybrid and Luft mattresses are two other hybrid options. They offer sturdy, quality coil systems along with several layers of dense comfortable foams. The Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding is about 13″ thick. It is available in a few firmness options with the medium and firmer being better for larger sleepers. While the Luft mattress is about 13.5″ thick and available in one medium firm feel. Both are very affordable and well made, make sure to get our coupons for both.

Shop the Alexander Hybrid mattress HERE and the Luft hybrid mattress HERE!

Memory Foam Mattresses:

For a larger sleeper that likes an all foam mattress looking for something thicker and well made is best. The Loom & Leaf  mattress is a thicker memory foam mattresses. Offering a luxurious all foam mattress with a very solid foundation and dense memory foams used throughout. It even comes in at 12″ thick. The solid components of this mattress are great for contouring without breaking down as easily as several thinner counterparts. It is also great for the budget too

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Lean Towards Firm:

best mattress for heavy peopleAll of these mattresses use quality materials to create substantial, quality mattresses that work great for everyone. However, they may feel a little different depending on how you like the feel of your bed to be. Make sure to consider the fact that many of these mattresses list a rough firmness range of how these beds will feel on average.

If you are a heavier person the mattresses may feel just a tad softer to you. So that is just something to consider when trying to figure what feel is best for you. More than likely you won’t want to go with anything lower than a 5 on a scale of 1-10. 1 being soft and 10 being firm. This is important from the perspective of longevity as well as proper support. Also, any mattress will just get softer over time, so having something that may feel a little firm at first may be more ideal long term.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.