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January 22, 2019

Weighted Blanket Benefits

best weighted blanketSome people naturally sleep like a log at night while others are lucky to get a few hours of sleep in before waking up. Many people have to resort to using sleeping medications to get a proper 8 hours. Others just suffer through the day with inadequate sleep.

Neither of these scenarios are something anyone wants to deal with for any period of time. Much less their entire life, especially if the disorder comes from mental distress or health-related issues. Some people even find that sleeping pills are not the answer and other holistic approaches fall short too. But, with the recent popularity of the weighted blanket, there might be hope.

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are a way to get yourself back into a healthy sleep routine. These blankets have lists of benefits that can have for your health. While these blankets will cost you more than buying a bottle of sleep aid, you will end up saving money in the long run. These blankets aren’t just a miracle cure, they actually have plenty of science explaining how and why a weighted blanket works.

best weighted blanketEven health experts will recommend these blankets to their patients to avoid starting them down a medicated route. Learn more about all the benefits of a weighted blanket, as well as some of the best ones on the market.

These amazing blankets are a growing trend, especially for those who have problems sleeping peacefully at night. Many of these blankets have brought a restful slumber to many sleepers. Specifically to those who didn’t want to use medication or go through sleep therapy.

They can also help with mental disorders that can cause trouble sleeping. With designs and blanket weights specifically made for various sizes and ages they are a universal problem solver. Using a formula that is backed by science, weighted blankets help sleepers feel secure during the night. They can even help lull you into a deeper sleep.

best weighted blanketWeighted blankets aren’t just super heavy masses of fabric someone stitched together. They often fill these blankets with pellets that give the blanket it’s heavy feeling. The amazing thing about these blankets is how personalized they are. Made to coincide with your weight and size to give you an scientifically precise feel. Not only do they come in various weights but also in many instances various lengths and widths too. Allowing you to find exactly what your body needs for your best sleep.

Weighted Blanket Materials:

best weighted blanketIf your fashion savvy or don’t want to ruin your bedrooms theme you don’t need to worry. Weighted blankets come in many different colors for you to choose from. There are even some brands that offer patterns for children. The blankets are even designed so that you can buy duvet covers for them. This makes these blankets a comfortable decision that won’t make you sacrifice your personal style. There are even more travel-friendly blankets for those that tend to go on business trips often. Weighted blankets are even made out of different materials so that you can have both a blanket for cold and warm months.

bearby weighted blanket napperWeighted blankets are mostly made out of durable cotton. This material helps to keep the fabric from ripping which could cause all the beads to spill out. Many brands even use all natural cotton to make an extra strong fabric. These blankets are also easy to move around under so that you can still change sleeping positions with ease. Heating up also isn’t a huge issue as these blankets are made to keep a neutral temperature unless you buy one specifically for winter sleeping.

Below is a list of a few of our favorite weighted blankets available. All of these brands offer a variety of weights, styles and colors. As well as come in at various price points. One thing they all share is the ability to improve your sleep.

  1. Bearaby Napper: $249 – $279 at
  2. Bearaby Sleeper: $199-$439 at
  3. Baloo Living – $149 – $169 at
  4. Layla: $129-$179 at
  5. Mosaic: $100 – $255 at
  6. Luna: $45 – $120 at
  7. Quilty: $69 – $149 at
  8. Gravity Blanket: $249 at
  9. CMFRT: $89 – $189 at
  10. YnM (Amazon’s Best Seller): $63 – $299 at

What Research Shows:

best weighted blanketWe can talk all day about what these blankets are supposed to do. But without science backing these claims up, it doesn’t mean much. Weighted blankets were invented by workers in the health industry and have been tested with a variety of issues to determine how effective they are with treating sleep disorders. While there aren’t hordes of studies done on the effects of weighted blankets, the ones that have been completed have shown positive results from volunteers who choose to participate in the trials.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work? 

best weighted blanketSo just how does this blanket work though? Let’s start by answering this question simply, the blanket gives you a hug as you sleep. While this may not sound like that big of a deal, feeling like you’re not alone helps your body relax for several different reasons.

For starters, most people sleep better when someone is next to them, or at least in the same house. When there are other people present, especially those you can trust, your mind tends to be more at ease than it is when you are on your own. This can be especially important during times where your body is at its most vulnerable.  Even if you aren’t bothered by living alone, your body may be reacting on a subconscious level.

best weighted blanketBy having weight in the blanket your body recognizes it as someone embracing you. This makes your nervous system feel at ease and your brain will settle down. Many researchers describe the effects that come with a weighted blanket by comparing it to the feeling a baby has when a mother swaddles it.

While adults may not need to feel like mom is there like a baby does, we are social creatures that have needs we don’t even fully understand. This can be especially true for those of us who have mental disorders. Often they bring on a feeling of fear or being in danger, that a weighted blanket can ease.

20 Ways a Weighted Blanket Can Help You: 

Below we will go through 20 various ways weighted blankets benefit sleepers. Whether you have health issues, mentally or physically, this easy solution could give you the rest you need. Even in instances that you wouldn’t expect a blanket to help, it just might surprise you.

1. Calms Anxiety

best weighted blanketAnxiety is a nasty beast that affects your mental health. It can make you feel like you are in danger. Or give you racing thoughts that your mind can’t shut off. Many times anxiety sufferers will have a hard time falling asleep. This is generally thanks to the fact that things are the quietest right before bed. Meaning there is nothing to distract the mind from your own thoughts that come from the disorder.

By adding a weighted blanket into the equation your mind will respond to your body being soothed. Allowing you to calm down and slowly drift away from anxiety driven thoughts that have been going through your head. This can be especially important for teenagers who are too old to sleep with their parents. But need the feeling of comfort from another source in order to sleep. The blanket gives them the same feeling of being embraced without any of the embarrassment or trouble that could come with it.

2. Comforts Those With Depression

Another major reason for uneasy sleeping can be depression. Unlike anxiety, depression doesn’t always cause a fear reaction or racing thoughts. Many times depression drains the body of it’s want to do everyday functions like sleeping or eating. When it comes time for bed those suffering for depression can find themselves laying in the same spot for hours neither falling asleep or doing anything productive. This frustrates many sleepers who suffer from the disorder. Many times leading to an even worse day following because of the lack of rest and proper amount of sleep. Generating a trend that increases the effects of downgraded physical and mental health.

Again a weighted blanket can give comfort to those affected by depression. Providing you with the feeling that you have someone else with you. And allowing any depression to be less intense and able to fall asleep. As well as stay asleep to get the rest and recovery your body and mind need.

3. Lessons Night Terrors

best weighted blanketJust because your asleep doesn’t mean you are getting quality sleep. This is extremely true for those of us who experience nightmares on the daily. Many nightmares can have you tossing and turning during the night making it hard for you to actually rest your body. Even worse some nightmares will wake the sleeper multiple times a night making it impossible to have an uninterrupted night of sleep. People who suffer from chronic nightmares can also start to develop anxiety as they go for longer amounts of time without being able to have a peaceful nights sleep. The comforting weight that a weighted blanket puts on a sleeper can help alleviate nightmares altogether.

By using a weighted blanket your subconscious will feel more at ease leading to more pleasant dreams during the night. This can help people who have suffered from nightmares for years finally feel secure enough to sleep through the night.

4. Negates Panic Attacks

The one thing worse than having anxiety is having full on panic attacks. Panic attacks regularly happen when racing thoughts reach a boiling point. These attacks can manifest in many different forms including trouble breathing and a fight or flight response. Many people who have regular panic attacks can suffer from waking nightmares that have the sleeper wake-up already having a panic attack. This can be a horrifying experience that affects both the mental and physical health of those who suffer from this disorder. Normal panic attacks can also be common when your mind is in a tired state.

With the use of weighted blankets, you can greatly reduce or get rid of panic attacks that occur before and after you have fallen asleep. The swaddling sensation of the blanket can help your body feel more secure reducing the number of racing thoughts you have during the night and the nightmares you have while asleep.

5. Makes Traveling a Breeze

best weighted blanketWe all know there isn’t much like sleeping in your own bed at night. For those who can have trouble sleeping, there get-away can turn into a sleep-deprived nightmare. Whether you booked a hotel with a strange feeling mattress or your just not good with sleeping in a new setting a weighted blanket can help your body feel more at home.

By bringing a familiar blanket with you, you are already easing your mind by giving it a familiar feeling in an odd setting. When you add in a weighted blanket to the setting you have the effect of not only being familiar with the blanket but the extra calming effects that come with the blanket as well. This can be a recipe for sleeping well no matter where you end up having to stay during the night.

6. No More Sleeping Pills

If you regularly have trouble sleeping then you have probably had to take a sleeping pill at some point in your life. You may even have a prescription for sleeping pills that your doctor provided you in order to actually get rest at night. This can be stressful for some as they feel like they have to be medicated in order to do a normal everyday function. Others who prefer natural remedies may be frustrated at the thought of having to use the medication in order to not feel like a zombie during the day. Even worse some people are allergic to sleeping pills leaving them with little help when it comes time to settle in at night. A weighted blanket can completely remove any pills from the equation.

Many people who use a weighted blanket can quit sleeping pills as the blanket is enough to lull them off to dreamland. This can make someone’s nights much easier and keep them from feeling drowsy from taking pills the next morning.

7. Manages Insomnia

No matter who you are you have probably had a sleepless night. Whether not sleeping was your own doing or you just couldn’t stop thinking about how a vending machine is made. Many people of all ages suffer from insomnia of some type. Whether this is once a week or you just can’t get to sleep or trouble settling down nightly, these nights make the next day a complete nightmare. A weighted blanket can help you fight off insomnia by letting your body know that it’s time to settle down and get the rest it needs for the next day.

By getting in the habit of using a weighted blanket you are creating a nightly ritual that your body can get used to and over time connect with falling asleep fast. This blanket will soothe your mind into a sleep-ready state the first night you use it and from then on out train your body to recognize when it’s time for bed.

8. Great For Children

Every parent knows the feeling of a child that just can’t go to sleep. Whether it be because the child got woken up from a nightmare or they just have trouble settling down when you need them to, it’s a frustrating experience. Even worse you don’t want to have your child have to rely on sleeping with you in order to get the rest they need. Many parents understandably don’t want to get there child use to using sleeping medication early on either making the options for getting your little one to dreamland extremely limited. To make matters even worse, your probably losing sleep over your child not being able to sleep.

A weighted blanket is a wonderful solution that is safe for young children to use. The blanket can make them feel like your right beside of them as their falling asleep. This can also help reduce the nightmares your child has as they weighted blanket want need to move to its own bed after your child is snoring.

9. Makes Living Alone Easier

best weighted blanketThere is nothing like getting your very own place and finally moving away from your parents. The freedom can be great, but the nights laying in bed alone are a whole other story. Many adults have trouble sleeping when they live alone or have just moved to a new neighborhood. This is because of your mind being more alert to protect you in this new setting. While this was great for our ancestors, in our modern age we need to get some sleep at night in order to pay for our new apartment with on sight security.

A weighted blanket can simulate having another person in bed holding you. This makes your mind feel more at ease as you will subconsciously feel like there is someone else around you that can help defend you in case of intruders. This can be a lifesaver for people who have never had sleeping issues previously and don’t want to take medication.

10. Helps You Breathe Easy

Sometimes you just feel like you could sleep better at night. Whether you occasionally find yourself waking up or you get distracted by Facebook during the night, you may just want something that can promote you to fall asleep faster. While there are plenty of oils or lotions you can use to help promote winding down at night, a weighted blanket is a one time purchase that is scientifically backed by several studies to help you fall asleep easier.

A weighted blanket will have you feeling like someone is giving you a huge hug. This comforting feeling will make you feel like settling down for the night and will encourage your body to go into a more restful mode. Each night you use the weighted blanket will get your body more used to it helping you fall asleep even faster than the night before until you have a great sleep pattern.

11. Soothes Sleepers With Autism

best weighted blanketBelieve it or not, weighted blankets were made by a worker in the autism field who was striving to give a calming effect to those with autism. The blanket works by making you feel like your surrounded by a warm hug giving the brain a feeling of safety. This helps calm the body down and create a safe space for anyone who has trouble relaxing or falling asleep during the night. The blanket can help children and adults with all stages of autism find comfort during their most troubled times.

12. Helps Calm Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome can be equal parts scary and irritating. Those who have suffered from it for years describe it as feeling like ants are crawling up and down their legs as they lay in bed. To ease the burden of this feeling many who suffer from it will find themselves tossing and turning. Some even get up to take a walk to try and ease the feeling in order to get back to sleep. This syndrome is generally treated by using items that help compress your legs or just waiting the feeling out. In more extreme cases this syndrome can happen multiple times a night making falling asleep a complete nightmare.

A weighted blanket gives the user a feeling of being weighed down which can help alleviate one of the causes of RLS. Some sleepers with mild to moderate RLS may even notice their issues disappear with the use of a weighted blanket.

13. Helps Reduce Pain

best weighted blanketMany times a gentle pressure can help alleviate pain. This is especially important for sleepers who suffer from pain related health issues. Like arthritis, that may make falling asleep a harder process. Many times even a slight pain can make sleeping for a sensitive sleeper close to impossible. Things can get even worse if the pain primarily strikes at the end of the day when things have started to settle down. Unfortunately, when it comes to sleep it’s hard to put pressure on your body without becoming incredibly uncomfortable or having to stay in one specific spot all night long.

A weighted blanket can be a wonderful gift for anyone who suffers from pain at night. The blanket can provide the gentle pressure they need to help any pain that surfaces. Many sufferers of pain related issues now sleep with the blanket thanks to its comforting effect.

14. Improves Sleeping Conditions

You would be surprised to find out the quality of sleep you are actually getting every night. Some people may notice that even with a full 8 hours of sleep they still feel incredibly tired. The truth is just because your asleep and can stay asleep doesn’t mean you are getting the rest you need. Many people have a hard time fully relaxing while asleep. This leads to an inconsistent sleep pattern or only lightly sleeping. This can be a huge problem that leaves you feeling bogged down during the day.

Again the addition of a weighted blanket could be the answer to improve your quality of sleep. The blanket will have you feeling secure in your bed allowing you to sleep deeper every night you use it. Many users even report feeling more rested after just the first night of using a weighted blanket.

15. No More OCD

best weighted blanketAs funny as it may sound, sleeping can drive someone that has OCD insane. For most of us, coming home and sleeping in a messy bed may not affect anything. For someone with OCD though, even the slightest change in there sleeping arrangements can irritate them all night long. There aren’t a lot of solution out there for fixing OCD when it comes to things like having a perfectly fixed bed, but a weighted blanket can help remove some of the chaos from your life.

A weighted blanket is a constant that has an even, consistent feeling all the way across. No having the fluff from you comforter bunch up in one spot with a weighted blanket. This can help those with OCD feel more secure and in control at night. It also provides a constant to look forward to that coincides with a routine that gives you the same feeling every night.

16. Zones You In

Nothing is more annoying than having your attention grabbed by a million different things as your trying to fall asleep. Whether it be the sound those of the neighbor’s dog barking all night or the snoring of your partner, it can be hard to just zone out. With the help of a simple blanket you can quickly concentrate on focusing on sleep. Many people do this by playing natural rain or using an oil diffuser. However, sleeping can be a pain for those of us whose brains aren’t tricked by these items.

Using a weighted blanket can help give you something to hone in on while laying in bed. Many of these blankets have unique textures for your busy mind and fingers to have something to do. The evenly distributed weight can even give you a feeling of being hugged, this can also be a nice distraction for your mind. You won’t have to worry about the weighted blanket turning off or running out of oil making it an item that won’t leave you high and dry.

17. Just Hold Me

best weighted blanketHaving a bad day at work or school is going to happen no matter who you are. At times like those you just want to go home and find somewhere comfortable to sort yourself out without having someone disturb you. Sometimes it can be hard to completely unwind, especially if you need an extra hand to calm down. This can be even more frustrating if you don’t feel like talking or you don’t have anyone available to talk to. At times like these you probably just want someone to hug you without bugging you to recount everything that happened to make you upset.

A weighted blanket is a perfect solution to this problem that will give you a hug for as long as you need. The blanket can make you feel less alone and will stay with you all night long. This gives you the secure feeling that can be just like your best friend giving you a much-needed embrace.

18. Pet-Friendly

Even our furry friends can have issues sleeping from time to time. Some pets are even more anxious than others and have trouble settling down help. Many times these remedies will include chews or medicine that you add into your pet’s water. For some owner, this is a frustrating experience as getting your pet to eat these chews or want to drink there water can be an impossible task. Things can get even worse if you try to use a calming jacket that your pet fights you every time you go to put them in it.

A weighted blanket that’s rated for your pet’s weight can be a much easier solution. Simply place the blanket over you nervous pet and you will notice that they start to calm down. This can be especially useful on a long car ride. Please make sure you use the same 10% of body weight guide for your pet. If the blanket is too heavy it could be harmful to your pup.

19. Perfect For Big Days

best weighted blanketWhether you have an important job interview the next day or you have a date with a potential partner, sleeping can be a pain. When you are anticipating an important occasion it can be hard to take a step back and breath. Sadly things can get even worse when you try to fall asleep. And excitement can keep your mind racing all night long. If you don’t like to take medication, but often find yourself too busy thinking of what you are going to wear to impress your new love interest, then a weighted blanket can be a perfect solution for catching some sleep.

A weighted blanket will help your body know it’s time to sleep by making you feel like your covered in a warm embrace. This can help shake off any nerves that are keeping you up at night.

20. Not Just For Sleep

With all the various solutions a weighted blanket has for sleeping there has got to be plenty of ways to use it while awake too? And there certainly are! In fact, a weighted blanket can be perfect to have with you on a long car ride. It is ideal when you have to sit for hours waiting to get to your destination. Along with the car it can also be great for flights, especially if you have anxiety while flying too. Allowing you to sleep easier and feel more calm.

It can also be perfect for keeping at your desk in a cold office space. Even while reading or watching tv it can be great. And the best way to use this blanket may be when you are under the weather and need an extra hug and plenty of warmth. You can use the calming nature of the blanket just about anywhere.

How to Pick The Perfect Weighted Blanket:

best weighted blanketNow that you know all the ways a weighted blanket can help you sleep we are here to help you pick the perfect one. Make sure to weigh yourself and check the weight suggestions for the blanket you want to purchase. You will also want to factor in your height as well. This will give you the best fit for your body and allow the full benefits from sleeping with the blanket.

Make sure to research the brand you are buying from to see what they use to make the blanket. Quality is definitely important. Luckily, the brands listed below offer several great options that are high quality and priced well.

best weighted blanketThere are tons of weighted blankets out there for you to choose from. In recent years the popularity of these blankets has soared and many innovative brands have emerged each with their own unique twist on the blankets formula. You can buy blankets in store and from online websites, like Amazon. This gives you plenty of shopping options to choose from.

While they may cost you a bit of money, the benefits sleeping with one can often make the blankets well-worth their cost. Many of the blankets even come with a warranty to cover any defects that may pop up during normal usage.

Below is a list of a few of our favorite blankets available online. All of these brands offer a variety of weights, styles and colors. As well as come in at various price points. One thing they all share is the ability to improve your sleep.

  1. Bearaby Napper: $249 – $279 at
  2. Bearaby Sleeper: $199-$439 at
  3. Baloo Living – $149 – $169 at
  4. Layla: $129-$179 at
  5. Mosaic: $100 – $255 at
  6. Luna: $45 – $120 at
  7. Quilty: $69 – $149 at
  8. Gravity Blanket: $249 at
  9. CMFRT: $89 – $189 at
  10. YnM (Amazon’s Best Seller): $63 – $299 at

If you have any questions about weighted blankets, or any bedding products, Our Sleep Guide is here to help. Feel free to Contact Us and we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have!