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June 29, 2018

Tomorrow Sleep vs Brookyn Bowery Mattress Comparison

When you are shopping for a new mattress with a smaller budget, it’s important to do thorough research. You can bring home a Tomorrow Sleep mattress or a Brooklyn Bowery mattress for a low cost. These low prices each include free shipping, a ten-year warranty, and a worry-free sleep trial. Depending on your sleeping position preference and other factors, you could choose either one. We’ve taken out all the hard work for you in this tough decision. One of these options outperforms the other, so read through our Tomorrow Sleep vs Brooklyn Bowery comparison review to find out which will suit you.

tomorrow sleep vs brooklyn bowery
Tomorrow Sleep – Overview:

tomorrow sleep vs brooklyn boweryThe Tomorrow Sleep is an upgrade from standard memory foam without an astronomical price. It measures 10 inches in height. The top two layers of memory foam provide cooling properties and a pressure relieving contour. The base foam gives you firm support that increases durability and edge support. All materials are high-density for long-lasting comfort. Motion transfer is almost eliminated for uninterrupted sleep.

Your purchase has two choices in delivery options and a minimal off-gassing experience. You can even score this mattress for a lower price with our coupon code. This mattress has a universal feel, making it great for all sleeping positions. With a medium firm feel, heavier sleepers can even enjoy this bed with adequate support. Start off your tomorrow on the right side of the bed with the Tomorrow Sleep mattress.

Brooklyn Bowery – Overview:

tomorrow sleep vs brooklyn boweryThe Bowery mattress by Brooklyn Bedding can be yours for a low price. This is great news for those looking for a mattress that won’t break the bank. This 10-inch thick all-foam mattress has three layers of foam to create supported contouring. Taking out the middle man, Brooklyn Bedding provides you with a low-cost product. This mattress is even made in the USA for better quality and functionality.

The Bowery has a firmness level that supports almost all sleeping positions to some extent. Materials with cooling properties were selected in its design to give consumers a cooled sleep. With minimal off-gassing and a consistent sleeping surface, the Bowery makes a great pick. We’d recommend this mattress for anyone who shares a bed and is on a tight budget.

Check out the full review of the Tomorrow Sleep HERE and the Brooklyn Bowery HERE!

Tomorrow Sleep – Delivery and Off Gassing:

tomorrow mattressYou get two different choices in shipping options with the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. The standard method gives you free delivery of your compressed and roll-packed bed-in-a-box. You can upgrade to a white glove delivery service for an additional charge. This gets your set-up and clean-up done for you by a delivery team. This brand has a high level of safety and health standards to keep their mattresses free from off-gassing.

While your new Tomorrow Sleep expands and firms up, the only smell you may notice is a “new foam” fragrance. These odors are non-hazardous and minimally pronounced. Give your new mattress some time to fully expand and a day or two to reach its full firmness level. With this bed, you’ll have a great set-up experience.

Brooklyn Bowery – Delivery and Off Gassing:

The Brooklyn Bowery mattress weighs around 70 pounds, so maneuvering it by yourself could be a challenge. We recommend having a friend help you set up your new mattress once it arrives. With shipping included in your purchase price, it will come to you compressed in a roll-packed box. For set-up, simply remove from the box, unroll, and unwrap.

It could take the Bowery a few moments to fully expand and a full day to firm up. If you are sensitive to smells, it is best to avoid the area during off-gassing. You may notice a small odor, but it should dissipate within a day. Since the Brooklyn Bowery is made in the USA, any smells you experience won’t be toxic. Overall, the set up and off-gassing of the Bowery was straight-forward.

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Tomorrow Sleep – Comfort:

tomorrow sleep hybrid vs memory foamThe Tomorrow Sleep is a medium firm feel mattress. This is because it was designed to have one universal feel. This gives it the ability to provide a comfortable sleep for almost everyone. Dense foams create a durable support system that can hold up to 1,000 pounds. This makes the Tomorrow Sleep an ideal budget-friendly option for people on the heavier side. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you will love the supportive qualities of this mattress. High-density materials create outstanding spinal alignment for a healthier sleep.

Only particular side sleepers will enjoy the Tomorrow Sleep. Since it is a bit on the firmer side, you won’t sink in greatly at the hip and shoulder. However, you still have enough softness to make this position comfortable for those that want firmer support. Overall, we were impressed by the comfort properties of this affordable mattress.

Tomorrow Sleep
Brooklyn Bowery – Comfort:

brooklyn boweryA universal comfort approach is attempted by the Brooklyn Bedding company with the Bowery mattress. Therefor, every sleeping position should give you a suitable night of sleep. On a firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, the Bowery is around a 5. This is a great feel for side sleeping, with ample give at the shoulder and hip. Back sleepers should have enough support for pressure relief and proper spinal alignment.

The Bowery may be too soft for stomach sleepers to have a firm support. This leads to bowing at the back and improper curvature of the spine. The top layer of foam in this mattress gives you a responsive contour for pressure relief. The support from the base layer and transitional foam gives you a durable comfort. In general, the Bowery is a comfortable sleep for most.

best hybrid mattresses
Tomorrow Sleep – Materials:

The Tomorrow Sleep is an all foam mattress that combines a solid base foam with two layers of memory foam. The top layer is a cooling open cell memory foam that measures 1-inch thick and is 2.8 pounds in density. This contours to the body while creating increased air flow. The next layer is a softer memory foam with only 2.5 pounds density. This 2-inch thick section increases the contouring capabilities of the Tomorrow Sleep. It is also swirled with a gel to reduce heat retention.

These two memory foam parts are fully supported by the foundational layer of 7-inch thick base foam. This 2-pound density component provides lasting durability, proper spinal alignment, and lumbar support. Together, these materials create the 10-inch thick Tomorrow Sleep mattress.

tomorrow hybrid vs tomorrow memory foam

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Brooklyn Bowery – Materials:

Three layers of foam come together to create the 10-inch thick Bowery by Brooklyn Bedding. The top layer is a 3-inch thick 3.5-pound density patented Energex foam. This responsive material gives you contouring pressure relief that adapts to you as you change positions throughout the night. The next layer of the Bowery is 2-inch thick transitional foam. It gives you deep comfort to enhance the Energex foam as you are supported by the bottom layer.

The final segment in this mattress is a 5-inch thick 1.8-pound density base foam. This material gives the Bowery its firmness for durable support. All of this is wrapped in a stretch knit cotton fabric cover that is breathable and soft to the touch. The sides of this mattress give the Bowery an upscale look with a durable blue panel fabric.

brooklyn bowery

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Tomorrow Sleep vs Brooklyn Bowery – Motion Transfer:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressThe Tomorrow Sleep mattress performs as expected. All-foam mattresses are known for their extraordinary properties in reducing motion transfer. This bed uses a dense base foam paired with two layers of memory foam. Together the eliminate almost any vibrations before they reach your partner. The Tomorrow Sleep makes for a night of uninterrupted sleep. If you or your partner are light sleepers, you will enjoy how the top layers readily absorb movement. The bottom layer rapidly stops any leftover motion transfer.

The Brooklyn Bowery responds to movement similarly to other all-foam mattresses. You will feel minimal motion transfer when sleeping on this bed. The foams do a good job at eliminating vibrations caused by getting in and out of the bed. The main difference you could notice is due to the top layer of the Bowery. This foam is more responsive, meaning it has more bounce. This is great for changing positions but has the potential to disrupt your partner. Luckily, the middle and bottom layer of foam should absorb any movement that penetrates the top layer.

Tomorrow Sleep vs Brooklyn Bowery – Sleeping Cool:

The Tomorrow Sleep has elements in its design to aid in sleeping cool. This was a necessary part of the design process since it is a memory foam mattress. Open cell technology is used in the top layer of memory foam to increase airflow. The second layer is swirled with gel to draw heat away from the body.

brooklyn boweryThe Tomorrow Sleep also provides a firmer sleep, which means you won’t sink in too far. When you are sleeping in the mattress instead of on top, warm air gets trapped around your body. All these features make the Tomorrow Sleep better than standard memory foam mattresses. Although, you could get better heat reducing properties in a different style of brand.

Combatting heat retention properties is especially important for all-foam designs. The Brooklyn Bedding company has given the Bowery mattress some edge with a few cooling elements. This mattress is softer, so you may feel you are sleeping “in the bed” where warm air can become trapped.

However, the Energex foam on top is responsive to keep you from feeling like you are stuck in one spot. Cooling gel infused in this layer draws heat away from your body. The open-cell structures of the foams used in the Bowery increase airflow and breathability. The cover of this mattress is extremely breathable with a smooth top weave pattern. Overall, the Brooklyn Bowery does a great job at providing a cool night of sleep.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Tomorrow Sleep vs Brooklyn Bowery – Edge Support:

You can generally tell how well the quality of a mattress is by looking at the edge support it provides. The Tomorrow Sleep does an impressive job in this area of comparison. You can sleep on every square inch of this mattress. The high-density foams give you support all the way up to the perimeter. This is great news for couples that are on a budget. You can even sit comfortably at the side for short periods without a sliding sensation. This makes the Tomorrow Sleep better than a regular memory foam mattress.

Learn more about the Tomorrow Sleep with our in-depth Mattress Review or at

The edge support provided by the Bowery gives you a consistent feel for sleeping. You can lie right up to the edge on this bed without feeling like you are going to roll out. This is highly important for those that share a bed and need more space to stretch out. You might not enjoy the feeling you get when sitting at the side of this mattress. You will notice a sinking sensation that could be uncomfortable for longer periods of sitting. If you like to sit at the side of your bed to get ready in the mornings, consider other options. The Brooklyn Bowery might not be the best choice for you due to the lack of edge support.

Learn more about the Brooklyn Bowery with our in-depth Mattress Review or at

Tomorrow Sleep – Value:

A queen-sized Tomorrow Sleep mattress costs just $795. Get this quality brand for even less with our coupon to save $100 using the code: OSG100. This makes the total cost only $695!  Included in this low price is free shipping right to your door.

You also get a full year to make sure the Tomorrow Sleep is perfect for you with a 365-night trial. The long-lasting materials used in this bed are backed by a 10-year warranty. The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is an outstanding value with high-quality components that provide outstanding properties at a low price.

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Tomorrow Sleep
Brooklyn Bowery – Value:

The Brooklyn Bowery is considered budget-friendly. The company achieves this by handling the entire manufacturing and selling process without using a third-party company. You can order a queen size for just $649. And after our 20% off coupon it is ONLY $519! This includes your free shipping. You can try out this bed worry-free with their 120-night sleep trial. There is also a 10-year warranty included with your purchase.

You can also save extra 20% on any Brooklyn Bedding mattress with our exclusive 20% off coupon. Just use code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20. Comfort and support make the Bowery a great choice, but overall durability may be lacking. Compare other mattresses in this price range to find the perfect fit for you.

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best hybrid mattresses
Tomorrow Sleep vs Brooklyn Bowery – Our Pick!

When putting the Tomorrow Sleep and the Brooklyn Bowery head-to-head, it was hard to draw a clear winner. You can purchase the Bowery mattress for a bit less than the Tomorrow Sleep. However, the Tomorrow Sleep provides you longer lasting durability and more ideals levels of universal comfort. The Bowery is lacking a true memory foam layer. This means you will have a deeper level of hugging contour with the Tomorrow Sleep.

The Tomorrow Sleep also did slightly better at providing a cooler sleep and stopping motion transfer. If you need a cheaper price-point, the Bowery is not a bad pick. Though, we feel you will get your money’s worth and long term durability by picking the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress.

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