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August 21, 2019

8 Summer Sleep Tips & Get A Summer Ready Bedroom

summer sleep tipsSummer is here and if your bedroom isn’t ready, then you are going to be sweating all night long. It becomes a lot harder to sleep well in the summer because they days are longer and we naturally sleep better in cooler climates.

The good news is that with a few adjustments to your habits and your bedroom, you will be ready to sleep away the summer. Keep reading to see all of our tips and trick on getting better sleep in the summer and how to get your bedroom ready for the heat.

Summer Sleeping Tips:

When summer rolls around sleep and sticking to a sleep schedule tend to go by the wayside. Even with longer, warmer days it is important to make sure you still get adequate rest. Below are several summer sleep tips to ensure you get the best sleep even during the hottest days.

Summer Sleep Tips #1 – Keep it cooler

thermostat temperature for sleepingIt is no surprise to hear that sleeping in cooler temperatures will help you to get better sleep overall. With the most optimal sleeping temperature falling between 67-69 degrees Fahrenheit. However, pumping your AC on full blast in the dead of summer to get the temperature down to the most ideal temperature is unrealistic.

If you do have AC, and can keep your home at 73 degrees or below at night during hot months, this should be plenty cool. By keeping a cooler temperature in your bedrooms, you will be able to get higher quality and less interrupted sleep. Even if it isn’t quite as cool as you would prefer, having it slightly cooler than it is during the day, makes a noticeable difference.

Summer Sleep Tips #2 – Dark out shades

blackout curtains summer sleep tipsWhen trying to put yourself, or your kids to sleep in the summer, your schedules can get easily thrown off by the summer sun. The sun stays out longer and when you are trying to put your kids, or yourself, to bed when the sun is still out, it can make it quite difficult. We naturally want to stay up with the sun, even if it is past our bedtimes.

This is why we suggest investing in a set of blinds or black out curtains. That way even if you’re trying to take a quick nap midday, you will be able to block out the light and the heat, creating a cool dark resting environment. The bonus is that most of these thicker, darker shades are also optimal for insulating. Meaning that it keeps your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If it is particularly hot or sunny, keeping the shades drawn during the day could also help keep your bedrooms cooler too and your energy bills lower.

Summer Sleep Tips #3 – Summer PJ’s

what pajamas you should sleep in when it's hot outWhen it is really hot out you may not even want to put clothes on. However the right pajamas can help to keep you cool through the night. First of all put away all of the long sleeves and pants for next winter and break out the shorts and t-shirts.

Try to wear loose fitting shorts and t-shirts made out of natural fibers like silk or cotton. These materials are naturally absorbent and breathable.

We suggest avoiding synthetic materials like polyester. They cut off airflow and trap in moisture, leaving you a hot and sweaty uncomfortable mess. Instead stick to natural fibers like cotton and silk in order to stay cool and comfortable.

Summer Sleep Tips #4 – Shower before bed

cold showers before bed timeAt the end of a long summer day, we are usually all covered in sweat, sunscreen, and even bug spray. The last thing you want to do is hop into bed and get your nice clean sheets all stinky and dirty, no matter how tired you are. It also feels incredibly refreshing to get all of the summer grit and grime off and get nice and clean.

A lukewarm showers can also cool you down if you have gotten over heated outside. We love a minty refreshing shower gel like the Mentha Bodywash by C.O. Bigelow to get that extra cold kick from the menthol. After your shower you will be able to climb into bed feeling fresh and clean. As well as cool and comfortable.

Summer Sleep Tips #5 – Maintain a sleep schedule

summer sleep tipsWhen your days get longer, it can be tempting to stay up late or even rise with the sun. If you want to change your sleep schedule for the summer, that is A-okay, however we suggest whatever schedule you pick for the summer, that you keep it consistent. In order to get consistently good sleep, you need a consistent sleep schedule.

By always going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time, your circadian rhythm will kick in and line up with the schedule you set. This is how your body knows when to send our certain sleep hormones, making you feel tired whenever your body is used to going to sleep. In order for this to happen though, you need to stick to your schedule. We promise if you do this that your sleep quality will improve.

Summer Sleep Tips #6 – Stay hydrated

stay hydrated in the heat to sleep wellWhen you are hydrated you sleep much better. Unfortunately in the summer heat it is so easy to get dehydrated simply by going about your day. So make sure you are drinking plenty of water on a regular basis. Whatever time of year, having a glass of water by the bed is a good idea. Whether you feel your throat get dry, you begin to overheat or you just need some extra hydration.

If you are excessively sweating through the day, then you may need to replenish minerals along with drinking regular water. Alkaline water is a great way to replenish those minerals and electrolytes without the sugar of other traditional sports drinks.

Summer Sleep Tips #7 – Don’t eat too late

try not to eat too lateAnother symptom of long summer days is that we tend to be out later during the day. When the sun is out later into the evening we can get distracted on what time it truly is. This can lead to accidental late night dinners.

While overall this may not seem like a big deal, it can cause intestinal distress and make it difficult to fall asleep and get the quality sleep you need. So keep and eye on the clock and try to avoid eating an hour or two before your planned bedtime.

Summer Sleep Tips #8 – Create airflow

fans in the bedroom will help you sleepGetting proper airflow through your bedroom will help you to maintain proper body temperature throughout the night. If you are lucky enough to have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, great. If you don’t have this “flick of the switch” breeze creating option, there are plenty of quality tower fans on the market that work really well too.

While some people find the white noise of a fan to be soothing and a welcomed edition to their nightly routine, it might drive others insane. That is why we like the Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan. It oscillates to bring cool air to the whole room without sounding like you’re sleeping in a wind tunnel.

Get A Summer Ready Bedroom

summer sleep tipsNow that you have a few tips on getting better sleep during summer we also suggest getting your bedroom ready. With the cold and damp days of Winter and Spring out of the picture, those extra cozy blankets and sheets can be swapped out for more breathable and lightweight options. Below are several ideal products to get your bedroom ready for summer nights.

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers:

Whether you’re a warm sleeper just during the summer or all year round, we know that sleeping cool is priority. By having a mattress that allows for plenty of airflow and breathability you will surely sleep better. We know how important finding a cool bed is. Which is why we have dedicated an entire page to the Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers. If you want the coolest mattress possible, this page is for you!

Crisp & Cool Sheets:

Imagine you’re on a beach vacation, you’ve been in the sun all day and then you come back to your hotel. The crisp, cool clean white sheets inviting you in. That is one of the best feelings in the world, and you can bring that feeling home everyday.

peacock alley soprano

Cotton is what gives hotel sheets that crisp cool feeling while also staying soft and breathable. We love a Percale Cotton sheet for this feeling. For a sheet to be called percale it has to be tightly knit and have at least 180 thread count.

While there are percale sheets made with polyester we suggest you avoid those completely. While they may feel quality to the touch polyester will trap heat and moisture. Cotton on the other hand, pulls moisture away from the body and allows air to flow freely. These features help keep you feeling cool and cozy. If you want to try out that premium hotel sheet feel, check out the Riley Percale Sheets, we know you’ll love them.

Another great option is Tencel sheets. This natural fiber is even softer, cooler and more breathable than cotton. Making it ideal for summer months. It is even a little lighter in feel, making it even more appealing. We really love the TENCEL Sheet Set by Brooklyn Bedding.

Mattress Protector:

luxury sheets for summerWhether you sweat a little or A LOT you’re going to want to protect your mattress. Even small amounts of sweat overtime can soak through sheets and seep into your mattress. Not only is this a bit gross and can cause build up of bacteria, but it can also slowly break down and cut the lifespan of your mattress overall. There are different levels of protection you can get out of different mattress protectors.

If you only need a minimal amount of protection then you may want a protector like the Avocado Mattress protector. It is absorbent but not completely waterproof. The benefit to this protector is that it is extra breathable and very comfortable.

If you sweat more heavily or want ultimate protection then you may prefer a mattress protector like the Cooling Mattress Protector from Brooklyn Bedding. Not only is it ultra protective, and waterproof but they also made sure to give it extra cooling properties so make sure you sleep cooler through the night as well.

Lighter Comforter:

lightweight comforters for summerNo matter how warm it is out, it feels comforting to have a comforter to snuggle up with at night. However, your winter comforter might be far too heavy or warm to sleep with during the summer. We suggest if you need an extra heavy comforter for the winter to be sure and change it our for the warmer months or else you will likely wake up sporadically through the night from overheating.

This is why we love the Buffy Breeze comforter, it is lighter than the average comforter and provides comfort while remaining cooler and more lightweight. It is perfect for those who want the coziness of a comforter but desperately needs to stay cool.

Latex Mattress Topper:

When searching for a summer mattress topper, one of the most obviously priorities is going to be one with cooling properties. There are a few materials to look out for that provide both a cool feel and amazing comfort. We suggest mattress toppers that feature natural latex, breathable cotton and even wool to be the best options. And as an added bonus are much healthier for you and the environment. Other foams, such as memory foam, poly foam or even synthetic latex, can hold onto heat and turn your bed into a sauna.

avocado mattress topper review

Even going a step further and finding a 100% organic latex mattress topper, like the Avocado Mattress Topper, is better yet. You not only get a sustainable, cooling layer of latex. But also a just plush enough layer of moisture wicking and temperature neutralizing organic wool. These two comfort layers are then covered in breathable and 100% organic cotton. Allowing for this additional comfort layer to help keep summer nights cooler, naturally.

Perfect Summer Pillow:

11 summer sleep tipsWhile most pillows will work well between seasons, some are better at heat regulating than others. Birch makes a great option for summer sleeping. The Birch pillow is made with natural shredded Talalay Latex and Wool fibers to create an ideal combination of comfort and cool. Giving you not just one ideal material for sleeping cool, but two. As well as several other amazing benefits too.

Instead of using a solid piece of latex in their pillow, they turned it into ribbons and mixed it with wool fibers to create the fluffy feel of a down pillow, but with the added buoyancy of latex. This allows you to mold your pillow around your head neck and shoulders. While also providing support that won’t fall flat like a down pillow would. The materials are breathable and the wool helps to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. So if you are wanting a pillow to give you support and keep you cool throughout the summer, Birch is a great choice.

Seasonal Scents:

summer sleep tips add fragranceOne fun way to add summer vibes into your bedroom is with scents. Whether you love scented candles or if you’re an essential oils person, there is a summer scents for you.

Many summer scents are very refreshing and stimulating. Which is great for the morning but can be too much right before bed. Look for scents that are soft and relaxing for the bedroom and save over stimulating scents like zippy citrus, eucalyptus, mint, and other strong scents for use during the day.

Instead search for scents that combine sleepy smells like lavender, vanilla, chamomile, and bergamot with softer versions of summer scents like coconut, soft lemon, and orange. This way you get a snuggly version of your summer favorites.

Layer Curtains

layer curtains summer sleep tipsLike we mentioned in the 11 summer sleep tips earlier, black out curtains are really a great investment for bedrooms. Having thick curtains that fully block out any invading light will absolutely help you get to sleep faster and sleep better overall.

As well as the especially helpful aspect that thicker curtains also help insulate all year round too. By clocking out the sun out in the summer they will keep your room cooler. And in the winter they can also keep heat in while keeping the cold air out. Overall quality thick, blackout curtain are a great investment for your sleep year round.

However, if you like sunshine streaming into your room while also keeping some privacy, you can layer two sets of curtains. Many hotel rooms utilize two sets of curtains for exactly this. A light, sheer set is used closest to the window for letting in light. And then the blackout curtains layered over for completely blocking out the rest of the world whenever you are ready to sleep. Why not carry this over to your own bedroom for the best of both worlds?


get the clutter out of your bedroom to sleep betterIf you become a pack rat during the colder months, you may want to use spring and summer as a way to clean out your room and get a fresh start. Take out all of the extra clutter that you don’t need. If you have extra layers of thick winter blankets pillows and sweaters, put them away for the warmer season. They tend to be bulky and by having a clean and cleared out room you will be able to breath easier and feel cooler overall.

Bring The Outdoors In

summer plantsWhen everything is lush, green and growing it only feels natural bringing some of the outdoors inside. When it is hot and everything starts to dry out and turn brown, you are going to want to surround yourself with as much green and life as you can.

Bringing in houseplants can be a fun way to decorate your bedroom. Whether you like a green leafy schefflera or an elegant white orchid, a happy healthy houseplant can add a lot of character to a room.

It also feels flowy and natural which is a great atmosphere to have in a bedroom. If you have a small bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of light, give succulents a try. They tend to be small and can survive just about anywhere.

Lighten Up Your Textiles

breathable textures in your bedroom for summerIf you have heavy or thick textured rugs or throw blankets for winter, you are going to want to lighten things up for the summer. We personally love a summer rug that has interest and texture without being overly thick or fluffy. Which is why we like seagrass rugs during the summer.

A few other great ways to add seasonal additions is easy to swap out pieces. If you like to change up the look of your bedroom often, then a throw blanket and pillows are an inexpensive way to do this. A woven cotton throw is a nice touch for summer. The loose weave allows for plenty of airflow to make sure you stay cool, even when cuddling up. Overall, look for breathable, natural materials; like organic cotton and silk.

Clean Color Palette

lightweight colors and textures summer sleep tipsWhile you can get away with a darker color palette in the winter, it feel much more free and breezy to go with lighter colors during the summer. While bright invigorating colors are a popular choice for summer, make sure you choose colors that evoke a calming environment.

We love beachy colors because not only are they natural and remind us of summer but the light blues, aquas, and sandy colors are calming and relaxing overall. These colors are actually suggested for bedrooms by the rules of Feng Shui, so you know they must be good.

Want to learn more about what Feng Shui on home and bedroom decorating? Check out Guide To Bedroom Feng Shui for more.

Summer Sleep Tips Final Thoughts:

Not only is changing up your bedroom for the different seasons a practical choice, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you think your bedroom needs an upgrade for the summer, we hope you find this article helpful. There are plenty of directions you can go with design, but stay cool is a must. So try to stick with natural breathable fabrics. If you want to switch up your colors seasonally, start with a neutral color palette and then switch out accessories. And above all, make sure you stay cool, comfortable, and maintaining healthy sleeping habits.

summer sleep tips

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