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October 11, 2019

Small Bedroom Hacks

When you have a small bedroom, it is easy to feel cramped or uncomfortable. But there are ways to make your bedroom feel more spacious and bigger than it actually is. Keep reading to learn all of our tips and tricks on how you can make your bedroom look and feel bigger.

keeping small bedrooms simple

Maximize Your Space

small bedroom hacksFind unique ways in which you can utilize the space to the best of it’s abilities. If there is a way you can have two night stands instead of one, even if the nightstands need to be smaller, try it out. While it might seem less spacious, having two give you more usable space. Instead of a cushioned bench at the end of your bed, you can put a small desk. Find ways to be creative and make the space work best for you. Be willing to break some rules.

Skip Oversize Furniture 

avoid large furniture in a small bedroomOverly large furniture will dominate your space and make it appear dwarfed when compared to the overly large furniture pieces. Instead get moderately sized furniture that is appropriate for the space. Look for furniture that doesn’t mess about with overly thick bed posts. Instead, choose furniture that is streamlined and thin. This way you get the most out of the space your furniture is taking up with room to breath.

Lots of Bed Access

best small bedroomsTry to provide bed access on at least two if not three sides of the bed. If you tuck your bed into a corner, it will limit your ability to get in and out. Beds that are intended to be slept in by two people, it is important that both parties feel like they can leave the bed whenever they need to without disturbing their partner.

However if the space is for a single person or a child, the access to both sides is less important. You can even go for a daybed style. Depending on your layout a daybed might even open up the space to be used in different ways.

Alternative Nightstands

floating nightstands create space small bedroomIf you are seriously pressed on space, extra pieces of furniture may not only be a squeeze, it may be downright impossible. In this case, finding alternatives to traditional nightstands are in order.

Hanging nightstands are becoming rather popular even for folks with plenty of space. It keeps your floor space open to be used in other ways.

If you want to get rid of your nightstand completely, there are even storage organizers that tuck onto the side of your mattress. That way your smartphone, tablet, books, even your glasses can be on hand whenever your need them. Without taking up any extra space.

Hang Your Lamp

tips for tiny bedroomsIf your already hanging your bedside table, you probably don’t have space for a table lamp.

Instead, wall mount your bedside light. Just make sure you have a way to turn it on and off without getting out of bed.

Whether it is through a smart device like Amazon Echo and Alexa devices and Philips Hue Go Lights or if you simply have a switch within reach. This will make your wall mounted light much more user friendly.

When In Doubt – Go Up!

tips for small bedroomsThere tends to be a lot of underutilized space above your head. Whether you go for a loft style bed, with storage underneath or even a full office or chill area under there.

It is really up to you how you want to use the space. Making the most of your vertical space may not make your space look bigger, but it will give you much more space to work with. Which will give you more options.

Multipurpose Furniture

be creative in small spacesHow do you get the most out of your space? Why by 1 thing having multiple uses or purposes of course. Instead of just getting a desk or a console table or a place for storage, when you could have all three in one.

We love this console table/desk/storage for the bedroom. However, whenever you are buying furniture for your room, try to get pieces that are adjustable or can be used in several different ways instead of just one.

Use Your Corners

small bedroom corner shelfThe corners in a space or bedroom often go under utilized. Making the most out of your corners is a great way to maximize the space you have.

Whether you set up a dressing corner with clothes hanging storage, or you create extra storage with corner shelves, the possibilities are endless.

We love a good floating shelf for corners. It allows other objects to use the floor space in the corner. While you also get storage in the corner further up.

Cut Out Clutter

cut out the clutter simplify and declutter for small spacesIf you want to get the most out of your tiny bedroom, then it is time to say goodbye to clutter and mess.

There is a reason minimalism and tiny home go hand in hand. When you’re living in a small space, you simply don’t have room for mess.

So cut out the clutter, it will make living in a smaller space much easier. We promise.

Need help clearing out the clutter and creating the optimal sleep environment? Check out or post How A Clean Bedroom Means Better Sleep to learn how you can up your sleep with a clean room.

Small Bedroom Hacks

It is easy to get what you need out of large spaces. You simply fill it up with chunky furniture. Tiny bedrooms require a bit more finesse and creativity. find the unique features of your space and make the most out of them. There is a way to make your space work for you, you simply need to find it.

Maximize a small bedroom

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