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July 17, 2019

Sleeping Organic: A How To Guide

On average we spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping. What we sleep in and on is going to have a lasting effect on our overall health and well-being. If you want to eat sleep and breath organically, then you’re going to want to create an organic sleep routine. During our time reviewing sheets, mattresses, and accessories, we have had the chance to look at a lot of different organic sleeping products. In this article we have selected some of our all time favorites to share with you, starting with the bedroom.

Sleeping organic

Sleeping Organic – Bedroom:

Why not start with the obvious. Not only is sleeping on bedding that is natural better for you body. But, it may more importantly give you peace of mind to help you sleep easier. Making sure your bedroom is outfitted in the best organic sleep products you can rest assured that you and your body are being treated to the purest and healthiest sleep.

Best Organic Mattress:

organic mattress avocadoWhen looking for a truly organic mattress, be sure to look for certifications from top to bottom. Just because the cover of your mattress is organic does not mean the filling and coils are going to be organic as well. So look for what their certifications cover and really do your research.

One of our all time favorite organic mattresses is made by Avocado. We love the quality and comfort of this mattress, as well as their wide range of certifications. They also make a vegan mattress if that is something you are interested in. Learn more in our detailed and unbiased Avocado Mattress Review.

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Best Organic Pillow:

Birch pillowPillows are a great addition to an organic friendly bed. If you are wanting to slowly change your bedroom into an all organic haven, we suggest starting with the pillow. You are laying your head on pillow every night, breathing in and out. If there are toxic chemicals or any other unwanted fumes coming off of your synthetic pillow, you are going to be breathing that in every night.

We love the Eli and Elm Organic pillow. The USA made latex filling and Cotton topper stays cool at night. They even have a special design for side sleepers. We also like the organic Birch pillow, designed with a wool and Talalay latex filling. Both are great options for a natural pillow.

Best Organic Sheets:

boll branch sheetsSheets are also a quick and easy way to make to your bed more organic. There are so many options for eco friendly, organic cotton sheets. Another benefit is that a lot of Organic Cotton is now being grown and processed right here in the United States.

Two of our favorite organic sheet sets are the Boll & Branch Signature Soft Sheets and the Lofton Sheets by Saatva Dreams. Not only are both of these sets made with certified organic cotton, but they are also both Certified Fair Trade.

Best Organic Eye Mask:

silk and cotton eye masks for good sleepWhen it comes to natural and organic sleep masks, 100% silk is really the way to go. Organic cotton is another great option. However, natural silk is more gentle on skin and hair. This is because it helps keep your skin and hair to stay soft healthy and lowers the risk of breakage and wrinkles.

While cotton is not as slick as silk, they are both natural fibers that will allow breathability, and cotton is typically more affordable. We love the organic cotton mask from Dream Essentials. For natural silk sleeping masks, we love the mask from Astura that is filled with organic lavender and flax seeds. Silky soft and smells delicious.

Sleeping Organic – Sleep Aides:

Sometimes you need a little something more than a comfortable bed to help you sleep. Sometimes a supplement or even the right foods can help you get great sleep. Making sure that what goes into your body is just as safe as what is on the outside doesn’t stop with just food. Finding the most natural sleep aids will help ensure organic sleep all night long.

Best Organic Sleeping Pills:

tart cherry pills help you sleepMelatonin is a popular supplement when it comes to trying to get sleep and also for staying asleep all night long. However, the most Organic melatonin you can ever possibly use, is the kind your own body creates.

This tart cherry concentrate is made using organic cherries and is high in tryptophan and anthocyanins. This combination helps your body naturally produce melatonin instead of taking a supplement.

Curious about the benefits, pros and cons of melatonin? Learn all about this sleep aide in our Guide to Using Melatonin.

Best Food for Sleep:walnuts are good for sleeping

Some organic foods are also helpful at naturally promoting sleep. Cherries, almonds, turkey, and warm milk to name a few. Both turkey and cherries are high in tryptophan. While nuts like almonds, walnuts, and brazil nuts are also good for relaxation and sleep promotion.

There are lots of other foods that are great for you to eat before bed, there are also plenty you should avoid. Check out what those are on the Best And Worst Foods Before Bed.

Best Organic Tea for Sleep:

tea good for falling asleepTea is naturally relaxing to enjoy, the warm liquid helps to soothe the body and soul. Make sure to only drink herbal and naturally caffeine free teas, like chamomile and peppermint tea. Another organic tea that we love to drink before bed is Nighty Night Herbal Tea by Traditional Medicinal’s.

This tea is made with a special selection of organic herbs, and boy does this tea WORK. Be sure to follow the special instructions for brewing and enjoy a great nights sleep. This tea may be organic but it means business so read the label before use.

Learn more about what teas to look for to help you sleep in our Best Teas For Sleep guide. 

Sleeping Organic – Routine:

You can sleep better by adding the following practices to your nightly routine. Meditation, yoga, and massage all help to relax the mind body and soul. While each one of these practices evokes relaxation and preparation for a long nights rest,each has their own specific benefits.

Meditation Benefits:

meditate for better sleepMeditation helps you gain control over thoughts and emotions while calming the body and releasing tension. Anxiety can wreck havoc on your sleeping schedule. So finding some quite time before bed to get your thoughts quiet and calm will drastically help your rest.

There are studies that have proven the benefits to making meditation a daily practice. This not only helps your sleep, but your day to day life too. Learn more about the benefits of meditation has on your sleep by clicking here.

Yoga Benefits:

yoga before bed can help you sleepSimilar to meditation the benefits of yoga go beyond the physical goals. The mental relaxation plays a huge roll in better mental health, focus and ultimately sleep.

Yoga helps you release tension in the body and control your breathing. This helps to regulate your heart rate, and calm you down. There are even certain yoga poses that promote better sleep.

If you are interested in practicing yoga right before bed, we suggest taking a look at Yoga Nidra. It is a type of yoga that is good for all people young and old to help ease you into sleep.


organic massage helping you get to sleep and relaxWho doesn’t enjoy a good massage? The benefits are immense for so many reasons. Not only do aches and pains can keep us up at night. And having them alleviated is priceless. But the mental ease that can follow a massage is almost as great as the physical benefits.

Allowing your body to have the strains and pains worked out, as well as any mental fog that can be lessened, will help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Whether you treat yourself to a trip to the spa or a nice bonding period with your significant other the power of touch is miraculous.

Even treating yourself by rubbing your hands and feet with a softly scented lotion at night is a lovely way to add massage into your nightly routine. This is also a great way to incorporate aromatherapy too. By using a calming scented lotion or massage oil you get another organic sleep aide. We suggest the massage oil by Viva Naturals.

No Electronics:

stay off your phone to sleep betterIt is no secret that electronics are a horrible distractions when you’re trying to get to sleep. The combination of lights and stimulation could keep you up all night long. With smartphones we now have an unlimited amount of entertainment at our fingertips. It is no wonder so many of us are addicted.

There are some machines and apps geared toward helping you sleep. However, the best way to get quality sleep is to turn those electronics off at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

I challenged myself to leave electronics out of the bedroom, and it was a great choice. Learn more about my experiment in the blog Technology & Sleep: The Blatant Hypocrisy

Sleeping Organic – Babies & Kids:

We know that sleeping organic has so many benefits. Which is why it is best to start sooner than later. By using non-toxic or harmful products right from the time your little one comes home you can ensure their safety. With so many amazing baby products that are cleaner and organic it is easier than ever.

Best Organic Crib Mattresses:

baby mattress best for organic sleepWhen it comes to our little ones we want the absolute best for them. That is why we love the organic crib mattress options from Brentwood Homes and Kolcraft Pediatric.

Unlike other mattresses made from different types of foam and other fillers, these mattresses do not give off toxic gasses during unboxing that could be harmful to your baby. These organic mattresses are a much better option for those looking for a more natural sleeping experience for their children.

There are now lots of organic options for baby and toddler mattresses. In fact, we have a whole article dedicated to organic crib mattresses.

Best Organic Baby Bedding & Blankets:

boll and branch baby beddingSoft sheets and blankets made from safe organic materials are such a treat to give your children. They not only ensure a safe sleeping surface but also typically offer materials that are more gentle on your little one’s skin too.

We love Boll & Branch organic crib sheets, not only for their quality build and organic cotton construction, but also for their adorable gender neutral patterns and colors.

Very cute. Parachute also has great options for sheets in both linen and percale organic options.

Best Organic Baby Clothes:

baby clothesWhen it comes to your babies sleep quality, you can’t compromise when it comes to comfortable baby clothes and jammies. Not only baby pajamas, but with the dominance of sleep sacks replacing blankets, these are just as important. These safe and cozy wearable sleepwear are highly sought so finding the best ones makes all the difference.

MORI has the cutest organic baby clothes on the market and their baby sleeping bags are extra adorable. You will love their cute styles and extra snuggly feel. Designed to be ultra soft on baby skin and organic for you peace of mind.

Best Organic Essential Oils:

organic essential oilsEssential oils are helpful for children and adults alike. Please note that you should not start using essential oils with your little one until they are older than 3 months old. It is also important to dilute essential oils when using them with children. Amount of dilution will depend on the essential oil you intend to use.

One of the most popular essential oils out there is lavender. We all know the calming and soothing effects that lavender has, however a new study shows that it can also help alleviate the symptoms of colic.

Check out Cliganic Essential Oils, their essential oils are organic and wonderful for aromatherapy. Also, learn more about the power of essential oils in our Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Sleep.

Final Thoughts on Sleeping Organic:

If you are looking for quality organic products to add to your sleeping experience, there are plenty of options out there. There are lots of different material options to explore outside of the always wonderful cotton as well. If having truly organic products through and through is important to you, we suggest looking for certifications and knowing what they mean.

Read our article Mattress Certifications: What to Know to learn more!

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