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September 24, 2018

Purple vs Puffy Mattress Reviews

We’re excited to bring you the latest Purple vs Puffy mattress review. The Puffy and Purple mattresses are two beds that have similar goals. Being the ultimate for pressure relief and cooling, which makes for a great comparison. These two mattresses have a current price tag right under $1000. And both are 10″ all foam mattresses that also claim to be the best mattress in the online bed in a box market. Lucky for you we have had the opportunity to try both and are now sharing all our feedback with you!

Continue reading below for our in-depth Purple vs Puffy comparison for great information on these two popular brands.

Puffy Mattress Overview:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Puffy mattress is a mattress inspired by the idea of sleeping on a cloud. The top layer is a thick layer of body adapting and pressure relieving memory foam. Over a dense and solid base layer for ideal support. The layers of this mattress have been meticulously designed over the course of several years to provide the most ideal medium-firm comfort available.

The Puffy mattress has rapidly gained popularity and continues to grow. Now even introducing a Puffy Lux, an upgraded version of the original. The Puffy bed is not only a great product but a good brand too. They even give back to the community with their “jump for kids” program. They make jumping on the bed, literally, a fun way to donate a mattress to children in need.

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Purple Mattress Overview:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Purple mattress has gained its reputation through vast marketing efforts and it’s very eye-catching purple materials including a unique polymer grid top layer. This grid is a different feel that allows the Purple to have a mattress that doesn’t feel like the majority of all foam beds.

This grid is intended for relieving pressure and staying cool with its open patchwork like spaces. This mattress has sparked much curiosity and is usually loved or not by those who try it. This brand has also expanded over the last year and has also introduced the Purple Hybrid. A new model with three varying feels and thicknesses to accommodate even more sleepers.

Below we are putting these mattresses head to head in our Purple vs Puffy mattress reviews. Looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Read on to find out how each of these brands performed as well as see which one will be a better fit for you. Also, scroll all the way down to the bottom to watch our in-depth video reviews of each bed too.

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Purple vs Puffy Mattress Reviews: Delivery & Off-Gassing

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThere are a few things that vary in this category for the Puffy and Purple mattresses. The similarities are that they are Aboth are made in the USA, compressed, put into a compact box and shipped right to your door.

The differences that make them vary start with Puffy being made to order and therefore isn’t packaged until it is made and then directly shipped to you. This will help the off-gassing by spending less time in the box and plastic/ Especially opposed to a mattress that was packaged in advance and has been sitting in a box for an extended period of time.

Another difference between these two beds is their weight. The Purple mattress uses a very heavy polymer layer that brings the total weight of this bed to 110 pounds in a queen size. On the other hand, the Puffy is only 69 pounds for a queen size. Making getting the boxes to where they need to go a little easier or more difficult depending. Either way, two sets of hands are better than one.

As far as our delivery and off-gassing experience with these brands goes… we noticed that the off-gassing and fumes of the Puffy was very minimal, especially for a bed in a box mattress. The Purple did have a few more noxious fumes trapped and lingered for several days. When comparing the off-gassing for these two mattresses we would definitely favor towards Puffy.

Another thing to note with both of these mattresses is that they will take a few hours to fully expand after being in their boxes. It is a good idea to let them expand and breathe for several hours, at a minimum, before sleeping on them to make sure you get a true feel as well as no lingering fumes.

Purple vs Puffy Mattress Reviews: Comfort

The Purple & Puffy mattresses are going to vary a bit in feel and comfort and this aspect is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways to objectively approach how comfortable they may be.

First off these mattresses are both made in one comfort option, a universal feel. We can measure this on a scale that ranges from soft to firm. With 1 coinciding with soft and 10 being the firm end of the spectrum.

our mattress guide

The Puffy will be around a 7 on the firmness scale. This is a true medium-firm feel and will be most ideal for stomach and back sleeping. Side sleeping may be less ideal on this slightly firmer mattress and will be less accommodating to all sleeping positions. The very slow responding memory foam of this mattress will contour to your body but will still be very dense and supportive.

The Purple bed mattress will be closer to a 5.5 to 6 and me a more ideal medium-firm feel. This feel will be more accommodating to all sleeping positions and allow back, side and stomach sleepers to find the right combination of sink and support. The polymer top layer of this mattress will provide a more responsive and buoyant feel opposed to the Puffy as well. Making it a bit easier to move on as well.

Below we will dive into the materials a bit more to get an even better idea of how each mattress will feel and function.

Puffy Materials:

The Puffy mattress is a 10″ thick mattress with 2 layers of foam. The top layer is going to be 4″ of cooling cloud memory foam. This layer of memory foam is supportive and yet adaptive. It is a true memory foam that is dense and very slow responding. It really focuses on relieving pressure from head to toe. This allows for a nice thick layer of conforming comfort that still allows for ample support.

The base layer of the Puffy bed is 6″ of dense base foam. This layer incorporates Insta-Firm technology that makes for a more responsive as well as more supportive base foam. These two layers work together to provide just the right balance for a quality sleeping surface.

All of this is covered in a knit Cloud Cover that features the Puffy logo. This cover is tight enough to lay smooth but loose enough to breath easy. Working with the foams to create an optimal feel and luxuriously soft feel.

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Purple Materials:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Purple mattress is a little less than 10″ thick mattress that uses 3 layers of foam and polymer. The top layer is made of 2″ of a hyper-elastic polymer formed into a grid. This layer provides pressure relief as well as optimal air flow. This unique layer is unlike the majority of foams used in mattresses and provides a more distinct feel. It easily moves with you and doesn’t hold heat. Not to mention it is also very durable and lasts longer than almost all foams too.

This is followed by a layer 3.5″ of transition foam. This allows for deep comfort that accommodates your shoulder and hip when side sleeping as well as adds support. These comfort layers sit on a 4″ base foam. This layer is dense and solid to provide a sturdy foundation. It is good to note that this layer is a little thinner than you may like if you are a larger sleeper. And it may not have the adequate support, especially for long term use. It works with the top layers to provide necessary support as well as comfort.

All of this is covered in a white stretch knit cover. This cover is breathable and just tight enough to not bunch too much. All of these layers work in tandem to provide a one of a kind sleeping experience.

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Purple vs Puffy: Our Comfort Pick

As far as our personal opinion on the comfort of each of these mattresses we both felt the Puffy slept better than the Purple, at least for us. The support felt more substantial and the feel was more consistent. Though it was a little on the firm side the memory foam was still adaptable and pressure relieving. The Purple mattress does do a nice job of relieving pressure but felt a little lacking in support, especially if you are a stomach sleeper. The grid is unique and adds a quality, unlike many beds we’ve tried. But, it also was borderline distracting and inconsistent. 

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Purple vs Puffy: Motion Transfer

Both of these mattresses are all foam mattresses and that alone will make for minimal motion transfer. Each of these mattresses are 10″ of all foam that makes for little vibrations from movement. The Puffy mattress does have 4″ of memory foam on top that will respond quicker to reduce movement. As well as eliminate it before it travels to your partner. The dense and slow responding foams of this bed make isolating motion one of its top benefits of the Puffy bed.

Purple’s top layer is a very responsive polymer that will move more than memory foam. It won’t be anything overly noticeable or cause a ton of vibrations, but may cause more partner disturbance. When comparing these mattresses side by side the Puffy is better at isolating motion compared to the Purple mattress.

Purple vs Puffy: Sleeping Cool

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonAs you already know, these are both all foam mattresses. Anytime you have all foam mattresses retaining heat may be more likely than on a mattress that utilizes a coil system. However, the Purple uses a polymer grid as opposed to memory foam as its top layer. Considering this may be the most important layer of the mattress when it comes to staying cool gives the slight edge to Purple for sleeping cool. However, both of these beds do a good job of incorporating more favorable materials for keeping the heat at bay.

Why Puffy is Cooler:

The Puffy mattress incorporates cooling technology in every material of this mattress. The top layer of memory foam layer is a patent-pending cooling cloud foam. It uses convection and conduction to dissipate heat and keep it away from the body. It’s also infused with a gel that increases the airflow 8x more than standard foam mattresses. The base foam is dense and supportive to create a solid base. It won’t allow you to sink into the mattress and keep you closer to the surface. This allows for less heat will build around the body. The cover is also breathable to aid in keeping cool. All of this allows for the mattress to maintain an ideal temperature for memory foam while sleeping.

Why Purple is Cooler:

The top layer of the Purple mattress is the unique polymer grid, we have mentioned numerous times already. Two of the best features about that grid is its ability to relieve pressure as well as dissipate heat. This grid has about 1.5″ to 2″ of open space that allows for plenty of heat to escape and not be held against your body. This unique and breathable layer create very minimal heat retention over the course of the night. Combine with the breathable cover as well makes for a mattress that not only feels different but works well if you are a warm sleeper too.

*Though both of these mattresses do a fine job for sleeping cool for all foam mattresses, you could do better if you’re a very warm sleeper. If you are a truly hot sleeper than we would suggest a few other options for you. Check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. 

Purple vs Puffy: Edge Support

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonEdge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, if it is then paying attention to how well constructed and durable the materials are will play a role. Edge support is important if you sit on the edge from time to time. As well as important for utilizing the full edge to edge sleeping surface of your mattress. Making sure that even the edges are solid and hold up will make a difference in how comfortable you are. As well as how well the mattress will perform and hold up over time.

The Puffy mattress performs fine for utilizing the edge while sleeping. It can be slept on from edge to edge no problem and feel consistent on every inch. It may lack the desired support if you are sitting on the edge for an extended period of time.

The Purple bed has quite a bit less support around the perimeter. While sleeping you don’t want to get too close to the edge or you may feel a “rolling out of the bed” type feel. It also does not have much support for sitting for any period of time. In this category, if you want a more durable and usable edge the Puffy would be the better option.

Purple vs Puffy: Value

When comparing the value you have to look beyond just the price. This is because value and price are not the same things. Value is going to be what you are getting for what you’re paying. Sometimes a price may seem like a good number. However, if you aren’t getting the best product for that price than the value isn’t that great. This is especially true for mattresses. There are several brands that will fall around the same price, but you really have to understand what you are paying for if you want the best value.

Puffy Mattress Value:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe price of the Puffy mattress is regularly $1150. However, currently, a $200 discount is automatically applied making it $950. As well as an additional $50 coupon with code: BESTPUFFY to make it ONLY $900. With this price, you also get free shipping and a 101-night sleep trial. As well as a lifetime warranty that is good for as long as you have your Puffy mattress and will cover replacing it if necessary. Making this a FABULOUS deal!

For this price, you get a well made and reliable very true feeling memory foam mattress. It is supportive, comfortable for the majority of sleepers and provides a slow responding yet pressure relieving feel. It is great for reducing motion and has a solid, durable universal medium firm feel that appeals to many. This true memory foam mattress is a great option, especially if this is what you are looking for.

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Purple Mattress Value:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe price of the Purple mattress is $999 for a queen size and does include the shipping too. This mattress also includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

The value of the Purple is also a good value if you want a more unique mattress that focuses on pressure relief and cooling. It is a 9.5″ thick mattress with a unique polymer grid that may be great if you. It will work great for almost all sleepers and work for all sleeping positions. The Purple may lack the support you need if you are on the larger side or prefer something a bit firmer. It also will have edges that don’t provide a sturdy perimeter. However, will work well for anyone who likes a more responsive foam feel.

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*If you are on a budget and both of these are more than what you would like to spend, no problem. Look at our top choices for mattresses under $700 on our Best Mattresses On A Budget.

Purple vs Puffy: Customer Service & Complaints

Both the Puffy bed and Purple bed are two very popular brands. However, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Both of these brands offer trial periods and free returns to ensure your happy with your purchase. They also both have suitable warranties to guarantee the life of the mattress too.

customer support womanThe Puffy mattress comes with a 100 night trial period and lifetime warranty. 100 days is a little over 3 months and will be plenty of time to see if this memory foam bed is a good fit. Anyone who hasn’t slept on a memory foam mattress may need the full 100 days to see if it is for them. If you have slept on a similar mattress than it should only take a few days. Either way, you will be taken care of by Puffy and your mattress will easily be donated and refunded.

The top complaints with the Puffy is that it may be a bit too firm. As well as the feeling of memory foam isn’t for everyone and may be a bit dense as well as sleeps warmer, even though sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses. If you want a bit of spring or you’re a hot sleeper, this mattress may not be for you.

The Purple mattress also comes with a 100 night trial period and a 10-year warranty. This again should allow for sufficient time to try the mattress out and see if it is for you. If not, Purple is also very easy to work with to get your full refund to you in the designated time frame.

Some of the biggest complaints with the Purple is the lack of support, especially from the top grid and edge. As well as the inconsistent feel of the polymer top layer and not being easily adapted to. It also is a little on the thinner side at 9.5″ and lacks durability and quality when compared to several other brands, including the Puffy. This mattress tends to be either loved or hated. You just have to know which side of the spectrum you fall on.

Purple vs Puffy Summary

We can say from both an objective as well as a subjective standpoint that both the Puffy mattress and Purple mattress perform well for online bed in a box mattresses. They have many similarities with the biggest differences being the feel, motion transfer, edge support, and materials.

Because the Puffy does use 4″ of memory foam there will be a more contouring feel than the responsive grid in the Purple. The Puffy also uses more base foam that creates more solid support as well as less motion transfer.

These mattresses really are going to come down to if you prefer the highly responsive & unique feel of the Purple or a more consistent & true memory foam feel of the Puffy mattress.

At the end when choosing between these two beds we enjoyed sleeping on the Puffy more than the Purple mattress. It has a much more consistent feel as well as ample support. It also relieves pressure and has an adaptable surface that curves to your body. Both mattresses are true to their unique qualities and are going to come in right at the same price. However, with the additional discounts offered by Puffy, you do get a better deal and value too. Make sure to use code: BESTPUFFY to get your extra savings!

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Puffy Mattress


  • Pressure relief mattress
  • Bed sleeps cool for foam
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • $250 savings (BESTPUFFY)
  • True memory foam feel


  • Some might say it is too firm

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Purple Mattress


  • Bed stays cool
  • Pressure relief mattress
  • Optimal air flow
  • 100 night trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • Highly responsive, unique feel


  • Less support
  • Lacks perimeter support
  • Inconsistent feel

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Puffy Mattress Rating
  • Off Gassing & Delivery
  • Comfort
  • Materials & Construction
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Puffy Rating:

This is the rating for the Puffy mattress found in our full Puffy Mattress Review. The Purple is rated overall at 4.36. For the entire range of ratings on the Purple mattress please go to the Purple review.