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July 6, 2019

Purple vs Puffy Lux

More than like you have heard of both the Purple and Puffy mattresses. Though comparable in several regards, very different in others. If you are looking for that comparison, we have that too (Purple vs Puffy). But this review features the Purple vs Puffy Lux, the upgraded and enhanced Puffy mattress. Giving the Purple even more of a run for its money. Though the price tag of the Puffy Lux may be a little more, the benefits and supreme comfort make it one to consider if you’re in the market for a new mattress.

Purple Overview:

purple vs puffy luxIf you think of the mattress and not the color when you hear the word purple, that’s because Purple mattress has excelled in its brand. The Purple mattress uses a one of a kind polymer grid to provide you two things. One: coolness from the moment you get in bed to all night long. And two: ultimate pressure relief. Creating a unique feel with benefits that may appeal over the standard all foam competitors.

Of all online or direct shipped mattresses, you’ve probably heard of Purple. This is thanks to their quirky, catchy, and successful advertising. Which is equally matched when your bright colored purple package arrives at your door. But, their advertising isn’t the only thing that’s successful. All it will take is one night’s sleep to convince you that you can have a successful night’s sleep.

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Puffy Lux Overview:

purple vs puffy luxThe Puffy Lux is highly similar to the original Puffy mattress. It uses the same Cooling Cloud foam paired with the Firm Core Support foam. With the Puffy Lux however, you get an additional Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. This creates even deeper comfort and better contouring for your body. As well as an even softer and more temperature neutral cover. And the added comfort paired with ideal support makes this mattress dreamy as can be.

For memory foam that typically sleeps warmer you have the latest technology driven foams to combat this. Along with virtually no motion transfer and a solid 12″ of mattress. The benefits of the Puffy Lux go on and on. Every aspect that you can think of, the Puffy Lux masters.

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Purple vs Puffy Lux – Delivery & Unboxing: 

puffy mattress boxThe ordering and delivery process of both the Purple and Puffy Lux won’t be too much different. Placing your order online is smooth and easy. The wait shouldn’t be long before your new mattress arrives at your doorstep. The most challenging part may be getting the heavy Purple bag (110lbs)  or Puffy Lux box (90lbs) to where it needs to go. After that though taking out the mattress and letting it expand should be fairly easy and quick.

During the expanding and unboxing process you will notice some new mattress smells. This off-gassing process is typical for most mattresses and is a combination of the materials and plastic that it’s wrapped in. Though both the Purple and Puffy Lux are both made in the USA the Purple did have noticeably more fumes during the initial process. Letting it breath for a solid 8 hours or more is a good idea to let the odors dissipate. The Puffy Lux on the other hand had a few fumes but nothing that didn’t dissipate within a few hours.

One thing to note for both of these foam mattresses is that it does take some time to let them fully expand. When first removing the plastic you will have an initial burst of expanding. However, the full firmness and comfort of the beds will take about 24 to 48 hours after you unbox it. This is normal and just something to keep in mind the first few nights.

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Purple Bed Materials:

The Purple mattress also has three layers that are unlike any you’ve slept on before. The polymer and foam layers total 9.5” of comfort. The first 2” layer is a hyper-elastic polymer grid. It is meant for comfort and cooling. The unique grid design focuses on pressure relief and alleviates pressure points. It creates a balance between support and sink. The grid design also helps for cooling because the open grid circulates air and dissipates heat.

The middle layer is a 3.5” layer of transitional foam. This layer is meant to work with the top layer for deep comfort. It also helps distribute weight evenly along the mattress, hence transitional layer. The bottom layer creates a 4” foundation. It adds to the overall durability and longevity of the Purple mattress. Finally, the entire mattress is covered with a soft, breathable cover. It’s a polyester blend that features a zipper for easy removal and cleaning. The unique cover is truly the topping on the cake- or mattress.

purple materials

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Puffy Lux Materials:

The Puffy Lux is made up of four key layers, designed with you in mind. Each layer is purposeful in its own way, but all four layers combine to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. The first layer is the Cooling Cloud Foam. They designed this foam to use convention and conduction to draw heat away from your body. The patented gel infused foam also reduces heat up to 8x more than the standard mattress, which means the Puffy Lux does its job. It keeps you cool and comfortable.

The second layer is the Puffy Lux exclusive layer. The Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam is created to give you the optimal amount of support and cradling comfort. Giving relief to your pressure points.

The next layer is the Climate Comfort Foam. They designed this foam along with all other parts of this mattress to keep you cool. This layer helps pull heat away from the body.

The last layer is the Firm Core Support Foam. This layer adds strength and support to the mattress and every side sleeper on it. It uses Insta-Fit Technology to provide 99% more responsiveness. The Firm Core Support layer also has 4x the support level than standard foams. This means you’re getting the best support possible.

puffy and puffy lux materials

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Purple Mattress Comfort:

purple vs cocoonThe Purple may be the only time when “one size fits all” is a good thing. It comes in only one universal feel, medium, typically a 5.5- 6 on a 1- 10 scale. Per a real life review, it is true that the comfort of the Purple is entirely unique. However, the unfamiliar grid texture might take some getting used to.

The grid is key to the design and optimized for comfort. For back sleepers it provides good lumbar support, pressure relief, and contours to the shoulders and neck. And for side sleepers, the Purple gives just enough for your shoulders and hips to sink in, without feeling too soft. While for stomach sleepers who prefer more firmness, the Purple may leave your back bowing, especially silly if you are a large sleeper.

Overall, although the Purple is designed with every sleeper in mind, the unique polymer grid is one you have to try first. But odds are, you will be impressed.

Puffy Lux Mattress Comfort:

puffy lux mattress reviewHere’s why the Puffy Lux is NOT the Puffy. Comfort. It all comes down to comfort, and the Puffy Lux takes the prize. The additional 2” of the Puffy Lux is where all the comfort is owed, since it makes it ideal for every sleeper.

The Puffy Lux is just a bit firmer than medium and scales in at a 5.5- 7 on a 1-10 comfort scale. Very few may say it is too firm, but you certainly won’t find those few. Per a real life review the Puffy Lux feels like a 6 and has optimal comfort and pressure relief as promised.

The Puffy Lux mattress is truly an enhanced version of the Puffy mattress. There is great emphasis on having a balanced, even sleeping surface. While also providing relief to every point on your body. One night of sleep on the Puffy Lux and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Overall there is so much ingenious put into the Puffy Lux, it is hard to say no. The unique design of adding the plush layer underneath the memory foam, is the most brilliant. It allows the top layer to stay true to the Puffy and memory foam feel, while adding that layer for a little extra softness to help side sleepers. The Puffy Lux is hard to compare, even to the Puffy itself.

Puffy Lux
Purple vs Puffy Lux – Motion Transfer: 

puffy lux mattress reviewThe best part about foam mattresses is that they are pretty universal in minimal motion transfer. Although the Purple has a unique design with its grid, it upholds the minimal motion transfer characteristic. Though it will certainly have more movement than the typical memory of poly foams. Making the Purple do a fine job for isolating motion but to a limited degree that may not be enough for lighter sleeper. Especially  when directly comparing it to a more dense, motion absorbing memory foam, like the Puffy Lux mattress. 

The thicker the better when it comes to the Puffy Lux and motion transfer. Motion transfer is minimal to none with the Puffy Lux. It does not use any buoyant materials such as latex or coils. The mattress is firm enough to support you, but soft enough cocoon you. While eliminating any vibrations you may feel.

It comes from the thick dense base layer paired with the comfort layers. This way you get a comfortable sleep and a sound one. Even the lightest sleepers can rest assured that their partner may move freely, but you won’t be awakened. And while that may sound like a dream, you’re sure to dream soundly with the Puffy Lux. Making it the clear winner between these two mattresses for isolating motion.

Purple vs Puffy Lux – Sleeping Cool:

purple mattress bare foamSleeping cool can be a big part in overall comfort and soundness when sleeping. Having a bed that keeps you temperature neutral all night can be the difference of getting your rest and not. The Purple’s one of a kind polymer grid is a huge component in sleeping cool. The grid which has plenty of space in between, allows for ample air flow and circulation. The Purple is also topped with a cover that is thinner than most making it extra cool. Making this mattress a great option for anyone who is a warmer sleeper but still wants a foam mattress. 

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The Puffy Lux uses a technology driven Cooling Cloud Foam that is unlike many other memory foams on the market. This layer of memory foam was designed to have 8x better airflow keeping you cooler throughout the night. The added gel infusion also uses a cycle of convention and conduction to remove heat from your body. As well as the dense and firm base layer that doesn’t allow you to sink in too much. And the breathable cover that tops it all off and lets the mattress stay cool to the touch. Making one the best parts of the Puffy Lux getting a true memory foam feel without the true memory foam warmth.

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Though these mattresses use very different components to sleep cool both do well for what they are. The Puffy Lux offers a true memory foam mattress that allows you to stay more temperature neutral. While the Purple offers a more responsive unique design and feel that creates ample air flow and no issues for sleeping cool.

Purple vs Puffy Lux – Edge Support: 

puffy lux mattress reviewWhether you know it or not, everyone wants edge support. Edge support gives you the ability to use the entire sleeping surface for sleeping. It also ensures that the mattress will be durable and long lasting.

Since the Puffy Lux uses three layers of dense, quality foam, it is safe to say that the mattress is not going anywhere. It is meant to outlast your sleep and provide you the most sleeping surface. The Puffy Lux uses maximal sleeping area and feels no different if you are sleeping in the middle or on the edge. The bonus is that while you may need to sit on the edge from time to time, the Puffy Lux is supportive. 

Edge support may be one of the qualities where the Purple falls flat. Unlike the Puffy Lux that is supportive for the occasional sitting, the Purple is not. The unique grid of the Purple is not ideal for prolonged or some sitting. It lacks the dense and durable feel the thick layers of the Puffy Lux offers.

However, if you’re looking for a cool, comfy mattress that you can sleep almost anywhere on, the Purple will work. The collapsing of the grid is fine for the majority of the bed, but right up to the edges does feel unsupported. Giving you a feeling of rolling it if you are within a few inches of the edge. Making the durable and solid edges of the Puffy Lux a much better choice when it comes to choosing a mattress with good edge support.

Purple vs Puffy Lux – Value: 

Quality is worth the extra dollar of the Puffy Lux. A queen is $1795, but with the latest Puffy Lux coupon right now, you can get yours for quite a bit less. Don’t forget the free shipping. It’s the little details of the Puffy Lux that make it worth the added price. The focus on adaptability and durable support and comfort put the Puffy Lux mattress above so many.

The added benefits of this thick and well made memory foam mattress quickly justify the added expense. Even if you break it down over the life of the bed it will equate out to pennies on the day but much better sleep. Shop and save on your new mattress with the best Puffy Lux discount code now at

Puffy Lux
However,  if you’re convinced the Purple is the mattress for you, you’ll be able to save some money. A queen comes in at $999 as well as free shipping. Depending on how you look at it, this may seem like a cheaper price, but for less quality materials and comfort, you may feel like you’re buying the brand more than anything. Make sure you get the latest pricing on the Purple mattress at

Purple vs Puffy Lux – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWhen it comes to the trial period, it’s 101-nights versus 100 nights. So you’re really grasping at straws to say there’s a big difference. The Puffy Lux offers a 101 night sleep trial, which may just seem like a prettier number than 100. The Purple offers a 100 night sleep trial, but regardless you’re getting 3 full months to make sure it’s a good fit. Both brands offer an easy return process and full refund within this time.

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The Purple offers a standard 10 year warranty, but if you want something above and beyond, the Puffy Lux offers a lifetime warranty. That means you’re getting the best quality mattress and a lifetime to love it! The warranty includes a full replacement within the first 10 years if there are any manufacturer or material defects. After the first 10 years, the materials will either be repaired or replaced.

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Purple vs Puffy Lux – Summary: 

puffy lux mattress reviewAlthough both are unique mattresses, conveniently delivered to your door, the Puffy Lux takes the bulk of all the checked boxes in the categories. Not only is this mattress nearly 3 inches thicker the materials are more solid and adaptable. Working better for more sleepers and creating better support and comfort along the way. The Purple also will have some distinct qualities that make it special too. If you are a fan of the feel of the polymer grid and what it provides, than the Purple will be great for you.

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