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April 6, 2018

Purple vs Cocoon

When you begin your research for the perfect new mattress, you’re faced with difficult questions. One of them might be whether to go with a well-established mattress brand, like Sealy, or a newcomer, like Purple. The Cocoon mattress is Sealy’s bed-in-a-box that will be shipped right to your door. This long-standing company has produced a high-quality product that has several customization options. The Purple mattress boasts an all-new design in its materials. It provides outstanding pressure relief, even sparking a viral video challenge. How do you know which choice is your best bet? Read our Purple vs Cocoon mattress comparison review, of course.

purple vs cocoon
Purple – Overview:

purple vs cocoonThe Purple mattress is one-of-a-kind. It features a hyper-elastic polymer grid layer in addition to two different essential support foams. This distinct material gives you amazing pressure point relief. It will evenly distribute your weight for ideal comfort in any position.

This became a notable feature after advertisements involving the “egg challenge” began making their rounds. The openings in the grid also increase the cooling design of this mattress. Is the higher price of the Purple worth the purchase? Keep reading this comparison review to discover the answer.

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Cocoon by Sealy – Overview:

purple vs cocoonThe Cocoon Classic is a 10-inch thick mattress that comes in two firmness choices. The all-foam design is available for purchase in a soft or a firm version. Both selections can also be upgraded to the Cocoon Chill for additional benefits in sleeping cool. It combines a memory foam layer with a transitional foam and a base layer foam.

This provides the best quality in all aspects for supreme comfort and usability. You can stretch out as far as you need with quality edge support. As well as won’t have to worry about disturbing your partner with minimal motion transfer. You get added cooling benefits when you order the Cocoon Chill. Also, take advantage of our $100 mattress coupon with code: OSG100, to save even more on this already great deal. At an affordable price, can it compete against the unique design of the Purple? Find out when you continue reading.

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Purple vs Cocoon – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

purple vs bearThe Purple mattress is slightly different than other bed-in-a-box companies. This brand ships their mattresses in an exclusive Purple bag. This service is included in your purchase price. This bed weighs much more, at around 110 pounds. Having an extra set of hands will be essential for the setup process. You will remove the mattress from the bag and place it where you desire. After this, unroll it and remove the plastic wrapping.

Your Purple will rapidly expand. However, it could take up to five days to reach its true firmness. During this time, you will likely experience off-gassing. You can open a window in smaller spaces to remove some of the smell from the area. We recommend staying out of the room where it is breathing if you are more sensitive to fragrances.

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cocoon chill mattress reviewYour new Cocoon mattress will arrive right at your doorstep within a short period after ordering. It will be compressed and roll-packed in a box for shipping convenience. It will weight around 60 pounds, so you may need help with setup. Simply remove it from the box and place it where you want it. Then, unroll it and remove the wrapping.

The Cocoon will quickly take shape as it expands. This should only take a few moments, but it may take a day or two to fully firm up. During this time, you could experience some smells that have been trapped in the plastic wrapping. This is known as off-gassing. If you are sensitive to smells, avoid the area during this time. Ensure that there is proper ventilation will help any odors to dissipate faster.

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Purple – Materials:

The Purple mattress also combines three different foam layers to create their 9.5-inch thick design. However, it uses a unique material in its top layer. The 2-inch thick hyper-elastic polymer grid is a one-of-a-kind take on pressure relief. This grid also provides extreme airflow due to the open squares where warm air can escape.

The second layer is a 3.5-inch thick transitional foam that continues the deep comfort from the top layer. It enhances the even distribution of the body’s weight for pumped-up pressure relief. The bottom segment is a 4-inch thick base foam. This foundational layer creates a durable support for healthy alignment. The Purple is covered with a breathable polyester blend fabric that is removable by zipper for easy cleaning. Purple branding and a diamond design give the cover a classy appearance.

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Cocoon by Sealy – Materials:

The 10-inch thick Cocoon Classic mattress is made from three layers of high-quality foam. The topmost segment is a 2-inch thick memory foam. This provides a comforting contour to give you the “cocooned” feel. The hugging sensation works to relieve your pressure points from aches and pains. The next section is a 2-inch thick transitional comfort foam. The poly foam gives this mattress a responsive feel. It provides a conversion area between soft mattress comfort and firm support. It will be softer or firmer according to the option you choose when ordering.

The final layer is a 6-inch thick dense base foam. This foundational component provides spinal alignment and a sturdy surface for the rest of the materials. A breathable cotton and polyester blend fabric cover tops off this outstanding design.

In the Cocoon Chill mattress, most materials stay the same, except for the cover. The fabric includes a phase changing technology to keep you sleeping cooler. This material wicks away moisture while remaining cool and soft to the touch. For even more of a temperature neutral feel, select the firm version when ordering. This gives you an “on-the-bed” feel, creating improved air flow. Having these upgraded options available makes the Cocoon stand out.

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Purple Bed – Comfort:

purple vs cocoonThe Purple mattress has a completely different feel from any other design. The hyper-elastic polymer grid can take some time to get used to. This mattress rates a 5.5 to a 6 on the firmness scale. This is a medium feel that should soothe most sleeping positions. The unique style of the grid creates pressure relief, no matter how you lay.

Side sleepers will experience give at the shoulder and hip without an extreme softness. Back sleepers get contouring at the neck and shoulders with adequate lumbar support. Stomach sleepers might need a firmer mattress to prevent the back from bowing. Heavy people may sense this mattress as softer than smaller people, so they might want to consider other brands. Take some time to get used to the interesting grid feel before deciding your take on comfort for the Purple.

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Cocoon by Sealy – Comfort:

casper vs cocoonThe Cocoon gives you two different takes on comfort to fulfill a wide range of needs. You can choose the soft option to allow for more sinking. This gives you a cocooned effect for deep pressure relief. On a firmness scale, where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, this option rates at 5. Side sleepers will have cradling at the shoulder and hips. Back sleepers will find gentle feel that is still supportive for spinal alignment.

The firm option rates at 7.5 to 8. This choice is better for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers. This selection prevents the back from bowing for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers who want a firm support for extra strength at the lumbar will also prefer the firm. These two options are available in both the Cocoon Classic and the Cocoon Chill mattress.

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Purple vs Cocoon – Our Comfort Preference:

As far as our personal opinion on comfort for this purple vs cocoon mattress review, we both felt more support sleeping on the Cocoon mattress. It also had a very consistent, yet adaptable & pressure relieving feel that worked well for all sleeping positions. The Purple mattress does do a nice job of relieving pressure but felt a little lacking in support, especially if you are a stomach sleeper. The grid is unique and adds a quality unlike many beds we’ve tried, but it also was borderline distracting.

Purple vs Cocoon – Motion Transfer:

cocoon vs puffyThe Purple mattress is also comprised of mostly foam materials. This makes it perform well in isolation of motion transfer. The grid layer on top of this design continues in a similar way. It compresses where there is more pressure to evenly distribute weight. This makes for minimal partner disturbance while changing positions or getting up. Any vibrations that penetrate the top layer will be quickly absorbed by the foams. Light sleepers will enjoy the sound sleep provided by the Purple mattress. Couples on different schedules can come to bed knowing they won’t wake their partner.

Because the Cocoon is an all-foam styled mattress, you shouldn’t feel any motion transfer. Any movement from your partner should create few vibrations in the dense layers. These will be quickly absorbed before making their way to the other side of the bed. This makes the Cocoon a great choice for those who share their bed. This is especially true with someone needing to get up frequently throughout the night. You might have a furry family member who moves around a lot. Perhaps you have an infant that needs tending to frequently. Whatever your situation, worrying about motion transfer is a thing of the past with this thoughtful design.

Purple vs Cocoon – Sleeping Cool:

The Purple mattress has a unique experience in the way of keeping cool through the night. The hyper-elastic polymer grid creates open areas for warmth to flow away from the body. Large spaces between each section leave ample room for air to flow. This creates improved air circulation in addition to the other benefits of the Purple. The thin breathable cover will enhance the reduction in heat that this mattress provides. The surface of the Purple should remain cooler for some time.

With the Cocoon mattress, you have several options to help you stay cooler all through the night. The Cocoon Classic does not offer any cooling factors. However, ordering the firm option will keep you from sinking in as far. This will provide you with better airflow. You can upgrade to the Cocoon Chill for the best benefits if you are concerned about warmth. This design features a phase changing material in the cover. The breathable fabric stays cool to the touch and wicks away moisture. It gives you a temperature neutral sleeping experience. Ordering the firm option in this design will give you a dual approach to sleeping cool.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Purple vs Cocoon – Edge Support:

Cocoon Chill by Sealy mattressYou can tell the true quality of a mattress by examining its edge support qualities. This is an area of comparison that is often overlooked. However, having ample comfort at the sides can be just as important as your comfort in the center.

With the Cocoon mattress, you will have a consistent feel in every square inch for sleeping. You can lie directly along the edge without feeling like you will roll out. There is a lower amount of support at the sides for sitting purposes. The firmer option can increase the durability for this use, but we don’t recommend sitting for extended periods.

Due to the materials used in the Purple, the edge support provided won’t be the same as other foam mattresses. The bottom foam layers and pressure relief of the grid give you consistency for sleeping. You will be able to spread out and sleep where you want comfortably. Yet, you will likely lack the higher-end feel of other mattresses, especially hybrid designs. You should be able to use the entire surface of your Purple for sleeping. Though, sitting on the sides will make you feel like you are on a sliding board. If this is an important aspect for you, you might want to consider other choices.

Purple vs Cocoon – Value:

You can purchase a Purple mattress in a queen size for $999. This includes free shipping in the exclusive Purple brand bag. You can try out the Purple for 100 nights during your complimentary sleep trial period. You’ll also receive a standard 10-year warranty when you buy a Purple. We feel that the price is decent, but you can find a better quality at a lower price.

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There are a couple of different price points for the Cocoon mattress. In a queen size, the Cocoon Classic costs $799 for the soft or firm choice. The Cocoon Chill costs $949 in a queen size, for either the soft or firm selection. You can save even more with a $100 off coupon using our code: OSG100. Your Cocoon purchase will include free shipping. You also get a 100-night sleep trial period to make sure it’s the best mattress for you. A 10-year warranty comes standard with the Cocoon mattress.

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Purple vs Cocoon – Our Pick!

Cocoon by SealyWe feel that the Cocoon is a better choice over the Purple mattress. Starting with a lower price, you can get the Cocoon Classic or the upgraded Cocoon Chill for less. These prices all come with the same length in sleep trial and warranty. The Cocoon provides a slightly better quality in motion transfer, sleeping cool, and edge support. It even takes less time to reach its full firmness feel during the setup process.

The Purple isn’t a bad choice and could even be better for some. The pressure relief provided by the hyper-elastic polymer grid is like nothing else you will find. This comes at a cost to comfort, as the grid can take time to get used to. The Purple holds its own in sleeping cool, with great air circulation from the spaces between the grid. It’s safe to see that the more experienced brand knows how to make a quality product.

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