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February 4, 2019

Purple Mattress Accesories

purple accessories mattressDon’t just sleep. Sleep purple. If you’ve purchased a mattress within the last 40 years, the truth is, they haven’t really changed. If you’ve purchased any other sleep accessories within that time, the truth is, they haven’t changed for even longer than that. A sheet is a sheet, that is, until now. Until Purple. Purple is known for its one of a kind Purple Smart Comfort Grid. Some call it game changing, but more importantly, it’s sleep changing.

While Purple does make an incredible mattress, why stop there? The brand has transcended comfort by also bringing you an array of Purple accessories. Including a pillow, sheets, mattress protector, blanket; even beds for your pets. If you’re ready to transform the way you sleep from every aspect than learn all you need to about each Purple accessory below!

Purple Mattress – Brief History:

purple mattress foundersSometime during the monotony of mattress making, and more specifically in 1989 two brothers set out to change the world. One created advanced aerospace materials and the other worked in manufacturing and design. By 1993 the duo was known for producing wheelchairs, but the biggest problem with the chairs was the cushions.

People needed better cushioning to prevent sores, thus the brothers patented Floam, the world’s lightest weight cushioning fluid. Since Floam was expensive, by 1996 they improved their design and created hyper-elastic polymer.  The polymer was cheaper to make and could stretch 15x it’s size, while never maintaining a body impression. Hyper-elastic polymer changed cushioning all over the world, but it could never be molded into a shape large enough as a king-size mattress.

purple vs nolahSo, it was back to the drawing board for the brothers. This time they came up with a machine called the Mattress Max that could make the hyper-elastic polymer into a king size mattress shape, for a mattress that feels like $4000, but only costs less than $1000. Thus, Purple Bed, the world’s first no-pressure mattress was born.

Why Purple? Because Purple signifies royalty, which is exactly what the brothers had intended everyone feel like. As for the brothers, they continue to use their minds and their skills to create unique products that will transform your sleep.

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Purple Mattress Accessories – The Purple Pillow:

pruple pillowThe Purple pillow is like a mini mattress for your head. Just think of having all of the benefits of the mattress for your head only. Using the Purple pillow may feel like a dream, but the key to its comfort is all thanks to science.

The most supportive pillow to complement the most supportive mattress, cradles the two things you need cradled most; your head and your neck.The Purple pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. So you can say goodbye to feathers that poke you in the night, random fluff, and saggy memory foam.

The Purple pillow has three important components. From the inside out, the first is the Smart Comfort Grid for reinforced neck support. This layer has firmer, reinforced edges ideal for neck support, no matter high way you turn the pillow.

purple mattress pillowNext is the Soft Comfort Grid for extra softness under your head. This layer is extra soft in the middle so your head can sink in for consistent comfort.

On the outside is the Hyperstretch Mesh cooling cover. This layer is the most important because it works with the previous layer and its extra breathable for superior cooling comfort.

Other key factors of the Purple pillow include: optimal head support, incredible cooling as air passes through the unique Purple grid design, and a pillow that will, never lose its shape. As if that’s not enough, the Purple pillow is also hypoallergenic, nontoxic, totally durable, and made in the USA. Real users claim that it’s the best pillow ever, and that neck support is out of this world.

You’ll notice the difference between a Purple pillow and an average pillow immediately, and never want to go back. The Purple pillow solves all typical sleeping problems including difficulty falling asleep, overheating, and neck tension. With the Purple pillow, the sleep you’ve been dreaming of becomes a reality.

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Purple Mattress Accessories – Sheets:

purple mattress sheetsTwo words: Purple bamboo. Surely you’ve never heard anything like it, because there is nothing else like it. Forget about thread count, and make purple bamboo sheets the topper to your sleep experience, literally.

Purple bamboo sheets are known for being crazy-soft, super stretchy, and so comfortable, you’ll never want to get out of bed. The heavy duty elastic creates a snug fit on any mattress and is stretchy enough to wrap your body in any sleeping position.

Starchy rigid sheets are the bane of sleeping comfy, but Purple bamboo ultra flex sheets make sure it stays comfy, just like the science intended. Forget Egyptian Cotton, Purple sheets are 83% more breathable. And the viscose from bamboo creates a sheet that is softer and more durable.

purple accessoriesNot to mention cooler; thick, tight-knit sheets can trap your body heat. But the naturally breathable bamboo used in Purple sheets allows you to sleep cool all night long.

Lastly, average sheets tend to stiffen and snag wash after wash. But Purple bamboo sheets are made from natural bamboo. They stay smooth no matter how many times you wash them. You can rest assured and sleep happy that Purple bamboo sheets are eco-friendly. Which means no pandas or plants are hurt in the making of them. All while antimicrobial hypoallergenic fibers help you feel great inside and out.

The Purple bamboo sheets come in a variety of colors: Purple (of course), White, Slate, and Sand, so the sheets you choose can match any style. They are available in all sizes including full, XL full, Queen , King, and California King. Which means size won’t stop you from sleeping like royalty.

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Purple Mattress Accessories – Mattress Protector: 

Don’t just use your mattress. Protect it. If you want to improve the longevity of your mattress, then a mattress protector is a MUST. And if you know anything about Purple mattress protectors, you know they can even withstand ‘Bigfoot’. When shopping for a mattress protector, you want it to be comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and waterproof. The Purple mattress protector is all this and more.

purple mattress protectorFirst and foremost the mattress protector is so comfortable, you won’t even. Price it’s there. You will notice the way it prevents your mattress from stains, however. The Purple mattress protector is also stretchy, which actually aids you in having better, deeper sleep. If you’re a co-sleeper, maybe your spouse, little one, or even your pet joins you at night, then you want the Purple mattress protector. It’s quiet and breathable to ensure you and your co-sleeper sleep soundly.

Finally, the last thing you want in your mattress is water (or juice, or milk, or any other liquid for that matter). That’s why the Purple mattress protector stands up to anything. The protector absorbs liquid without leaking, so nothing ever touches your mattress. This includes when your little one has an accident; the protector absorbs the liquid so your little one isn’t stuck sleeping in their mess all night.

The Purple mattress protector has a liquid absorbent layer made of 85% polyester, 15% spandex; and a protective water-resistant coating made of 100% TPU Polyurethane. The mattress protector, like the Purple sheets comes in all sizes including twin, XL twin, Queen, King, and California King. So there’s no excuse not to protect yours.

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Purple Bed Accessories – Blanket:

purple mattress accessoriesA great mattress provides the foundation, but is there anyone who can sleep without a blanket? It’s nice to lay down on a comfortable surface, but a comfortable blanket gives you all the snuggle factor. And the Purple blanket is the snuggliest. Once again, it’s science that has your back when it comes to Purple, literally.

What’s even better, the Purple blanket has dual-sides; one warmer and one colder to fit your needs during any season.Regardless of which side you choose, the Purple blanket offers 3 exceptional features; plush micro mink, advanced EiderTech fill, and smooth cooling fabric. The plush micro mink is durable yet luxurious.

purple mattress blanketWhat does durable mean? It’s made with advanced anti-stain repellent technology, which means spills don’t stand a chance. Eiderdown is the best stuff you can purchase when it comes to blankets. Purple uses technology that mimics eiderdown’s lofty warmth by using continuous fiber and ball-shaped structure.

Finally, like it’s sheets, the Purple blanket also uses bamboo to keep you cool, yet cozy, and without overheating. You’ll be amazed by how silky smooth, yet tough as nails the Purple blanket is. Not to mention the Purple blanket is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and ultra-durable. Just looking at the sophisticated gray-colored will make you feel like you need a good nap.

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Purple Accessories – Platform Base:

A mattress is only as good as the base it sits on. A base gives you aesthetic appeal, storage space, and completes the look of your bed. Platform bases are as great as they come because they take the place of the box spring and the base, to create a modern, simple look. We all know about those platform bases however, those metal, squeaky bases; until now.

Purple promises to bring you a platform base that is strong, solid, and squeak-free. The platform base is also taller than most and has extra strength for sumo-sized support. The added support comes from thicker legs in the center- right where you need it. You also never knew you needed a taller base, but at 16.5” you don’t have to worry about getting a creaky box spring and you have more storage space underneath.

The Purple platform base may be taller and stronger, but it’s still lightweight and easy to move. This gives you the freedom to change your room as frequently as you please. Finally the platform base by Purple increases the lifetime of your mattress, but also has a lifetime warranty of its own. The platform base is so strong, it should never break, but just in case it does, Purple has got you covered.

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Purple Accessories – Power Base:

If you don’t have a power base, you’re out of the loop. If you don’t have a power base by Purple, then you don’t really have a power base. The Purple power base is equally as tech-savvy as it is better for your sleep. In fact, it improves more than just your sleep, it improves your daily life.

purple power frameThe Purple power base promises to provide relief from persistent ailments, melt stress away from your life, create an awesome productivity hub, and put an end to those tired mornings. Since you can adjust the Purple power base to any comfort and position you like, it is guaranteed to provide relief to those never-ending back aches and pains. This alone could melt stress away from your life, but the true magic comes from the frequency massagers inside the base.

Individual massagers create a gentle, rolling wave up your spine, which quickly lulls even the greatest insomniacs to sleep. Does your box spring come with a USB? Because the Purple power base does. This makes it easy for you to work in bed, aka the comfiest place in the house.

Finally, the Purple power base is sure to give you a deeper sleep so that you stop waking up tired, and start waking up feeling energized. If you thought all that was the best part about the Purple power base, just wait until you can control it all from your phone. The Purple app makes it easy to adjust your massage, change your sleeping position, and even stop your partner’s snoring, all from your phone. With app-ease, and 1,549,212 unique sleeping positions, there’s no doubt you’ll have your best night’s sleep yet.

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Purple Accessories – Pet Bed:

Purple loves your pet almost as much as you do, that’s why they’ve created a pet bed specifically designed for man’s best friend. Using the same technology as in your mattress, Purple has created a bed your pet will actually want to sleep on, instead of always stealing yours.

purple mattress dog bedFrom bottom to top, the pet bed has a medium-firm, high-density, polyurethane foam layer, which provides lasting structural support. On top of that is a soft, high-density polyurethane foam layer which enhances the responsiveness and feel of the Smart Comfort Grid.

Which brings us to the next layer, the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. The hyper-elastic polymer layer is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and vegan. And while your pup may not care about that, they will care about how much the unique Grid supports their joints. Finally, the entire bed is wrapped in an ultra-durable, moisture-resistant cover; oh and it’s also hypoallergenic and odor-neutralizing.

Is there anything else you could possibly want in a pet bed? The bed itself literally kills bacteria so your pet and your home stays clean and healthy. Can your old pet bed do that?

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Purple Accessories – Seat Cushion:

purple mattress accessoriesDid we mention that the Pearce brothers originally designed wheelchairs, so they know a thing or two about sitting. Once you think about how much you actually sit in your life; in the car, at work, while you eat- you’ll definitely want a Purple seat cushion. Just because you’re sitting on your butt, doesn’t mean it has to be a pain.

The Purple seat cushion comes in a variety of styles for a variety of needs. These styles include: the portable cushion, double cushion, simply cushion, elsewhere, Royal, and ultimate cushions. While they are meant for various needs, the Purple cushions all have the same technology in common.

First, is the ‘stay-put’ bottom. This super grip, non-slip fabric keeps your seat cushion in place on almost any surface, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. Every seat cushion also comes with of course, the Smart Comfort Grid.

purple bed seat cushionThe hyper-elastic polymer Grid relaxes under pressure and conforms to your bottom’s unique shape. Finally, wrap all that in a super stretch cover, which is removable, washable, and has a convenient handle; and you get the seat cushion that you can’t leave the house without.

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Purple Bed Accessories Summary:

Are you seeing Purple yet? From pet beds to power bases, pillows to platforms; when your technology is as innovative as Purple designs, it’s no wonder they never stop developing new products. Their Purple Grid goes a long way, and it’s no surprise. It has never-ending benefits that can be used for so many different things. In addition, Purple is backed by science so you know it’s comfy. We recommend that Purple is most enjoyed in combination of all their products, but even if you start with one, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason Purple feels like royalty and serenity, see for yourself by trying any one of their products today.

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