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December 4, 2017

Silk and Snow vs Puffy Mattress Comparison

This Silk and Snow vs Puffy mattress review covers two mattresses that make for an ultimate comparison. Both mattresses are 10″ memory foam mattresses that claim to be two of the best mattress in the online bed in a box market. Lucky for you we have had the opportunity to try both and can give you a more in-depth comparison in our Silk and Snow vs Puffy review.

Puffy Overview

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Puffy mattress is a mattress inspired by the idea of sleeping on a cloud. The top layer is a thick layer of body adapting and pressure relieving memory foam. The layers of this mattress have been meticulously designed over the course of several years to provide the ideal medium-firm comfort available. The Puffy mattress hasn’t been on the market long but its popularity is growing with rapid momentum.

Silk & Snow Overview

puffy vs silk & snowThe Silk + Snow mattress is a 10 inch, three-layer mattress that incorporates premium memory foam for a luxurious sleeping experience. This well made all foam mattress really takes sleeping to a new level with it’s dual memory foam top layers that adapt to every point in your body. This makes for ideal spinal alignment as well as adaptable pressure relieving comfort. This all foam bed has only been on the market for a short period of time, but in that time has gained much popularity. 

We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Silk and Snow vs Puffy Mattress comparison. Looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Read on to find out how we felt about each of these brands as well as see which one will be a better fit for you.

Silk and Snow vs Puffy Off-Gassing & Delivery

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThere isn’t much difference in this category for the Puffy and Silk and Snow mattresses. Both are made in the USA, compressed, put into a compact box and shipped right to your door. We noticed minimal off-gassing and fumes from both Puffy and Silk + Snow, especially for a bed in a box mattress.

Another thing to note with both of these mattresses is that they may take a few hours, if not a full day, to fully expand after being in their boxes. It is a good idea to let them expand and breathe for a few hours, at a minimum, before sleeping on them to make sure you get a true feel as well as no lingering fumes.

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Silk and Snow vs Puffy Comfort

The Puffy & Silk + Snow mattresses are going to vary a bit in feel and comfort and this aspect is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways of objectively approach how comfortable they may be.

First off, the Puffy mattress has one comfort option, a universal feel that will be around a 6 to 6.5 on a firmness scale of 1 through 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being firmest. This medium-firm feel will be ideal for the majority of sleepers. This feel offers the right amount of support as well as just enough softness & cushion for all sleeping positions.

The Silk & Snow also has one universal comfort option but is on other end of the spectrum. This Silk + Snow mattress is a medium to medium-soft feel and will be around a 4.5 on the firmness scale. This option is great for side and back sleepers and the occasional stomach sleeper. This mattress is more ideal for someone who likes a more of a cocooning “in” the bed feel.

Puffy Materials

The Puffy mattress is a 10″ thick mattress with 2 layers of foam. The top layer is going to be 3″ of cooling cloud memory foam. This layer of memory foam is supportive and adaptive to every point of your body and focuses on relieving pressure from head to toe. This allowed for a nice thick layer of conforming comfort that still allows for ample support and just the right amount of response. The base layer is 7″ of dense base foam that incorporates Insta-Firm technology that makes for a more responsive as well as more supportive base foam. These two layers work together to provide just the right balance for a quality sleeping surface.

Silk & Snow Materials

silk snow mattress reviewThe Silk + Snow mattress is a 10″,  3 layer mattress. This mattress is made of some seriously premium materials. The top layer is a 2″ of 4lb density memory foam followed by 2″ of 2.7lb memory foam as well. The combination of the top two layers should create a plush, cocooning surface with just enough bounce to move around. The bottom layer is 6″ of 1.8lb density base foam. This foam is the core of the mattress and should provide stability, strength and support to ensure durability and longevity. This mattress is covered in a premium, removable and washable cover. It also is infused with silver to keep it clean with it’s natural antibacterial properties.

As stated earlier comfort and firmness preference will be subjective, however, the materials and feel of the materials of a mattress can be a good place to start when you are objectively deciding which may be more comfortable initially as well as after several years of sleeping. These two mattresses actually vary quite a bit in the firmness of each. The Silk + Snow will have a softer, more plush feel while the Puffy has a more medium to medium-firm feel. This alone could help you easily decide which may be a better fit for you.

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Silk and Snow vs Puffy Motion Transfer

Both of these mattresses are all foam mattresses and that alone will make for minimal motion transfer. Each of these mattresses are 10″ of all foam that makes for little vibrations from movement. The Puffy mattress does have 3″ of memory foam on top that will respond quicker to reduce movement and eliminate it before it travels to your partner.

Silk & Snow also has a total 4″ of memory foam on the top that also reduces vibrations and isolates motion very quickly too. The Silk and Snow is also a little softer memory foam and will absorb any movement very quickly. Both of these mattresses also have dense base foams that will create a solid core that won’t create extra bounce too. Either of these options will have little to no motion transfer and are great for anyone who shares a mattress, even for the lightest sleepers.

Silk and Snow vs Puffy Sleeps Cool

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonAs you already know, these are both all foam mattresses. Anytime you have all foam mattresses retaining heat may be more likely than on a mattress that utilizes a coil system. However, these two beds pays close attention to this factor and incorporates materials from top to bottom that help reduce heat retention as much as they can. 

The Puffy mattress incorporates cooling technology in every material of this mattress. The top layer of memory foam layer is a patent-pending cooling cloud foam that uses convection and conduction to dissipate heat and keep it away from the body. It’s also infused with gel that increases the airflow 8x more than standard foam mattresses. The base foam is dense and supportive to create a solid base that won’t allow you to sink into the mattress and keep you closer to the surface where less heat will build around the body. The cover is also breathable to aid in keeping cool. All of this allows for the mattress to maintain an ideal temperature while sleeping.

silk snow mattress reviewThe Silk and Snow mattress is a memory foam mattress that is more of a medium to medium-soft feel. Most memory foam mattresses, especially on the softer side, have a tendency to retain a bit more heat. Silk & Snow tries to counter this with using memory foam that is 13x faster at transferring heat opposed to traditional memory foam. This along with the second layer of more responsive memory foam should help keep the bed from getting too warm.

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Silk and Snow vs Puffy Edge Support

Edge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, if it is then paying attention to how well constructed and durable the materials are will play a roll. Edge support is important if you either sit on the edge form time to time or if it is important for you to use the full edge to edge sleeping surface of your mattress. Making sure that even the edges are solid and hold up will make a difference in how comfortable it is as well as how it performs for you. Both the Puffy and Silk and Snow mattress perform fine for utilizing the edge while sleeping but may lack the desired support if you are sitting on the edge.

Silk and Snow vs Puffy Value

Notice that doesn’t use the term price, but instead value, because value and price are not the same thing. Value is going to be what you are getting for what the price is. Sometimes a price may seem like a good number but if you aren’t getting the best product for that price than the value isn’t that great. This is especially true for mattresses. There are several brands that will fall around the same price, but you really have to understand what you are paying for if you want a good value.

cocoon vs puffyThe Puffy mattress is currently $950 for a queen, this price also includes free shipping and has 101-night sleep trial as well as a lifetime warranty. The Puffy mattress is comfortable and well made and has a universal feel that the majority of people should enjoy. It also has several cooling properties that will help warmer sleepers too. Also, you get a lifetime warranty that is good for as long as you have your Puffy mattress and will cover replacing it if necessary.

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silk snow mattress reviewThe Silk + Snow mattress is priced at $850 for a queen size and that includes free delivery, a 100-night sleep trial and has a 15-year warranty. The Silk and Snow is a true memory foam mattress made of high-quality components with details from top to bottom. This mattress should be a great feel for anyone who is a side or back sleeper who wants support but plushness too.  This mattress is already a great deal and to make it even better you can save an additional $100 just by using the Coupon Code: SAVE100. Make sure you take advantage of this limited time offer at

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Silk and Snow vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Summary

We can say from both an objective as well as subjective standpoint that both the Puffy mattress and Silk and Snow perform well for online bed in a box mattress. They have many similarities with the biggest differences being the feel or firmness and price. The Puffy will have a more medium to medium-firm feel while the Silk + Snow will be more of a medium to medium-soft. Both will have little to no motion transfer, good edge to edge support for sleeping. The Silk and Snow, however, will be a better value when utilizing their coupon, but both will perform well and have a fairly similar memory foam feel. For more information on each of these check out the full mattress reviews too.

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