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July 23, 2019

Puffy vs Puffy Lux

puffy lux crystal and lilyWhen it comes to the Puffy mattress, and newer Puffy Lux mattress, it is hard to go wrong. These ten and twelve inch mattresses have many similarities. Clearly, both coming from the same company and offering beds with overlapping materials. So even though there may be a pros and cons in our Puffy vs Puffy Lux mattress review, we can guarantee that both of these premium memory foam beds will leaving you sleeping well. Keep reading our unbiased side by side mattress review to learn more about each bed and how they compare directly to each other.

First Things First:

It is worth noting that in early 2019 both of the Puffy mattresses received an upgrade in materials. With the addition of a layer of Climate Comfort Foam in the center of both beds. This allowed for not only a more ideal firmness level in both, but also is better for sleeping more temperature neutral and drier too. Creating two mattresses that will work for anyone looking for the best memory foam mattress on the market.

This upgrade changed the feel and performance of each mattress just slightly, but both for the better. By adding an extra comfort layer both the Puffy and Puffy Lux are more balanced and allow for better pressure relief. Our Puffy vs Puffy Lux review will take an honest, unbiased and thoughtfully objective look at both memory foam mattresses. We hope that our first hand experience of sleeping on both of these mattresses can help you decide which may be best for you!

puffy vs puffy lux side by side

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Below is a quick side by side chart that features the highlights of both the Puffy and Puffy Lux. This at a glance comparison helps see what upgraded features the Puffy Lux offers. Though both mattresses are great options, we will go into more detail below this chart on what you can expect from both.

puffy vs puffy lux chart

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Comparison Video:

Want to see them for yourself? Watch our in-depth video review of the Puffy vs Puffy Lux to see how each mattress provides a great sleeping surface with their own unique appeal. The Puffy Lux is a little more luxurious and has a tad better pressure relief. While the solid yet adaptable feel of the original Puffy mattress is just a bit firmer. See what we had to say, and don’t forget to take advantage of our coupons to save too!

Puffy Inc.:

Over the last few years Puffy has established itself as a very recognizable mattress brand. The Puffy mattress quickly gained popularity when introduced in 2017. In 2018 Puffy came out with an upgraded version of the original; the Puffy Lux. This enhanced mattress is a 12″ all foam bed that gave shoppers an enhanced version of the original.

And now in 2019 both beds have been perfected even more to give you two perfect memory foam options. However, which one is better for you? Is the Puffy Lux better than the original? Is the original Puffy the better choice? We will help you decide in our ultimate Puffy comparison review; Puffy vs Puffy Lux

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Puffy Mattress Overview:

bed near open windowsThe original Puffy mattress is a 10″ memory foam mattress with three layers of foam. Their patented Cooling Cloud foam and recently added ClimateComfort foam makes up the top 4″ of comfort and adaptable pressure relief. While the base is made of 6″ of solid Firm Core Support foam.

This balanced mattress is a medium firm feel that is ideal for all sleeping positions. With the added middle layer this mattress is even more adaptable and great for side sleepers, back sleepers and even stomach sleepers. It even contours to you whether you are smaller or larger, short or tall. The Puffy bed is very focused on adapting to your body as well as maintaining a cooler memory foam surface.

This mattress is more reasonable than the Puffy Lux. It is priced at $1,150 for a queen size, and that isn’t even including our exclusive discount of $300 making it ONLY $850. You can learn more in our full, in-depth Puffy Mattress Reviews.

Puffy Lux Mattress Overview:

bed in staged roomThe updated Puffy Lux mattress is very similar to the original, with the exception of having an additional comfort layer. The biggest difference is the addition of 2″ of new gel-infused foam creating a 12″ memory foam bed. This bed has the exclusive Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam layer that not only makes this a thicker profile but gives it a more ideal feel too.

The Puffy Lux bed has this added layer to make the mattress more premium and & even more balanced. With just a slightly softer feel it may give you just a bit more support. Making it even better for all sleeping positions, especially side sleeping. As well as thicker, more durable and great for all shapes and sizes. And still utilizes the same Cooling Cloud comfort foam and the newest ClimateControl foam to ensure a nice temperature neutral surface.

This mattress also comes with a slightly higher price tag. The Puffy Lux is priced at $1,795 for a queen size. However, that doesn’t include our exclusive $300 discount making it ONLY $1,495. You can learn more in our full, in-depth Puffy Lux Mattress Review.

Puffy Lux

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Comfort Materials:

When it comes to the materials of the Puffy and Puffy Lux you get a true memory foam feel from both. The original Puffy is a 10″ mattress comprised of three layers. While the Puffy Lux is a 12″ mattress made of four layers. Both utilizing several of the same layers that focus on sleeping cool, ideal pressure relieving comfort and optimal support.

material comparison

Both mattresses start with a top layer of 2″ of the original Cooling Cloud Memory Foam. This layer is ideal for maximum pressure relief and evenly distributing weight. It also is meant to adapt to every inch of your body to contour around the curves perfectly. And one of the greatest things about this memory foam is the fact that it is designed to help pull heat away from the body 8x better than average memory foam. Helping you sleep cool and comfortable.

woman laying on puffy vs puffy lux

The latest layer addition is 2″ of the ClimateComfort Foam. This also aides in keeping the mattress cooler as well. With a very consistent feeling foam that conforms to your body for a weightless sleeping experience. But also offers an advanced material that is temperature and humidity-resistant. This new foam provides just a hint of softness and deep comfort to really cradle your body and allow you to sleep in all sleeping positions. Giving both mattresses even more appeal, especially to side sleepers.

woman laying on puffy vs puffy lux review 2

The Puffy Lux features a third comfort layer of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. This layer is between the top layer of Cooling Cloud Foam and the ClimateComfort foam. This layer not only adds 2″ to the overall thickness of the mattress but creates an almost zero gravity type feel. By creating perfected contour and eliminating pressure points giving you a weightless feel. This enhances your sleep quality and helps you get even better rest to recharge and rejuvenate night after night.

puffy and puffy lux comfort layers

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Support Materials:

puffy and puffy lux base layerBoth beds have the 6″ base of Firm Core Support Foam that provides a dense base layer. This sturdy core support creates ideal spinal support and optimal ergonomic alignment. Making for a consistent feeling mattress that is solid and durable. With plenty of longevity and unwavering comfort for years and years.

This base layer also has properties that make it exceptional, especially compared to the average base foam used in all foam mattresses. The support foam of the Puffy mattresses uses Insta-Firm Technology. This allows the core to provide 4 times more support than typical base foam. As well as is more responsive by 99%. This helps not only enhance support but also provides benefits typically saved for just the top comfort layers.

By focusing on the details in every layer of the Puffy and Puffy Lux you get two mattresses that are well designed and technology driven. Not to mention more durable, actively supportive and stronger for years of great sleep.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Covers:

puffy vs puffy lux logoWhen it comes to mattress covers you might not think there is too much about it. Most you don’t even see once bedding is on. And many people use protectors to help keep their mattress investments cleaner. However, having a mattress that has a more sleeper friendly cover, like the Puffy and Puffy Lux, can be beneficial.

Both the Puffy mattress and Puffy Lux mattress feature a thick, yet breathable cover. Two very distinct and important features of this cover are its ability to be removed and washed. And, the technology driven protection against stains. These two things not only keep your mattress much cleaner, but also ensure the longevity you would expect.

Puffy Lux

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Comfort:

These two mattresses do vary in overall firmness. The original Puffy mattress uses three layers of foam that make for a mattress that is a true medium-firm feel. While the Puffy Lux is four layers and offers a slightly softer feel that borders between medium to medium-firm. Each of these feels correlates with a rough number that can be put on the firmness scale. Ranging from soft (0-1) all the way to firm (10). Giving us a better idea of how each mattress will work for various sleepers.

softness scale meter

woman sleeping on puffy vs puffy luxOn the firmness scale, the Puffy comes in around a 6 to 8 which will be a luxury firm, or medium-firm feel. Being a little firmer for a smaller frame and a little softer for larger individual.

The Puffy Lux mattress comes in just a tad plusher at medium to medium-firm feel around a 5 to 7. With it’s weightless like feel the Puffy Lux is considered by most the “sweet spot” of mattress comfort.

This difference may not seem like much, but the added 2″ of Body Adapting Dual Cloud foam does make the Puffy Lux more appealing to a larger variety of sleepers. This added pressure relieving foam creates a layer of deep comfort that puts the Puffy Lux at a very happy medium. Which  accommodates all sleeping styles very comfortably. This makes side sleeping or sleeping in all or multiple positions much more appealing.

As you can see on the scale the original Puffy falls just a bit outside of the overlapping section of all three sleeping positions. Making it ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers and good for side sleepers who like a more supportive feel. But there may be a few people that like the added benefits of the additional 2″ of the Puffy Lux.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Our Comfort Pick:

puffy lux frontWhen it comes to our choice for comfort the Puffy Lux did edge out the original Puffy mattress. Having a more adaptable sleeping surface for all sleeping positions was definitely preferred for us. Justin sleeping mostly on his back while I sleep in all positions, especially side and stomach, finding a mattress that works great for both of us can sometimes be tricky.

We prefer mattresses that offer a medium to medium-firm feels, making the Puffy Lux fall into the sweet spot that works best for us. We were pleasantly surprised with the still very true dense memory foam top layers but noticed the benefits of the third plush comfort layer the longer we slept on it.

The support was still ideal but the contouring to your shoulders and hips was very precise and really relieved pressure to another level. Though this is a true memory foam mattress it is a feel that is just responsive enough to never feel stuck. Making it easy to change positions.

little girl laying on puffy lux memory foamThe Puffy Lux is gong to be very similar to a number of Tempurpedic mattresses out there, but might not cost as much. This makes for a desirable feel that is easy on your checkbook too.

If you like the true memory foam feel but want to keep your investment under a $1000, the original Puffy is a great option as well. It also does a great job of relieving pressure and sleeps temperature neutral too.

Regardless of which Puffy mattress is right for you make sure you get the best pricing! Use the link below to save on both the Puffy & Puffy Lux mattresses.

Puffy Lux

Memory Foam and Comfort:

Regardless, both of these mattresses are memory foam and overall have a true, dense memory foam feel. This means the top layer is slower to respond. It is great for pressure relief and contouring to your body. However, with any memory foam there are a few things that are good to know up front. Especially if you’ve never slept on a memory foam bed.

memory foam with handAny bed will take time to adjust to, however making a drastic jump from a innerspring mattress to all foam will likely take your body several weeks to adjust to. This is normal, but something to keep in the back of your mind.

Traditional memory foam is slower responding and sometimes can take a second to catch up with your body. This means that changing positions or getting in and out of bed you can feel somewhat stuck. Especially with more standard memory foams that lack any buoyancy or response.

The nice thing about both Puffy mattresses is their innovative memory foam. So even though they both have the contouring benefits of memory foam they also have just enough responsiveness. Meaning you don’t feel stuck like you can in other memory foam mattresses. Allowing you to reap the benefits without the consequences.

Memory Foam and Heat:

Memory foam also has a tendency to be affected by temperature. The mattress will become slightly denser if it is in a colder room. While being in a warmer room makes it softer. This can make a difference depending on the climate of where you live or the temperature you like to have your room at.

best mattresses for warm sleepersIn the same breath, the mattress will also warm to your body as well. Making heat retention a common problem associated with memory foam, especially if the base of the bed is foam too. This not only makes for sleeping cool to be more of an issue. It also can sometimes make the mattress slightly softer once the bed warms to your bodies heat.

Knowing these blatant issues that come with memory foam, Puffy made sure to alleviate, and even eliminate them in each mattress. By focusing on technology that helps with heat retention and sleeping more temperature neutral. And then implementing the best way to counteract any problems in every layer in both the Puffy and Puffy Lux.

So if you may think you are getting a old school heat retaining and slow responding memory foam, think again. With the Puffy beds you get the latest generation of memory foam that will have you thinking differently about an all foam mattress.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Motion Isolation:

glass of wine sitting on a bedIf you are a light sleeper, have a different sleeping schedule than your partner or sleep with someone who tosses and turns than this section is a must. Motion transfer can be problematic for some mattresses, however, for Puffy and Puffy Lux, it isn’t. These all foam beds do a great job or reducing and absorbing any excess movement before it ever reaches your sleeping partner.

The several layers of foams in both beds are not only dense but good at reducing vibrations. This means any movements, whether softer or stronger, will be isolated at the action. This means that someone on the other side of the bed is less likely to feel their partner shifting or moving. Making both the Puffy and Puffy Lux great mattresses for anyone who likes minimal motion transfer.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Sleeping Cool:

family on a puffy mattressAs previously touched on, both of these mattresses use the same Cooling Cloud memory foam as their top layer. A well as the recentely updated second comfort layer of ClimateComfort memory foam. This is very relevant for sleeping cool, or at least more temperature neutral. As we talked about in the section on what to expect with memory foam, these styles of mattresses do have a tendency to warm with your body. Making sleeping cool more challenging.

The memory foam in the Puffy bed and Puffy Lux bed is a technology-driven foams that uses science to keep heat retention at bay. The cooling cloud foam uses conduction and convection to not only pull heat away from the body but also create more air flow. Making this memory foam less warm over the course of a night than standard memory foam.

puffy vs puffy lux review hot sleepersThe benefits of the ClimateComfort foam also help with keeping the bed not only cooler but also drier. With a humidity-resistant addition. They also use a breathable and soft cover that helps the mattress easily dissipate any heat retained. As well as has a somewhat cool to the touch feel.

The biggest difference between these two mattresses may be the firmness of each. With a slightly softer feel in the Puffy Lux you may sink into the mattress just a bit more. Anytime more of your body is touching the bed more heat is retained. Typically the firmer the mattress, the more you stay on top allowing more of your body to have air flow around it.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Edge Support:

mom dog and baby on puffy mattressFor us edge support can be a telltale sign of the quality and longevity you can expect from a mattress. The edge showcases the density of the foams on every layer as well as the construction and durability. The benefits of having a more resilient perimeter allow for the mattress to be used in full. Giving you full use and access to the entire surface for sleeping. Having a consistent feel rather your in the middle or on the edge makes your mattress investment more valuable.

Both the Puffy mattress and Puffy Lux mattress use very dense and premium foams. This benefits the edge of the mattress is creating a fully usable sleep surface that doesn’t change consistency. It also makes for an edge that can be minimally utilized for sitting too. We like to stress that a mattress shouldn’t be used as a chair but there are instances when a solid edge is necessary when sitting. Both of these beds provide a rigid perimeter that not only are great for sleeping but also occasional sitting.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux Value:

The Puffy Lux is a bit more expensive than the original Puffy mattress. However, you are getting a more adaptable and ultimate pressure relieving feel, a thicker bed and a few other benefits to create an even more ideal sleeping surface. Making both of these beds a great value for what you are getting.

mattress in a present

The Puffy bed and the Puffy Lux mattress both offer true, yet responsive memory foam that contours to your body to relieve pressure. The support is solid and the feels vary slightly between either end of the medium-firm spectrum. If you like the true feeling of memory foam with the integrations of the latest technology, than either of these options would be for you.

More specifically if you prefer a thinner profile and have a tighter budget than the less expensive original would be for you. If you want an added layer to provide ultimate pressure relief and a premium feel than the more expensive Puffy Lux may be the way to go. Make sure to shop at to get these two awesome cloud like memory foam mattresses and find the latest pricing below.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Mattress Coupons:

mattress coupons buttonBoth of these beds are very comparable in price to several other direct competitors. Though they vary greatly when compared to each other, they both share a generous Puffy coupon code. Currently you can use a $300 Puffy coupon which makes for two more affordable mattress options.

To use the Puffy mattress coupon and get the best pricing make sure to follow the latest Puffy promo code just found below. The added Puffy mattress discount really helps improve the value of both of these beds.

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Puffy Mattress Pricing:

*With $300 Puffy Discount:

  • Twin – $525
  • Twin XL – $575
  • Full – $695
  • Queen – $850
  • King – $1050
  • California King – $1050

Puffy Lux Pricing: 

*With $300 Puffy Lux Discount:

  • Twin – $1145
  • Twin XL – $1195
  • Full – $1295
  • Queen – $1495
  • King – $1695
  • California King – $1695
Puffy Lux
As Seen On Ellen:

If you haven’t already seen Puffy Lux featured on the Ellen Show, now you can!

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Customer Service:

Both of these mattresses come with the same great customer service and benefits. This includes a 101 night trial period to test the mattresses and make sure they’re a good fit. If for some reason it doesn’t work out Puffy has an easy return process. One thing to keep in mind with the Puffy or Puffy Lux, and any new mattress for that matter, is allowing your body time to adjust. Any new mattress will take time to get use to, so make sure you take advantage of the FULL 101 day sleep trial to get the best idea of how it works.

customer support womanThey also both come with free shipping. These mattresses are roll packed after they are made to order right here in the USA. They are then shipped via fed-ex and will arrive right at your door in a few days.

Lastly is the lifetime warranty that comes with any Puffy mattress. As long as you own your mattress you are covered. This warranty covers replacing your mattress with a new one it there are any material defects or workmanship flaws in the first 10 years. After the first 10 years if there are any defects uncovered the mattress will either be repaired or replaced.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Complaints: 

puffy vs puffy lux in packageWith many mattresses, bed-in-a-box or not, you will have your fair share of customer complaints. The best part about the Puffy mattress and Puffy Lux mattress is that any complaints about feel are far fewer, especially with the updated design. Prior to 2019 many sleepers biggest Puffy mattress complaint was that it felt too firm. This made it more difficult for side sleepers especially to find the ideal level of comfort. Though the Puffy Lux was a great option, anyone who couldn’t afford the upgrade may have felt let down.

But now, the Puffy and Puffy Lux have been optimized and revamped for a perfected sleeping surface you would expect from a high end memory foam bed. However, you don’t have to pay the inflated price. The Puffy bed is now much more ideal for all sleeping positions. Lending itself to be a perfect medium to medium-firm feel. And the Puffy Lux, though much more adaptable is even more comfortable with an additional layer.

This has tremendously allowed for both of these beds to have far fewer complaints and really appeal to ALL sleepers. Regardless of size, shape or sleeping position preference. Making both of these memory foam mattresses hard to beat. As well as any Puffy or Puffy Lux mattress complaints down to a minimum.

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Puffy vs Puffy Lux – Summary:

our sleep guide puffy luxBoth of these mattresses are going to appeal to similar sleepers searching for a perfect memory foam mattress. Anyone who likes a true memory foam mattress made with dense and durable feeling foams will approve of either option.

They both are going to be amazing for isolating motion and sleeping more temperature neutral for a memory foam bed. They also have solid and consistent foams for long-term durability. The comfort foam, thickness, and pricing will create the biggest decisions you’ll face when choosing which of the Puffy mattresses is best for you.

The orignal Puffy mattress is great for anyone on a tighter budget. Anyone who wants a true memory foam feel that doesn’t like the typical heat retaining feel of memory foam. As well as for anyone who sleeps on their side, back and even stomach that likes more of a medium to medium-firm feel.

While anyone who likes a enhanced premium pressure relieving feel and a thick mattress may like the feel of the upgraded Puffy Lux mattress. This bed also works great for all sleeping positions and though it may cost a bit more, does have the benefits that coincide with the cost.
Puffy Lux
Even though the price may make you sway one way or the other it is a good idea to keep in mind your true needs. To compromise comfort for a few hundred extra dollars will more than likely not be worth it in the long run. So accommodating your body first is definitely recommended when choosing between the Puffy vs Puffy Lux mattresses.

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Puffy & Puffy Lux Video Reviews:

Watch our in-depth video reviews too! Below we have both the Puffy Lux video and the original Puffy video. Check them out to see how they performed for us!

puffy ad
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