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July 11, 2019

Puffy vs Nectar

A couple of years ago there were only a few bed in a box mattress brands people recognized. With names like Casper and Purple becoming synonymous with mattresses, several other brands saw the future of online mattress buying and started taking off too. Two very successful brands that have emerged in the last few years are Puffy and Nectar. Nonetheless, how do these brands compare, not only to the other brands but directly to each other? We thought it was high time that we give our readers a comparison review on these big names. Keep reading to learn more about two popular memory foam mattress brands in our Puffy vs Nectar review.

puffy vs nectar

Both are all-foam mattresses featuring several comforting and supportive layers of foams. This style of mattress is a great choice for several reasons. One of the best qualities of an all-foam bed is the reduction in motion transfer. Another outstanding motivation for buying a mattress that features memory foam is the contour and pressure relief provided.

This kind of bed traditionally doesn’t give you as many benefits in edge support or cooling properties. However, that is changing with new and improved technologies featured in several brands, especially the Puffy. Finding a mattress that offers the best of everything may be easier to find than you’d think. Easily compare two top memory foam mattress brands in our Puffy vs Nectar mattress review.

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Puffy – Overview:

puffy in a staged roomThe Puffy is a 10-inch thick memory foam mattress made from three layers of distinct materials. A bottom layer of high-density foam gives you structured support for a balanced sleep in any position. The top two layers offer not one, but two variations of pressure relieving memory foam. Giving you contoured comfort that feels like lying on a cloud.

With it, you get superior pressure point relief and lumbar support. The universal feel of the bed is great for people that share a mattress. You also get eight times more air flow in comparison to other memory foam brands. And the second layer of memory foam is temperature and humidity-resistant. Creating not only an ideal feel but sleeps much cooler too.

This mattress is made in the USA, so you will have minimal off-gassing and top notch materials and construction. Not only do they offer great mattress but they also donate to children in need. Through the “Jump for Kids” program have created a smart and easy way to give back. You can learn more about how to get involved HERE.

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Nectar – Overview:

nectar in a staged roomThe Nectar is an 11-inch thick all-foam mattress that is comprised of four layers of varying foams. The materials provide a responsive feel that is great at reducing motion transfer. Some temperature regulation is also incorporated into the design. With a medium-firm feel, you will get proper spinal alignment with lumbar support.

The company gives you a full year to try out your mattress, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. In 2017, it was so popular that the company had a hard time keeping up with the demands. They are now fully capable of delivering you with more of their quality products for 2019 and beyond.

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Nectar vs Puffy– Delivery Process:

baby holding puffy boxWhen you purchase a Puffy, your shipping is included at no additional cost. Your compressed mattress will come roll-packed in a box through Fed-Ex. This brand is made to order and produced in the USA. This eliminates almost all the typical noxious odors experienced during off-gassing. Your new Puffy will not be waiting around in a factory and won’t go through overseas shipping.

This mattress weighs around 72 pounds, so it is important to have adequate help for unboxing and set up. It will only take the Puffy a few minutes to fully expand. During the first few hours, you may notice some minimal smells. This is primarily from the plastic wrapping used for transit. If you are more sensitive to smells, avoid the area during this time. Allow a full 24-48 hours for your new Puffy to firm up, so you can experience the true feel.

Your Nectar purchase also includes free shipping through Fed-Ex. You can choose the standard free delivery option, which is a compressed and roll-packed box method. To upgrade this experience, you can also select a white glove delivery option at an additional cost of $149. With this add-on, your mattress will be set up for you, and your old mattress can be removed.

If you use standard shipping, have a second set of hands to unbox this roughly 70-pound mattress. You may notice more noxious smells during off-gassing, as the Nectar is not made in the United States. It is manufactured in China and sent to warehouses in the US before being delivered to your door. Give your new mattress around one to two days to fully expand and firm up.

Learn more about the made to order at Puffy Mattress Review, and shop at

Puffy – Comfort:

dog on a puffy bedWorking hand in hand, the three layers of the Puffy Mattress provide you optimized supportive comfort. The firm foundation foam used in this mattress will keep you from sinking in too far. The top layer of Cooling Cloud™ memory foam contours to your body for instant pressure point relief.

While the secondary layer of ClimateComfort™  memory foam adds even deeper comfort and a more plush feel. For even better adaptability for all sleeping positions. The memory foam of the Puffy is a true slow responding feel, not unlike much more expensive brands out there. You will feel like you are lying on a cloud every time to you sleep on your Puffy.

You will feel an ideal universal comfort level that falls between a medium and medium-firm. Ranging from about a 5 to a 7 on the comfort scale, depending on your size. The Puffy allows for the ideal balance of sink and support. Allowing your shoulders and hips to be perfectly contoured to while sleeping on your side. As well as optimal comfort and support while sleeping on your back. And even stomach sleepers will enjoy the feel of this slow responding true memory foam mattress. Creating a great compromise that adapts to all shapes and sizes.

Puffy Lux
Nectar – Comfort:

girl on a nectarThe Nectar also comes in one universal comfort too. It rates between a 5.5-7 on the firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. This medium-firm feel is considered a one size fits all and will be felt differently depending on your size. The foams used in this mattress do feel less dense, so you may feel stuck in one spot. This can lead to an overall warmer sleep. However, if you like a memory foam feel that is slightly “softer” in a sense, than the Nectar may appeal more.

With this mattress you will also get good pressure point relief and nice body contouring. Since it’s made in China, long-term quality of this mattress might not compare to one made in the USA. And the foams do lack the same durable and dense feel of a higher grade memory foam mattress. Though this mattress may initially be a great feel we do question if you will have the same sensation years, if not months later. Good thing it has a 365 night trial period!

Puffy Bed – Materials and Build:

puffy materialsThe Puffy uses amazing technologies to give you cooling benefits and a comfort that’s like sleeping on a cloud. The top 2-inch thick layer of foam used in this mattress is a Cooling Cloud™ memory foam.

It uses convection and conduction methods to draw heat away from your body. You get 8 times the normal airflow of a standard mattress. This material is also infused with a gel to dissolve even more heat. As well as adaptable comfort that alleviates pressure and cocoons your body to sleep.

Under the top layer of memory foam is an additional 2″ layer ofClimate Comfort™ memory foam. This layer provides a deep comfort that is great for side sleepers who need more pressure relief while sleeping on their side. This layer is supportive yet conforming creating a optimal blend of memory foam. It also offers the latest technology to provide temperature and humidity regulation for minimal sweat and heat.

The comfort from the top layers of foam is contrasted by a bottom layer of Firm Core Support Foam. This 6-inch thick section is a 1.5-pound density material. It gives you durable strength. It is 4 times more supportive and 99 percent more responsive in contrast to a standard mattress. Providing a solid core and foundation of support for long term durability and years of ideal comfort.

Different foams
Puffy Mattress Cover:

It is wrapped in a removable cover. You can unzip this fabric for removal any time it needs washing. This component is soft to the touch. It is fitted to the mattress perfectly, so you won’t have bunching or sagging that can contribute to heat retention. This fabric has a cloud detailing to fit the theme of this brand. Together, all the materials of the Puffy Mattress create a fabulous mattress.

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Nectar Bed – Materials and Build:

The Nectar is made from four layers of foams that stack up to 11 inches in height. Starting at the bottom of the Nectar, the Breathing Base Layer provides strengthened support and a sturdy foundation. The next layer is an Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. This section adds responsiveness to the feel of this mattress.

The third material in the Nectar is the Gel Memory Foam. While contouring to the body, it gives you pressure point relief and a balanced feel. The final layer is a Quilted Gel Memory Foam. This top segment hugs you as it delivers cooling benefits. To finish, the Nectar is wrapped with a Tencel Cooling Cover. This breathable fabric is bedbug resistant and will wick away any moisture.

Materials overview

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Puffy Mattress vs Nectar – Motion Isolation:

family on a bedIf you are concerned about motion transfer, an all-foam mattress is going to be your best choice. If your partner is waking you in the middle of the night, consider switching to this style. Especially with so many options that can give you ample benefits in other areas too.

The Puffy Mattress will absorb almost all the vibrations from movement before it reaches the other side. The top layers of this mattress are thick memory foam that reduces sensations created by any stirring. A high-density foam base layer creates a solid foundation that will eliminate any more motion transfer. Working together to deaden any movement from gentle tossing and turning to more robust jumping. Making the Puffy Mattress one of the most solid selections in this category.

With several different layers of foams, the Nectar does a substantial job at reducing motion transfer too. The thick base foam gives it a reliable foundation that sets up this mattress for sleeping undisturbed. The top layers of memory foams readily absorb vibrations from any movement. This all-foam option will fully reduce motion transfer in line with other all-foam competitors. The Nectar Mattress would make a good choice for those that share their bed due to this aspect.

Nectar or Puffy – Temperature Regulation:

dog on a mattressThough it’s an all-foam mattress, Puffy has taken the steps to ensure that you will sleep at a comfortable temperature. The Cooling Cloud™ Foam top layer is infused with gel to draw heat away from your body. This foam increases airflow to 8 times the benefits from a standard mattress. And the secondary layer of ClimateComfort memory foam regulates temperature and reduces moisture.

Even the Firm Core Support Foam used in the foundation layer is strong and durable. It provides 4 times the support of a regular mattress. Letting you ride on top of the mattress so you never sink in too far. As well as being 99% more responsive to help you from feeling stuck. All of these materials work together to keep you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud that never gets too hot.

Puffy Lux

nectar mattress close upThe Nectar has a hard time keeping up with Puffy at giving you a cooler night. All-foam mattresses struggle in this area, so it is important for companies to incorporate heat reduction into their designs. The cover of the Nectar bed uses breathable Tencel fabric to wick away moisture.

The top layer of foam is infused with gel to draw heat away from the body. The quilting in this layer also creates channels for air to escape. In comparison to the Puffy, you will sink in noticeably more, which will create a warmer feel overall. The materials are also not as responsive. This means you will tend to feel trapped in one position until the mattress catches up to you.

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Nectar Versus Puffy – Perimeter Support:

puffy mattressEdge support is an important factor to consider if you share your bed with a partner. You will want your purchase to provide a completely usable surface from side to side. The Puffy gave us a consistent feel all the way across. You could comfortably sleep right up to the edge with the high-quality foams used in this design. There was never a sensation of variance from the middle of the mattress to the edge. And even though we never recommend sitting on the edge of the mattress, the resilience in the foams of the Puffy do allow you to have a fairly solid feel. Proving that the foams are dense and durable and readily capable of giving you years of great use.

Though you may not notice a ton of difference initially when you sleep at the edge versus the middle of the Nectar mattress, the long term durability, especially in the perimeter support is in question. The lack of density of the foams is noticeable, especially when directly compared with the Puffy bed. Making the edge support slowing shift over the course of the night and less supportive by morning. The biggest noticeable difference is when sitting on the edge of the Nectar. You will get a sensation of sliding out, again which is more pronounced when testing out the Puffy at the same time.

When it comes to the edge support between these two the Puffy certainly feels more consistent, solid and durable. Giving you a perimeter that feels more sturdy and a longer lasting feeling of quality too.

Puffy – Price & Value:

another puffy stagedWhen it comes to value you really need to look beyond just the price and evaluate what you are getting for the price. Though there is a bit of discrepancy when it comes to the cost of these mattresses it goes without saying that “you get what you pay for”. The true and premium feel of the Puffy mattress is a testament to its USA made materials and construction. Giving you a more reassurance that you are getting a truly quality product that will last as it is intended.

You can purchase a new Queen size Puffy for just $850 after using the latest Puffy Mattress promo code for $300 found below. Saving you plenty of money and making the Puffy much more affordable. Your delivery through Fed-Ex is included at no extra charge.

And you get a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty to give you a worry-free buying experience. Giving you more reason to invest in your sleep with this amazingly adaptable and pressure relieving memory foam mattress. That also gives you solid support and contoured comfort with ample benefits for the best sleep.

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Nectar – Price & Value:

couple sleeping on a nectarThough the price point of the Nectar is lower you may not get as much quality sleep long term as you would expect. Before any discounts are applied you can purchase a queen size at $824. With this price, you also get free shipping through Fed-Ex. You can upgrade to the white glove delivery service for an extra fee of $149. This also includes the removal of your old mattress.

You can try out the Nectar worry-free with their 365-night sleep trail. Every purchase comes with the lifetime warranty to seal the deal. If you are on a tighter budget and think the answer to great sleep is the memory foam Nectar than you have a plenty of time to truly test it out and see if it is for you.

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Our Pick Between Puffy vs Nectar!

dog on a mattressThe Puffy bed and the Nectar bed are two popular choices in all-foam mattresses. This style in material design offers contoured comfort with durable support. When purchasing this kind of bed, you get excellent reduction in motion transfer and a consistent feel across the surface. All-foam mattresses do tend to run warmer than hybrid styles, but there are exceptions to this, like with the Puffy. It is important to consider all of these factors when choosing your next mattress.

When all was said and done I am sure you can guess which direction we lean when deciding between these two beds. The Puffy for us feels like a more durable and higher quality bed overall. As well as uses a truer feeling memory foam that emphasizes the benefits of this style of mattress. Along with the comfort and support it is also made in the USA versus the Nectar, which is made in China. Even the initial process of setting up the mattresses was better with the Puffy because of the limited off-gassing and quicker expansion.

The Nectar has its own appeal, much of which has to do with the lower price point. But many sleepers have found their Nectar mattress to be a great fit. Though it really does come down to personal preference we found that when comparing several aspects of these two popular memory foam mattresses side by side, that the additional savings from the Nectar wasn’t necessarily worth it. Especially with the best Puffy coupon to save an extra $300 on the Puffy making it not that much more in cost.

Puffy Lux

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