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September 27, 2018

Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud Mattress Review

There are two well-known mattresses that provide a universal comfort level. The Puffy Lux is the updated version of the original Puffy mattress. Measuring 12 inches thick, the all-foam design brings you a luxurious comfort. The DreamCloud mattress is a 15-inch thick hybrid design lending you balanced sleep. Any sleeping position should be comfortable on either of these choices. But which one is the better selection? Find out every detail to make your final decision with our Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud mattress review.

puffy lux vs dreamcloud

Puffy Lux – Overview:

puffy lux vs dreamcloudThe Puffy Lux mattress is the upgraded version of the original Puffy mattress. The 12-inch thick design includes an extra layer of foam for three in total. The new version creates a softer feel for a more universal comfort. Almost anyone will enjoy the balanced comfort and support you get in the high-quality materials.

The original Cooling Cloud Foam and Firm Core Support Foam already provided great sleeping benefits. The additional layer of Plush Cloud Foam contours to the body to deepen pressure relief. The new version is still wrapped in the same Puffy Cloud Cover for a soft and breathable touch. Can the quality of the materials in the Puffy Lux outperform an option with a lower price? Continue reading to find out.

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DreamCloud – Overview:

puffy lux vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud is a 15-inch thick hybrid mattress. It combines memory foams, natural latex, and a coil set to achieve a balanced feel. This mattress has one universal feel that should appeal to any sleeper. With 8 layers of diverse materials in all, this mattress comes in at a lower price than many competitors. The Bestrest Coils are individually wrapped and pocketed to prevent motion transfer.

Naturally aerated latex and gel-infused memory foams provide cooling benefits. You’ll experience consistent edge support for full sleeping usage and some sitting. Will you have sweet dreams on the DreamCloud mattress, or should you keep shopping? Discover how this mattress compares to the Puffy Lux in this mattress comparison review.

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Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

puffy vs tuloThe Puffy Lux comes with free shipping right to your door. It will arrive in just a few days after your purchase. The box will weight around 90 pounds, so have a second set of hands for unboxing. Once you have the mattress in place, just unroll and unwrap it. The Puffy Lux will rapidly expand and continue to firm up over the next day or two.

During this time, you could notice some off-gassing fumes. Luckily, the Puffy Lux is a USA-made mattress, cutting down on the odors you might experience. If you are sensitive to smells, crack a window and avoid the area while it breathes.

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This mattress weighs around 94 pounds. Having someone to help you with the setup process is recommended for this reason. The DreamCloud is simple to unbox once you have it in your desired location. You only must remove it from the box, unroll it, and remove the wrapper. The mattress will rapidly come to life as it quickly expands. It will firm up over the next day.

During this time, you could notice some off-gassing smells. These should be minimal, but it’s something that comes with the territory in bed-in-a-box mattresses. The DreamCloud is made overseas, so it will remain wrapped in plastic and compressed for a longer period. This can contribute to more odors during the setup process. If you are sensitive to certain fumes, you can avoid the area. Be sure to have proper ventilation to speed up your off-gassing experience.

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Puffy Lux – Comfort:

puffy lux mattress reviewOn a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Puffy Lux rates at a 5.5-7. Our own experience with this mattress provided a level 6 in comfort. This feel is great for sleepers of all position preferences and most sizes. Side sleepers will sink in enough at the hips and shoulders for contoured pressure relief. Back sleepers will have a cradled feel at the neck and shoulders without sacrificing support in the lumbar region.

Stomach sleepers will have enough firm support to prevent back bowing. The top layer of the Puffy Lux evenly distributes your weight and provides you with cooling benefits. The comfort foam underneath this gives you a cocooned feel for pain relief and keeps you from tossing and turning. The base layer of this mattress gives you adequate support for healthy alignment.

DreamCloud – Comfort:

winkbeds vs dreamcloudWith specialty foams and a coil set, the DreamCloud provides a balanced level of comfort and support. The memory foams and latex layers will give you a responsively cocooned feel. Pressure relief is easily achieved with a gel-infused top layer. The Bestrest Coils give you a solid support for proper spinal alignment. Side sleepers will get sinking at the hips and shoulders for a healthy balanced sleep. Back sleepers will get improved lumbar support from the targeted zones of the coil system. Stomach sleepers should get the needed support to prevent back bowing, even with several layers of memory foam on top.

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Puffy Lux – Materials and Construction:

The Puffy Lux uses three layers of foams to create the 12-inch thick design. This is true to the original Puffy mattress design, only with a bonus layer for a softer feel. The top layer is the 3-inchh thick Cooling Cloud™ Memory Foam. This material uses conduction and convection technology to draw heat away from the body evenly dispersing it through the surface. It is 8 times more breathable that standard foam mattresses with the added benefits of a gel infusion. The new layer in the Puffy Lux comes next. It is a 2-inch thick Plush Cloud Comfort foam that was created for contouring properties. This gives you pressure relief in any position.

The base layer of the Puffy Lux is the 7-inch thick Firm Core Support Foam. Its Insta-Firm Technology provides 99 percent better responsiveness and 4 times the support level of standard foams. This gives you dependability for every sleeper’s needs. The cover is a silky soft fabric that is breathable and features an iconic cloud design.

puffy vs puffy lux

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DreamCloud – Materials and Construction:

The DreamCloud is made from 7 layers in total, six foam and one coil system. Altogether, this hybrid mattress measures 15 inches thick. Since a DreamCloud in a queen size only weighs 94 pounds, the overall durability and density are questionable. The top layer is a Gel Infused Memory Foam that provides cooling benefits and pressure relief. Next is the Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam that deepens comfort. This is followed by a Supreme Natural Latex layer that gives the DreamCloud a responsive buoyancy. The Dreamplush Supporting Memory Foam comes next to further deepen the contouring effects.

The next layer is a transitional layer of Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam. The 8-inch thick Best Rest Coils are next in the lineup. They are zoned in five different areas and are individually pocketed. Finally, a layer of High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam creates a solid surface for the rest of the materials. This is all covered in the Truetufted Cashmere Top.

dreamcloud mattress materials

Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Motion Transfer:

puffy lux mattress reviewIf you’re looking for a night of uninterrupted sleep, you should consider an all-foam design. The Puffy Lux has 12 inches of comfort and support foams that instantly absorb vibrations. The top layer of memory foam compliments the soft layer of plush foam to give you a soft feel. This cocooning effect reduces the amount of motion transfer that you will sense. A dense base foam makes up the bottom layer. There are also no buoyant materials, like a responsive latex or coil set. This reduces the movement of changing positions and getting in and out of bed. Puffy Lux makes a great choice for light sleepers and couples with different schedules.

Though the DreamCloud includes a coil system in its design, the company took steps to prevent motion transfer. Each coil is individually wrapped and pocketed to isolate vibrations before they can move from one to the next. There are 5.5 inches of foam on top of the coil set and 1.5 inches underneath. The use of memory foams makes the DreamCloud even more appealing for light sleepers. The design is a system that absorbs movement created when changing positions or getting in and out of bed. This means less disturbance for you and your partner. Even with opposite sleeping schedules, your sleep should be undisrupted.

Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Sleeping Cool:

The Puffy Lux kept the same Cooling Cloud Foam in its updated design. It uses a conduction and convection technology to draw heat away from the body. The gel infusion then evenly distributes the temperature throughout the surface of the mattress. This memory foam has 8 times the airflow of standard foam mattresses. The Firm Core Support Foam gives the mattress a supportive feel that keeps you from sinking in too far. You can also change positions more easily with this durable material. The cover of the Puffy Lux is breathable and soft. It is cool to the touch upon getting in bed. Even with memory foam, the Puffy Lux sleeps cool because of the superior benefits.

dreamcloud vs crystal coveHaving a coil system in a mattress design means you will already have increased air circulation. This can make a hybrid mattress more attractive than an all-foam design for warm sleepers. The top layer of the DreamCloud is infused with gel that draws heat away from the body for even distribution. The latex used in this product are naturally aerated to reduce heat retention. Latex is also responsive to allow for easy repositioning if one spot gets too warm. Unfortunately, this mattress has several layers of memory foam on top. This material is known to retain higher temperatures. This makes the DreamCloud a bit less dreamy.

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Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Edge Support:

puffy lux mattress reviewThe edge support you experience in a mattress can often tell you the true overall durability and strength. The Puffy Lux has a solid design with three dense foam layers. You will sleep with consistent comfort, whether you lie at the edge or in the middle. You can even sit at the sides of the Puffy Lux for a short time without substantial sinking. This could be important if you like to sit while getting ready to get up or go to sleep. This bed performs the way we would expect for an all-foam mattress made with solid materials.

The DreamCloud performs as expected in edge support. The Bestrest Coils give you a solid support that can be felt across the whole surface of the mattress. You will be able to lie anywhere you wish with comfort. You shouldn’t feel like you’ll roll out, even right up at the edge. This consistency is key for couples to be able to stretch out for optimal sleep. You can also sit comfortably at the sides of the DreamCloud for short periods. You’ll notice some sinking when sitting that can make it less suitable for more than minimal usage.

Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Value:

A Puffy Lux in a queen size costs $1,795. While this is a higher price than some, it reflects the high-quality materials and design. You can even save $200 with a current promotion. Also, be sure to take advantage of a $75 saving with the code BESTPUFFY75. This brings your final price down to a more manageable $1,520. Included in your purchase is free shipping in a convenient compressed method. A 101-night sleep trial gives you the opportunity to ensure the Puffy Lux is the best mattress for your needs. Finally, a limited lifetime warranty shows that Puffy stands behind their quality products.

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You can purchase your own DreamCloud mattress in a queen size for just $1,199. This includes your free shipping in a conveniently compressed method. You’ll have a full year to test out the DreamCloud with an unheard of 365-night sleep trial. That should be plenty of time to make sure it’s the perfect fit. This company also provides an Everlong Warranty. This means your mattress will be replaced within the first 10 years of use if any defects occur. Repairs and recovering are covered after that.

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Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud – Our Pick!

puffy lux mattress reviewEither of these mattresses would make a good choice for different reasons. If we had to pick one over the other, we think the Puffy Lux is a better-quality mattress. While the DreamCloud has 8 different layers of beneficial materials, the design might not be the most valuable usage. The Puffy Lux has no coil set, so it gets higher performance in the motion transfer aspect. The Puffy Lux mattress has specifically engineered cooling properties in its top layer. The DreamCloud’s top layer is infused with gel. Still, this sits on top of several layers of memory foam before reaching the naturally aerated latex. The Puffy Lux mattress does cost more, but some exclusive coupons can help you save.

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