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August 5, 2019

Our Sleep Guide: Creating The Perfect Sleeping Space

Creating the perfect sleeping space may be easier than you think. While it may not be a room that guests will spend much time in, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a cozy comfortable space for yourself. Especially since this is a space that you will be using and spending quality relaxation time in every night. At Our Sleep Guide we believe that higher quality sleep adds to a higher quality life. Which is why we want to share with you how you can create your perfect sleeping space.

Dedicating a space for yourself is the first step in creating the perfect sleeping environment. Bringing together details that will make your room a personal haven will aide in giving you a healthier and happier night’s sleep. Below we will go through some steps on how to create the best possible sleeping environment for you. As well as help you figure out how to get in the mood to go to sleep. Let’s start creating your ideal bedroom now!

Our Sleep Guide To Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment

It’s All About The Bed

The center of attention, the pièce de résistance, the most important part of a bedroom is hands down the bed. There is no doubt about it, it is even in the name of the room. You can get away with just about anything as long as you have an absolutely fabulous bed in your bedroom. First things first, you need to pick where your bed is going to go.


pick the perfect placement for your bedThe reason for this being the first thing on our list, it because it may determine the size bed you can fit in the room. Whether you like to meticulously follow the rules of Feng Shui or if you could honestly care less, everyone should consider a few things when deciding where to put their bed.

First, make sure there is access to get in and out of bed on both sides. This is especially important for couples. Secondly, make sure you are not blocking any exits or entrances with your bed, that is including windows. If you follow Feng Shui then you know that being able to see all exits and windows is also important. Lastly, if you can try to have your headboard against a wall and centered in the room, leaving and even amount of space on each side. This will be helpful in making the room feel balanced.

After you pick the place you believe you would like your bed to be, then you can map out space for any other furniture you are planning to keep in the bedroom. (nightstands, dressers, tv stands, etc.) Make sure you pick a bed that will be able to fit everything comfortably within the space.

If you want to know about how to create your bedroom a Feng Shui haven, check out Guide To Bedroom Feng Shui.

The Mattress:

Deciding on the right mattress can be quite the undertaking. Thankfully Our Sleep Guide helps to make this overwhelming task a lot easier. We have an abundance of mattress reviews to look through. We also have guides and coupons to help you get the mattress of your dreams.

For starters we suggest checking out our Best Mattresses and Buying Guide pages. These pages can help you decipher which mattress will be best for you. We will touch on a few key pointers to look for in a mattress for different types of sleepers here as well.

Back Sleeper Mattress

Look for a mattress that will conform enough on the top layers to provide support to the small of your back. However, make sure the mattress is also firm enough to give support and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleeper Mattress

For a stomach sleeper, you want to have a firmer and more supportive mattress. While back sleepers and side sleepers can get away with a softer more conforming mattress, a stomach sleeper cannot.

This is because a soft mattress will allow the stomach to sink, causing the back to bow which can cause a lot of back and neck pain. Looking for a good bed for stomach sleepers? Check out Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers to see our top rated beds for those who sleep on the flip side.

Side Sleeper Mattress

Side sleepers need the most amount of give in the top layers of a mattress. While the curves will still need support, a firm mattress can cause pain around pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and knees. If you’re looking for a side sleeper mattress, go to our Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers to see which beds we ranked at the top of the pack.

Bed Frames & Foundations:

bed frames for the best bedroomOnce you have decided what size and which mattress is going to work best for you and your bedroom. Now you can move on to deciphering what bed frame and or foundation you will want/need for your bed.

Some bed and mattress combinations do not need a box spring while others will. Check with the frame you are looking to purchase and the mattress you have to see if you need the extra support.

Something to take into consideration is the overall height you will want your bed to be. Your mattress, box spring, and bed frame will add up to the end product height of your bed. So whether you are wanting a platform or a low profile bed, this is something to consider when buying every piece of your bed.

height of your mattress matters

The preferences for bed heights varies on personal taste and height. However, when sitting on the optimal bed height, your feet should be flat on the ground while your knees are inline with your hips. This will make it much easier to get in and out of bed.

If you are wanting a beautiful headboard but you can’t find a frame that suites your needs for height and support, know that there are many ways to add headboards separately. This is a great way to not compromise on your style or your comfort.

Adjustable Frames

Brooklyn Bedding Adjustable BaseRising quickly back into style, adjustable mattresses for sitting up and adjusted sleeping angles need their own kind of base. In order to use an adjustable mattress, you need an adjustable base. While there are many on the market we love both the Ascension and the Signature Adjustable Bases by Brooklyn Bedding. We love their mattresses and trust their quality. Click the button bellow to check out all they have to offer and to get the latest coupon.

20% OFF Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!

Different sleeping positions have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are curious as to whether your sleeping position is  causing you pain or not, check out our article on Best Sleeping Positions For Pain Relief. 


best pillowPreference for different types of pillows can vary drastically. A pillow that may work for one person, may not work for the next. So it is good to know if the pillow you are wanting to buy is going to give you the kind of comfort you are looking for.

Your sleep position will likely determine the qualities you are going to need in your pillow. Which is why we are going to suggest some of our all time favorite pillows for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers.

We LOVE a good pillow, see which pillows we deem the best on our page 15 Best Pillows.

Back Sleeper Pillow

pillow best for back sleeperFor back sleepers it in important to cradle the head and support the base of the neck. This is why we love Dr. Loth’s Spine Align Pillow. This pillow has a been designed with a specific shape while remaining soft and comfortable. Unlike some pillows that are sculpted out of hot and hard foams, this pillow will stay cool and cushy. All while keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

SpineAlign Pillow Latest Savings

Stomach Sleeper Pillow

best pillow for combination sleepersIt is not always easy to find the right pillow for a stomach sleeper. This is because most pillows on the market are made for the mass majority which are side and back sleepers. However, we really like what Pluto has done with the pillow industry. When you go to their website you can take their quiz and customize your very own pillow for the same price of other pre-made luxury pillows. This way you can get the exact right fit for you.

Pluto Pillow Latest Savings

Side Sleeper Pillow

the best pillow for side sleepersThe struggle for most side sleepers is getting a pillow that gives your head and neck enough support while still being soft enough to allow space for your shoulders. Eli & Elm fixed this problem simply by changing the shape of their pillow. This allows the pillow to give proper support without cutting off comfort for arms and shoulders. Genius! They also have a shredded foam pillow that is adjustable and therefore works for just about every sleeping style and preference.

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Mattress Protector:

most protective mattress protectorYour bedding should always start with a quality mattress protector. Even if you are a clean, single adult with no kids or animals, you should have a mattress protector in order to prolong the life of your mattress. Daily wear and tear like dust and perspiration will slowly but surely break down your mattress.

When picking out your mattress protector it is good to know what your specific protective needs are. The level of protection you can get from a mattress protector ranges drastically, so there is a protector out there for just about everyone.

soft breathable natural mattress protectorIf you are buying for a child who is being potty trained or if you sleep with pets, you are likely going to want to get a mattress protector that is highly protective and waterproof, like the Bear Mattress Protector.

While if you are a single adult or couple, you may only need minimum protection for daily use, like the Avocado Mattress Protector. Either way be sure that the mattress protector you purchase is washable and fits your mattress nicely and snuggly so it doesn’t go slip sliding away underneath you while you sleep.


dogs in the sheets should you sleep with your dogFor optimal comfort, you’re going to want to have a couple different sets of sheets for your bed. Not only is this helpful for those pesky laundry days but it can also be nice to have different weights for different seasons.

We are going to share our recommendations for some of our favorite sheet sets to keep you cool, keep you warm, and also for that “just right feel” for all year round.

Summer Sheets

summer sheetsWhen the days get longer and hotter, it is important to do everything you can to stay cool at night. That is why we like the Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets. These silky soft sheets wick away moisture even better than cotton to help keep you cool and dry. The Tencel Lyocell Fibers are also extra gentle and smooth to the touch. You will love sleeping in these through those long summer months.

Winter Sheets

When it is bitter cold outside there is nothing better then snuggling up in a cozy warm bed and hunkering down for the night. We love the Jersey Sheets by Tuft & Needle for those colder nights. The super soft sheets feel extra cuddly and are perfect for staying nice and warm.

Year Round Sheets

year around cool and warm sheetsEli & Elm make pretty fantastic sheets, so it is no surprise that they made it to our list twice with their Whitney Sheets. These Cotton & Lyocell blend sheets make for a fabulous combination of comfort and temperature regulation.

They will help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also wick away moisture to keep you feeling comfortable through the night. If you are looking for a sheet that can carry you through all of the seasons, these are the sheets for you.

If you have any questions or if you need help finding anything specific, feel free to click here and contact us. We would love to help you find what you are looking for and answer any lingering questions you may have. 

Designing The Surrounding Space

Now that you have your ideal bed perfectly picked out and set up, you can spread out to the rest of the room. If you already own the other pieces of furniture, you can place them around. If not it is time to pick it out and set it up. Be aware of the heights of furniture in relationship to the height of your bed.

what color should you paint your bedroom

Paint Choices:

picking the right paint for your bedroomA soft neutral color pallet is popular for bedrooms because it is so calming to be around. If you want to go for a color outside of the neutrals, blue, soft yellow, and a natural soft green are all popular choices.

These colors are found a lot in lush natural environments making them relaxing and calming to see as you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. If you want to learn more on the effects colors can have on your sleep check out our page Best Bedroom Colors For Sleep to learn more.


decorating your bedroom to create the perfect sleeping from our sleep guideThis is one way you can really add that personal touch to really make your bedroom your own. Now be sure that while you decorate, that you are creating an environment that is calming. This space is for sleeping first so even if you love a color or a painting, if it is too stimulating, it might be better suited somewhere else around the house. Feng Shui has some great tips for bedroom decor as well. Rounded and organic shapes they say is better than hard lines and geometrical shapes in a bedroom as they are softer.

Feng Shui also says that mirrors are not good to have in bedroom, it reflects energy throughout the room and give the feeling of having other people there with you. However, at the end of the day decoration is all about your personal style. So have fun with it, just be sure to create a space that is conducive to sleep.

Getting Ready For Bed

No matter how perfect your bedroom set up is, if your mind and body are not ready to sleep, it is going to be difficult to get to bed. We believe having a good nightly routine is important for sending your subconscious signals that it is time to wind down and get ready for sleep.

Set a Schedule:

creating a sleep scheduleSometimes keeping a set sleeping schedule is much easier said than done. Often times life gets in the way of consistency.

However, if you can attempt to get to sleep around the same time frame every night you will be stunned on how effective it can be to getting to sleep faster and getting higher quality sleep overall. If you need help with resetting your sleep schedule check out our article Fix Your Sleep Schedule.

Setting The Mood:

The setting in which you go through your nightly routine can really help to get you in the mood for sleeping. Here are some of our favorite ways to set those sleepy vibes.

Lighting For Sleeping

sleeping at night with proper lighting to set the moodSet the mood with lighting every night before you start to get ready for bed. Turn down the lights and limit them to warmer tones like candle light. Blue based white lights mimic the kind of sunlight that shines in the morning which will make your mind want to stay awake. Candle light is nice but a night light or bedside lamp will do the trick as well. By doing this before you even begin to get ready for bed, it gives your body time to adjust to the setting for bed.

Electronics Before Bed

electronics before bed why should you turn them offIt is no secret that smartphones can be a great tool or the ultimate distraction. It is the same way for sleep.

We suggest you turn off highly stimulating entertainment like your laptop, television, or smartphones. It is easy to get sucked into these forms of entertainment which can lead to accidental late night binges. They are also bright lights and sounds that are far too stimulating for getting to sleep.

If you cannot turning them completely off, at the very least turn the brightness down and put them away.

Music for Bedtime

music before bed how it can help you get to sleepOne form of entertainment that can help you fall asleep is music. (especially if falling asleep to the sound of silence is difficult for you) Obviously, some music is going to be better than others. Overall you want to make sure it is not to jarring or energetic. Anything that is soothing and puts you in the mood to sleep should work well. If you want to know the kinds of music we suggest for sleeping, check out Music For Sleeping to learn more.

Food For Sleeping

how is magnesium helpful for sleepIt is important to know what foods are helpful and hurtful before bedtime. For example, alcohol and sugar are a terrible combination that will cause interrupted sleep that will leave you feeling exhausted.

While eating foods high in magnesium can help regulate your sleeping hormones. To learn a little most about what we are talking about. Go to Best and Worst Foods Before Bed.

Sleepy Scents

scents for setting the mood to sleepSmells are such a strong way to effect your mood. So if you’re wanting to go to sleep it is good to stick with soothing and relaxing scents. We love essential oils, especially lavender for getting to sleep.

Lavender is such a classic, and essential oils can be used in everything from oil diffusers, baths, and even applied directly to the skin. It is a gentle and natural way to add scent into your nightly routine. Check out Best Essential Oils for Sleep to learn about other essential oils we use and love.


optimal temperature for sleepingYour surrounding temperature is vital to get just right whenever you are heading to sleep. Whether your room is too cold or too hot, either can have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep. Your internal body temperature tends to lower whenever getting ready for sleep, so you can support that process by having your room slightly cooler than you do during the day. A brisk 63 to 68 degrees is suggested for the overnight room temperature. This should give your body the boost it needs to get to sleep faster and stay asleep overnight.

Having your room too warm or too cold may delay the process of falling asleep. Finding a good temperature that is comfortably cool is ideal. Different metabolisms can affect what temperature works for you, so if you are too cold you may need to make adjustments. We suggest trying to layer on extra blankets or thicker pajamas before increasing the room temperature.


sleeping routine for getting better restEven if you are not getting to sleep at the same time every night it can be helpful to have a routine that you do every night. This is great for all the typical reasons like hygiene.

However these small habits can also trigger the subconscious to start producing melatonin and other hormones to prepare the body for sleep. Light reading, taking a relaxing bath, meditating and yoga are all low energy activities that can be great additions to a nightly routine.


meditation can help you sleep betterIf you have not tried meditation or yoga before, trying some low intensity versions before bed is a great place to start. Meditation for Sleep, Anxiety, and Healing is a good place to get more information.

There are even specific kinds of yoga that are meant to be practiced while laying down. It is similar to meditation in that it focuses a lot on calming your mind and focusing on the here and now.


hygiene is an important part of a sleeping routineWe have all heard about how important it is to get your beauty rest. Well there are some tips you can add to your nightly routine in order to insure you get your best possible beauty sleep. Including finding the right face wash, moisturizer, and even using the right pillow case. Check out our page 15 Tips To True Beauty Sleep to learn all of our favorite tips tricks and products to beauty sleep.

A big part of beauty sleep is also simply taking care of your health and wellness. So as you likely already do, it is healthy to use your nightly routine for hygiene habits, from brushing and flossing your teeth to washing your face.


sleeping through the nightWhile reading is a common activity for many before bed, it can also be distracting and overly stimulating. If you need help striking that balance, we suggest reading more in our article Should You Be Reading Before Bed?

When it comes to creating your nightly routine, different activities are going to calm and relax different people. So whether you love to clean your entire kitchen every night before bed or if you like taking a long relaxing bath, find what works for you and your schedule and stick to it. Finding a rhythm that works for you is key to consistently getting a great nights sleep.

Kids Sleep Routines

Bedtime stories nighttime routinesNightly routines are so beneficial to creating healthy habits that also help you to have a regulated sleeping schedule. This is especially true for kids. Creating a solid nightly routine gives kids the structure they need to get proper sleep.

If you already have a child then you already know how getting your kids to sleep well will directly impact your ability to get a healthy nights rest. All the more reason to get you little one on a healthy and regular sleeping schedule.

If you need help setting up a sleep schedule for you kids, take a look at our article Create a Bedtime Routine For Kids to learn some of Our Sleep Guide’s tips and tricks.

Final Thoughts

We hope that Our Sleep Guide has given you some insight into creating the perfect sleeping space. We also hope you take the reminder that while a beautiful and well created space is important, it is also vital to take care of you body and mind as well in order to get the best sleep possible. Wishing you a beautiful bedroom and even better sleep.

our sleep guide to creating the perfect sleeping environment

Hopefully we have answered all your your questions to get the best sleep!
If you are looking for anything specific or if you have a question that needs answering, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk to you.