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June 4, 2018

Oceano vs DreamCloud

oceano vs alexander hybridA hybrid sleep mattress will provide sleepers with some great benefits for all night comfort. Coil systems provide support, durability, and cooling properties. Foams give you a contoured comfort and prevent motion transfer. Two choices you will find when searching for your new hybrid are the Oceano Mattress and the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress. In this DreamCloud vs Oceano mattress review, you’ll see they both have some great benefits that will help you sleep soundly.

However, one of these luxury hybrid mattresses is a much better quality than the other for the most comfortable sleep you can get. Read through our in-depth Oceano vs DreamCloud comparison buying guide and review to find out which one is the best choice for you.

Oceano – Overview:

oceano vs dreamcloudAn amazing hybrid mattress to consider for your new bed is the Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress. It could even be the best hybrid mattress of all the others on the market right now for the best sleeping experiences.With the quality materials chosen, it is easy to see why it provides so much coolness and comfort so you won’t sleep hot throughout the night at all. This medium feeling bed supports and cradles your body in all the right places and offers outstanding pressure relief too.

Superb levels of temperature regulation also make this an outstanding selection. You also get exceptional levels of edge support for a completely usable surface and less motion transfer and greater motion isolation. What makes the purchase of this top comfort mattress a no-brainer comes into the price. You can get your new Oceano for the same price or even lower than other competitors out there. Read on to see how the Oceano stands up to the DreamCloud.

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DreamCloud – Overview:

oceano vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that stands 15 inches tall. Weighing in at just under 100 pounds, this mattress uses some less dense materials. It is made mostly from various foams to give you a contoured comfort. There is a layer of 8-inch “Bestrest” coils to provide support and responsiveness.

This bed is equipped with some additional features to keep you sleeping cooler. There are breathable materials that promote good air circulation. This mattress is not made in the USA, so there is likely to be a more noticed amount of off-gassing and less certified materials. It also lacks some of the benefits when it comes to sleeping cooler and edge support compared to other hybrids too.

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Oceano vs DreamCloud – Delivery:

The delivery process with the Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress couldn’t be simpler. This hybrid bed is compressed and roll-packed into a box for easy shipping with Fed-Ex. When you place your order, your Oceano will arrive within five to ten business days. You can also choose a White Glove Delivery service for an extra $199.

This service is included at no charge for King and California King sizes. You won’t have to lift a finger with this add-on option. You can also have them remove your old mattress for a fee of $76. If you ever change your mind, you get free return shipping. The Brentwood Home company has thought of everything you might need to make your delivery run as smooth as possible.

The DreamCloud Mattress is not made in the United States. However, delivery time for this bed is comparable to other mattress companies. Your order of this hybrid mattress does include free compressed shipping in a roll-packed box via Fed-Ex. You can upgrade to the White Glove Delivery service for an additional $149 fee. As well as have your old mattress removed and donated or disposed of for an additional $20.

This add-on is highly recommended for those that are more sensitive to smells. That way you can stay out of the area while the mattress goes through the off-gassing process. The DreamCloud has made delivery simple for quick enjoyment of your new bed.

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Oceano vs DreamCloud – Off-Gassing:

cedar mattressBrentwood Home is dedicated to using non-toxic materials for the Oceano Mattress. This product uses low VOC and Certi-PUR-US certified foams and a chemical-free flame barrier. Even the cover uses plant-based Tencel fibers and natural New Zealand wool. Because of these amazing features, your off-gassing experience should be almost non-existent.

The only odor you may notice during unboxing will be from the plastic wrapping. If you are sensitive to smells avoid the area for a few hours and ensure there is proper ventilation. This mattress you will want to let expand for a few hours after the process to make sure you have a good feel too.

All DreamCloud foams are CertiPUR-US approved. This mattress is made without ozone depleting materials, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. You won’t find any formaldehyde or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in this bed. For these reasons, off-gassing should be a minimal experience.

The main difference you may notice is because the DreamCloud is manufactured overseas. The mattress remains in the plastic wrapping longer, trapping in more odors. If you are sensitive to smells you will want to leave a window open and make sure to let it air out. The DreamCloud Mattress will take at least few hours to expand and a full day to firm up.

Oceano – Comfort:

oceano brentwood homeThe Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress uses the company’s newest generation of breathable gel memory foam for superior pressure point relief. The top section of foam is covered with a plush layer of New Zealand wool batting. This hugs your body in a perfect cocoon and has natural moisture-wicking properties too.

The microcoil system below the memory foam provides a supportive response. This creates flexible support and helps to align your spine to give you healthy sleep. Next is a layer of breathable transitional foam allows for deep comfort. The main coil system differentiates in five targeted zones for an optimal level of contouring. When you put all these materials together, you get perfect levels of comfort for all sleeping positions.

The Oceano is about a 5 on the firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. This perfect level is soft enough for side sleepers to get the perfect hug at the hip and shoulder. Back and stomach sleepers will have great lumbar support and spinal alignment. There is no stuck sensation, due to a responsiveness that comes from two separate coil systems. People of all sizes and weights will get the durable support necessary for a great night’s sleep. And we also recommend the Oceano for couples that like to sleep in different positions.

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DreamCloud – Comfort:

dreamcloud mattress reviewThe DreamCloud Mattress has a design that includes comfort for every sleeping position. Solid innerspring coils will give you firm support that responds well to changing positions. You get a cradled firmness at the shoulders and lumbar to properly align your spine.

You can also sleep comfortably on your stomach with this firm support. Memory foams and latex contour to your body to provide pressure point relief in all the right places. Your hip and shoulder can sink into a perfect level when sleeping on your side. Most people should enjoy sleeping on the DreamCloud Mattress. However, the durability and quality may lack long-term comfort, especially for heavier sleepers.

Oceano – Materials and Construction:

oceano brentwood homeBrentwood Home has combined new technologies with old construction techniques to bring you the ultimate hybrid mattress. The main support in the Oceano comes from the main coil system. The base of a queen size is made from 1,130 individually wrapped pocketed 8-inch coils. This foundation gives you durability that will last for years to come.

The lumbar zone and the edge of the Oceano is strengthened with edge retention coils. On top of the larger coils is a transitional foam. This 2-inch thick layer consists of 1.8-pound density Airflux Foam. This segment gives the Oceano additional support as it contours to your body.

In a queen-sized Oceano Mattress, you will find 1,353 2.5-inch tall, individually pocketed micro coils. This responsive section gives your body flexible support. You can change positions as many times as you need to, and the microcoils will follow suit. The very top layer of the Oceano is the sheet of Gel Memory Foam.

This 2-inch thick material is a 4-pound density section that provides deep comfort. Your body gets a contoured hug in all the right places, no matter your sleeping position. This layer also reduces motion transfer and evenly distributes your weight for improved blood flow.

The cover of this hybrid is made from plant-based TENCEL to give you breathable softness. This is complemented with a New Zealand wool backing that wicks away moisture and regulates heat dissipation. Altogether, the materials in the Oceano Mattress provide a balanced comfort that feels custom-made.

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DreamCloud – Materials and Construction:

oceano vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud combines eight different layers of coils, foams, and latex to create a 15-inch thick mattress. This bed starts with a high-density foam for a sturdy foundation. On top of that is a five-zoned “BestRest” microcoil compression system. These coils are surrounded by foam pockets to reduce motion transfer.

Next is a sheet of super dense super soft memory foam. This section aids in lumbar support by contouring to the body in every sleeping position. The following segment contains the “Dream Plush” supporting memory foam. Deep contouring is provided by this high-density layer.

After the “Dream Plush” comes a section of supreme natural latex. This extremely durable element is hypoallergenic and adds a responsive bounce that won’t leave you feeling stuck. A quilted memory foam comprises the next layer. It provides a super soft plush feel.

Next comes a gel-infuse memory foam. This material cradles your body in all the right places with a cooling touch. The final part of the DreamCloud Mattress is the cashmere blend cover. It is hand-tufted to give you a soft plushness as the breathable fibers promote better cooling benefits.

Oceano Vs DreamCloud – Motion Transfer:

brentwood oceano mattressIn most hybrid mattresses, motion transfer can be felt more noticeably. However, the Oceano has high-quality materials that stop vibrations in their tracks. The top layer of the Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress is a dense memory foam that quickly absorbs any initial movement.

Because the coil systems are individually wrapped, there will be less obvious motion transfer throughout. The Airflux Foam that runs between the two coil systems dissolves any movement that may have penetrated through the microcoil layer. We feel that the Oceano is one of the top-rated hybrids for motion reduction.

The DreamCloud Mattress is also a hybrid bed that they made from foam, latex, and a microcoil system. Because the layers of foam and latex are very thick, vibrations from movement should not be felt extensively. The memory foams utilized will greatly reduce any obtrusive motion from your partner. They individually wrapped the coils to isolate motion as well. You could choose the DreamCloud if you worry about being disturbed by your partner in the middle of the night.

Oceano vs DreamCloud – Sleeping Cool:

oceano brentwood homeBoth mattresses already have an advantage to sleeping cool due to their coil systems. The Oceano has many additional features to reduce heat and evenly distribute your body’s temperature. The breathable TENCEL cover works with the New Zealand wool batting to wick moisture away from the body.

The upper level of memory foam pulls heat away from your body and towards the microcoil system with open-cell technologies. The layer between the two coil sets is an Airflux foam that promotes proper air circulation. With two coil systems, the Oceano does a superior job at providing cooling benefits.

The DreamCloud Mattress uses many materials that provide a sleeping surface with a regulated temperature. Coil systems automatically promote proper air circulation for a cool sleep. In addition to the coils, the DreamCloud uses a naturally aerated latex. It also has a gel infusion in some of the foam layers to absorb some of your body’s heat.

Due to the thick layers of memory foam on top of this mattress, the DreamCloud can’t compare to the Oceano. Over time, you are likely to notice more heat retention in this choice. And even with the latex it is such a minimal amount that the memory foam’s heat retaining ability will overpower it.

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Oceano vs DreamCloud – Edge Support:

dreamcloud mattress reviewIf you want a responsive mattress with 100% usable sleeping surface, the Oceano could be the perfect choice for you. Sharing your bed with your partner doesn’t have to mean feeling cramped with this luxury mattress from Brentwood Home. With two separate coil systems, you will get a solid support that will never feel like it’s caving in.

They reinforced the perimeter of this mattress with thicker gauge steel coils in the 8-inch tall springs. You’ll be able to comfortably sit at the edge of your bed for longer periods of time. You also can sleep all the way at the edge of this mattress without feeling like you’ll roll out.

You will notice less support while sitting at the edge in a DreamCloud Mattress. The coil system provides beneficial support for sleeping. You will be able to use the entire surface of this mattress without a rolling out feeling. However, this consistency does not correlate to overall edge support. This may not be as important of a factor for your personal needs. Still, the Oceano has better quality in this aspect.

Oceano – Value:

You can enjoy the Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress in your own home for just $1,495. With this queen size mattress, you get free shipping, a 365-night sleep trial, and a 25-year limited warranty. You can upgrade to the White Glove Delivery service for an additional $199, and have your old mattress removed for $76.

This sounds like a great deal to us. With this deal you get a luxurious design, and great materials with quality craftsmanship. Be sure to take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF coupon with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15. This coupon code will bring the price of the Oceano Mattress down to a shockingly low price of $1,270.

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DreamCloud – Value:

Your new DreamCloud Mattress will come with a worry-free 365-night sleep trial. You also get the company’s standard lifetime warranty. Purchase one in a queen size for $1,199. This price includes shipping. You can also add on options for a White Glove Delivery service for $149. You can even have removal of your old mattress included for just $20 more. For a 15-inch mattress, this price point is a fair deal. Though, the materials used in this mattress might not make the price seem as reasonable when compared to the Oceano.

Oceano vs DreamCloud – Our Pick!

oceano brentwood homeAcross the board, the Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress is a better choice. This mattress uses higher quality materials. You will have supportive contour in every sleeping position with a medium-firm feel. Dual coil sets and breathable foams circulate airflow to the highest level. It stops motion transfer in its tracks and you can find edge support all around.

While they made the DreamCloud Mattress with great features, it falls short by just enough to lose this competition. Especially when you top it off with an exclusive coupon that can save you an additional 15% OFF the already amazing priced Oceano. Making it hands down our pick between these two beds.

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