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June 25, 2019

Nectar vs Tuft and Needle

We all want a good night’s sleep, but is it really worth the same amount of money as a small vehicle? Maybe that’s a stretch, but mattresses these days can truly cost a small fortune. That’s where our Nectar vs Tuft and Needle mattress comparison comes into play. Helping you decide which of these affordable, deliverable, bed-in-a-boxes is best for you.

nectar vs tuft and needle mattress

The 11 and 10 inch mattresses respectively, prove that a new mattress does not have to break the bank. Both of these medium-firm all foam mattresses are multi-layered and brought right to your door. That means you can avoid the ravenous mattress sharks inside the store. Affordable, convenient, dreamy comfort; what more could you ask for from your mattress? Since you can only choose one, continue reading below for an in-depth review of the Tuft and Needle vs Nectar to help you decide.

Nectar Mattress Overview:

nectar mattressThe Nectar is all about its brand. Although it may be newer to the mattress business, in 2017 Nectar was so popular, it could not keep up with its demand. People had to wait to receive their Nectar mattress, but it was well worth the wait. Now the company plans to keep up with its demand.

As a memory foam, the Nectar is comfortable, yet supportive. It is ideal for most sleepers and sleeping positions. The purpose of the Nectar is to relieve pressure while maintaining alignment. It also upholds the typical qualities of a memory foam; with little motion transfer and a cocooning sleeping surface.

Pair that with a 365 day sleeping trial and it seems too good to be true? But maybe it is… even with a forever warranty this overseas made bed might be missing the mark when it comes to all our sleeping needs.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Overview:

Tuft bedTuft & Needle is also an online brand that is more established than most. Surely you’ve heard about them online or over the radio. Their marketing campaign, along with their budget friendly prices, have been more than successful. In this way, Tuft & Needle has truly dominated their niche.

T&N successfully keeps their prices low while still being 100% made in the USA. The company is proud to offer free shipping right to your doorstep. The only thing that won’t come out of the box is the 10 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. Tuft & Needle is dedicated to your satisfaction and offers both of these guarantees with every purchase. If you want to avoid the hassle of a mattress store and get sleep you can trust, Tuft & Needle is the way to go.

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Nectar – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

The bottom line: the farther and longer it comes from, the more off-gassing. This is a hard concept to grasp when your new mattress has just arrived and you’re ready for some shut-eye.

nectar rolled upThe Nectar bed is compressed, package, and shipped over seas from China to the USA. It is then stored in a warehouse until your mouse clicks the “buy” button. Clicking the “buy” button you will find that shipping is included in the price.

Since there are several holding locations in the US, you should not have to wait more than a few days for your mattress. However, it’s journey was a long one, which is why noxious odors and fumes may be trapped inside.

Mattresses made in the USA will follow stricter guidelines for quality and health, but the Nectar is not made in the USA. This is usually not a significant problem, but less healthy and unsustainable materials may be used. Which in turn, can have stronger and more hazardous fumes, which makes off-gassing necessary.

Nectar Mattress How to Unbox:

The Nectar will arrive in a box weighing roughly 70lbs. Once you get it to its desired location, open the box, remove the rolled mattress, and carefully cut it open. It will expand approximately 50%. You will still need 24 to 48 hours to fully let it expand. This means you cannot sleep on it anyway, and off-gassing can take place. Fumes will most likely escape during this time. It is advised to open a window. Do not put bedding onto mattress until fumes are all released.

Not a fan of off gassing or man made materials? Than a natural mattress may be the best bet. Learn more on our Best Natural Mattresses page. 

Tuft & Needle – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

tuft boxThe best thing that will show up at your door? A Tuft & Needle mattress. The first thing you need to do when it shows up? Open the box of course. At 60 lbs the compact mattress should be fairly easy to setup. With a couple sets of hands, the mattress should be out of the plastic in no time and slowly come to life.

Because it is made in the USA it will follow more health guidelines, but you may notice a slight odor. If you are more sensitive to smells, open a window and allow 22 to 24 hours to vent. By this time, your mattress will be fully ready for you to sleep.

However, you want to make sure you have a flat, even base to support your mattress. Ensure that the mattress is at your desired height level and is aesthetically pleasing. The Tuft & Needle works well with a variety of bases. Including their very own wood frame or metal base. As well as Tuft and Needle foundation too. All of which can be found, along with the mattresses, at

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Nectar Mattress Materials:

nectar mattress in staged roomMemory foam can be yours and you can even get three layers of it. The three layers of the Nectar mattress create its medium-firm feel. Under the three layers is a firm, supportive base foam. Wrap it all up in a breathable TENCEL cover, and you get a true memory foam bed at an affordable price.

From top to bottom, the Nectar is 11” of comfort. The TENCEL cover promotes air circulation, heat wicking, and is bedbug resistant. The first layer of gel memory foam is quilted. This layer also promotes air circulation while contouring to your body. The second layer is also gel memory foam. It delivers weight distribution and pressure relief.

The third layer is a unique, adaptive, hi core memory foam. This is how the mattress supports the body while providing rebound and bounce. The final breathable base layer supports contouring and provides a firm foundation.

mattress layers

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Tuft and Needle – Materials:

tuft and needle box next to bedTuft & Needle also knows that it’s all about layering. The 10” mattress offers two layers to create a medium-firm feel. The first layer is a 3”unique, proprietary, adaptive foam created by Tuft & Needle itself. The goal of this layer is to be balanced and pressure relieving. It is made up of charcoal infusion and gel, which help to dissipate heat. This guarantees a cooler sleep all night long.

This solo comfort layer is a nice thick amount of foam that is made to feel very balanced. By focusing on using a feel that finds a perfect blend of contour with the right amount of bounce. Ideally feeling like a perfect cross between memory foam and latex. Making a mattress that is pressure relieving but also one you never feel stuck in.

Next is a 7” layer of base foam. This layer is dense enough to support the mattress and provides a firm foundation. This thicker than most bed-in-a-box base foams offers more durability and longevity for maximum use. However, you don’t get a maximized price tag.

And of course, it isn’t finished without it’s light and breathable, Polyester and Micro Polyamide blend mattress cover. Not only is this textile soft and lofty, but also dries 6-8 times faster than cotton. Making it more ideal for sleeping cool and staying comfortable. All of these materials make for an amazing mattress that can easily be yours.

materials layout

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Nectar – Comfort:

couple laying on nectar bedThe coup de gras of all reasons to buy a mattress: comfort. However, with the Nectar bed you may find yourself stuck in a rut – literally. Although the one comfort option, around a medium-firm feel, is ideal for most sleepers and sleeping positions. The overseas memory foams used may have you feeling a little too cocooned.

If you like a very slow responding, all memory foam feel, this is the mattress for you. The very top layer is a softer foam that really sinks in. Not giving as much support or any kind of buoyancy to help you change positions. The memory foam layer directly under the top foam is a firmer feeling layer that isn’t great for pressure relief.

Creating a feel that is soft but firm in the wrong places. And ultimately making you feel stuck in one position as well as offering limited relief, especially while sleeping on your side. This mattress may feel like it lacks the support in the top layer that stomach sleepers typically like. And sleeping on your side probably won’t have the best comfort. However, if you are a back sleeper who likes a slow responding bed, it may be for you.

Not to mention, the stuck in memory foam feel doesn’t help with trying to sleep cool. Really allowing your body to retain the heat around it. The Nectar mattress may be a memory foam bed, but the foams may be lacking the comfort you would expect. Luckily you have a 365 night trial period to ensure you won’t be stuck with this mattress when you are feeling stuck in the bed.

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Tuft & Needle – Comfort:

When it comes to a comfortable mattress, that is also affordable, you will notice most are offered in one universal feel. This holds true for the Tuft and Needle mattress too. The Tuft & Needle bed is also a medium-firm feel, however, the foams in this mattress do make it more balanced and universal than the Nectar.

a couple laying on a Tuft & NeedleThe comfort of the Tuft & Needle will appeal to many sleepers and sleeping styles. Ultimately back sleepers will enjoy this bed with a supportive feel balanced with just enough sink. As well as offering plenty of pressure relief and evenly distribute your weight. While stomach sleepers will find the level of support great to ensure their backs won’t bow.

If you are a dominate side sleeper this bed may not necessarily be your best bet. Most side sleepers prefer something just a tad more medium to medium-soft in feel. Really allowing your shoulder and hip to sink in enough. Between the firmer feel and lack of transition foam you may not have the best experience for side sleeping. However, if you like a slightly firmer feel or only occasionally sleep on your side, the T&N mattress will work just fine.

The nice thing about this mattress is the fact that the comfort foam is more adaptable. Even if it is only one layer, it is a thick layer that has been carefully designed to be optimally balanced. Offering a feel that is contouring and pressure relieving while still maintaining support. As well as never making you feel stuck with just the right amount of responsiveness. Making the Tuft and Needle a budget friendly mattress that still gives you a fantastic feel.

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Nectar vs Tuft and Needle – Motion Transfer:

Ahh, the key to a sound sleep; motion transfer. Since most of us mattress buyers sleep with a partner, the perfect mattress is one that feels like you are not sleeping with a partner. That is, you can’t feel their every kick and roll at least.

nectar with girl on itMost memory foams are perfect for limited motion transfer. With its several cocooning layers, the Nectar will do very well. Each layer quickly absorbs excess vibrations. And this is ideal for anyone who shares a mattress. You’re an ultra sensitive sleeper? Your partner is a kung fu fighter at night? Perfect. The Nectar can handle even the toughest tosses and turns. Motion transfer is one of the Nectar’s best features.

Due to the nature of the materials, all foam is top-notch for limiting motion transfer. The Tuft & Needle being a foam bed too isn’t much different when it comes to limiting movements. The foams quickly absorb and minimize any partner movements and create a bed that works great for anyone who shares the bed. Rather that be with a partner, pet or child. Even the rowdiest of movers won’t cause too much disruption.

Pair the lightest sleeper with the Tuft & Needle and you get a good night’s sleep. Pair the Tuft & Needle with the most active sleeper, and your partner gets a good night’s sleep. You can call it a win-win, but for Tuft & Needle it’s all about the sleep-sleep.

Nectar vs Tuft and Needle – Sleeping Cool:

Even with its many attempts to maintain coolness, memory foam is typically still warm. Add on a very slow responding and engulfing feel and you won’t find much relief from over heating. Meaning if you’re a warm sleeper, the Nectar is not going to work in your favor.

bed in roomWith the evident warmth of foam on foam, the Nectar attempts to alleviate heat. By trying to incorporate a gel into one of the layers of memory foam. As well as using a TENCEL cover to create a more breathable fabric to eliminate as much heat as possible. Unfortunately, even with these additions to offset the feeling of trapped heat, the Nectar bed will sleep warm.

The Tuft & Needle will be much more successful when it comes to creating a more temperature neutral all foam bed. By offering not just an infusion of gel beads in the top layer. But also using a heat wicking graphite to pull warmth away from the body. This double whammy of heat relieving properties keeps this mattress a bit cooler.

The fact that this mattress is also a little firmer helps you ride on top of the mattress more too. Making sure that less of your body is in the bed and more airflow gets to you. To top it off the T&N mattress also features a soft yet breathable cover. It is a blend of Polyester and Mirco Polyamide, which makes a fabric that is 6-8x more moisture wicking than cotton. Keeping you cooler and drier, especially compared to the Nectar. Though both of these mattresses aren’t going to be the best for hot sleepers, the Tuft and Needle will certainly be a better option.

Tuft and Needle vs Nectar – Edge Support:

Edge support gives you more sleeping surface as well as the ability to sit occasionally. One of the few missed features of mattress shopping is edge support. You’d be surprised how much this feature affects your daily mattress use.

Tuft & Needle box with man and baby next to itOverall the Nectar performs as an average memory foam should. Per sleeping surface, there is very little difference on the edge. The entire mattress is consistent and smooth. The more useful sleeping space, the more room for you to sprawl out and relax. In terms of sitting, the Nectar is supportive, but for limited time. Prolonged sitting is not ideal. But who really wants to sit on a mattress when you can sleep?

When it comes to the Tuft & Needle, edge support is also pretty average. The ultimate goal is finding a mattress that offers consistent and fully usable space for sleeping. The Tuft and Needle does just that. Offering a solid base with dense yet comfortable top foam that pair together to ensure great sleep from edge to edge. Allowing you to sleep solo or comfortably with a full bed capable of supporting you, your spouse, pets and children.

Like most all foam mattresses, sitting on the edge may not be the best use of your new Tuft and Needle bed. The edge is definitely not meant to be used in lieu of a piece of furniture. But, for the occasional and limited sitting time, it will work just fine. Again, for the price of these mattresses you can’t expect to have it all. For the price, the edge support will be just fine and if it is of concern, than focus on a mattress that uses a coil system or a more structured perimeter. Some of the best ones we have tried can be found HERE.

Nectar vs Tuft and Needle – Value:

nectar blank mattressWhen you compare the price of the Nectar vs. Tuft & Needle, it goes as follows: The Nectar comes in at $850 base price for a queen. This is without any additional promotions or coupons. The Tuft & Needle comes in at $595 for a queen, again with no discounts or coupons.

Even with the Tuft and Needle coming in at a lower price than the Nectar, the mattress is going to check more boxes. Making the value of the Tuft and Needle far better than that of the Nectar. Unless you are very determined to have a memory foam mattress on a tight budget, the proprietary poly foam of the T&N will give you a better feel. As well as sleep cooler, have less off gassing and be more reliable when it comes to long term durability.

When it comes to what else comes with each mattress you do get a trial period, warranty as well as free shipping and returns with both. However, the Tuft & Needle mattress offers the more standard 100 night trial and 10 year warranty. Whereas the Nectar does have an extended 365 night trial and forever warranty.

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Nectar Mattress vs Tuft and Needle – Trial Period & Warranty:

warranty stickerAs stated above, the Nectar gives you more time to make up your mind. 365 days compared to 100 may make a big difference to some. However, most people will have a good idea if your new mattress is a good fit after 30 to 60 days, making both trial periods more than plenty. Besides, why would you want to keep sleeping on a mattress if it isn’t comfortable? Regardless, both companies will also provide you a full refund and arrange for the mattress to be picked up upon return.

As far as the warranties go they also differ between a forever warranty and a 10-year warranty. Both brands will however be prorated to coincide with the use and life of the mattress. So even if you think you are getting a better warranty with the Nectar, it may have limitation in place after a period of time. Meaning both beds will end up having similarities when it comes to replacements and repairs.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – Where to Draw the Online Line:

Although both mattresses have a successful online platform, the differences in quality and benefits are clear. Both mattresses make it easy to purchase, deliver, and return. In a way, you could try them both out completely hassle free. However, after trying both of these beds and seeing which each has to offer, we can’t help but lean in the direction of the Tuft and Needle.

The hands down fact that it is made in the USA gives us more reassurance about the quality, comfort and durability. The fact that it also offers a much more balanced feel when it comes to comfort is unmistakable. The Nectar fell a bit short of offering a feel that really sleeps well for the masses and the complete lack of response leaves you feeling like your sleeping in a crater.

Though both are similar when it comes to motion isolation and edge support, the Tuft and Needle slept much cooler. And the price is very hard to beat. Giving our lean in this comparison to the Tuft a& Needle mattress. So if you are looking for an affordable, all foam mattress that allows you to get the best rest, we recommend the original Tuft and Needle mattress!

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