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Mattress Review Real Sleep Mattress Review

If you are looking for the mattress with the cleanest manufacturing process than the Real Sleep bed is for you. This mattress made with the highest standards in place to be free of toxins. You won’t find anything other than the best in your Real Sleep Mattress.

Real Sleep Mattress Materials:

real simple mattressEach mattress is made in the USA and contains NO formaldehyde, phthalates, toxic flame retardants, ozone depleters or an VOC’s. What you do get is long lasting durability and comfort. This 10 inch thick medium-firm mattress is made of two layers. This mattress uses FloraFlex memory foam made specifically for the best sleeping experience.

The top layer is a comfort layer featuring an open cell design. This helps dissipate and pull heat away fro the body. While the second layer is a dense base foam for the necessary support for proper alignment all night long. Together these layers provide a universal feel that supports most sizes, shapes and sleeping positions. Not to mention the organic cotton cover that adds the cherry on top.

Real Sleep Details:

Each mattress not only comes with the highest standards for materials and manufacturing process. You also get free shipping and free returns in the continental US. As well as a 100 night sleep trial to thoroughly test out the bed for yourself. And a 10 year warranty accompanies this mattress too. If you are looking for a mattress that is as clean as possible in every way take a look at the Real Sleep mattress. Get the latest pricing now at

Real Sleep Mattress by Real Simple

Currently, we are trying out the Real Sleep by Real Simple mattress for ourselves and will be sharing the results of the full mattress review soon. In the meantime make sure to click the above image to learn more about this clean bed. 

Delivery & Off-Gassing:

The Real Sleep Mattress comes with a free delivery option that will be delivered to your home within 7 business days of placing your order. The second option will run you around $300 and will have the Real Sleep mattress delivered within 3-4 days. This option is expensive, but it a great choice for someone who needs to quickly get a replacement mattress delivered to their home. Be sure to count in non-business days to your number of days until delivery.

The mattress is delivered to you in a compact cardboard box, all you need to do once it arrives is begin to unbox it. All you need to do is get it out of the box and remove the plastic wrapping to start the expansion process. Once your mattress is unpacked give it about 12-hours to expand before trying to use it. You will also want to have a friend to help you move the Real Sleep mattress around as the shape can be awkward to work with for a single person. The Queen sizes of this mattress weigh 79 pounds making it a bit heavy as well.

As for off-gassing goes for this model, you don’t have much to worry about. The Real Sleep mattress is made with certified safe foam that won’t have any harmful chemical smells when unboxed. In fact, the only smell you may notice is a new bed smell or a smell from the plastic wrapping. If you want to get rid of the new mattress smell though, just let the mattress air out for 12 hours. Be sure to give your bed a few nights to let it get it full firmness back before passing any judgments on the feel of the mattress.

Real Sleep Mattress – Comfort:

The Real Sleep mattress is made to appeal to a wider range of sleepers and has a medium-firm feel. The mattress rates at a 7 on the ten-point firmness scale, leaning it towards the firmer side of the medium firm spectrum. This makes the mattress perfect for stomach sleepers who don’t need there back bowing during the night and back sleepers. Side sleepers may find that the Real Sleep mattress may not give them as much sink as they would like and may opt to go for a softer option. Overall though, the Real Sleep mattress will be perfect for most types of sleepers, especially couples who share a bed, but different sleeping preferences.

For heavier sleepers, the beds King and California King sizes are suggested for those above 300 pounds. The bed’s overall weight limit is about 750 pounds which will support most types of sleepers during the night. The bed will also keep you cool at night as it is designed with cool sleeping in mind. This makes the mattress a perfect choice for anyone who hates to sleep hot. The mattress also does a great job of supporting your back, shoulders, and neck. The Real Sleep mattress will contour to your body to give you the perfect feeling of support no matter how you choose to sleep.

Real Sleep Mattress – Motion Transfer:

Motion transfer can be a major problem for those who have chosen to share a bed together. This is especially true for couples who end up on different sleep schedules or who have crunched sleeping schedules where every minute counts. To help sleepers make it through the night uninterrupted many companies have worked to isolate motion vibrations where they start. Foam is an especially absorbent material that won’t let your movements disturb your partner. For couples looking for a compromise, we recommend the Real Sleep mattress along with most other all foam models.

Real Sleep Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

The truth is many memory foam mattresses have a bad tendency to heat up at night. Foam is a heat retaining material that can be a nightmare to sleep on if the proper precautions aren’t taken. In fact, we don’t generally recommend all foam mattresses for sleepers who can’t stand to sleep hot at night. That being said, Real Sleep does a lot to help prevent you from burning up while sleeping on their mattress. This is done by using an array of technologies to help keep heat from becoming stuck in the foam layers.

The Real Sleep mattress uses an open cell structure in their top layer to let air flow through the foam easily. This fixes the problem many foam layers have of hot air becoming trapped inside them. This layer also helps draw heat away from your body while you sleep. The mattress being on the firmer side of the medium-firm spectrum will also keep you cool. This helps you keep from sinking too far into the foam and burning up. Overall, the Real Sleep mattress does a pretty good job at keeping a neutral temperature during the night.

Real Sleep Mattress – Edge Support:

One of the most overlooked parts of the mattress shopping experience is the edge support of prospect products. Edge support is one of the most important things to think about when you are about to make a purchase. Improper edge support will force you to sleep more towards the middle of the mattress so you don’t slowly slide off the side during the night. This leaves a good portion of the sleep surface unusable and especially for couples can be a huge deal breaker when debating on a mattress. A mattress with bad edge support can also hint that the materials in the bed aren’t all going to be durable for the long haul.

The Real Sleep mattress will have the same supportive feel all the way across. You will be able to easily sleep right on the edge of the Real Sleep mattress without feeling like you’re slowly sinking into the floor. While this bed is good for edge sleeping, edge sitting is another story. Like most medium-firm foam mattresses, sitting on the edge of the Real Sleep won’t be that supportive. While short spurts of sitting won’t be uncomfortable, longer sessions will have the mattress giving way under your weight even for some children.

Real Sleep Mattress – Value:

No matter how wonderful the perks of a mattress are consumers are always going to be swayed by the overall price. You don’t want to end up paying premium prices for a mattress with two few perks. Or too much for a mattress that has just the right amount of perks. With the Real Sleep mattress, you do get free shipping with the purchase of your new bed. The company also offers free returns in case things just don’t work out. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty to protect your purchase against any defects. As well as 100 night sleep trial to make sure it works for you. Making your investment in the Real Sleep mattress a good value overall.

The Real Sleep mattress like most beds, comes in just about every size you could possibly need. The least expensive option is the twin size which will cost you around $755. While the king and California king size are $1,345. And the most popular size, the queen, is $1295. This puts the mattress is at a pretty reasonable price point.

Materials & Construction:

The Real Sleep mattress is a 10-inch thick all foam mattress with a medium-firm feel to it. The mattress is only made up of two layers, but they both have a plethora of technology put into them to give you a good night’s sleep. The mattress is engineered with exclusive FloraFlex technology to make the mattress even more comfortable. The top layer of the mattress is made with open cell technology to help keeps things cool during the night. The layer is also made to be responsive to your movements and contour to your body no matter which way you decide to toss and turn.

The bottom layer is of course made of support foam. This is where the majority of the mattresses support comes from. This layer is specifically designed to help support the areas that need it most like your neck and back. This is all wrapped in a 100% cotton cover that is soft to the feel. This cover is removable and can be washed in case of spills. The materials for the mattress are all certified safe with no harmful chemicals used. The materials are also cruelty-free and nothing used in the mattress has been tested on animals. This also helps the mattress have no chemical smells or off-gassing when it is unpackaged.

Trial Period & Warranty:

A big hurdle that beds-in-a-box had to overcome when they started to gain popularity was not being in a showroom for consumers to try out. To overcome this, many companies started to offer a sleep trial warranty to let consumers have time to get a proper feel for their products. Real Sleep like most online mattress company gives you a sleep-trial to determine if their mattress will work well for you. The Real Sleep mattress has a sleep trial period of 100-nights. For some reason if the mattress doesn’t work out then returns are free. And you can get your full purchase amount refunded to your account.

If you do end up falling in love with the mattress then you can rely on their 10-year warranty to cover any defects that may arise in that time. If you notice any unnatural sagging or tears in your mattress simply contact Real Sleep. Once your old mattress has been picked up your replacement will be at your door in no time. The best part is that Real Sleep donates unwanted mattresses to charity in order to properly recycle them. This gives you peace of mind when choosing to send your mattress back if you are just not feeling it.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you. If you have any questions or need extra help during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.

Real Sleep Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a simple design and a clean manufacturing process than the Real Sleep Mattress is one to consider. This two layer mattress features an ideal medium-firm feel and free of any toxins. Making it a safer bed for any member of your family.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $785
  • Twin XL: $975
  • Full: $1095
  • Queen: $1295
  • King: $1495
  • Cal King: $1495


The Real Sleep Mattress Review Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a medium firm true memory foam mattress that is cofmortable and supportive.
  • You want a bed that features the cleanest materials and least toxic manufacturing process.
  • You want a USA made bed that features new technology and a company that believes in the best processes.

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