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Mattress Review New Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Mattress has grown in popularity among the online mattress craze in the last few years. Mostly due to a quirky marketing campaign and a unique polymer grid layer. This polymer grid has now been paired with a coil system to create the newest member of the purple family. The New Purple hybrid mattress.

purple hybrid mattress reviewNot only is this updated mattress keeping the unique feel of it’s infamous grid, but is now available in three options. The Purple.2, Purple.3 and Purple.4 all offer a solid coil base with varying thicknesses of polymer. This creates three ideal feels for every sleepers preference. Purple has gained a very strong following with the original and many are very excited for the new hybrid. It will still be ideally cooling and offer ideal support and comfort. This updated mattress is now available and is a great alternative to the original Purple bed.

The Purple.2:

The Purple 2 hybrid mattress is pairing a 7.5″ coil system with a 2″ thick polymer grid. This almost 10″ mattress is the firmest option that is ideal for back sleepers. The coils pair perfectly with the pressure relieving polymer to provide a solid yet adaptable surface. This option is also the least expensive model of the hybrid options with a Queen coming in at $1,599.

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The Purple.3:

The Purple 3 hybrid bed is using the same 7.5″ coil system but with 3″ of polymer. Making an almost 11″ mattress that is the middle of the road. It isn’t too soft or too firm and perfect for couples. Or any sleepers who sleep in all positions and need support with plenty of cushion too. This mattress is priced right in the middle too at $2,199 for a Queen. Making it the most popular option that is most accommodating to various shapes, sizes and budgets.

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The Purple.4:

The Purple 4 is the most luxurious of the three. This mattress has a 4″ thick grid that creates a zero gravity like feel that allows your entire body to relax and relieve all pressure. This is also paired with the 7.5″ thick coil system and makes up about 12″ total. This is the softest of the three and best for side sleepers and anyone who likes a plusher feel. This options is also the most expensive, coming in at $2,799 for a Queen. But worth it for the ridiculous comfort it provides.

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new purple hybrid mattress
New Purple Mattress Technology:

The biggest difference with the Purple hybrid mattresses is the technology driven materials found in them. They all feature the much talked about purple polymer elastic grid. This grid uses materials unlike most other mattresses. Many of us hear about memory foam and latex, but polymer is a bit foreign.

The benefits of this material make for not only a comfortable surface that is ideal for pressure relief but also a cooler bed too. The amount of air flow and heat dissipation make for a temperature neutral, cool surface all night long. This polymer is also more resilient than most foams used too. Making it more durable and able to keep its original feel for much longer. This makes for the comfort of the bed not to soften as much over time. It is also very flexible so it moves with your body weight to ensure support as well as adaptive relief.

Purple Hybrid Details:

All of the Purple hybrid mattresses are made in the USA and shipped right to your door for free. All will come with a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty too. These unique mattress may have been updated, but these updates are sure to add to this already unique bed.

Purple Hybrid Delivery & Off Gassing:

purple vs bearThe Purple Hybrid mattresses come with free shipping in their signature purple plastic durable bag. This bag will show up several days after your order is placed. And be prepared because these mattresses are VERY heavy. They will definitely take two people, at least, to get form point A to point B. But once you get it there the process is the same with either the Purple 2, 3 or 4. Remove the plastic wrapped bed and position on your foundation. Carefully cut the plastic away and let it expand.

During this process it is recommended to either open a window or leave the room for a bit. The polymer in these mattresses does have quite a strong smell that may be too overwhelming for some. The overall off gassing of the Purple hybrids should hopefully pass quickly and dissipate fully. But allowing several hours before putting your bedding on is a good idea. This helps it breathe more and rid itself of these new mattress odors.

The last thing to note with this process is the time it will take for these beds to expand. Upon opening the plastic the mattresses will have a very quick initial inflating time. However, to fully firm up and be at their most ideal feel it will take several hours after being unpackaged to gain full form. Allowing you to sleep on it the same day, but may take a day or two before getting the most accurate feel.

Purple Hybrid Comfort: 

best mattresses for back painThese mattresses not only vary in thickness but also feel. This is direct correlation with how thick the polymer grid in each bed is. Easily enough Purple coincided the names to reflect just how much that is. The Purple.2 has 2″, while the Purple.3 has 3″ and the Purple.4 has 4″. With the added inch of  polymer creating more and more of a softer feel.

Creating a range from medium-firm in the Purple 2. To a more medium feel in the Purple 3. And the Purple 4 being the softest feel that is closest to a medium-soft. Each bed creates a more ideal sleeping surface depending on your preferences and desired comfort level. Giving options across the board to find your perfect Purple bed.

The unique aspect of any of the Purple beds, including the original, is the benefits of the polymer grid in several areas. Once important one is the pressure relief that it provides. In each hybrid mattress, though the firmness level may vary, the pressure relief should still be wonderful in each option. With the Purple 4 even having a zero gravity like effect, relieving all pressure points for an out of this world feel.

Purple Hybrid Motion Transfer: 

new purple 3 mattressOne thing you may find in any of these beds is a bit more motion transfer than you would on a traditional all foam bed. This hybrid not only has a coil system as the core, but the Polymer grid on top has a responsiveness that may move with you more. The added vibrations should still be very minimal making these three options a fine choice. But may be a concern if you are a very light sleeper or struggle with a partner who tosses and turns.

Purple Hybrid Sleeping Cool:

Like the original Purple mattress the hybrids are great for sleeping cool, if not even better. The combination of the open celled polymer grid along with the very breathable coil system will guarantee almost zero heat retention. Creating a very cool mattress from the time your head hits the pillow until you wake up. Giving anyone who sleeps very warm a reprieve from any nights you may wake up n a pool of sweat.

Purple Hybrid Edge Support: 

new purple 2 mattressThe benefits of the polymer grid are great in several areas, however, edge support unfortunately is not one of those. Because the grid features open spaces that range form about 1.5″ to 2″ the polymer doesn’t provide a very consistent or stable feel when weight is directly put on it. Being most noticeable when trying to sit, especially on an edge. Creating more of an ejecting type feel. This is less noticeable while evenly distributing your weight across the bed. Creating a surface that allows you to use most of the bed while sleeping. But right up to the edge you may feel a bit less support.

Purple Hybrid Value: 

The cost of the Purple hybrid mattresses will be more than the original Purple bed. And even quite a bit higher than most of the hybrid competition on the market. Each getting even higher with the more polymer added to them. The cost of the Purple.2 in a queen size is $1,599, while the Purple.3 is $2,199 and the Purple.4 comes in at $2,799. Making these mattresses a higher end bed that is not for the budget conscious. However, if you find this mattress is the best sleep of your life, than it is totally worth it.

Included in this price is also free shipping right to your door. This USA made product also comes with a trial period of 100 nights to make sure it is for you. If not, Purple will happily remove the mattress and fully refund you. It also has a 10 year warranty that ensures the proper function of the mattress.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $N/A
  • Twin XL: $1299-$2499
  • Full: $N/A
  • Queen: $1599-$2799
  • King: $1899-$3499
  • Cal King: $1899-$3499


The New Purple Hybrid Mattress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a mattress with the latest technology that will be durable, comfortable and ideally supportive.
  • You like having options to choose how firm or soft your mattress is, and any option will be great for sleeping cool and having minimal motion transfer.
  • You already have a Purple bed and want to upgrade to the newest and most comfortable option.

Buy Your New Purple Hybrid Mattress Mattress Here Best Price & Free Shipping

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