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Mattress Review Puffy Royal Mattress

When it comes to memory foam mattresses you may think you know luxury. However, with the new 14″ thick Puffy Royal Mattress you’ll be questioning everything you though you knew. This insanely deluxe bed offers 5 premium layers of support and comfort. As well as ingenious advanced technology to help make it cooler, more pressure relieving and like sleeping on the puffiest cloud you could imagine. Keep reading our detailed and unbiased Puffy Royal Mattress Review.

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Detailed Puffy Royal Bed Review

We have the original Puffy, we have the Puffy Lux, but we now have an even more premium Puffy mattress, the Puffy Royal. With even more upgrades, including zoned support, advanced airflow and reflexive pressure relief you’re in for a treat. Upgrading your mattress will surely upgrade your sleep. Learn more about the newest member of the Puffy mattress family. We’ll have all the details of this bed below.

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Puffy Royal Materials & Construction

puffy royal materialsThe Puffy Royal bed is one of the thickest all foam beds we have ever seen. This online memory foam mattress combines 5 unique layers to create an impressive 14″ thick profile. That isn’t even including the plush top too. Below we will go through each of these materials to see just how this mattress fit for king, or queen, is constructed.

Comfort Layers:

When it comes to comfort layers in the Puffy Royal you aren’t short on the complexity of this mattress. With this mattress you don’t get one, two or even three comfort layers, you get four! With each layer providing a different job for amazing support, pressure relief and cooler sleep.

Starting at the very top of these layers is a cooling memory foam layer. This 1.5″ layer of foamt is infused with cooling beads for ultimate heat dispersion.

puffy royal top layer

The next two layers feature cooling and ultra pressure relieving memory foam. Both layers have unique properties to enhance the contouring feel of this mattress. All while being just responsive enough so you don’t feel stuck or unable to move. Making this dual layer of temperature regulating and climate controlling memory foam layers amazing for many reasons.

The layer that really sets the Puffy Royal apart is the middle layer of this bed that uses a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Though it is constructed of foam, there are grooves and channels in this layer that offer amazing breathability and airflow. As well as zoned pressure relief and support for more ideal comfort right where you need it.

Support Layer & Cover:

puffy royal layersThe firm core support foam used in this mattress is one of the better base foams on the market. Not only do you 7″ of solid and durable foam for ideal support. It is 99% more responsive with its Insta-Firm technology. This advanced technology also helps this base foam to be 4 times more supportive than standard base foam too. Making it hard to beat and a great layer for longevity and years of solid sleep.

The details in the new Puffy Royal cover make it an exceptional upgrade to this bed. The upgraded cover on this mattress makes it instantly stand out. The plush cover is thicker and more luxurious than the cover on the Puffy or Puffy Lux mattress. Making it more of a comfort layer than just a cover.

It also is tailored to fit the mattress perfectly. Making the fit and feel even more premium and even easy to adjust with the zipper. Not only is this cover super breathable and soft, it also is stain resistant. This safe and durable cover is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified as well as easy to clean. Making it easy to take care of too.

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Puffy Royal Mattress Comfort

puffy royal best for all sleepersWhen it comes to thick mattresses you have plenty of hybrid options. But, 14″ thick memory foam mattresses are far and few between. This royally fancy memory foam bed is super thick and super comfortable. Though it is only offered in one universal feel it is ideal for every single sleeper out there. The medium, to just slightly medium-firm feel is the epitome of what is considered the “sweet” spot in mattress comfort.

Not only that, but the 5 zoned design creates precision pressure relief that alleviates pressure where you need it. Providing enhanced spine support in your lumbar and back region and a slightly softer feel under your shoulders, neck, head and feet for the best pressure relief.

Additionally the foams of this mattress are paired together intentionally to respond to your body immediately. Meaning that this mattress works with you while moving throughout the night to make sure you wake feeling more refreshed and better rested. The new Puffy Royal mattress ensures you’ll sleep better than ever.

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Puffy Royal Mattress Benefits

puffy royal mattress reviewThough comfort is the primary benefit of a new mattress there are certainly several other important aspects to check out too. Like how good is the motion isolation? Does the mattress sleep cool? How solid do the edges feel? All of these are things to consider which is why we also look at these areas of performance too.

Motion Isolation:

If you want a mattress with little to no motion isolation this one is for you. This incredibly thick all foam mattress quickly absorbs motion as soon as any hits the bed. Making this mattress a dream for lighter sleepers that are more sensitive to movements. Whether your partner tosses and turns, you have different schedules or you have a pet moving about, the Puffy Royal is going to eliminate motion transfer.

Temperature Regulation:

puffy royal coolest memory foam mattressNot many memory foam beds can really say that they sleep cool. However, with the technology driven layers in the Puffy Royal gives every aspect of this mattress a cooler feel than any traditional memory foam bed. Making it one of the rare cooling gel memory foam mattress choices you’ll find that actually sleeps temperature neutral.

The Puffy Royal has unique cooling properties in every comfort layer of this mattress. From climate control foams that are humidity and temperature resistant. To cooling gel beads for better heat dissipation. As well as the science of convection and conduction to pull heat away.  And even featuring a unique layer that has specially designed grooves for increased airflow. All of these properties and work together to provide a super cool bed that is unlike any other memory foam mattress you’ll find.

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Edge Support:

puffy mattress royal bedWith solid edges comes many benefits in a mattress. Not only do solid edges give you a glimpse of the durability and quality of materials of a bed, but also an idea of how supportive the perimeters are. Good edge support is helpful for several reasons. First, it allows you to fully use a mattress from edge to edge. By not loosing the support or comfort when you get close to the edge ensures your getting the best and fullest use of your sleeping space.

Secondly, solid edge support also help getting in and out of bed that much easier. By having a sturdy surface you won’t feel like your are rolling in and out of bed morning and night. And with a solid edge you should even feel of a bit of assistance. Lastly, perimeter support means you have a surface that you can occasionally sit on too. Though we never recommend using the edge of a bed for long term sitting, everyone sits on the edge from time to time and having a bed that supports you is always best.

Puffy Royal Mattress Basics

With each of the Puffy Mattresses you’ll have several added perks. Not only are you working with an established company that has perfect the comfort of memory foam mattresses, but guarantees your happiness. See what else comes with your new Puffy Royal mattress.

  • relaxing on the royal purple mattressDelivery – FREE
  • Trial Period – 101 Nights
  • Returns – FREE
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Works On Any Surface
  • Financing Available
  • 100% American Made
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  • Puffy Donation Program

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Puffy Royal Mattress Recap

If you want a superbly thick and luxurious memory foam mattress than the Puffy Royal won’t disappoint. This 14″ thick 5 layer all foam bed from Puffy offers a universal feel that is the ultimate for pressure relief. While the advanced technology found in the materials and build give create a much cooler memory foam bed and support that will never let you down. With so many 10″ so-so bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market isn’t it time to get a premium mattress?

More Coming Soon!

We are currently trying out the Puffy Royal for ourselves. More details and our personal sleeping experience will be added soon. All we can say thus far is that this much thicker all foam beds really is a dream!
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