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Mattress Review Idle Sleep Dual Sided Mattress Review

The Idle Sleep dual sided mattress is the top choice for the fickle shopper. Not knowing which firmness may be better for you isn’t a problem. This mattress features both of the all foam options in one. One side is medium and the other luxury firm. Not only are you getting two options but this is also the most affordable Idle Sleep mattress. And don’t forget to make it even more affordable with their LATEST COUPON too.

Idle Sleep Mattress Coupon

Idle Sleep Dual Sided Mattress Overview:

idle sleep dual sided mattress reviewThe comfort of this option should appeal to almost anyone. Especially since one side is more medium and the other luxury firm. This combination gives you two feels that allow you to decide which is best for you. This 12″ thick bed is all foam and features great comfort regardless of which side you pick. The Idle cooling buoyancy foam featured as the main comfort layer is easy to move on. As well as pressure relieving and very breathable. This foam contours to you and adapts to each sleeping position.

The medium side of the mattress features 2″ of this foam while the firmer side features 1″. This difference allows for the medium side to be slightly more ideal for side sleeping while the firmer side is best for stomach sleeping. Both are great for all shapes and sizes and a good choice for couples. This mattress is also durable and solid making it great for heavier sleepers too.

Idle Sleep Dual Sided Mattress Benefits:

The benefits of the dual-sided mattress will almost be the same as the Idle Sleep all foam mattress. Both are similar builds with the biggest difference being that this one offers both the medium and luxury firm feel. This mattress will also be a great option for very minimal motion transfer. Resulting in very little partner disturbance. Most all foam mattresses do a great job of absorbing any excess movement for a restful sleep regardless of your partner is tossing and turning.

idle sleep dual sided mattress reviewThis mattress also features the patented Idle cooling buoyancy foam. This foam is breathable and doesn’t trap heat like memory foam. This mattress is also covered in a thermocool fabric that works with your bodies adjusting temperature to keep the mattress as temperature neutral and comfortable for your needs. Making this all foam mattress less warm than the typical memory foam counterparts.

Another benefit is the overall durability and solid feel the materials and construction will provide. This makes for a solid bed from edge to edge and a perimeter that provides a consistent feel. This makes for a fully usable sleeping surface as well as an edge that provides some support for sitting too. All of these benefits work together to make the Idle Sleep dual sided mattress a bed that won’t disappoint.

Idle Sleep Mattress Coupon

Idle Sleep Details:

This mattress, as well as the other three Idle Sleep mattresses, are made at one of three US locations. Each equipped with the best materials and capabilities for top-notch construction. Each mattress is shipped for free and free returns are available if needed too. Every mattress comes with a lifetime warranty as well as 120 night trial period. Providing a substantial warranty as well as plenty of time to try your new mattress out.

Getting to try two feels and even having the option to go back and forth between the two is what having a two-sided mattress to some people is all about. If you’re not sure which all foam choice is best for you, then the Idel Sleep dual sided option is the ticket. You get to try both and for a slightly more affordable price. Also, save big with the latest Idle Sleep coupon at

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Delivery & Off-Gassing:

After you order your Idle Sleep mattress online, you only need to allow 2-3 days for production and 3-6 days for delivery. That’s a little over a week for your new best sleep! After those 9 short days are up and you receive your Idle mattress at the door, the first step is to remove it from the box, in the desired location you would like it to be. Next simply setup on the box spring, frame, whatever your mattress will rest on. Carefully remove the plastic and slightly unroll your mattress.

The mattress itself will do most of the work for you as you watch it come to life before your very eyes. Unlike most mattresses, your Idle Sleep mattress will actually be ready to sleep on immediately. This is because it’s high quality materials also have few odors and no noxious fumes, so you can rest easy right away. Any lingering new mattress smells can be cured by opening a window.

Idle Sleep Mattress Coupon

Idle Sleep Dual Mattress – Motion Transfer:

When choosing your Idle Sleep mattress, the last thing you have to worry about is motion transfer. As most foam mattresses eliminate vibrations naturally, the Idle Sleep actually deadens movement more effectively when compared to coils. The foam on foam layers work together to absorb excess vibrations, plus you and your partner will be sleeping so comfortably, there’s little chance that you’ll be tossing and turning anyway.

Idle Sleep Dual Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

Simply put; Idle Sleep mattresses are designed to maintain the same temperature whether it’s 20 degrees or 120 degrees. It’s Thermocool Fabric is one of a kind and surrounds the entire mattress so there’s o way not to sleep cool. The Thermocool fabric is made with smart fiber cross sections to work with your body’s natural thermal capabilities.

It’s not only about sleeping cool, but this fabric also allows you to sleep warm when you are cold for maximum coziness. One of the main materials the Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam is also designed for maximum coolness. This layer is made with Visco elastic chemicals which means it stays cooler than memory foam with even better pressure relief. There’s no way you’ll wake up sweaty with the Idle Sleep Dual Sided mattress.

Idle Sleep Dual Mattress – Edge Support:

The Thermocool wrapped mattress gives the entire mattress a consistent feel no matter which side you choose. This also contributes to the consistency of its sleeping surface. From edge to edge side to side, you will be able to sleep comfortably throughout your Idle Sleep mattress. It’s dense core foam is sturdy enough to eliminate that rolling out of bed feel. This means that sleeping on this mattress should be no problem on the edge, but we do not recommend sitting for an extended period of time. The Idle Sleep offers a standard surface for sitting, but prolonged sitting can damage the integrity of the mattress and create sagging areas.

Idle Sleep Dual Mattress – Value:

The Idle Sleep is reasonably priced at $1299 for a queen. Considering you are practically getting two mattresses in one, this is an unbeatable price since most single mattresses cost even more. With high quality materials, unique sleeping cool technology, double sided, and a lifetime warranty, you won’t find this kind of value anywhere else but Idle Sleep.

Idle Sleep Mattress Coupon

Materials & Construction:

No matter which side of the Idle Sleep Dual Sided mattress you choose, you get high quality materials from top to bottom. To start, the entire mattress is wrapped with Thermocool fabric which is designed to work with your body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross sections. So no matter which side you make the top, it will not only keep you cool when you are warm, but warm when you are cold as well.

Beneath this on both sides is .5” of IDLE quilting foam. This is built right into the cover for added softness and comfort at the very top. Next is 2” of Idle Cooling Buoyancy foam. This unique foam is created by Idle itself, reacts faster than memory foam, and has 4x more pressure relieving qualities. Unlike memory foams it does not trap heat and allows you to change positions more easily.

At the center is 4” of High Density Core Foam. This unique core provides deep support and reduces motion transfer even compared to a coil system. The most important part is that it is highly durable for years of comfort. If that’s not enough, you can also trust in the fact that Idle Sleep uses certi-PUR foams, made without ozone depleted, without mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. The Idle Sleep Dual Sided mattress is everything you want for your sleep, and nothing the environment doesn’t. 

Trial Period & Warranty:

Idle mattresses offer 120-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Both of these are longer than standard in the industry so you know the company backs their products. Not only will you have more than enough time to test your new mattress, but a whole lifetime to enjoy it as well. Remember that like most mattresses they recommend to trial for at least 30 nights to let the mattress settle into its true firmness and comfort.

Idle Sleep Mattress Coupon

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 120 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $899
  • Twin XL: $949
  • Full: $1159
  • Queen: $1299
  • King: $1599
  • Cal King: $1599


The Idle Sleep Dual Sided Mattress Review Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a two sided mattress but can't decide which feel is best for you.
  • You like a durable all foam mattress that has minimal motion transfer and solid materials.
  • You want a bed at a great price form a company with great customer service.


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