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Mattress Review Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress

cypress bamboo mattress reviewWhen it comes to luxury you don’t necessarily have to overpay. This is exactly true when it comes to Brentwood Home’s Cypress Bamboo Gel mattress. This all foam mattress comes in two options for an ideal feel perfect for your sleeping needs.

Between an 11″ medium-firm feel and a 13″ medium feel your sure to be sleeping sound in no time. And this cool memory foam mattress won’t have you overheating either. Keep reading our review of this very affordable and health conscience mattress to see if it’s for you. Also, make sure to take advantage of our exclusive Brentwood Home coupon to get a steal on this mattress.

Cypress Bamboo Materials & Construction:

cypress bamboo mattress reviewDepending on which option you choose, the eleven inch or thirteen inch, you will get the same materials but varied in thickness.

The 11″ offers 2.5″ of Gel Memory Foam and 2″ of Airlux Foam over 6.5″ of Base Foam. And the 13″ mattress offers 3.5″ of Gel Memory Foam and 2″ of Airlux Foam over 7.5″ of base foam. Both are also covered in a bamboo cover with wool batting for extreme comfort. And creates the best cool gel memory foam mattress available.

cypress bamboo mattress reviewThe Cypress mattresses start with a thick layer of firm Support Base Foam. This foam is provides the bulk of the support and core foundation of the mattress. This foam is dense and durable and helps isolate motion as well as prevents noise.

On top of the base foam each mattress has the same 2″ of Airlux Foam. A transition layer between the top layer and base foam. This layer not only helps for deep support but also allows for more air flow. Providing you with a cooler night of sleep as well as better pressure relief, especially while sleeping on your side.

On top of the Cypress Bamboo mattress is a thick layer of Gel Memory Foam. Though the softer option has a bit more of this foam, both beds offer similar benefits from it. The pressure relief of this foam helps your weight distribute evenly and pressure points are alleviated. It has an ideal amount of cradle and cushion for great support as well as comfort. And helps minimize motion transfer too.

cypress bamboo mattress review

These three layers of foam are covered in a layer of New Zealand wool. This natural material is great for wicking away moisture and regulating temperature. It keeps the mattress sleeping comfortable regardless of the time of year and also is a great natural fire barrier too.

This is covered in a Bamboo zippered cover that is made from eco-friendly bamboo cellulose. Its not only soft and durable but also can be removed for easy cleaning.

cypress bamboo mattress review
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Cypress Bamboo Mattress Benefits:

When it comes to the benefits from this combination of materials you won’t be lacking. Now that you know exactly how this mattress is made you will understand better of how the materials and construction will affect the comfort of this mattress. As well as the motion transfer, sleeping cool and edge support too.

  • Comfort Overview:

cypress bamboo mattress reviewThe Cypress Bamboo Mattress by Brentwoo Home comes in not one, but two comfort options. Giving you more choice in how firm or soft you would like your bed to be. Both of these options will appeal to sleepers depending on your size, shape and sleeping preferences. Though both feature the same great all foam build and use of pressure relieving memory foam. Making a mattress that won’t break the budget as well as feel great.

  • Comfort Side Sleepers:

If you are a dominant side sleeper than the 13″ medium option is the one for you. This option is a bit thicker as well as softer which will help your shoulder and hips sink in just a bit better. This creates better pressure relief and more ideal comfort on your side. It is one of the best cool gel memory foam mattress options for side sleepers. If you prefer sleeping on a firmer surface the 11″ isn’t too bad. But, may not give you quite enough contouring that you’ll need.

  • Comfort Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers tend to have more room to choose than stomach or side sleepers. Mostly because as long as you have the necessary support it than comes down to preference. Both the 11″ and 13″ Cypress Bamboo mattress will have ideal support. And since medium and medium-firm feels work great for back sleepers, it really just depends on what you like better. If you prefer having a more “in” the bed feel, than the 13″ is better. But, if you like feeling more “on” the bed than the 11″ is for you.

  • Comfort Stomach Sleepers:

cypress bamboo mattress reviewWhen it comes to sleeping on your stomach you want a more medium-firm to firm feel. This means the 11″ Cypress Bamboo mattress will be more ideal for dominant stomach sleepers. The slightly firmer feel over the 13″ model will help your back from bowing and give you a more even and dense sleeping surface.

  • Comfort Combination Sleepers:

Combination Sleepers will appreciate both of these cool memory foam mattress options. However, the 13″ may be a better choice between the two. This option is right in the middle of firmness, making it more ideal for side sleeping. Which tends to be most peoples dominant sleeping position. However, mattresses do only get softer with time. So starting out a little on the firmer side may be better long term. Also, if you are a heavier or overweight sleeper having extra density of the 11″ option would be better too.

  • Motion Transfer:

In an all foam mattress motion transfer is very rarely an issue. Especially when you specifically use memory foam. This slower responding and dense foam quickly absorbs vibrations. And the middle transition foam along with the dense base foam also absorb movements from above. Making the Cypress Bamboo mattress great for anyone who is more sensitive to movements.

Ideally the 13″ will do even better at isolation motion, since it has a thicker layer of memory foam as well features a bit of a softer fee. It may not even be detectable, but the 11″ may have just a smidge less. Regardless of which option you go with this bed is great for couples and will really help minimize any sleep disturbances caused by movement.

  • Sleeping Cool:

When it comes to sleeping cool the Cypress Bamboo mattress by Brentwood Home offers a few details to help. With any all foam mattress it is much easier to retain heat, since it has no place to go. Which is why several elements are specifically chosen to help regulate this. For starters the wool used right below the Bamboo cover is a great temperature regulator. It also helps with circulation as well as wicks away moisture. Helping solve the problem right where it starts.

cypress bamboo mattress reviewThe Gel Memory Foam in the Cypress Bamboo mattress also helps offset the heat typically retained in memory foam. Though this material tends to warm up, offsetting it with a heat dissipating gel does help. And if nothing else, the middle foam layer of Airlux Foam is there to help with air flow and heat dissipation. Giving a place to any retained heat to escape.

Lastly, the firmness of the mattress will again affect this area. With a mattress that is firmer, like the 11″ model, you will sink in a little less. This creates less heat retention than you would get in the 13″ model. By riding more on top of the mattress you’ll have more of your body exposed to air flow, keeping you cooler longer. All of these add up to create a cool memory foam mattress that you are sure to love.

  • Edge Support:

cypress bamboo mattress reviewThe edge support of the perimeter is often times a good indicator of how much of the mattress you can really use. By having a more consistent feel that doesn’t change when you’re on the edge means more of the mattress is able to be slept on. So having quality edge support helps you sleep better and allow for a more durable, long lasting bed.

With the Cypress Bamboo mattress by Brentwood Home you should have a sleep surface the evenly distributes your weight. As well as offers a consistent feel even up to the edges. Though it is good for sleeping, you may not have the same success while sitting. This mattress may offer a minimal amount of support while using the edge to sit. Especially for long periods of time.

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Cypress Bamboo Mattress General Information:

Below is a general rundown of what is included with the purchase of a Cypress Bamboo mattress. And for that matter, all the mattresses that come from Brentwood Home. Though the price of the mattress is a set number, the value is determined by combining the above benefits and materials with the price. Together they create a more comprehensive look at what you are getting for what you are paying.

  • Value:

cypress bamboo mattress reviewThe Cypress Bamboo mattress is the most affordable mattress offered by Brentwood Home. The 11″ model is $500 for queen size. While the 13″ queen comes in at just $600. This mattress is available in every size option, with prices adjusted accordingly. For a mattress of this quality and thickness you will unlikely find a better deal. Most mattresses in this caliber usually come in between $800 to $1200.

If you have been wanting a memory foam mattress but have been on the fence of spending more than you’d like, the Cypress mattress may be the answer. Not only do you get an awesome bed for half of most other popular brands cost. You also get free delivery and 365 nights to try it out. As well as a 25 year warranty. What is not to love about all of the benefits of this mattress topped with a great price point?

One of the best things about this mattress is the cool gel memory foam and the price. But, we can take it a step further! We have an exclusive 15% Off Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress Coupon. Just follow the link below to use our Brentwood Home coupon code on any of their products. Allowing you to save on the best cool memory foam mattress, the best pillows and awesome yoga accessories too. This Brentwood Home discount code will bring this mattress down to a very affordable mattress option. Making it also the best value mattress!

  • Delivery:

cedar mattressWith any of the Brentwood Home mattresses you get free shipping and free returns. As well as the option to upgrade to in home delivery too. This means that for an added cost you can have your new mattress hand delivered and set up for you. Otherwise, the bed is shipped in a large, but manageable box right to your door. Than all you need to do is bring it to your bedroom and open it up. All in all, an easy process that doesn’t cost you anything extra.

  • Trial Period:

Another amazing bonus of buying a mattress with Brentwood Home is the lengthy trial period. They give you a full 365 days to test out the mattress. That is a FULL YEAR of making sure the Cypress Bamboo mattress is for you. And after 274 days you decide it isn’t. No big deal. You can return it for free and get a full refund. All of this is even arranged by Brentwood Home to make the process as simple as can be. No strings attached and no commitment necessary until that year is up.

  • Warranty:

Brentwood Home also brings a great warranty to the table too. The extra long 25 year warranty is hard to find in the mattress industry. Giving you the reassurance that your mattress will last. This warranty helps guarantee that you will get plenty of sleep filled nights and if you have any issues Brentwood Home is sure to take care of you and your Cypress Bamboo mattress.

  • Customer Feedback:

More Coming Soon! There is certainly plenty of praise when it comes to the Cypress Bamboo mattress by Brentwood Home. We will be including some first hand experience soon!

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Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.

Cypress Bamboo Mattress Rating
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  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating

The Cypress Bamboo Memory Foam mattress by Brentwood Home is an amazing value! Choose between two thicknesses and comforts for an unbelievable sleeping experience. This mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for a thick, well made all foam mattress at a steal of a deal.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 365 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty: 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $310 - $350
  • Twin XL: $325 - $375
  • Full: $430 - $500
  • Queen: $500 - $600
  • King: $630 - $750
  • Cal King: $630 - $750