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Mattress Review Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

The Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress that is as pure as it is comfortable. This bed takes natural materials and their inherent benefits to provide a luxury and durable sleeping solution. The Bloom uses a combination of Talalay latex and Joma wool for a healthy mattress, even giving you two options between a 100% latex mattress or choosing the core support of a latex hybrid mattress with coils.

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Bloom Latex Mattress – Brief Review: 

The Bloom all latex mattress is 10″ of pure and safe natural materials that provide long term, durable support, as well as optimal comfort and resilient buoyancy to easily change sleeping positions on. The base of this bed uses 6″ of thick yet plush Talalay latex. Over this is another 3″ of Talalay latex that creates either a soft, medium or firm feel depending on which you choose. Over the very top is 1.25″ of breathable and moisture wicking Joma wool, as well as the soft and natural feel of organic cotton to top it off. This mattress provides ideal support and comfort while easily adapting to every inch of your body, giving you the best natural mattress option out there.

bloom by brooklyn bedding

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Bloom Hybrid Latex Mattress – Brief Review: 

The Bloom Hybrid latex mattress is very similar to the all foam bloom, except instead of a firmer base foam it has coils. Similar to the all latex mattress it features a 3″ top comfort layer of Talalay latex as well as thick 1.25″ of Joma wool under an organic cotton cover. However, under these natural plush layers is an 8″ thick Quantum coil system over a 1″ thick dense base foam, creating a thicker 13″ mattress that is also supreme for comfort, support and durability. This option is equally appealing but if you like the reinforced feel of coils and thicker mattress, may be even better for you.

bloom by brooklyn bedding

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Brooklyn Bedding – Brief Review: 

Brooklyn Bedding started out with one “best mattress” approach to the online market. However, in the last year they have expanded their brand to a variety of nearly a dozen varying mattress choices. Giving you specialized beds that will work for almost every sleeper. They are easily able to do this because of their in house manufacturing that allows them to harness the best practices, materials and construction. All while keeping prices affordable for their customers.

Whichever Brooklyn Bedding mattress you decide is best for you will ship free of any additional charge. The Bloom mattresses are made in the USA. Once competed they are compressed and rolled up to be put in a conveniently shipped box. It will also come with 120 nights to try out the mattress during it’s trial period as well as free returns too. Included is also a 10 year warranty to cover any possible defects or manufacturing flaws.

Check out our first thoughts on the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid mattress below! Full review and video coming soon!

Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding Review: 

Currently we are testing out the new Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding mattress. Our full review will be up soon and we will include all the details on what to expect form this mattress. In the meantime, make sure to check out our other popular Brooklyn Aurora and Brooklyn Signature reviews. As well as visit to see the bed for yourself.

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Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Rating
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  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 120 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $1099 & $1699
  • Twin XL: $1149 & $1749
  • Full: $1299 & $1999
  • Queen: $1499 & $2249
  • King: $1899 & $2899
  • Cal King: $1899 & $2899