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Custom Mattresses

Custom mattresses are just that, customizable specifically for your preferences. The beds in the custom mattress review section are beds that are either come with adjustable options you choose while ordering or are custom made just for you. Some mattresses will come with ways to vary the feel, whether it be two sides you can flip between or adjustable layers that can be swapped. Other mattresses are made to order after a short survey is taken during the order process. These mattresses are than engineered and designed to your ideal preference and support needs to create a mattress just for you.

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Find Your Perfect Custom Mattress Below

Below you will find our list of custom mattresses we have tried along with links to each review to get an in depth look at each of these beds and how they may work for you. If you want to skip the detail reviews and take a quick look at our condensed reviews side by side, check out our Mattress Comparison Tool. This allows you to select your favorite mattresses and see how they compare next to each other.

*The below pricing references the cost of a queen size mattress and does NOT reflect any coupons or discounts.

Custom Mattresses

Natural Latex
2 Sided - Luxury Plush & Gentle Firm
Natural Latex
Medium & Firm
Custom Hybrid
Soft, Medium & Firm
Latex, Memory & Poly Foam
Soft, Medium & Firm
Foam Combo