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Mattress Giveaway: PROPEL

Congratulations to our Propel Mattress winner!

Thank you to all who entered! Even if you didn’t win this one, don’t worry, there’s more! Our next mattress giveaway will be starting soon! Make sure you check back in early September to sign up for the next free mattress we’ll be giving away. More details coming soon!

Propel Mattress:mattress giveaway propel

Who wouldn’t want to win a brand new mattress for free? Especially when it’s as easy as simply entering your name and email! Enter our Mattress Giveaway below for your chance to win a Queen size PROPEL MATTRESS!

Our current giveaway mattress is the Propel Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding. We recently tried out this amazing hybrid mattress and were seriously impressed. The combination of ideal comfort with great support made for solid mattress. The benefits your sleep will get are amazing and the price was even more amazing.

Learn more about this mattress in our full Propel Mattress Review.¬†Also, check out our video and brief overview below the Propel mattress giveaway sign-up to learn more. Can’t wait? Shop now and get the latest Propel mattress coupon at

Propel Mattress Giveaway:

*To enter the Propel Mattress Giveaway simply fill out the form below. We will collect the entries up until midnight on August 31st. Then, on September 3rd we will announce the lucky winner. If you’re the lucky winner we will contact you with the information provided, so please make sure it is correct.

No longer taking entries!

Propel Mattress Overview:

Like its name suggests, the Propel mattress is guaranteed to help “propel” you into the next day. Allowing you to feel refreshed, energized and well rested. By offering you a mattress in a perfect medium feel that combines coils and foams to ideally adapt to your body. Creating pressure relief for your body in any sleeping position. And with a specialized textile to cover the bed to help you recover naturally while you sleep.

This mattress is sure to be a favorite for a variety of sleepers. Allowing you to sleep cool with a temperature neutral combination of materials. A build that reduces partner disturbance and a long lasting, durable feel that will feel solid for year.

All of this comes at a very affordable price point that gets even better with the latest Propel promo code. As well as a 120 night sleep trial, a 10 year warranty and free shipping and returns. Learn more about this mattress in our full Propel Mattress Review.

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