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December 31, 2018

Puffy vs Leesa Mattress Comparison

When it comes to 10″ all foam mattresses there is no shortage of options. The opportunity to compare is endless and learning what sets each apart is important when figuring out which is best for you. In our Puffy vs Leesa mattress review, we are taking two popular brands and putting them side by side. Looking at the similarities, differences and what would make each a good choice. Remember to check out our mattress coupons along the way.

Puffy Mattress Overview & Video Review:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonPuffy is a two-layer memory foam bed introduced in 2017 that has quickly gained popularity. It’s compared to sleeping on a cloud making the thought of this mattress very appealing.

The focus of this mattress is adaptable pressure relief and cooling cloud foam that is more temperature neutral. Creating a cocooning and contouring bed that is an ideal medium firm feel and perfect for almost anyone. This bed also being ideally pressure relieving as well as contouring with ample support.

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Leesa Mattress Overview & Video Review:

leesa vs puffyLeesa is also a popular brand that veers away from the more typical all memory foam feel. They incorporate a more responsive and less warm Avena foam as the top layer to help you sleep cooler. This then sits on top of a layer of more contouring memory foam layer. These mattress layers make for a very comfortable bed.

This combination of performance foams creates a very balanced feel that works well for many sizes and all sleeping positions. The ideal firmness is just a touch firmer than a medium. It provides ideal support as well as pressure relief and is easy to move on.

Puffy vs Leesa Review:

Below we will be briefly comparing Leesa vs Puffy in a combined review. We will go over how they compare in delivery and off-gassing, comfort and materials. As well as motion transfer, sleeping cool, edge support and value. Keep reading to see which is the right choice for you.

Delivery & Off Gassing:
casper vs puffy mattress comparison

Both the Leesa and Puffy are made in the USA. Once they are ready to ship they are compressed, rolled and put into a fairly compact box. The delivery process is easy and your mattress will be delivered right to your door. Both of these beds are right around 70 lbs. It may take two people to set up, but both are actually fairly easy to move if you are on your own too.

The biggest difference may be that Puffy is made to order. Meaning that your mattress isn’t made until your order is placed. Once it is complete it is boxed and immediately shipped. Thus making the time it is wrapped in plastic minimal. This helps keep off-gassing to a minimum since it is spending the least amount of time as possible wrapped in tight plastic.

Neither Puffy nor Leesa will produce much off-gassing or noxious odors. However, the Puffy did have noticeably less fumes when we unboxed both. Either way it is a good idea to let any bed in a box dissipate any fumes for several hours before sleeping on it.

Regardless, both mattresses will need several hours not only to air out but also expand. Both of these all-foam beds will take about 24 hours to fully expand and firm up to get a true feel.


When looking at comfort from an objective viewpoint it is best to stick with the facts. Both of these beds come in one universal feel. This feel will fall on a firmness scale that will roughly give you an idea of what sleeping positions the mattress is most ideal for. Both the Puffy and Leesa will fall in an ideal spot on the firmness scale that should work for the majority of people resulting in a great sleeping experience.

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Puffy Comfort

The Puffy mattress is a medium firm feeling mattress that will fall around a 7. This makes the Puffy an ideal mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who like a slightly firmer feel. It will also work for any side sleepers who like a more supportive feel as well. If you like something more medium to soft than this one may be a little too firm for you. Also, this mattress would be good for a heavier person too. Having a dense and solid feel will help the mattress accommodate more weight.

Leesa Comfort

The Leesa is also considered a medium firm mattress as well but comes in a little softer at a 6. This is right in the sweet spot of firmness that works great for all sleeping positions. It is still supportive enough for stomach sleepers but also just soft enough to be comfortable for side sleepers too. This is a slightly more ideal firmness level if you sleep in all positions and for couples too.

Puffy Materials:

puffy vs nolah

Leesa Materials:

leesa mattress review

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Motion Transfer:

Neither of these all foam beds produce a lot motion transfer. However, the Puffy uses only memory foam while the Leesa incorporates a more responsive top layer of Avena foam. This foam is going to create a slightly more buoyant feeling, especially on the top. It isn’t anything overly disturbing but when comparing these two beds side by side the Puffy does have better motion isolation.

Puffy Sleeping Cool:

Puffy and Leesa feature materials that are meant to aid in keeping the mattress more temperature neutral. For all foam beds, both do fairly well for not producing much excess heat. Puffy is a firmer mattress that keeps you from sinking in too much. It also uses technology that helps dissipate heat 8x better than standard memory foam.

Leesa Sleeping Cool:

The Leesa has a top layer of convoluted and aerated Avena foam. This foam is not only more responsive but also has holes to help dissipate heat. It also has a unique shape that create pockets of space on the bottom to help create more air flow. Both the Leesa and Puffy mattress will sleep fairly comfortably for all foam bed from a temperature standpoint.

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Edge Support:

Edge support focuses on the strength and sturdiness of the perimeter of the mattress. This is important for having a fully usable sleeping surface as well as if you sit on the edge of the bed at all.

From a sleeping standpoint, the Leesa and Puffy have a consistent feeling from side to side and end to end. This makes it easy to utilize the entire bed while sleeping. Both of these mattresses feel the same whether you are sleeping on the edge or right in the middle.

However, from a sitting standpoint, these mattresses will have less durable edges. Most all foam mattresses tend to lack a very durable perimeter. Making any extended period of sitting less supportive as well as breaks down the side of the bed faster too.

Overall the Leesa and Puffy have similar edge support qualities that make them fine for sleeping but less ideal for sitting.


When looking at the price of mattress make sure you also understand the value too. We like to stress value over price because several mattresses will be around a similar price point. However, what you get for that price determines if it is a good value. Keeping an eye on the quality, comfort and beneficial features along with the price of a mattress will give you a better ideal if it is a good value.

Puffy Value:

The price of the Puffy mattress is currently $900 for a queen mattress. This is with our exclusive $250 coupon, found below. The Puffy also includes a 101 night trial period, free shipping and a generous lifetime warranty.

It makes for a good value that provides a true medium firm memory foam mattress. It uses a thick layer of pressure relieving and adaptable Cooling Cloud memory foam over a dense and durable base. The Puffy performs great for minimizing motion transfer and makes a solid, durable surface for comfortably sleeping from edge to edge. It also sleeps fairly temperature neutral and is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

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Leesa Value:

The Leesa mattress comes in at a price of $940 for a queen size. It also offers free shipping as well as a 100 night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Leesa is also a  good valued mattress. The combination of Avena foam and memory foam make a balanced feeling. The comfort is ideal for all sleeping positions and adapts to most shapes and sizes. It also performs well isolation motion, sleeping more neutral and providing a usable surface. Additionally, we can save you $100 on this mattress too. Just use the coupon code: OURSLEEPGUIDE.

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Puffy vs Leesa Giving Back:

One important and unique factor is that both Leesa and Puffy offer their community involvement. When you purchase either of these mattresses there are contributions made to various organizations.

Leesa is partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every mattress sold a tree is planted. They also donate 1 mattress for every 10 sold as well. This creates not only a brand that offers a great product but also integrity too.

Puffy also has an organization they work with called “Jump for Kids.” This organization also donates mattresses to children in need and incorporates doing so through their social media campaigns.

Puffy vs Leesa Mattress Comparison Summary:

We can say from both an objective as well as a subjective standpoint that both the Puffy mattress and Leesa mattress perform well for online bed in a box mattresses. They have many similarities with the biggest differences being the materials and feel.

The Puffy uses 3″ of contouring memory foam while the Leesa uses a more responsive Avena foam. These mattresses really are going to come down to if you prefer a slightly more responsive feel or a more true memory foam feel.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Leesa vs Puffy mattress review and hope you’ll check out more of our comparisons below to make sure you find the mattress that is perfect for you.

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