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June 18, 2019

Idle Sleep Flippable Mattresses

Idle Sleep is a company that is offering 4 styles of mattresses. What sets these mattresses apart is that they are all 2-sided. Each of the options are American made and are shipped for free. They also include a 120-night sleep trial and a limited lifetime warranty. And let’s not forget the GENEROUS COUPONS offered as well. Below we will go through these four mattresses and what each has to offer.

Idle Sleep 14″ Hybrid Materials & Comfort:

idle sleep mattress reviewThe Idle Sleep hybrid mattress is a seven-layer 14″ mattress. The core is a 6″ Quantum coil system that has 2″ of Cooling Buoyancy foam. On top of the Buoyancy, foams are 1″ layers of Air Flow Response foam and then another 1″ of Quilting foam. The foam layers work in perfect harmony with the coil system to create a traditional support system with the comfort of dense foams. You get the best of both worlds in this two-sided hybrid bed.

This mattress comes in two comfort options, medium, and luxury firm. The medium is recommended for sleepers who change positions as well as side sleepers. While the luxury firm is best suited for back and stomach sleepers, as well as larger sleepers. This mattress will offer superior support as well as ideal two-sided comfort. The option to choose which is best for you makes it even more appealing. And getting twice the life of your bed by having two sides makes it hard to beat.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Benefits:

The hybrid option will be best for people who like solid support. This mattress still offers plenty of comfort, but the coil system creates a solid core. This option is a cross between a traditional coil mattress and all foam, making it a true hybrid. This gives the benefits of both styles for optimal sleep. The price of the Idle hybrid mattress ranges from $1099 – $1699. Considering what you get for this price it comes in at a great value. Not to mention the current promotional coupon saving you lots of money at

idle sleep mattress reviewThe benefits of having a hybrid mattress are plentiful. The core coil system is not only great for feel and proper spinal alignment but several other areas. Including sleeping on a more temperature neutral mattress. The air flow between the coils allows for any trapped heat to dissipate. The springs are also great for adding just enough bounce for easily changing sleeping positions.

They also use pocketed coils which are individually fabric wrapped coils. Not only does this offer precise support but also is great for isolating motion. Making partner disturbance very minimal. Another quality about this bed that makes it great for sleeping is the edge support created from the dense foams and coil system. This makes for a sleeping surface that is fully usable and consistent feeling.

If you want the benefits and feel of a traditional mattress with the added comfort of plush foams, this option is a great choice. If you are looking for a bed that offers a slightly different feel, keep reading. We will highlight the benefits of the other Idle Sleep mattresses below.

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Idle Sleep 14″ All Foam Materials & Comfort:

idle sleep mattress reviewThis option is Idle Sleep’s all foam mattress. This mattress is also 14″ and is made up of five layers of foam. The core is 6″ of High Density foam instead of coils. On either side of this is 3″ of Gel Infused Buoyancy foam and then 1″ of Quilting foam. the dense and durable layers create a very pressure relieving surface that easily distribute weight. The foams contour to your body but still offer plenty of support for an ideal all foam feel.

The Idle Buoyancy foam is a foam that is meant to out perform traditional memory foam. It is more responsive and holds less heat but is still great for pressure relief. This mattress is also comes in medium or a luxury firm option. Again, these choices make for an even more ideal feel and firmness that is best for you.

Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress Benefits:

idle sleep mattress review

The all foam choice is best for people who like the all foam bed feel. It will still offer necessary support and durability but has a truer foam feel. This creates a bed that is thick and solid and will sleep well for a long time. The price of the Idle all foam mattress ranges from $1099 – $1699. This price point makes it a great value, especially when it is like getting two beds in one.

All foam mattresses appeal to people for several reasons. The biggest is the feel that you receive from the non springy core and more dense foam core. This makes for virtually no motion transfer and any sleeper who is easily disturbed by their partners movements a fan. The layers of dense foams absorb most movements very quickly and rarely result in the vibrations making it through the bed.

This bed also is a thick mattress that uses several dense layers of foam creating another mattress with a fully usable sleeping surface. Having the ability to utilize every inch of this mattress right up to the edge is great for anyone who shares a bed. It also helps making the occasional sitting easier too.

All and all, if you are looking for an all foam mattress that you are sure to get plenty of years of use out if this is it. This bed will not only be a super thick all foam bed with great materials, but is two sided for optimal wear and use. Also, the price is hard to beat, especially when you are able to utilize the latest promotional coupon at

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Idle Sleep 14″ Latex Hybrid Materials & Comfort:

idle sleep mattress reviewThe Idle latex hybrid bed is five layers that make up 14″ of mattress. The core of  this one is a 6″ Quantum coil system that has 3″ of 100% pure Talalay latex on either side. On top of the latex layer is 1″ of Quilting foam for added plushness and comfort. The materials are high quality and work together to provide a very buoyant and pressure relieving feel. The combination of naturally aerated latex with the sturdy coiled core will make a mattress that is ideal for the sleepers who like plenty of spring in their bed.

This mattress gives you a fell unlike the traditional hybrid or all foam mattress. The combination of supportive coils with responsive latex result in a bed that offers plenty of spring. Getting “stuck” in your bed will feel impossible in this mattress and you will be able to easily move. These materials also make for a mattress that is more natural, and offers benefits that appeal to a variety of sleepers.

The Idle latex mattress is also offered in a medium and luxury firm feel. The medium is great for the majority of sleepers and will work great for back, side and stomach sleepers. This mattress is also the best choice for couples and will work to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The luxury firm option is great for sleepers who like a firmer feel. This mattress is even more dense and supportive and best for stomach and back sleepers who like to ride on the top of the bed.

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Benefits:

The latex hybrid is best for people who like a mattress with more buoyancy and a more natural mattress. It is the most eco-friendly option of the Idle Sleep mattresses and the combination of organic cotton and latex are both natural green materials.

idle sleep mattress reviewThough this mattress is more buoyant it won’t produce an excessive amount of vibration from moving or getting in and out. It may be a bit more noticeable than the other Idle Sleep options, but shouldn’t be disturbing unless you are very sensitive. The added quilting foam will help absorb some of the movement and overall should still make for a surface that has good motion isolation.

Another great characteristic about this mattress is its cooling properties.  Latex is made from the sap of rubber trees and has a natural spring to it. It is also aerated for ideal cooling and heat dissipation. This paired with a coil system makes these two features even more prominent. This is by far the best option from this line up for anyone who is a warmer sleeper.

Lastly, the perimeter of this mattress is again solid and consistent making the mattress fully usable. This is key in making sure you can sleep right up to the edge and the middle feels the same as the perimeter. This not only allows for full use but also provides a more stable sitting surface too.

If you like to move easily and stay cool, the Idle Sleep latex mattress is a good choice for you. The price of the Idle latex hybrid mattress ranges from $1129 – $1790. This is a great value especially for a two sided high quality mattress with durable and natural materials.

Idle Sleep 12″ Dual Firmness Materials & Comfort:

idle sleep mattress reviewThis 12″ mattress uses similar construction to the all foam but has seven layers. The core is 4″ of High Density foam instead of coils. On either side of this is 2″ of Support foam that acts as a transition. Over this is another 2″ of Cooling Buoyancy foam and then .5″ of Quilting foam. This makes for an all foam mattress that is pressure relieving and very supportive. It also is a little thinner than the other options making it more appealing for anyone who doesn’t like a super thick bed.

Another great thing about this option is that you don’t have to choose one firmness or comfort option. The Idle dual firmness mattress offers one side that is medium and the other luxury firm. This means that if you aren’t sure which one you would like or you like the idea of two varying options to flip between you can have it. The medium feel will accommodate all sizes, shapes and sleeping positions. This may be the more popular feel but you can also try the slightly firmer side too. The firmer option is even more supportive and best for stomach and back sleepers who like to be on top of the bed.

Either way, you don’t have to compromise and have the option to choose one you get your mattress home. Making this mattress a great choice for anyone who may be questioning what is best for them.

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Idle Sleep Dual Sided Mattress Benefits:

idle sleep mattress review

Clearly the main benefit to this option is the dual sided feel that is best for people who may be a little gun shy to try an online mattress. If you want an all foam mattress but aren’t sure what feel you would like, you don’t have to choose. You can have both with this bed. It will still offer necessary support and durability and has that nice contouring feel.

Many of the benefits of this mattress will be similar or the same to the all foam bed. It is going to be another great bed for isolating movement and making it almost disappear before reaching your partner. This one is slightly thinner which actually means the edge support will probably feel the most stable out of all the options. Having less foams to sink into makes for a more solid feeling mattress, especially around the perimeter.

The combination of materials, construction, feel and benefits make the value of this mattress impressive. The price of the Idle all foam mattress ranges from $899 – $1499. Again, having not only two beds in one but two great beds in one make this price great. And, the additional savings means that you are getting a killer deal for this well made bed. Take advantage of the savings on this one or any Idle Sleep mattress at

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