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August 1, 2017

Helix vs Purple Mattress Comparison

You’ve probably heard of both of these “bed in a box” mattress brands. Both Helix and Purple have had successful marketing and advertising campaigns. You may have heard of them, but what makes these two mattresses worthy of your back and your wallet? In our Helix vs Purple mattress comparison review we will go through what each of these beds has to offer. This will help you see them side by side to understand which one may be best for you.

helix vs purple

This review will not only be using the facts to find objective comparisons but since we have been able to try both of these mattresses first hand, we can also lend our personal opinion as well. Both of these beds are unique, however, what makes them unique is quite different. Both happen to also come in right around the same price point, just under $1,000.

Before we start comparing these two it might be helpful to have a general overview of each of these beds. This way you know what to expect.

Helix Mattress Overview:
helix mattress review

The Helix mattress is not only a hybrid mattress but a 100% customized bed too. This process begins during the ordering phase to ensure a perfectly engineered mattress just for you. You, and your partner’s, sleeping style(s), size(s) and preferences are assessed in a simple and quick questionnaire. These answers are then carefully used to determine which specific materials would be most comfortable and beneficial for you.

Once purchased, your custom mattress is made with a combination of foams and micro coil system. Each Helix uses the same general design that consists of a top layer of comfort foam over a micro coil system, another layer of transition foam and than a thick base foam. Each of the foams are altered to coincide with what is best for you. Providing the same overall quality and general feel, but perfected specifically for your body.

The other unique attribute this bed has is the option to also “split” the bed too. This creates one bed with two peoples needs in mind. Each side can be customized for you and your partner. This makes for a mattress neither of you has to make any compromises with. This mattress comes in at $995 for a queen and also comes with 100 night risk free trial and a 10 year warranty. Not to mention free shipping and returns as well as $50 off with code:OURSLEEPGUIDE50 . Click the image below to start your quiz now!

Purple Mattress Overview:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Purple mattress has had its fair share of quirky ads and videos to make anyone remember their Goldilocks spokes woman with the crucial egg test. This mattress features a unique polymer elastic grid as the top 2″ layer of this mattress. The Purple Bed grid is designed specifically with cooling and pressure relief in mind. This grid sits over an additional two layers of poly foams that create more support and a solid base. Making this one of a kind feel unlike most any other mattress you’ve tried.

This mattress comes in right under $1000 at $999. This mattress is fairly heavy but ships for free too. It also comes with a 10 year warranty as well as a 100 night sleep trial.

Looking to learn more and shop the Purple mattress? Just head over to

The best way to learn about these two side by side, is to literally see them side by side! Below is our in depth Helix vs Purple comparison video review.

Helix vs Puffy Video Overview:

Off Gassing and Unboxing:

casper vs helixBoth the Helix and Purple mattresses will be shipped in similar styles. Roll packed and wrapped up in plastic and than one put into a fairly compact box and the other into a heavy duty plastic bag. Since both of these mattresses are roll packed they will need to breathe a bit before using. However, the Purple may need a bit longer to full dissipate any noxious odors. Depending on how sensitive you are to smell you may notice the scent of the Purple mattress longer then the Helix; which had minimal off gassing that dissipated fairly quickly.

Helix Comfort:

The Helix mattress is going to be 100% customized for you. During the order process you will first take a quick quiz. This will ask you a few questions to help design a bed for your specific needs. They then create an optimal sleep surface that will meet your comfort needs. For us, we had a medium-medium firm mattress that was a great compromise for our preferred comfort. It provided just enough support for each sleeping position to be comfortable. We also liked the flexible support the micro-coil system brought to the feel of this bed. The coils did a nice job of feeling supportive and even as well as give enough push back to allow you to move easily.

Purple Comfort:

The Purple mattress is a very unique feeling and universal “one size fits all” approach to comfort. There is only one comfort level available and it falls in the medium feel. This is roughly around a 5.5 to a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. With 1 being softest and 10 being firmest. During our time sleeping on the Purple mattress we found that this comfort level would probably work well for many people. However, the unique feel of the grid texture on the top layer may be difficult to adjust to for some.

softness scale meter
Our Comfort Preference:

When all was said and done we personally preferred the comfort and feel of the Helix over the Purple for a few reasons. We really like the fact that the Helix was designed for us and was a little bit firmer for our preference. We also like the smooth feel of the top layer of foam that has the benefits for pressure relief from the coils below it. The polymer grid on the Purple mattress was okay, but just didn’t give us the support we prefer.

Motion Transfer:

purple mattress bare foamAs far as partner disturbance and motion transfer goes both of these mattresses were pretty similar in response. We felt the fact that the Purple is an all foam mattress along with the unique qualities of the polymer grid aided it’s response to eliminating vibrations. Because the Helix does have the set of pocketed micro coil system in the second layer motion transfer wasn’t much more noticeable but did seem to have just a little extra spring. Neither mattress will have too much vibration created from movement.

Sleeping Cool:

Sleeping cool wasn’t an issue with either mattress. Both the Purple and Helix are designed with this in mind. The Helix will again have the customized materials used which will be in accordance to your sleeping cool or warm preference. The top layer of the Helix will help with sleeping cool. As well as the natural air flow that the coil system will provide on the second layer. The Purple has the top layer with the very aerated grid that will allow for plenty of circulation and heat dissipation. Either mattress should be comfortable for even the warmest sleepers.

Edge Support:
tuck vs helix

Edge support may or may not be a concern for you, but if you need the side of your bed to have good edge support we would probably rule out the Purple mattress. We felt like the edge support for sitting on this mattress wasn’t ideal and didn’t give you a feeling of much support. As far sleeping goes, it was okay. You wouldn’t want to sleep right on the edge, but you can use the majority of the mattress surface.

We felt that the Helix did a much better job for edge support. It doesn’t have a dense foam encasement and sitting on the edge may not be the best. But the coils and base foam doe give you a feeling of better support. As far as sleeping goes you will be able to get a little closer to the edge. It had a consistent feel you could utilize most, if not all of the edge to edge surface.

Helix vs Purple Summary:

Both the Helix and Purple have made unique mattresses that will appeal to many for various reasons. Either option will hopefully provide you with a restful night sleep, regardless of which one is the right choice for you. Both will come in right under that $1000 price point, be about 10″ thick and provide good pressure relief and allow you to sleep temperature neutral.

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