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April 16, 2019

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds

Online mattress shopping is an art, and brands like the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds are the artists. Although you may not always be able to ‘feel’ the mattress before you buy it, with the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds, you wont have to. These brands are designed to give you maximum comfort, for the best sleep, night after night. Both brands offer unique options with each mattress, because they believe that your sleep should be, yours. And while they are vastly different, there are some similarities as well. Keep reading the Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds review to help you decide which hybrid is for you.

helix luxe vs winkbedsHelix Luxe Mattress Overview:

helix luxe mattressesIf you long anticipated the new Helix Luxe luxury hybrid mattress, you’re not alone. The upgraded mattress now has a premium feel, still with plenty of options. The answer to creating a new Helix Luxe mattress is of course, thicker with more layers. That’s why the upgraded version now gives you 6 different options to choose from, so that you’re still getting the sleep that fits you best.

The best way to decide is by taking their quiz to match you with the perfect mattress, but the truth is: there is a Helix Luxe for everyone. Whether you are short or tall, a side sleeper or a stomach sleepers, there is a Helix Luxe for you. If you loved the original Helix and all its benefits, the Helix Luxe has even more to offer.

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Winkbeds Mattress Overview:

winkbeds vs dreamcloudWinkbeds is just as quirky as it sounds. A combination of coils and foams creates a hybrid mattress that takes comfort to a new level. If you’ve already heard the slogan, ‘best sleep of your life’, rest assured that with Winkbeds, its not a slogan, it’s a promise. Winkbeds includes four different firmness options for each unique sleeper, as well as a lumbar support layer and extra edge that is standard in every mattress. The last option is the plus option for larger or heavier sleepers, so you know Winkbeds is dedicated to every type of sleeper.

Winkbeds stands above the rest with its green standard, manufactures right here in the USA. They are also committed to their customers, offering a 50% discount for those that stay with the company. You may not have heard of Winkbeds in the online mattress company yet, but you surely will.

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Helix Luxe – Delivery & Unboxing:

helix nightfall vs big figIf you’re ordering a mattress online, then you want it shipped to your home for free. Fortunately, both the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds mattress offer this perk. The important part about Helix Luxe mattresses is that they are made to order. Once you order your perfect Helix Luxe, it is pressed and expertly roll-packed, then sent directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep. This will take approximately 6-10 days via FedEx Ground.

Unboxing your Helix Luxe is as simple as it gets. Since the heaviest Helix Luxe weighs approximately 100- 110 lbs. it is recommended that you have an extra set of hands to move the mattress to the room it needs to be. After that, simply remove the box, careful cut away the plastic, and quickly position your expanding mattress on the frame.

You will notice your Helix Luxe take shape almost immediately, but it is recommended to wait a few hours before use, even up to 24 hours to let it completely firm up and air out. This USA made mattress won’t have any noxious fumes to worry about, but if you don’t prefer that ‘new mattress’ smell, opening a window should help it dissipate more quickly.

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Winkbeds – Delivery & Unboxing:

With Winkbeds, the process is very similar. After processing which takes 3-5 days, your Winkbeds mattress will arrive in approximately 1 week straight to your door. After that, it’s the same old thing: carry the box, remove the box, cut away the plastic, and watch your mattress expand. The difference with Winkbeds is that they offer 2 unique delivery option.

The first upgrade is available for just $99 and features white glove delivery service. With this service the mattress is delivered and setup for you. The second upgrade for $159 includes setup and removing your old mattress for you. These are two very helpful options that make purchasing your new bed as easy as sleeping in it. Regardless of how it is setup, while the Winkbeds mattress is also made to order, some of the plastic smell will linger. We recommend leaving 12-24 hours to let your mattress fully air out, especially if you are sensitive to smells.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Materials:

With its excellent track record, its no surprise that Helix Luxe knows exactly what to put into their mattresses. At 14” thick and 6 layers, you can see exactly what is put into each layer. From the top-down the Helix Luxe starts with foam comfort layers, beginning with an ultra cool premium pillow top layer. This super soft top layer is quilted with a thick layer of plush foam to add to the comfort. This layer features phase change technology to keep you cool, but also regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Talk about an amazing top layer.

helix luxe dusk materialsBeneath the cover is a foam layer of gel visco memory foam. This layer has 1 inch high density foam is not only cooling and comforting, but also relieves pressure points immediately.

Beneath this is a 2 inch layer of memory plus foam or helix dynamic foam, depending on the mattress option you choose. Regardless of the option, these foams are engineered for cushion and adding the optimal support for each sleeper The best part about these layers is that they are adaptable and groove to your body, without you ever feeling stuck.

Next is the high grade transition foam layer that that adds even more ergonomic support. This is especially important if you are a heavier sleeper and need a little extra support.

The support of the Helix Luxe comes from the 8” thick zoned body shape coil system. This features 1000+ individually wrapped coils that are slightly softer under your shoulders and firmer under your hips. This creates ideal alignment like you’ve never felt before. Lastly, beneath the coil system is a layer of DuraDense foam. This layer provides durability and stability to the entire mattress.

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Helix Luxe – Material Differences:

If you are curious about the variations for the different Helix Luxe options, this comes from the Memory Plus foam and Dynamic Helix foam. Depending on your sleeping preference, back, side, stomach, etc. your mattress will feature 2” of either of these foams. Both foams however provide great pressure relief and contouring to meet your sleeping needs.

Each of the six beds will also feature more or less plushness depending on the firmness option you choose. If it sounds like a lot of thought for just a mattress, that’s because it is. There’s no doubt that the Helix Luxe is dedicated to your ideal sleep.

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Winkbeds Mattress Materials: 

winkbeds mattress reviewThe materials that go into a mattress are everything; put good in, get good sleep out. That’s why Winkbeds puts good thoughts and good stuff into every layer of this super thick mattress. A Winkbeds mattress is incredibly thick at 15 inches with 5 layers of materials, including a coil system.

From top to bottom, the first layer of this mattress is 2” thick with woven euro pillow top combined with hyper soft and gel memory foam. The gel pulls heat away from your body while the pillow top eases tension in your back and shoulders.

Beneath that layer is the first system of two coils. This layer uses 2.5 inch micro coils, encased, to promote airflow and help you move easily throughout the night.

The next layer is a 2” thick transition layer of foam. This layer prevents sagging of the lower back and provides lumbar support, while also being sandwiched in between two coil layers for perfect balance.

The next coil system is the big one. At 7.5”, this layer uses a 7 zoned pocketed coil system like none other. This layer uniquely uses a blend of different amounts of pressure to keep you feeling extra supported and comfortable. Finally, and perhaps most importantly is the 2” layer of dense base foam. This layer supports all the layers above it, keeping them in place, and helping the coil systems do their job.

Each Winkbed has a TENCEL cover that is soft to the touch, but breathable and keeps you cool all night long. When it comes to the Winkbeds mattress, each layer is meticulously chosen for maximum comfort.

winkbeds mattress review

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Helix Luxe Comfort:

Speaking of comfort, what do all these comfort options mean for your sleep? It means that with one of these six mattresses, you will find your perfect match. The comfort of each option is described in the following:

helix luxe dusk person
  • Helix Sunset- For smaller or average side sleepers who sleep mostly on their side or back, and like a little extra softness. This mattress option is overall softer with controlling support.
  • Helix Moonlight- Perfect for average to smaller sleepers who sleep in every position, or heavier sleepers who like to sleep on their side. This option will have a plush feel with added support.
  • Helix Midnight- Ideal for side sleepers who like a balanced feel, and really, any sized sleepers that sleeps predominantly on their side. Otherwise if you are smaller framed and sleep in any position, this mattress is the one for you.
  • Helix Dusk- This mattress is ideal for larger persons, who sleep in every position, and like a medium feel. On the other hand if you are smaller sized and like a medium-firm feel with more support, choose this option
  • Helix Twilight- Is meant for larger or heavier side sleepers; or smaller to average sized sleepers that like a medium-firm mattress with extra firmness
  • Helix Dawn- The most firm option meant for larger and heavier sleepers who sleep in all positions and like a firmer feel. If you are a smaller sleeper and sleep mostly on your stomach and prefer extra firmness, this option is also ideal.

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Winkbeds Comfort:

winkbeds mattress reviewNothing beats comfort, especially when you sleep. For the Winkbeds brand, comfort means being comfortable for every type of sleeper. So, they created four different firmness options designed for every sleeper in mind. These four options include: soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus. There’s no doubt that every type of sleeper will find their comfort and preference.

The Soft Winkbed option is a 4.5 on a 1 through 10 softness scale; 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. This option is ideal for side sleepers who love a little extra sink, and back sleepers who love a little more softness on top.

A Luxury Firm Winkbed is a 6.5 on the firmness scale, and made to compete with hotel mattresses. No longer will you think that hotel mattress trumps yours.

Next is the Firm Winkbed option at a 7.5 on the scale. This option is ideal for stomach sleepers who do not want their back to bow, or back sleepers who like a little more firmness and support.

Last, but not least, the unique Plus Winkbed option give you an 8 on the firmness scale and is the most supportive of all.

winkbeds mattress review

If you think that’s all you get with your Winkbeds mattress, think again. The mattress also includes cooling technologies to regulate your temperature while you sleep, and a lumbar layer to provide additional support for your back. Lastly, the coil layer with 7 different pressure points is one of the most unique and appealing features that you will get with every Winkbeds mattress.

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Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Motion Transfer:

winkbeds mattress reviewYou might not always think about motion transfer when you sleep, but if you are a co-sleeper, then motion transfer is something you should definitely think about. When it comes to the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds, motion transfer is nearly the same, as with most hybrid mattresses. The key is in the coils. With a coil system, you get the bounce you need to move easily throughout the bed, without the motion transference.’

In addition, the thicker the better, and the less movement you will feel. And clearly both the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds are THICK mattresses. Everyone wants to enjoy sleeping with their partner, but no one wants to feel them tossing and turning throughout the night. So, Winkbeds uses motion isolating technology, specifically to combat this problem. The only thing less noticeable than the motion transfer with these two mattresses, is the differences between their non-motion transferring qualities.

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Sleeping Cool:

When it comes to sleeping cool on the Helix Luxe or Winkbeds mattress, you wont be disappointed. More than foam on foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses are known for sleeping cool.

helix luxe dawnWith the Helix Luxe, their first level of reducing overheating is by wrapping every one of their mattresses in a cooling cover. With Helix Cool Sleep technology, it uses phase changing material to draw excess heat away from the body and regulate the surface temperature, creating a surface that doesn’t retain any heat at all. The top gel layer of the Helix Luxe also adds a little extra cooling support, and as with any coil system, the space in between each coil allows a place for heat to escape.

Similarly, Winkbeds uses unique technology on top of the hybrid mattress naturally cooling properties. The Winkbed mattress has two layers of coils, so you know that little to no excess heat is being trapped within the mattress. In addition, the Euro Pillow top layer is made of TENCEL fabric which is 30% cooler than most fabrics. This layer is highly breathable and even wicks away moisture while you sleep.

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Edge Support:

If you’re looking for a long lasting and durable mattress, then look for edge support; and then choose the Winkbeds. Although the edge support in the Helix Luxe is very good, the Winkbeds takes the gold in this case.

winkbeds mattress reviewWith the Helix Luxe, the edges are supported by more durable coils around the perimeter of the mattress. Pair this with dense foams and it creates a sleeping surface with consistency throughout the entire mattress. This way, you won’t even notice if you are sleeping on the edge of the mattress or the center. The edge support of the Helix Luxe even works for sitting. The edges are sturdier than many other options, creating a reliable perimeter.

For the first time ever, Winkbeds uses Extra Edge technology to provide edge support like you’ve never seen it before. This technology keeps your mattress from sagging, making the mattress more durable and able to withstand sag over time. Extra Edge is exactly what it sounds like and gives enough extra edge support, even for a little bit of sitting for longer than usual. If you like sitting on the edge of your bed or find yourself sitting often, choose Winkbeds.

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Value:

helix luxe mattress review duskAt the end of the day, no matter how much a person loves a mattress, usually its all about the price. Lucky for you, both the Helix Luxe and Winkbeds are reasonably priced. The question is: which one is more valuable? The answer: Winkbeds.

The Helix Luxe comes to you at $1745 for a Queen. This includes free shipping, 100 night sleep trial, and 15 year warranty. On the other hand, a Queen of the most popular Winkbed option is $1299, including free shipping, 120 night trial, and lifetime warranty. Considering the quality, slightly better edge support, and longer sleep trial and warranty, it is easy to see that Winkbeds is the more valuable mattress.

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Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialTrial Period and Warranty say a lot about a mattress company. They mean that the company either does or doesn’t stand behind you when it comes to the satisfaction of your mattress. Helix Luxe offers a 100 night sleep trial and 15 year warranty; while Winkbeds offers a 120- night sleep trial and lifetime warranty. .

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds – Summary:

Its always difficult to choose between two greats, but hopefully this review has cleared the air. The Helix Luxe and Winkbeds mattress are two incredibly thick, luxurious mattress, with options. These comfort options vary in firmness and are designed to give you the sleep of your dreams. The Winkbeds offers 4 options compared to the Helix Luxe 6, but when it comes to edge support and value, the Winkbeds cannot be surpassed. Our favor goes to the Winkbeds, but the Helix Luxe is a close second.

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