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June 12, 2018

Full vs Queen Mattress Size Guide

Whether you’re single or a couple you may be wondering which would be a better size of mattress for you. A Full size or a Queen Size? Both of these mattresses seem similar in so many ways, however, the differences do set them apart. Giving both unique benefits depending on your needs. In our Full vs Queen mattress size guide you will learn about each of these mattresses sizes. As well as which situations may be better for each as well.

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Full Mattress Basics:

woman sleeping on bedA full size mattress, also called a double, is going to be what many consider the next step up form a Twin. However, this mattress may be wider, but it is still the same length as your Twin size bed. This mattress measures 54″ in width and 74″ in length. It is a great size for single adults or teens looking for more room too. It is slightly smaller than a queen making it great for rooms that are smaller too. Giving you the option of accommodating two people while taking up a little less space.

The full size will be harder to move than a Twin, but still easier than a Queen. Making it ideally a two person job but not necessarily. This size is also a fairly common size giving you plenty of options that will have plenty of bedding options to go along with it too.

If you are looking for a Full size mattress and aren’t sure which feel would be best for you than try a two sided bed. The Layla Mattress offers a fabulous memory foam bed with one side a bit softer and the other a bit firmer.

Queen Mattress Basics:

dogs sleeping on mattressThe Queen size mattress is going to be the most popular size of them all. This mattress is perfect for a couple sharing the bed. This bed is large enough to provide plenty of sleeping surface but also not take up too much room in the bedroom. It is about 6″ longer and wider than a Full size, the exact measurements being 60″ wide and 80″ long. Making it most ideal for most sizes and shapes, even for sharing. It is most ideal for couples who share a bed, giving plenty of length and enough space to share while even having a bit of room to share with kids or pets too.

The queen size mattress definitely needs two people to maneuver around. But should be fairly easy for two people too. This mattress size is usually going to offer the largest selection of options. Including mattresses themselves as well as all the accessories and bedding that go along with them. Which makes finding what you really want a lot easier.

Looking for a new Queen mattress? It is the most popular size. If so, make sure to check out all our Best Mattresses. Or take a look at any of the Brentwood Home Mattresses. All of these beds are the epitome of quality, comfort and affordable luxury. 

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Full vs Queen:

Both the Full and Queen sizes are popular for adults and teenagers. This is due to the extra width added from the Twin sizes. The Full-size bed is perfect for singles, teenagers, and young couples. While the Queen size is perfect for couples with or without children and pets.

family and cat sleeping on bedA Full size mattress will also fit well into most standard apartments and smaller rooms. The Queen size mattress will fit into most of these options as well, but space may be more limited. In a master bedroom a Queen is almost necessary to fill up the space and be more comfortable for sharing. You also will find it hard to move a Full size on your own, and the Queen will almost certainly need another person to move around.

As far as price goes the Full size mattress will be less expensive than the Queen. This usually varies from anywhere between $200 to $400. Typically Full size accessories and bedding cost less too, but may offer less choices than the Queen size. Where a Queen size may be slightly more expensive but give you plenty of options.

When picking between the two sizes there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, if you have children who like to cuddle with you a Full size just isn’t going to work. A full size can even feel cramped with just two people. And especially with the addition of a dog or a couple of cats. The Queen size also has more length making it suitable for taller adults. However, if you are single or looking to save space or a little money, a Full size may be perfect for you.

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