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August 20, 2018

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud

When searching for a luxury mattress, ordering online can be appealing. With convenient shipping and generous sleep trial periods, it’s almost a no-brainer. Should you go with an established brand or a newer competitor? The WinkBed is a 135-pound hybrid mattress that contains two coil sets and three layers of foam as well as 4 comfort options. The DreamCloud is 94-pound hybrid mattress that contains a single coil set, a sheet of latex, and five layers of foam in one universal feel. The WinkBed sells in a queen size for $1,299, and the DreamCloud is available in this size for $1,599. Do more materials and a higher price tag create better value? Read on in our WinkBeds vs DreamCloud review to find out.

winkbeds vs dreamcloud

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WinkBeds – Overview:

winkbeds vs dreamcloudWinkBed is a high-quality brand of hybrid mattresses with luxurious offerings to please any sleeper. There are four different firmness levels to choose from in every size option. This gives you a balance of softness and support geared towards your specific needs. The design of every WinkBed includes provisions for reduced motion transfer, generous cooling properties, and increased edge support.

You can upgrade your purchase to include a white glove delivery service and the removal of your old mattress. With a mid-grade price range, could another brand beat these outstanding qualities? Read on in our mattress comparison review to find out how WinkBeds fares against DreamCloud.

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DreamCloud – Overview:

winkbeds vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud is a 15-inch thick hybrid mattress that premiered in early 2018. It features several layers of foams, a sheet of naturally aerated latex, and a micro coil set. This is all covered with a tufted cashmere fabric for soft breathability. This brand provides a universal feel with minimal motion transfer and adequate edge support. It does an okay job at attempts to reduce heat retention qualities.

With a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, this mattress could be comparable to other luxury brands. How does this newcomer stand up against the competition? Find out in this review comparing WinkBeds and the DreamCloud.

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WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Delivery and Unboxing:

zenhaven vs avocadoWhen ordering your new WinkBed, there are two selections for delivery. The first is a free shipping option where the mattress is compressed and roll-packed in a convenient box. The second choice is an upgraded white glove delivery service. This includes a hand-delivery and setup process of your new mattress. Considering a queen-sized version of a WinkBed weighs around 135 pounds, this upgrade is a real back-saver.

Once you’ve placed your order, your new WinkBed will be handmade in a US-based facility. This made-to-order process takes anywhere from three to five days. You can expect your delivery to arrive within a week after the construction.

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The first thing to note about the DreamCloud is that this mattress is not made in the USA. This usually contributes to the effects of off-gassing as the mattresses must stay wrapped for longer. You can opt for the standard delivery method, which is your purchase price covers.

Your mattress will arrive at your door compressed and roll-packed in a convenient box. It will take two or more people to setup, as it weighs around 94 pounds. You can also have your mattress hand-delivered and set up for you with the addition of the white glove delivery service. As well as request they remove your old mattress.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Off-Gassing:

You could experience some off-gassing during the Winkbeds setup process, but anything you notice should be minimal. All WinkBeds are made in the US with the highest standards to materials and order processing. We recommend that you air out your new mattress over a 12-hour period. It should be fully ready to use after 24 hours when it is fully firmed up.

Generally you can sleep on your new DreamCloud after a few hours. However, it could take up to a day to fully firm up. During this time, you could notice some odors as the mattress breathes. The smells should be minimal and are likely from being wrapped for longer periods. If you are sensitive to smells, you should avoid the area while the DreamCloud airs out.

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WinkBeds – Comfort:

Sleepers of all shapes and sizes with any multitude of sleeping position preferences can find a WinkBed addressing their needs. There are four different variations in firmness to give you a balanced feel, no matter your sleeping style. Each one rates differently on a firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

The Soft design rates at a 4.5, making it ideal for side sleepers or petite back sleepers. The Luxury Firm is a 6.5 for a universal feel that is great for back and stomach sleeping. Also the most popular with its most universal comfort feel that works great for all sleeping positions and couples too. The Firm choice is a 7.5 which is best for stomach sleepers or a solid feel when back sleeping. This mattress option will keep on the top of the mattress. The Plus option creates the feel of an 8 for extreme support and durability. They specifically designed it for larger sleepers. And even features “impression-proof” foams.

Regardless of which WinkBeds mattress you decide there is one thing you will surely get. And that is premium comfort and support. Each mattress uses not one, but two coil systems. one for long term durable support and the other for flexible and comfortable support. Both working with your body to create prefect ergonomics and spinal alignment.

Additionally you also get a double layer of quilted pillow top that is pressure relieving and provides just enough cushion for your desired feel. Not to forget the unique and deep comfort that comes with the LumbarLayer that creates enhanced support where you need it most. Making each WinkBed sublimely comfortable and will provide years of proper support.

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DreamCloud – Comfort:

dreamcloud mattress reviewWith so many layers of foams, latex, and a coil system, the DreamCloud should be comfortable for almost anyone. Most sleeping positions should have a balance of support and sinking for adequate pain relief and support. Back sleepers will have contouring in all the right places with good spinal alignment. Side sleepers will feel cushioning at the hip and shoulder.

Even stomach sleepers should have enough firmness to prevent back bowing from occurring. The coil system is targeted in five different zones, giving you perfect responsive softness and firmness where needed the most. Latex deepens the comfort levels of this mattress while allowing you to reposition easily. Memory foams give you pressure point relief for soothing softness.

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WinkBeds – Materials and Construction:

WinkBeds are made from five layers, including foam and coil sets that provide the perfect balance between softness and support. Together, these materials stack up to create a 15-inch thick mattress. The top layer is a 2-inch thick woven euro pillow top. They created this layer with HyperSoft and a gel-infused memory foam.

The next 2.5-inch thick portion is the first of two coil systems. The pocketed micro coil set increases airflow while providing support and a responsive feel. The third component in the WinkBed design is a 1-inch thick LumbarLayer foam. This transitional layer separates the two coil systems to prevent sagging. This function aids in spinal alignment by giving you a solid support.

The second individually-wrapped coil system measure 7.5 inches thick and is targeted in seven different zones. ExtraEdge™ gives you more support around the perimeter in this layer. The final material in the WinkBed is a 2-inch thick dense base foam. This foundational layer creates a solid surface for the other materials to rest for effective performance. The WinkBed is covered in TENCEL made from eucalyptus leaves. It is soft to the touch a breathable.

winkbeds mattress review

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DreamCloud – Materials and Construction:

oceano vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud mattress has six layers of foams and coils. Together, the components stack up to 15 inches tall but only weighs 94 pounds. This could be an indicator that the materials are of a lower standard in quality. The top layer is a gel infused memory foam that contours to the shape of your body. The gel counterbalances the heat retaining properties of memory foam by evenly dispersing the warmth.

The next section is a super soft quilted memory foam, with adds deeper comfort. Below this is a sheet of supreme natural latex that provides a responsive nature to the DreamCloud. A DreamPlush supporting memory foam comes next. This material is made from high-density foam for deep contouring support. The following portion is the super dense super soft memory foam. It adds a strong support with a cradle-like effect.

The patent-pending “Bestrest” coils are zoned in five areas to targeted comfort and support. The individually encased the micro coils. The final layer is a high density super soft memory foam that creates a solid base. Covering the DreamCloud is a TruTufted™ cashmere polyester blend fabric that is both breathable and soft.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Motion Transfer:

Light sleepers will need a mattress that provides uninterrupted sleep. Typically, all-foam mattresses have the beset outcome at giving you an undisturbed rest. Luckily, WinkBed has included SleepCalm™ motion isolation technology in their design. A stabilizing gel foam layer surrounds the pocket spring layers to isolate motion transfer. This absorbs vibrations created, even with the responsive nature of the coil systems.

winkbeds mattress reviewThe coil sets feature individually wrapped springs to stop movement from carrying throughout these sections. Due to these additional strategies in construction, you shouldn’t feel movement created on the other side of the mattress. Couples or those sleeping with a pet will wake fully rested with a WinkBed.

Motion Transfer is something you’ll want to carefully consider if you are a light sleeper. This is particularly important for couples or those sharing their bed with a pet. No one wants to be disturbed every time there is a small movement. The DreamCloud features individually wrapped springs. This reduces the vibrations felt from repositioning throughout the night.

The responsiveness from the one layer of latex used is offset by the many layers of memory foams. The foams should isolate any other motion transfer. Overall, there are minimal disturbances when sleeping on this mattress.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Sleeping Cool:

winkbeds mattress reviewThough WinkBeds contain some foam materials, this is offset by the inclusion of two separate coil systems. The innersprings allow warm air to escape throughout openings leading to the sides of the mattress and into layers below. To take sleeping cool even further, WinkBeds infuse their foams with cooling gel. This draws heat away from the body, dispersing it evenly across the sheets of foam and into the coil sets.

Covering each WinkBed is a Tencel fabric that is made from eucalyptus leaves. This kind of fiber is 30% cooler than other fabrics, like cotton or wool. It is also breathable and wicks away moisture as you sleep. If you’d like to increase these properties, order a firmer option of the WinkBed. This will keep you from sinking into your mattress further where warm air can become trapped.

Learn more about the WinkBeds Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at

dreamcloud vs crystal coveThe DreamCloud has a cooler sleep than some mattresses due to key factors in the materials and construction. However, it is still not one of the top-performing brands for this topic. Though the design uses many memory foams, the top layer is infused with gel. This pulls heat away from your body to evenly disperse it through this layer. Heat retention directly against your skin is reduced.

The latex layer is naturally aerated to increase airflow properties. The coil system also creates healthier air circulation. Even with all the heat-reducing qualities, several inches of foams make up the top of the DreamCloud. This creates an overall warmer sleep.

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WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Edge Support:

winkbeds mattress reviewHave you ever sat at the side of a mattress and felt as though you are on a sliding board? If so, you probably understand the importance of edge support. To get a good night’s rest, you need to have a fully usable sleeping surface. This is especially true for couples or those sharing their bed with a pet who like to stretch out.

The WinkBed has given you a totally consistent surface across every square inch. You can also sit at the sides for some time without an excessive sinking experience. They achieved this through WinkBed’s ExtraEdge™ technology. In addition to this, only durable materials have been sourced for its construction. This keeps the mattress from sagging and bottoming out to give you extra support throughout. Giving the WinkBed amazing edge support as well as great overall durability and longevity.

The DreamCloud provides a nice consistency in edge support. You will be able to sleep wherever you like with enough support. This is true at every point of the perimeter. Sitting can be comfortable for a short will. Though, you may notice a bit of sinking that can be uncomfortable after some time. There are no additional provisions for edge support in the DreamCloud’s design. You may have expected a bit more from a 15-inch thick mattress. This tells you the true quality of this newer brand.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Value:

Prices for the WinkBed range from $749 for a Twin to $1549 for a California King. These prices remain the same in each size whether you order it in the Softer, Luxury Firm, or Firmer options. The Plus version of any WinkBed will increase the final price by $200. You can also upgrade your shipping option to a white glove delivery service for a fee of $99. You can have your old mattress removed with this service for a total of $159.

Financing options are available for this brand to give you an easy monthly payment plan. You can try out your WinkBed worry-free during your 120-night sleep trial. This brand also includes a limited lifetime warranty to cover any manufacturer defects.

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$325 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon Code: BLACK325

A queen-sized DreamCloud costs $1,199 before any discounts. This includes free shipping, but you can upgrade to a white glove delivery service in the DreamCloud Luxury Bundle. The price of this package in a queen size is $1,568 before any discounts. There’s also an option for old mattress removal. Other positive elements of the DreamCloud are the 365-night sleep trial period and lifetime warranty. The Everlong Warranty covers defects for the first ten years and certain recovers or repairs after that.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Our Pick!

winkbeds mattress reviewAlthough the DreamCloud has a higher price and a longer list of components, the WinkBed is a much better choice. A mattress that weighs less is usually an automatic indicator that they utilized less high-quality materials. The WinkBed will give you less disturbances throughout the night with motion transfer technology built right in. You have less heat retention with a coil set directly under the first foam to maximize air circulation.

You’ll also get better edge support with a beefed-up perimeter in the lower coil system. The WinkBed will even save you money with a lower price. The DreamCloud has included many factors that still make it a nice choice for someone looking for more comfort foams. With the inclusion of a latex layer, you will get more response that just foam. A coil set gives you more support to back up the contouring nature of memory foam. However, the overseas construction, the higher price tag and fewer benefits really don’t make the DreamCloud half as appealing as the WinkBed. You get better quality, more options and a long list of sleeping benefits that will impress all sleepers.

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