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November 14, 2019

Does Sleeping Less Make You More Successful?

Sleep gets a lot of bad rep. Especially when it comes to those who are ambitious in life and striving for success. With so many people talking about how the to true key to success is in limiting your sleep. We wanted to take a closer look at this topic to see how accurate it really is. Do you have to sacrifice your sleep to be successful in life? Keep reading to get some pros and cons to decide for yourself.

success and sleep do you really need to sleep less to be more successful

success people an their sleep schedulesSleep Schedule of Successful People

Whether you’re watching a successful online vlogger or reading up on sleeping habits of historically successful people like Winston Churchill. (Average 5 hours a night) There are a lot of idolized people in the world who got very little sleep at night.

I have repeatedly heard entrepreneurs bragging on their minimal sleep schedules. I then found a few that later went on to adjust those aggressive sleep schedules to be more reasonable for their lifestyle. Extremely aggressive sleep schedule consisting of less than 4 to 5 hours of sleep, is really unmanageable for extended periods of time. You might be able to get away with it for a while however, eventually your body and mind will run raged. Your processing skills will suffer and you will no longer be running at optimal speeds and efficiency.

Recommended Sleep Schedule

Once you reach adulthood, when most people are striving for for success, the average suggested sleep you get per night is 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. When you look at most of the people on our success list, most of them are adhering to this medical advice. Bill Gates 7 hours, Tim Cook 7 hours, Jeff Bezos 7 hours, and on and on. In fact on the list of 21 successful people’s sleeping habits from Forbes Magazine, 12 of them are within the realm of suggested hours of sleep for health.

So perhaps those extremists are over estimating the lack of sleep other successful humans are getting per night.

Define Your Success

What does your version of success look like? Fame, Fortune, Power? Or maybe you’re looking to change peoples lives? Or perhaps success looks like getting out of debt, or getting recognition for your hard work. Whatever the case may be, it is important to pinpoint exactly what success looks like to you so you can focus better.

Your specific version of success may vastly change how sleep will effect that outcome. For example, if you are a leader during a time of war, your version of success would be to win that war with the least number of casualties as possible. (Of course this is a very simplified version) If you are in charge of giving out commands, then being asleep for extended periods of time would be dangerous and may hurt your chances of success.

While if your version of success is getting fit or loosing weight, then you can work out any time of day, or even multiple times of day. Your body will also need time to recover, sleep is a HUGE part of recovering the body. So getting a good nights rest will be an integral part of your success.

Does exercising at night ruin your sleep? Some people think that it does, but we think differently. Check out Exercise and Sleep: Is Exercise Good For Sleep? to learn more. 

Morning Birds VS Night Owls:

night owl vs early bird who really gets the wormSo if you are wanting to maintain a healthy full nights rest for an adult of 7-8 hours of sleep per night, then when should you schedule those hours in order to be most productive? 9pm – 4am? 12pm – 7am? Which schedule will make you more successful? The answer is fully dependent on you. If you stay up until midnight, are you more likely to be working or a project or watching Netflix? Same goes to the morning schedule, if you get up and hit the ground running, that’s great. However, if you are more likely to lay around scanning social media sights, then you are not maximizing those hours.

Figure out which time of day when you have more drive to get work done and are more productive. Then base your schedule around that. If you lack drive in the mornings, then give yourself more time to work in the evenings. It truly is that simple. Utilize your energy when you have the most of it, and use those less motivated times of the day for relaxing and personal time.

Wanting to become a morning person? Check out our post How To Become a Morning Person to get a few helpful tips and tricks on making it a bit easier.

Try It Out & Test Yourself

wake up at 4am and see how successful you becomeThere really is only one way for you to get the answer you are looking for and that is to give it good try. Track your progress at your regular sleep schedule, and then change it up. Switch to the sleeping schedule that you believe is going to help you be more productive, and then track your productivity again. You may need to give it a month on this new schedule to really adapt and get in the swing of things before you can really see changes in your productivity.

Compare experience with output and gauge whether or not it is worth it for you and your situation. If you are happy with the schedule and feel it is making a worth while difference, then that is great! Stick with it! However, if you find that even after adjusting to the new schedule fully that you are not seeing a worth while change in results, then maybe it isn’t for you. Or perhaps you could try changing your schedule again, perhaps staying up late instead of getting up early or vice versa.

With so many variables, putting your thoughts into actions is truly the best way to determine if a different sleep schedule is going to be beneficial to you and your life.

Ready to try changing your sleep schedule? Get a few helpful tips and tricks for adjusting your sleep schedule at How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Can You Really Sleep Less for Success?

What truly matters in order to live a successful life, is utilizing the time that you have well. If you are wasting hours upon hours with mindless entertainment, instead of actively driving toward your goals. Then whether you wake up early or sleep in will make little to no difference in your life. If you are using every hour you have to the max every single day, then you may benefit from waking up earlier or going to bed later in order to squeeze in a few more hours of work. This may put you ahead of the curve. However, it is always your work ethic and drive that is going to determine your success, not your sleep schedule alone.

success is a journey not a destination

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