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November 21, 2018

Cyber Monday Mattress Deals (Crazy Low Prices)


cyber monday mattress salesBlack Friday may be over but that doesn’t mean the savings are! The best day for online shoppers may be the Monday following Black Friday, now known as Cyber Monday. These sales may be the best sales and deals of the Holiday season, even of the entire year. Including mattresses that offer great promotions, savings and coupons that save you hundreds of dollars. Below is our guide to the best Cyber Monday mattress sales of 2018.

Our Sleep Guide‘s easy to follow approach will help you quickly find the codes, coupons and links to the best mattress deals of the day. As well as recommendations for some of our favorite beds and sales too. Making it as simple as possible for you to find what you need. Below includes a comprehensive and easy to follow list of mattresses separated into their designated categories. Including All Foam and Memory Foam, Hybrids, Natural and Latex mattresses as well as their various price points.

Included in this list is an easy at a glance guide to buying a mattress. This will help quickly answer any questions that you may face while looking for a new bed. And if that doesn’t answer your question we are always here to help to. Always feel free to Contact Us and we can help you on your mattress search too.

*To read our full review of the listed mattresses just click on the mattress names in blue.

*To SHOP and take advantage of the coupons just click on website links in red or the green boxes.

Cyber Monday Mattress Sales – Our Favorite Deals:

*Below are our top 12 picks for the Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sales in 2018. We not only highly recommend these beds but each offers great savings too. If you need a place to start on our extensive list of featured mattresses, this is a great starting off point.

  • Brooklyn Aurora(Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers) A hybrid mattress is ideal for warm sleepers and beating the heat. This mattress comes in three comfort options and is thick and durable and very well made. 30% OFF COUPON with code: CYBERMONDAY30 at
  • Oceano by Brentwood Home: (Best Hybrid Mattress) A hybrid mattress with a dual coil system for ultimate comfort and support. From a company that uses the best materials and construction on the market. 15% OFF COUPON with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at
  • Puffy Lux: (Best Memory Foam) A luxury hybrid that ups the game on high-quality memory foam comfort that doesn’t sleep too hot. Durable and thick for every sleeper and less expensive than the similar Tempurpedic. $200 OFF and $75 COUPON with code: BESTPUFFY75 at
  • Cocoon Chill by Sealy: (Best Popular Brand Memory Foam) Memory foam mattress with a cool to the touch cover. This mattress is available in two comfort options and is a true, dense memory foam. $100 OFF + Free Pillow with COUPON CODE: OSG100 at
  • Cedar by Brentwood Home: (Best Hybrid Latex Mattress) A hybrid latex mattress that features a durable coil system and responsive and cooling latex. Completely natural form top to bottom and very comfortable. 15% OFF COUPON with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at
  • Layla: (Best 2 Sided Memory Foam Mattress) A two-sided flippable memory foam mattress that features cooling and antibacterial copper infused memory foam. A firmer side and softer side to find the perfect feel you get to pick. $100 OFF + FREE Pillow COUPON found at
  • Bear Hybrid: (Best Mattress for Couples) A hybrid mattress that is the most ideal medium feel we have found to date. This mattress is supportive, very balanced and just about perfect for every shapes, size and sleeping position. $225 OFF COUPON found at
  • Brooklyn Signature: (Best Hybrid Mattress on a Budget) An amazingly priced durable hybrid that will be hard to beat finding this quality for ONLY $759. Three comfort options, pressure relieving foam and our exclusive 30% code. 30% OFF COUPON with code: CYBERMONDAY30 at
  • Luft Hybrid: (Best Mattress for Larger Sleepers) A super thick and heavy duty hybrid mattress with amazing edge support & comfort. Good for any sleeper but awesome for anyone who is a little heavier too & a great price. $150 OFF COUPON with code: USA at
  • Puffy: (Best Foam for Hot Sleepers) A memory foam mattress that uses dense, slow responding foam that molds to you. A durable memory foam bed that is just slightly firmer than medium-firm and similar to  Tempurpedic at a better price point. $200 OFF and $50 COUPON: BESTPUFFY at
  • SleepOvation: (Best Mattress for Back Pain) A hybrid mattress that is BRAND NEW! This hybrid is very special, featuring a design like no other. The coils are independent but so is the foam over each coil too. Making for “700 tiny mattresses” that perfectly conform to your body. As well as move with you for perfect support and posture. $450 OFF COUPON with code: SLEEPGUIDE at

Cyber Monday Mattress Sales & Coupons – Alphabetical Order:

Allswell Luxe Hybrid:: Budget Hybrid: $585 – 15% OFF = $497/Queen

Allswell Hybrid:: Budget Hyrbid: $345 – 15% OFF = $293/Queen

Amore Beds: 12″ Hybrid:: Classic Hybrid: $925 – $150 OFF (No Code Needed) = $775/Queen

Amore Beds: Luxury Hybrid:: Luxury Hybrid: $1,100 – $150 OFF (No Code Needed) = $950/Queen

Avocado:: Hybrid Latex: $1,399/$1,799 – $175 OFF = $1,224/$1,624/Queen & 2 FREE Pillows code: 2FREEPILLOWS

Bear: All Foam:: BEST Memory Foam for Athletes: $840 – $125 OFF coupon = $715/Queen

Bear: Hybrid:: BEST Hybrid for Couples: $1,350 – $225 OFF = $1,125/Queen

Big Fig:: Best Hybrid for Larger Sleepers: $1,699 – $200 OFF & FREE White Glove Delivery = $1,499/Queen 

Brentwood Home: Crystal Cove:: BEST 2-Sided Hybrid: $1,295 – 15% OFF coupon = $1,100/Queen

Brentwood Home: Cedar:: BEST Hybrid Latex) $1,995 – 15% OFF coupon = $1,695/Queen

Brentwood Home: Oceano:: OVERALL BEST Hybrid: $1,495 – 15% OFF coupon = $1,270/Queen

Brentwood Home: Ojai:: BEST Constructed Hybrid: $1,195 – 15% OFF coupon = $1,015/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Aurora:: BEST Hybrid for Hot Sleepers: $1,699 – 30% OFF coupon = $1,189/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Bowery:: BEST Budget Foam Combo: $699 – 30% OFF coupon = $489/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Bowery Hybrid:: BEST Hybrid Under $700: $799 – 30% OFF coupon = $559/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Bloom:: Luxury Latex Hybrid: $1,799 – 30% OFF coupon = $1,259/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Signature:: BEST Hybrid on a Budget: $949 – 30% OFF coupon = $664/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Spartan:: BEST Mattress for Athletes: $1,999 – 30% OFF coupon = $1,399/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Freya:: Hybrid for Hot Sleepers $1,899 – 30% OFF coupon = $1329/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Plank:: BEST Firm All Foam: $999 – 30% OFF coupon = $699/Queen


Brooklyn Bedding: Rubix:: BEST Customizable Hybrid: $1,249 – 30% OFF coupon = $874/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Titan:: BEST Hybrid for Larger Sleepers: $1,249 – 20% OFF coupon = $874/Queen

Brooklyn Bedding: Zoned:: BEST Hybrid for Side Sleepers: $1,249 – 20% OFF coupon = $874/Queen

Casper: Classic:: Foam Combo: $995 – 10% OFF coupon = $895/Queen 

Casper: Essential:: Budget Foam Combo: $600 – 10% OFF coupon = $540/Queen

Casper: Wave:: Luxury Foam Combo: $1,995 – 10% OFF coupon = $1,795/Queen

Cocoon by Sealy: Chill:: BEST Popular Brand Memory Foam: $949 – $100 OFF coupon = $849/Queen

Cocoon by Sealy: Classic:: BEST Popular Brand Memory Foam: $799 – $100 OFF coupon = $699/Queen

Helix:: Custom Hybrid: $995 – $100 OFF coupon = $895/Queen

Helix: Luxe:: Custom Luxury Hybrid: $1695 – $150 OFF coupon = $1545/Queen

Layla:: BEST 2-Sided Memory Foam: $899 – $125 OFF coupon + Free Pillows = $774/Queen

Leesa:: BEST Popular Brand Foam Combo: $995 – $150 OFF coupon = $845/Queen

Loom and Leaf:: BEST Memory Foam Mattress: $1,299 + $75 Amazon Gift Card

Luft Hybrid:: BEST Hybrid for Larger Sleepers: $1,099 – $150 OFF coupon = $949/Queen

Metta Bed:: 100% Dunlop Latex: $1,199 – $125 OFF = $1,074/Queen

Morphiis:: Customizable Foam Combo: $995 – $100 OFF coupon + 2 FREE Pillows = $895/Queen

Nest Bedding: Alexander Hybrid:: Classic Hybrid) $1,199 – $150 OFF + free sheets = $1,049/Queen

Nest Bedding: Alexander Signature:: BEST Memory Foam for Larger Sleepers: $1,199 – $100 OFF coupon = $1,099/Queen

Nest Bedding: Hybrid Natural Latex:: Hybrid Latex: $1,399 – $150 OFF & FREE Sheets = $1,249/Queen + FREE Sheets

Nest Bedding: Hybrid Organic Latex:: Hybrid Latex: $1,999 – $150 OFF & FREE Sheets = $1,849/Queen + FREE Sheets

Nolah: Original 10″:: BEST Foam Combo: $949 – $140 OFF coupon = $809/Queen

Nolah: Signature 12″:: BEST 2-Sided Foam Combo: $1,499 – $320 OFF coupon = $1,129/Queen

Novosbed:: BEST Canadian Foam Combo: $1,099 – $100 OFF coupon = $999/Queen

Puffy:: BEST Memory Foam for Hot Sleepers: $1,150 – $200 OFF & $50 coupon = $900/Queen

Puffy Lux:: BEST New Luxury Memory Foam: $1,795 – $200 OFF + $75 coupon = $1,520/Queen

Purple:: Polymer Foam Combo: $999 – $100 OFF = $899/Queen

Purple.2 Hybrid:: Polymer Hybrid: $1,599 – $100 OFF = $1,499/Queen

Purple.3 Hybrid:: Polymer Hybrid: $2,199 – $100 OFF = $2,099/Queen

Purple.4 Hybrid:: Polymer Hybrid: $2,799 – $100 OFF = $2,699/Queen

SleepOvation:: MOST Innovative Hybrid: $1,749 – $450 OFF coupon = $1,349/Queen

Spindle:: 100% Dunlop Latex: $1,499 – $200 OFF coupon = $1,299

tulo:: Budget Foam Combo: $750 – $310 OFF coupon = $440/Queen 

tulo: liv:: Budget Foam Combo: $490 – $150 OFF coupon = $340/Queen

Voila:: Classic Hybrid: $1,199 – 10% OFF coupon = $1,079/Queen

Yaasa:: Classic Hybrid: $1299 – $50 OFF coupon = $1249/Queen

What to look for: 

Cyber Monday may offer some of the best savings of the year. With mattresses prices dropped and exclusive coupons applicable it’s a great time to save. Many companies also offer additional perks like free pillows and sheets. Making it hard to pass up these amazing deals. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday will offer great sales it is still key to know what to look for when buying the best mattress for you or whoever happens to be on your shopping list. Below we have three simplified and easy to follow steps to help you determine how to select a mattress this Cyber Monday.

Step 1- Price:

best mattresses on a budgetPrice may be the reason you have held out for Cyber Monday sales. This is probably the easiest place to start, since your budget is pretty easily determined right off the bat. Figuring out what that magic number is and staying within that range can usually easily be done. The only thing we like to stress with price though is also considering value as well.

Making sure that you are getting the best price for the best product option for you is key. Hence why our reviews focus on value over price. Though price is a huge part of the value, other considerations go into this decision. As you can see from the picture below quality, durability and the feel of the mattress should go into your decision along with the price. These together will help you see if the mattress is a good value. Hence why price isn’t the only step.

value formula

Many times price does coincide with these factors. Better materials that offer higher quality and durability often cost a bit more. And sometimes wanting a very specific feel or type of mattress will increase the cost. However, with the array of choices on the market and with a little direction and research you can usually find the best product for the best price. Our favorite Cyber Monday Mattress Sales (listed above) offers a great selection of brands and styles that are really offering extraordinary sales currently. However, if you are specifically looking for a cost conscience mattress our Best Mattresses on a Budget page is a great tool too.

Step 2 – Feel:

After you have figured out your budget you can focus on the other aspects of the mattress buying process that will help you find the best bed for you. The next step we recommend is determining your ideal feel. This area is also could be considered the firmness or comfort of the bed too. This area may be the hardest to determine without trying the beds first hand. However, that is why we are here to help. By conducting reviews and trying the beds first hand we are able to convey our experience to you. Most of our reviews will not only specify the comfort expected but our first hand experience as well.

softness scale meter

Ideally many mattresses fall into a more medium to slightly medium-firm feel, especially beds only offered in one option. This is due to the fact that this happens to be the most popular universal feel that people look for. Typically it also works for most sizes, shapes and sleeping positions. However, many brands have started to offer a few various options to choose from too. With slightly softer options for side sleepers and firmer options for stomach sleepers too. Even niche brands focus on bigger and taller sleepers, making heavy duty mattresses.

If you aren’t sure what comfort level is best for you take a look at Step 2 in Our Mattress Guide. This will help break this step down further and give you a better understanding of the options available. As well as how certain sleeping styles coincide with comfort preferences.

Or we can help you too! By simply Contacting Us and giving us a bit of information on what you are looking for feel wise we can quickly and easily give you a short list of recommendations.

Step 3 – Materials: 

The third step in our Mattress Buying Guide is determining the materials and style of mattress you would prefer. This again could be tricky if you’re not sure if you want an all foam mattress or hybrid. However, understanding what benefits each material and mattress style offers is helpful. Below is a video that features an explanation of the difference between the Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress and the Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding. Both of these mattresses have their pros and cons and having a better idea of how materials respond is very helpful.

Types of Mattress Materials: 

best natural mattressesDetermining whether you want a coil system or base foam for your foundation is probably the best place to start with materials. The benefits of a coil system are longer durability, better heat dissipation and edge support. While all foam mattresses will be slightly better for motion isolation and sometimes more consistent feeling. However, both should provide the necessary support needed. 

The next consideration is the comfort foams. Not only do latex, memory foam and poly foams vary in feel they also vary in benefits, durability and price. With latex you get a more natural material that is durable and long lasting, more responsive and naturally aerated for cooler sleeping. It also is great at relieving pressure but does usually come with a higher price point.

puffy vs tuloMemory foam is quite popular in recent years. With a slower responding feel that is very focused on reliving pressure and being a denser feel that contours to your body and last fairly long. Typically more affordable than latex it does have a tendency to retain heat and being a bit more cumbersome when changing sleeping positions.

Poly foam is also another comfort foam that is often used, especially in more cost conscience mattresses. This man made material is typically the cheapest choice and can be made to try and reflect properties of latex or memory foam at a lower price point. With this you may have a good substitute but rarely will it provide the long term durable feel or benefits of the real deal.

If you like a more responsive, easy to move on and natural mattress focus on mattresses that feature Latex and natural materials. Or if you like a slow responding and more contouring, pressure relieving feel than look at Memory Foam mattresses. If you want a combination of foams and coils, then Hybrid mattresses are great choices for you.

*For more details about the materials and various feels available, visit our Our Mattress Guide for a full step-by-step guide!

That’s Not All!

From our family to yours have a safe and blessed Holiday Season! Hopefully, you found our Cyber Monday mattress sales page helpful on your search!

For more information make sure to check out some of our most popular pages. Like our Best Mattresses 2018 or the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

And if you are torn between a few options, check out our easy to use Mattress Comparison Tool. As well as some of our in depth side by side Mattress Comparisons. Including some of our most popular: Purple vs Puffy, Casper vs Tuft & Needle, Puffy vs Puffy Lux, Leesa vs Nectar and Casper vs Puffy.

Regardless, always make sure to use our Mattress Coupons for the best prices and discounts! And if you ever have any questions for us at Our Sleep Guide, make sure to Contact Us. We are here to help you!