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February 10, 2019

CBD Oil Guide: Finding Better Sleep with CBD

cbd oilStuck in a sleepless rut? Cannabis may be taboo to discuss, but have you ever actually thought about what’s in it? Medical cannabis contains large amounts of CBD- or Cannabidiol, a type of cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are simply chemical compounds, and you have to trust science right? Cannabis and CBD oil are full of different chemical compounds, and they have long been studied for their therapeutic benefits. Today Cannabinoids are a proven and trusted treatment for a variety of diseases and disabilities.

Including sleep, but also pain, inflammation, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. Cannabinoids, specifically CBD, is different then medical cannabis. While medical cannabis may still be questionable, CBD is legal in all 50 states, even those where medical cannabis is not legal. So if you’ve never heard of CBD, or have never thought of using it to improve your sleep, continue reading to learn all about its incredible benefits, and you could be sleeping sweetly sooner than you think.

What is CBD?

cbd oilCBD or Cannabidiol is the good phyto-cannabinoid, the kind you want. Unlike THC and other phyto-Cannabinoids in cannabis, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects, so it is 100% safe to use. People have used cannabis for thousands of years. It helps to induce sleep, reduce pain, ease nausea, relieve anxiety, and other mood problems.

Clearly cannabis comes with other side effects, so scientists have identified more than 80 individual chemical compounds within cannabis, and studied them to reveal their disease fighting capabilities.

THC and CBD are the most commonly cited and frequently used. However, unlike THC, CBD does not give you a “high” effect. Quite the opposite, CBD induces calming, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic effects. CBD also induces sensations of sleepiness and tranquility. This is why it is so commonly used for people with insomnia and sleep issues.

Forms of CBD:

cbd oil guideThanks to incredible research, CBD can be made synthetically, or extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD comes in two forms, one being legal everywhere within the US. While the other, is only legal where marijuana is as well. Crystalline isolate is completely legal, since it only contains CBD.

Full spectrum CBD oil retains THC for example, and so, is only legalized in the states where marijuana is legal. CBD synthetic or organic is produced in pill form, sprays, tinctures, and inhalers. CBD can also be ingested in food products and some topical creams are available.

cbd oil guideAll of these forms are meant to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and provide relief/ remedies for epilepsy, diabetes, and anxiety disorders. CBD is the main ingredient in many sleep aids and supplements. Of course, to reap the greatest benefits from CBD, it’s all about the concentration.

Comparatively, low-concentration CBD will have minimal effects, and high-concentration CBD will have the most effects. This is true of all forms, vaporizers, tinctures, diffusers, etc. As with any other medications/ supplements it is recommended that you always consult your doctor first before taking CBD.

How does it work?

cbd oilCBD might seem a bit like magic, but science has come a long way to be able to explain how CBD does what it does. We know it produces calming, pain reliving, and anti-inflammatory effects, the question is how. For one, CBD interacts with several different proteins, receptors, and chemicals in the brain.

Because of these interactions, there are changes in the activity of neurotransmitters, hormones, and other types of cells throughout the body. Due to these interactions, the body’s sleep and wake cycles, emotional regulation, inflammation, and pain receptors may be affected.

Many people do not know that the body actually produces its own Cannabinoids. This creates the endocannabinoid system which regulates certain physiological processes such as mood, pain, perception, appetite, and cognitive functions. This makes sense why CBD affects several of these functions, since it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD is also a proven analgesic, or pain reliever in the body. And as if that’s not enough, recent studies show that CBD may even play a role in the growth of new brain cells, as well as have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. This makes the reach of CBD endless; potentially being a treatment for neurological disorders and autoimmune disorders.

Sleep Benefits of CBD:

cbd oil guideWe’re sure you’re impressed, but if there’s one thing you came here for, it’s sleep. How does CBD improve your sleep? Whether you’re too stressed to fall asleep, can’t sleep long enough, or have trouble staying asleep, CBD may have a remedy for you. CBD is known to reduce anxiety, which in turn helps you fall asleep worry-free.

CBD is also helpful for improving sleep quality such as increasing the amount of sleep, and decreasing insomnia. For those who suffer from chronic pain and cannot fall asleep, CBD has even been shown to reduce insomnia in these cases.

On the contrary, perhaps you struggle with daytime sleepiness and don’t want to fall asleep. Taking only a small dose of CBD can improve alertness and reduce daytime sleepiness. This may even help your quality of sleep at night, as it improves your sleep-wake cycle. It is also important to improve daytime performance. If you struggle with REM behavior disorder, in which you act out physically during deep or REM sleep, CBD could be a cure.

cbd oil guideTypically during REM sleep, sleepers are in a state of paralysis and so their bodies do not move, regardless of what physical dreams they may have. With REM behavior disorder and Parkinson’s disease, this paralysis does not occur. This makes it dangerous for the sleeper and others, as he/ she could injure anyone. CBD helps reduce pain and increase restfulness for people with REM behavior disorder, especially Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Impressed yet? We know.

Anxiety & Depression Benefits of CBD:

cbd oil guideWhen it comes to anxiety and depression, using cannabis is as old as time. CBD interacts with seratonin receptors in the brain and improves depression, anxiety, nerves, and other mood problems. This includes physical and mental symptoms, which is not common of a remedy to do; treating both is a huge benefit of CBD.

In recent studies, stress and social anxiety have even been studied in individuals who were about to give a public speech or presentation. CBD was able to successfully reduce stress when given to the individual before the speech or presentation.

cbd oil guideCBD is even being taken as far as bipolar disorder, studying its anti-psychotic effects and how it may limit some of the symptoms. In several cases, CBD has limited psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, and may be a new, alternative treatment to traditional methods of mental disorders.

Although all forms of CBD will provide relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety as listed above, different concentrations and varieties may have slightly different effects. Be sure to read the label thoroughly and do your research as to which use of CBD and brand will have the greatest benefits of anxiety. Besides sleeping, anxiety and depression is the second most important thing that CBD is used to treat.

Other Benefits of CBD:

cbd oil guideIt is almost as if the benefits of CBD are limitless. CBD is known to also improve epilepsy, addiction, cancer, pain, and neurogenerative disorders to name a few. For epilepsy, CBD is a highly promising and trusted form of treatment. CBD has anti-seizure capabilities and has even been shown to be effective for individuals who are typically resistant to other seizure treatments. For overall pain, CBD is a known analgesic.

Not surprisingly, the endocannabinoid system in the body is involved with pain perception. CBD interacts with this system and improves a variety of pain from chronic to sporadic or difficult to treat pain. Allowing your body to function and feel better. Whether you are sore after working out or suffer from chronic pain from a lingering injury. CBD improves your overall well being and aides in an active lifestyle.

Many people are surprised that CBD can even play a role in addiction, considering where CBD comes from. But in fact, one study showed that CBD reduced levels of addiction for smokers, who smoked 40% less cigarettes when taking CBD.

It has also been shown to be effective for addiction to opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, and nicotine. One of its most amazing benefits is CBD’s role in cancer treatment. As of now, it is a known pain and nausea reducer, while also being able to stimulate the appetite. They propose that CBD may even inhibit cancer cell growth and metastasis.

How to use CBD Oil:

cbd oil guideCBD is so easy to use, you can even eat it (in some salad dressings and honey). Some other forms include vape pens, drops or sprays (tinctures), topical rubs and balms, and edibles and pills. Vape pens are easy to use. A device heats up the CBD oil until it boils, and allows you to inhale the vapor. Using this method, the CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The problem is that some vape pens may have solvents that degrease into formaldehyde, irritating the eyes and nose.

Drops or sprays are typically sprayed directly into the mouth. This is the second quickest way to absorb CBD, however it is challenging to determine the proper dosage with this method.

cbd oil guideRubs and balms are used topically and applied directly to the sore joints or muscles. This ensures that the CBD is not absorbed into the entire body, however they can also be highly expensive.

Edibles and pills can easily be consumed through food and drink. Most pills are tasteless and finding a drink infused with CBD is not that hard to do. However, edibles and pills are the most ineffective because of how long it takes to digest and then enter into the bloodstream.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

cbd oil guideIf it was any other organic, natural, flower-based medicine that provided the same benefits as CBD, no one would question it. But since it’s CBD, many people are leery. CBD oil is completely safe, and even considered non-toxic. Non-toxic means that reports of overdose have never occurred, and it’s acceptable for a variety of doses per day, whatever suits your needs. Studies indicate no change when someone uses CBD oil for 6 weeks or long term. CBD oil is natural, non-toxic, and safe.

CBD has few side effects; all side effects are uncommon and not harmful. These include drowsiness, dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism. Due to some discrepancies in research, it is important to start with a low dose of CBD. Then you can increase to more if you need to.

Taking a large amount at once at first may lead to more discomfort than relief. CBD oil itself is safe. However, if the grower sprayed toxic chemicals or pesticides on the hemp plant, this may put the user at risk. Since there is no government faction that manages CBD oil, make sure that you as the consumer are smart about which types of CBD you are buying.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

cbd oil guideIn short, CBD oil is completely legal in all 50 states.. The challenge is differentiating it from typical marijuana, which is not completely legal in every state. The DEA classifies the cannabis plant as a Schedule I drug: “with no current accord medical use and high potential for abuse”.

However the FDA approves a certain medication containing CBD oil as a Schedule 5 drug: which has the lowest potential for addiction or abuse. This makes the purchase and use of CBD oil a bit confusing.

cbd oil guideHemp farmers using the 2014 farm bill state that CBD oil is completely legal. One thing that is clear is that the FDA and DEA are not too concerned with CBD oil users, and have not made it a priority to go after or analyze the use of it.

Keep in mind that while CBD oil is legal almost everywhere, it can be considered marijuana-related paraphernalia. Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota are the states that completely ban any paraphernalia. Here it may difficult or impossible to acquire CBD oil. Today, hemp has become legal on a federal level, which makes the production of CBD oil that much easier.

Where to Buy CBD Oil:

cbd oil guideIf you are able to successfully sort through the legal jumbo jumbo behind CBD oil, there are several places you may purchase it. First and foremost, online retailers have the largest selection- everything imaginable, and will be your most reliable source.

Specialty shops sell CBD oils, they are small shops that sell CBD and other products. They are usually licensed and often times ensure the best quality. Finally, you may also try local retailers and brick and mortar stores. This includes gas stations or privately run grocery stores, in which you may have seen hemp or CBD oil for sale.

If you want to purchase your CBD oil online we have several awesome recommendations. Below are brands that we know focus on quality and safety, ensuring you get the best CDB oil available. Under our list is a brief review of these CDB oils as well as links to learn more and purchase.

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CDB Oil Recap:

cbd oil guideSo, you found the remedy for sleepless nights, and with it came an anxiety reducer, mood improver, addiction and cancer reducer, and maybe even a remedy to other mental disorders. If you’re taking CBD oil to improve your sleep, at least you know it may also be improving several other aspects of your life.

CBD oil has the ability to ‘quiet the noise’ that keeps you awake, calm stressful thoughts, improve the amount and quality of asleep, and even improve your sleep-wake cycle. Taking CBD oil is as simple as using a vape pen, drops or sprays, or edibles or pills and you can do so guilt-free since CBD oil is completely legal, unlike plain cannabis. Simply put: CBD oil is the simple solution to sleep.

Our Sleep Guide is here to help you with all your sleep needs. Though we love to write and learn about all the various ways to improve sleep, we are not healthcare professionals. We always recommend consulting your doctor or reputable advisor. Especially if you are considering using any sleep supplements, like CBD oil. If you have any questions though, please feel free to Contact Us.