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July 14, 2019

Casper vs Purple

Struggling with choosing between the very popular Casper or Purple mattress? Than you have come to the right spot in this Purple vs Casper review. This review focuses on these two beds, and these two beds alone. Comparing and contrasting the obvious differences and the less obvious similarities to see whether the Casper and Purple mattresses can withstand our tests. Making the Casper vs Purple comparison review one you don’t want to miss for our mattress guides.

Casper Mattress Overview: 

casper vs purpleThe Casper mattress is one of the most recognizable new mattress brands. Seen from TV commercials to magazine ads all the way to Facebook popups and YouTube too. This bed has stirred up the mattress marketplace offering a bed that can be delivered right to your door. Along with a substantial trial period and free returns if you don’t care for it. Making it almost too easy to pass up, especially for anyone who likes the convenience and time saved with online shopping.

This mattress is a universally appealing bed that utilizes several layers of foams. Together they create 12” of comfort and support that is rolled up and shipped in a box. With a medium-firm feel and a combination of materials that are contouring and pressure relieving many are very satisfied with their Casper.

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Purple Mattress Overview: 

casper vs purplePurple followed Casper’s lead but offering their own spin on the bed in a box concept. Introducing the world to their bright purple layers and unique polymer grid top comfort layer. And making a mattress that was technically all foam but with a much more pressure relieving feel and open rid layout for ultimate cooling too.

It didn’t hurt that their marketing campaign was as unique and clever as their bed. Featuring Goldilocks and the egg test, a friendly sasquatch and their quirky scientist that created buzz about this interesting mattress. This 3 layer, 10” mattress has become one of the industry leaders and has not slowed down, introducing their newest mattresses, the Purple Hybrids, and other accessories too.

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Casper vs Purple – Delivery:

purple vs bearThe convenience of the ordering and delivery process of the Casper and Purple is what makes them very appealing to begin with. Having a bed compressed and rolled and shipped right to your door couldn’t be easier. Especially when it is included in the price and offers free returns too. After making your selection between the Casper or Purple your mattress will be shipped out promptly after purchase.

These USA made beds may take about a week or more to get there, but not usually too much longer than that. The Casper will arrive in a cardboard box while the Purple comes in a durable plastic bag. The biggest difference being the weight of each. With the Casper weighing around 70 pounds and the Purple well over 100 pounds. Either way, two sets of hands are better than one for getting them to their final destinations.

Casper vs Purple – Set Up & Off Gassing:

casper vs purpleThe process of set up and unpacking is virtually the same. Once you remove the plastic rolled mattress form the delivery box just place it on the frame or foundation it will be on. Carefully remove the plastic by cutting it open and watch your new mattress come to life. During this process you will notice some fumes that escape too. If you are more sensitive, leave the room. Also, cracking a window is a good idea too. The off gassing of the Purple is more dominant and lingers longer than that of the Casper. So that was one notable difference during the process too.

Lastly, to point out in the unboxing process is the amount of time it takes for the Casper and Purple beds to fully expand. Though there is a quick initial expansion of both of these beds the true feel takes several hours to properly assess. It is good to wait at least 4 to 6 hours before sleeping on, but 24 to 48 hours before making a judgement on the comfort and feel.

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Casper vs Purple – Comfort:

Both the Purple mattress and Casper mattress use the same approach to comfort. Offering one universal feel that will appeal to the greatest majority of sleepers. Giving you an easy choice of what to pick and taking any guess work out. Though the materials in the mattresses make them feel quite different the firmness levels should be similar. Ensuring sleepers with enough dense support combine with just enough softness and contour on top.

softness scale meter

If using a scale from one to ten, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest the Casper would fall right around a 6. An ideal sweet spot that accommodates most, if not all sleeping positions. As well as a level of firmness that works for most sizes and shapes as well. On that same scale the Purple comes in just a hair softer, closer t a 5.5. Also, very appealing to the vast majority of sleepers and their needs. With just a slightly more soft feel that may adapt to side sleepers better than stomach sleepers, especially over time.

Either way, the Casper and Purple mattresses offer a comfort, or firmness level, that should work for many. Hence why taking out the guesswork has worked great for both of these brands and those who enjoy sleeping on them.

Casper Materials:

The Casper mattress is made up of 4 layers to construct a 12″ mattress. Using a latex alternative poly foam on the top section of the mattress. This layer is more responsive and meant to mimic the feel of latex. As well as makes for a nice separation between the more heat retaining next layer of memory foam. This layer is going to add pressure relief and evenly distribute weight while contouring to the curves of your body. And working in tandem with the top layer for a balanced feel.

Under this is a layer of transition foam. This helps create a layer of deep comfort for side sleeping as well as a separation between the denser base foams and top comfort layers. Lastly is the dense base foam that make up the foundation and base of the mattress. This layer not only helps with support but also creating a solid sturdy surface for the top layers. All of this is covered in a thicker yet breathable top cover adjacent to a more durable side panel. Creating a universal feel and balanced comfort mattress for all sleepers.

casper vs tomorrow

The materials of the Casper mattress make for a feel that is consistent and appealing to many. The mattress is cocooning enough to cradle your body to easily relieve pressure. Yet isn’t overly slow responding to allow you to easily change positions over the course of sleeping. The materials may not be the top of the line but do a fine job for providing a good night of sleep.

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Purple Materials:

The Purple mattress is a little less than 10″ thick bed created with three layers. The most unique and important layer of the Purple bed is the top layer of polymer. This 2″ of hyper-elastic polymer is formed into a grid that has open spaces that create air flow and pressure relief. This unique material has a natural buoyancy to it to allow for easy of movement. And the open layout creates an abundance of space for heat to dissipate and air to flow freely.

Next is a layer of transition foam that makes up 3.5″ of the second layer. This foam is not only for deep comfort but support and a balanced feel between the polymer grid and base foam. Which the base layers consists of 4″ of dense foam completing the build of the mattress. By providing the foundation of the bed and solid surface for the layers above to sit on.

One thing to note with the Purple is that the polymer grid is very unique and may not be for everyone. Because of the grid style layout you may be able to feel the channels. This might create a distracting or obvious feel that is too much for some sleepers to get past. Creating a feel and comfort that is more inconsistent. And has individuals torn with people who really enjoy it and others who don’t.

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Casper vs Purple – Motion Transfer:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonBoth of these mattresses are all foam mattresses and that alone will make for minimal motion transfer. Each of these mattresses are about 10″ of all foam that makes for little vibrations from movement. Casper’s top is a slightly more responsive poly foam layer that is meant to mimic latex. And intended to have a more buoyant and springy feel. However, under the top of the Casper bed is a layer of memory foam that will help absorb much vibration.

Purple’s top layer is a very responsive polymer that will move much more than latex, memory foam or poly foam. Because of the grid layout the polymer sides do collapse a bit under weight, making the vibrations less noticeable. As well as not encouraging them to move through out the bed for less partner disturbance. However, when comparing these mattresses side by side, the Casper has noticeably less motion transfer than the Purple mattress. Making the Caper the choice if minimal motion transfer is high on your list.

Casper vs Purple – Sleeping Cool:

As you already know, these are both all foam mattresses. Anytime you have all foam mattresses retaining heat may be more likely than on a mattress that utilizes a coil system. But, both of these mattresses also use materials to aide in lowering the heat retention.

The Casper mattress has a top layer that has an open cell layer of foam. It is not only meant to be more responsive to help you from feeling stuck, it also is suppose to help pull heat away from the body. Not to mention that it acts as a barrier between the memory foam and the surface helping with heat retention from your body as well. The Casper also uses a woven stretch knit cover that is breathable but a little thicker too. It is meant to help dissipate heat but may be a bit to thick to effectively do so. This combination of materials will help reduce some of the heat retention but may not do enough if you are a very warm sleeper.

purple vs puffy mattress comparison

The top layer of the Purple mattress is the unique polymer grid that we have mentioned numerous times already. Two of the best features about that grid is its ability to relieve pressure as well as dissipate heat. This grid has about 1.5″ to 2″ of open space that allows for plenty of heat to escape and not be held against your body. This makes for this mattress to not only feel different but work well if you are a warm sleeper too. This is all covered in a very thin layer of breathable fabric that won’t add an extra heat either. Making the Purple sleep quite cool, especially compared to most other all foam mattresses, including the Casper.

Casper s Purple – Edge Support:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonEdge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, if it is than paying attention to how well constructed and durable the materials are will play a roll. Edge support is important if you either sit on the edge form time to time or if it is important for you to use the full edge to edge sleeping surface of your mattress. Making sure that even the edges are solid and hold up will make a difference in how comfortable it is as well as how it performs for you.

The Casper mattress performs fine for utilizing the edge while sleeping and can be slept on from edge to edge. The consistent foams make for an even feel that creates a fully usable sleeping surface. However, it may lack the desired support if you are sitting on the edge. Especially for an extended period of time.

The Purple bed has even less support around the perimeter. While sleeping you don’t want to get too close to the edge or you may feel a “rolling out of the bed” type feel. The polymer grid does collapse a bit under weight making for a very inconsistent feel. This is even more noticeable when sitting, which is very limited for support and not a good idea. Neither the Casper or Purple have amazing edge support, but from a sleeping standpoint the Casper feels much more consistent.

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Casper Mattress Value:

When looking at the value of mattresses it is good to note that we aren’t just looking at the price. Though the price is important what you are getting for that price is even more important. So scrutinizing the materials, benefits and construction of the bed along with its price tag give us a more credible value.

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonThe price for the Casper mattress is $995 for a queen size. This includes the sipping and any returns, if needed. As well as a 100 night sleep trial period and a 10 year warranty. The value of this mattress is okay. Considering the influx of competition there are newer available options. Some of which come in at a lower price point.

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Though many feel the original design and build of the Casper is a “10” you do have to remember the other things you are paying with this bed. It has a very beefed up marketing campaign that doesn’t pay for itself. Realizing this when buying any mattress that is highly advertised is something to keep in mind. However, if you like the all foam feel of this 10″ bed and it sleeps well for you than this mattress is worth every penny.

Purple Mattress Value:

purple vs puffy mattress comparisonThe price of the Purple mattress is $999 for a queen size This also includes the shipping costs and free returns too. The trial period for this mattress is also 100 nights and the warranty is a 10 year warranty too. The value of this mattress is also okay. The unique materials set it apart form much of its competition, but the overall quality does feel lacking, especially in terms of the base foam for long term use.

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The Purple mattress evokes strong feelings of love or dislike very early on, so sleeping on this you will know right away if it is for you. If this 9.5″ thick bed relieves pressure and sleeps cool for you than that is all that matters. Again this is another well known brand that has an aggressive marketing budget. So remembering the price isn’t just for the materials and construction of the bed is good to note.

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Casper vs Purple – That’s a Wrap!

We can say from both an objective as well as subjective standpoint that both the Casper and Purple bed perform just fine for online bed in a box mattresses. These original pioneers to the industry both bring their own unique flavor to their beds. Both creating a proud following of avid sleepers that love their brands and products.

They have a few similarities with the biggest differences being the feel, sleeping cool and materials. These mattresses really are going to come down to if you prefer a highly responsive, unique feeling and cooler sleeping bed in the Purple. Or a more consistent foam feel with less motion transfer and slightly more solid edges in the Casper.

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