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May 24, 2019

Casper vs Nolah

Today we are going to be comparing the Casper vs Nolah foam mattresses. These mattresses both come from reputable companies that have made a name for themselves. Nolah even makes a charitable donation to help the wildlife out of every mattress sold. Casper was one of the original pioneers of the sleep trial for online beds. Both beds come with free shipping and have several similarities. However, there are also a few differences too making this comparison great to help you decide which is right for you.

We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Casper vs Nolah mattress comparison. We will be looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback on our mattress picks. Read on to find out how we feel about both brands as well as see which one will be a better fit for you.

Jump right to the individual reviews for the Nolah Original 10″ and the Casper mattress too. 

Casper Mattress Overview: 

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Casper brand was one of the original brands that introduced a sleep trial period. They wanted to bring in more customers by assuring them that they wouldn’t lose money by going with their bed in a box. With this, they even offer free returns and removals if things just don’t work out.

This companies biggest selling point is there one size fits all feel to their mattress to accommodate various sleeping positions. This design is said to ensure that every sleeper can get comfortable when they sleep on a Casper mattress.

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Nolah Mattress Overview:

casper vs nolahThe Nolah brand is known for their support of wildlife. A portion of every mattress that is bought is donated by Nolah to the Defenders of Wildlife Foundation.

The Nolah original mattress is also said to be a side sleepers dream mattress. This is because Nolah designed there bed to give you the perfect amount of sink while also giving you the support you need to be comfortable at night. The company prides itself on having a longer warranty than most mattresses and an extended sleep trial to give you a true feel for their beds.

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Casper vs Nolah – Delivery:

nolah mattress reviewThe Casper mattress comes to your home shipped for free. The mattress will arrive in a compact box and weigh around 85 pounds. Since this mattress does weigh a bit you should try to enlist help when setting it up to avoid injuries.

This mattress will be able to work with or without a base foam. Once it arrives all you will need to do is safely unbox it and remove the plastic so it can expand. The Casper mattress should take around 12 to 24 hours to completely expand before you can use it.

The Nolah mattress like the Casper is delivered to your door with free shipping. Once you order your Nolah mattress it will be picked up from the warehouse and delivered to your door. The queen mattress will weigh around 75 pounds at this size making it hard to move on your own.

Once it has arrived though all you need to do is safely unpack it so it can fully expand. The Nolah mattress can also work with or without a box frame or support base. Be sure to give the mattress a few days to completely gain its firmness back before making any judgments on its comfort level.

Casper vs Nolah – Off Gassing:

One of the biggest things you may worry about when unboxing a new mattress is the amount of off-gassing it will put off. In the case of the Casper mattress, you will notice a bit of off-gassing coming from it. This is also true for the Nolah airfoam mattress and with both of these models, you should give them a bit of time to air out before use. This is especially the case if you get easily dizzy or strong smells make you feel sick. We recommend giving the mattresses about 12-hours in an open room to fully air out. During this time any smells attached to them should fully dissipate.

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Casper Mattress – Materials:

The Casper mattress is a 12-inch thick mattress made of 4 layers of quality foam. The mattress is topped with a comfort layer that is durable, maintains a good bounce, and provides decent sinkage and motion transfer. This layer has elasticity in the foam which gives it a soft feel without sinking in too deep. The breathable material keeps you from feeling overheated while sleeping. Below this is a layer of memory foam. This foam conforms to your body to reduce restless sleep and relieve pressure points. It is one of the great mattresses for back pain because it contours to your body smoothly.This layer makes the Casper mattress great for side sleepers who have their unique, preferred sleeping positions.

The third layer is made of a transitional poly foam. This foam adds comfort and distributes weight evenly. It is the last layer of comfort makes a great transition to the foundational base layer.

The base is made of a dense poly foam increasing stability and durability. This is a solid supportive foam that will prevent bottoming out as well as a foundation for the other layers to work their magic. These layers are encased in a half inch thick premium, woven polyester cover. The cover is snug against the mattress and has a resilient feel for those who want the support of innerspring mattresses but with a more contouring feel. The grey and white design are pleasing to the eye as well.

casper vs tomorrow

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Nolah Mattress – Materials:

The Nolah mattress has 3 different layers of comfortable materials that form a 10-inch thick mattress. The first 2-inch layer is made of Cooling Nolah Air Foam that provides pressure relief on the sleeping surface of the mattress. Next is 1 inch of Supportive Avena Foam. This layer is strong, more durable than Latex, and gives the mattress a responsive bounce.

The bottom layer is 7 inches of the best U.S. made high-density base foam. This durable foam is ensured to last for years of use. The entire mattress is covered in a super soft natural Viscous Cover making the Nolah mattress the only online mattress with a 360 degree wrapped luxury cover.

puffy vs nolah

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Casper Mattress  – Comfort:

casper box woman and babyThe Casper mattress goes for a universal approach to comfort to appeal to as many sleepers as possible. The Casper mattress had between a medium to a medium firm feel. The mattress hits between a 6 to a 6.5 on the ten-point firmness. This makes this mattress work well for every type of sleeper instead of just targeting a set like some mattresses do.

The Casper mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers the mattress will give you the support you need to keep your back from bowing. Side sleepers will also enjoy the support the mattress provides but may feel like it’s lacking in softness if they like to sink into the bed. If you sleep on your back you will be delighted to find that this bed supports you right where you needed.

If you are heavier you will find that the Casper mattress won’t have the same medium-firm feel and my feel like a softer mattress.  The mattress runs cool and offers plenty of edge support to keep you comfortable. You may find that this mattress is perfect for everyone, especially if they want a softer feel.

Nolah Mattress – Comfort:

nolah mattressThe Nolah mattress combines the best memory foam and latex materials to create their innovative Cooling Nolah Air Foam. This relieves pressure and keeps the mattress much cooler than competitors like the Saatva mattress. The Nolah mattress also uses Avena foam to give the mattress bounce and responsiveness. The combination of these two layers creates a mattress that is adaptable to most sleepers, providing quality comfort for a variety of sleeping positions. The 10-inch Nolah mattress is a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale giving it a universal comfort ideal for most sleepers.

Nolah mattress is just soft enough for your shoulder and hips to sink into, making it ideal for side sleepers. The Nolah mattress is also great for back sleepers and the occasional stomach sleeper. This mattress has ample dense core support for proper alignment and still feels soft and supportive. The comfort layers perfectly balance contour and pressure relief to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. For heavier people, this mattress will have a medium soft feel but will still provide the comfort needed. It is one of the best mattresses for heavy people in this regard.

The Nolah mattresses layers offer an almost perfect balance of both contour and pressure relief to the sleeper.  This mattress is perfect for back and side sleepers. We also recommend it as one of the great mattresses for couples. Even heavier sleepers can use this mattress although it may have closer to a medium soft feel.

Casper vs Nolah – Motion Transfer:

casper vs yaasaMotion transfer can be a major problem if it’s not nullified before reaching your partner.  Motion can cause you to not get a restful nights sleep, especially if you have a partner that is prone to tossing and turning at night. Luckily, as is the case with most foam mattresses, both the Casper mattress and Nolah mattress to a wonderful job at nullifying any vibrations that happen on top of them. Both of these would make suitable mattresses for couples with children. This makes the mattresses a perfect pitch for anyone who has kids or sleeps with a partner at night. Even parents with kids will be able to sleep easy if their child seeks them out for comfort at night.

Casper vs Nolah – Sleeping Cool:

As you already know, these are both all foam mattresses. Anytime you have all foam mattresses retaining heat may be more likely than on a mattress that utilizes a coil system. However, the Nolah pays close attention to this factor and incorporates materials from top to bottom that help reduce heat retention as much as they can. Capser also utilizes a few materials that reduce heat retention, but may have a few layers that could hold heat too.

our mattress guideThe Casper mattress uses a few different bits of technology to keep things cool at night. The first is in the knit cover. This breathable cover helps dissipate heat away from your body to keep you cool at night. The mattress also helps by being on the firmer side and keeping you from sink too far into the foam. The Nolah mattress also features open cell top layer that puts a little bit of space in between you and the foam layers.

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The Nolah mattress also does a good job at keeping cool. The first layer even uses cooling Nolah foam, this layer has billions of tiny air pockets to help alleviate heat from the foam. This top layer is also less temperature sensitive than foam layers helping things stay cooler even better. The middle layer of the mattress is the Avena foam layer that allows the mattress to respond more easily to your movements. It also keeps you from sinking too far in the mattress and be cocooned in the foam layers.

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Casper vs Nolah – Edge Support:
casper vs puffy mattress comparison

Edge support is an important part of mattress shopping that many buyers may not think about. Edge support can make or break a mattress though. If a mattress is lacking in edge support then you won’t be able to use the whole surface for sleeping. The Casper mattress as an ok amount of edge support for a bed in a box. It’s neither bad or an incredibly amazing amount of support. You will be able to utilize every inch of the mattress for sleeping. You will even be able to sleep on the edge of the Casper mattress rather comfortably. For edge sitting though you may find that your bed will quickly start to sink on you.

If you are worried about sleeping on the edge then the Nolah mattress will be a safe bet for you. The Nolah mattress offers a stable sleep surface for you to sleep on. The mattress will be usable from side to side and constant in it’s cover no matter where you choose to lay.  The dense base gives the mattress plenty of support to keep you from sliding off the edge at night. If you plan to sit on the edge of your bed though you may find that it will only hold you for long enough to put your shoes on.

Casper vs Nolah – Value:

The Casper mattress will ship to your home completely for free. The mattress will come with a 10-year warranty to cover you from any defects that may happen. This mattress may be right up your ally, and if that is the case, great. It is a 10″ thick mattress with memory foam and poly foam comfort layers. The Casper mattress comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $595
  • Twin XL – $645
  • Full – $895
  • Queen – $995
  • King – $1195
  • Cal King – $1195

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The Nolah mattress is $1019 for a queen, and they also are currently offering and additional $125 off (Get the Coupon HERE). It is also delivered to your house completely for free. The Nolah does come with a 15-year warranty to give you peace of mind. This mattress is comfortable and cool and has a universal feel that the majority of people should enjoy. The mattress is available at the following price points:

  • Twin – $619
  • Twin XL – $759
  • Full – $879
  • Queen – $1019
  • King – $1119
  • Cal King – $1119

Also, a HUGE plus that Nolah includes a charitable donation to the Defenders of Wildlife with each mattress sold. When you buy your mattress you even get to choose which animal your contribution goes towards and will receive an adoption certificate too. How cool is that!? Interested in the Nolah mattress? Learn more at

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The Casper and Nolah do well when it comes to value and their pricing and all that you get with each bed. Both come in around $1000, especially when using the coupons. The Nolah does have a more substantial coupon making it more appealing price wise. But both will offer well made mattresses that will delivery on quality, comfort and support. It really comes down to which feel and performance sounds like a better fit for you.

Casper vs Nolah – Summary:

Both the Casper and Nolah mattresses are quality mattresses. Both companies make  these mattresses with premium materials to give you a solid night’s sleep. Either company ship to your door for free. Casper and Nolah will both have a bit of off-gassing when you first unpack them. Each mattress will be a little on the heavy side. We suggest you have at least two people to safely set them up.

nolah vs laylaThey also both do a pretty good job at keeping a neutral temperature at night with the Nolah pulling slightly ahead. Other than that they are both 10-inches thick and made almost completely of foam minus the latex added into one of Nolah’s layers. They also both offer decent edge support with Nolah once again pulling a bit ahead in the category. There are a few key differences between the two though.

For starters, the Nolah will give you a little bit more bounce than the Casper thanks to the latex implanted into the bed. The Nolah is also cheaper than the Casper, especially when coupons are thrown into the mix. Nolah also offers 5 more years on their warranty than Casper does and 20 more nights on their sleep trial period. This makes up lean a little bit more towards Nolah since we are getting a little bit more out of our money with this product. Overall though, be sure to pick the mattress that most fits your needs.

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