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November 15, 2017

Casper vs Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Comparison

The Casper and Cocoon Chill by Sealy mattresses are two mattresses that make for an ultimate comparison. These two mattresses both have a current price tag of $950 as well as are 10″ all foam mattresses that claim to be two of the best mattress in the online bed in a box market. Lucky for you we have had the opportunity to try both and can give you a more in depth comparison in our Casper vs Cocoon review.

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Casper Mattress Overview:

casper vs cocoonThe Casper mattress has gained its reputation through vast marketing efforts and the thought of one perfect mattress for all. The have revolutionized the bedding industry with their bed in a box concept that brought many others to this new market.

This all foam mattress combines multiple layers of poly foam and memory foam to make up a 10″ bed that has a universal medium-firm feel. Its popularity has given this mattress an almost household name and association with the direct to consumer mattress trend.

Cocoon by Sealy Overview: 

casper vs cocoonThe Coccon Chill by Sealy followed close behind this new mattress trend with their established name to help blaze the trail. Not only is it recognizable, but also popular with anyone who has ever looked for a mattress.

Their bed in a box uses 3 layers of foam to create a 10″ mattress that you can choose in either soft or firm. This mattress has a top layer of memory foam to give you a hugging and cocooning feel, hence the name. The Cocoon mattress, backed by a well known brand, gives it an instant edge over much of its competition.

We are putting these mattresses head to head in our Casper vs Cocoon mattress comparison.We are looking at the similarities and differences and giving our honest feedback. Read on to find out how we felt about each of these brands as well as see which one will be a better fit for you.

Casper vs Cocoon – Off Gassing & Delivery:

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonThere isn’t much difference in this category for the Casper and Cocoon mattresses. Both are made in the USA, compressed, put into a compact box and shipped right to your door. The off gassing and fumes of both was very minimal, especially for a bed in a box mattress. The Cocoon and Casper may have a few fumes trapped, but nothing that won’t dissipate in a few hours.

Another thing to note with both of these mattresses is that they may take a few hours to fully expand after being in their boxes. It is a good idea to let them expand and breathe for about 3 to 4 hours, at a minimum, before sleeping on them to make sure you get a true feel as well as no lingering odors. Ideally if you can give either mattress about 24 hours to fully expand and air out, that would be best.

Learn more and shop the Casper mattress HERE and the Cocoon by Sealy HERE

Casper vs Cocoon – Comfort:

The Cocoon & Casper mattresses are going to vary a bit in feel and comfort and this aspect is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways of objectively approach how comfortable they may be for you. For starters all mattresses have a level of firmness. This level usually coincides with dominant sleeping positions and styles. As you can see from the chart below there is a range of what to look for depending.

softness scale meter

As far as the Casper goes you only have one comfort option. A universal feel that will be around a 6 to 6.5 on a firmness scale. This medium-firm feel is usually ideal for the majority of sleepers, hence why they only have one feel. However, if you prefer something softer or firmer you are limited to choices. It also is right on the cusp of maybe being a bit too firm for a dominant side sleeper.

On the other hand, the Cocoon by Sealy mattress has two comfort options to choose from, soft and firm. The soft choice is around a 4.5 to 6 on the firmness scale, while the firm comes in around a 7.5 to 8. These choices fall a little outside of the popular medium-firm feel, however, the soft option is great for side and back sleepers while the firm is more ideal for stomach sleepers.

If you aren’t sure which option is best for you the soft is their most popular option. Though it can range on softness depending on your size, it will accommodate more sleeping positions and be a better fit for the more average sized sleeper.

cocoon chill by sealy

Casper vs Cocoon – Materials:

puffy vs tuloThe materials are another objective way to look at a mattresses comfort. Knowing how the materials react and perform will help you decide if the mattress may be more your style. While an all foam bed consists of several layers of foams they types of foams will alter the feel. While a true memory foam bed will be more contouring and slow responding as well as provide great pressure relief and even weight distribution. And a mattress with a combination of foams will typically be a blend of a more responsive feel paired with a contouring feel. Trying to be less cocooning and more balanced.

The quality and density of these materials will also give some insight into the durability and long term use of a mattress. As well as the value of the bed and if it is worth the price. Below we will give a breakdown of both the Casper materials and the Cocoon materials.

Casper Mattress – Materials:

The Casper mattress is just shy of 10″ and uses 4 layers of foam. The top layer is going to be 1.5″ of responsive poly foam. This layer is meant to mimic the feel of latex and be more responsive. However, it lacks the durability and natural benefits that latex actually provides. This is followed by another 1.5″ of memory foam and 1.5″ of transition foam. these layers help evenly distribute weight as well as all work together to relieve pressure too.

These comfort layers sit on a 5″ base of dense support foam. The cover on this mattress is a little thicker too adds a bit of extra softness. It is breathable as well as has more durable side panels. This mattress will have a conforming yet responsive feel that will be fairly supportive as well.

casper vs cocoon
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Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Materials:

The Cocoon mattress is also a 10″ mattress that uses 3 layers of foam. The top layer is going to be 2″ of a very true conforming memory foam. This comfort layer is going to provide great pressure relief as well as a contouring feel that helps distribute your weight evenly.

This is followed by another 2″ of transition foam that will help create a balance and gentle support between the dense base foam and softer memory foam. As well as provide deep comfort and a bit of response for easy moving. These comfort layers sit on a 6″ base of dense support foam. This mattress will have a conforming and hugging feel that will be exactly what to expect from a true memory foam mattress. As well as covered in a premium cover that can be upgraded to a “chill” feel that adds extra cooling benefits too.

casper vs cocoon

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Casper vs Cocoon – Our Comfort Pick: 

As stated earlier comfort and firmness preference will be subjective. However, the materials and feel of a mattress can be a good place to start. Especially when your are objectively deciding which may be more comfortable. This holds true initially as well as after several years of sleeping.

casper vs cocoonThese two mattresses vary a bit in the firmness of each. The Cocoon will have a softer and firmer option, both leaning closer to medium-soft and medium-firm. While the Casper has a medium-firm feel. And the placement and amount of materials of the Cocoon provide a more true memory foam feel. While the Casper is slightly more responsive with a combo of poly and memory foam. Giving the Cocoon a more “cocooning” feel over the Casper.

Personally we preferred the feel of the more true memory foam pressure relief of the Cocoon. It does a great job of hugging your body and evenly distributing weight all while still letting you easily change positions. The support also feels more solid and durable making the long term use of the mattress more likely. The Casper may have been a bit more balanced if you prefer a bed that doesn’t have the more true memory foam feel.

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Casper vs Cocoon – Motion Transfer:

casper vs cocoonBoth of these mattresses are all foam mattresses and that alone will make for minimal motion transfer. Each of these mattresses are about 10″ of all foam that makes for little vibrations from movement. The Cocoon mattress does have 2″ of memory foam on top that will respond quicker to reduce movement and eliminate it before it travels to your partner. It also offers a thicker portion of base foam that will absorb any extra movement too.

Casper’s top is a more responsive poly foam layer that is meant to mimic latex and will have a more responsive feel. It won’t be anything overly noticeable, but when comparing these mattresses side by side the Cocoon has slightly less motion transfer than the Casper.

Casper vs Cocoon – Sleeping Cool:

Previously mention both of these mattresses are all foam beds with memory foam. Heat retention with memory is a little more prevalent than in a hybrid or latex mattress. Leading to a warmer mattress not long into sleeping. Most mattresses that feature memory foam try to combat these heat retaining properties. Usually by adding gels or off setting the heat with more open celled structures.

The Cocoon Chill mattress is the option from Sealy that is the answer to the problem for heat retention with their mattress. The cover of this mattress utilizes thermic phase changing material to help with sleeping cool. The Casper also utilizes materials that reduce heat retention but in a different way.

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Casper mattress has a top layer that has an open cell layer of foam that is suppose to help pull heat away from the body. The top layer also acts as a barrier between the memory foam and the surface as well. It also uses a woven stretch knit cover that is breathable and meant to dissipate heat. These materials will help reduce some of the heat retention but may not do enough if you are a very warm sleeper.

The Cocoon mattress has a top layer of true memory foam that may sleep a little warmer. The transition layer doesn’t have any added gels or cooling properties to aid in heat dissipation but will be more responsive to help you not feel stuck. If you are a warm sleeper you will have the option of getting the firm option that will allow you to ride more on top of the mattress. The cool to the touch cover with thermic phase changing material will help eliminate heat. This cover will not only be cool to the touch but also help wick away moisture.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Casper vs Cocoon – Edge Support:

casper vs cocoonEdge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, if it is than paying attention to how well constructed and durable the materials are will play a roll. Edge support is important if you either sit on the edge from time to time or if it is important for you to use the full edge to edge sleeping surface of your mattress.

Making sure that even the edges are solid and hold up will make a difference in how comfortable it is as well as how it performs for you. Both the Casper and Cocoon mattress perform fine for utilizing the edge while sleeping but may lack the desired support if you are sitting on the edge.

Casper vs Cocoon – Value:

The value of a mattress goes beyond just its price tag. Looking at the components, construction and benefits of each makes a difference when it comes to their value. Comparing these areas to the price gives you a better idea if it is good, bad or great value. Additionally looking at any other added benefits like trial periods length, warranty and customer service also goes into this area.

The Casper mattress is $950 for a queen size and does include the shipping in the price. This mattress also includes a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty. This mattress may be right up your ally, and if that is the case, great. It is a 10″ thick mattress with poly and memory foam comfort layers.

It has a very beefed up marketing campaign that doesn’t pay for itself, so just realize that when buying any mattress that is highly advertised that there is a portion of that equated into the price you are paying. If you decide on the Casper make sure you use our exclusive $50 coupon with code: SLEEPGUIDE50 at

The Cocoon Chill mattress is $949 for a queen size and does include the shipping in the price. This mattress also includes a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty. This mattress also has a Classic version that doesn’t offer the cooling cover and comes in at a lower price point. If sleeping cool is less of a concern check out the Cocoon Classic for $799.

Both are 10″ thick mattress with a true memory foam feel and come in two comfort options. This mattress is a good deal and making it even better is the additional savings. We can offer you our exclusive discount to save $100 on your new mattress, making the Chill $849 and the Classic $699. Make sure you take advantage of our exclusive coupon code: OSG100 at

cocoon chill by sealy

Casper vs Cocoon – Overall: 

cocoon chill mattress reviewLooking at both of these mattresses from an impartial perspective we can say that both do a fine job. The Cocoon may check a few more boxes, especially with the options available to choose from. The Casper will have a more medium-firm feel while the Cocoon will have two comfort options to choose from. Both will have little to no motion transfer, good edge to edge support for sleeping and comparable delivery. The Cocoon Chill by Sealy will be a much better value, especially when utilizing their coupon. And the Classic Cocoon is a GREAT value if you don’t need the added cooling benefits.

When all was said and done we preferred the true memory foam feel of the Cocoon by Sealy. This mattress provided good solid support as well as an ideal feeling memory foam. This mattress also comes in at a great price point and the solid brand that stands behind it. This makes it that much more appealing from a customer service and warranty stand point.

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