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December 6, 2019

Casper Mattresses Review

casper mattress review all of the beds compared

Casper took the mattress industry by storm in 2014, when the bed-in-a-box concept gained popularity. Since then, the company has introduced two new designs to reach a wider range of customers. The Casper Wave is a higher-end design, bulking up on materials to create a thicker profile with more sleep benefits. The Casper Essential is the lower-priced category, with a thinner design containing only three layers of foam. How will you know which one to pick? With our Casper mattresses comparison review you can see all the differences each bed offers.

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Original Casper – Overview:

casper mattressesWhen you think of online mattress brands, Casper is probably one of the first that comes to mind. This company is one of the forefathers in the bed-in-a-box industry. Their company states they have “one perfect mattress for everyone.” This 12-inch thick mattress boast a universal feel. This makes a comfortable balance between soft pressure point relief and firm support.

Sleeping in almost any position should be possible with this firmness level. It uses all-foam materials, creating a consistent sleeping surface with softness of memory foam and responsiveness like latex. The price range for the original design falls in the middle of the options available from Casper. Is this moderate-priced option the best choice from this brand?  Find out when you continue reading this comparison review.

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Original Casper Hybrid – Overview:

the original casper hybrid mattress reviewCasper now offers a Hybrid version of their Original Casper mattress. Which means they have taken the comfort of their original foam mattress and bumped it up a notch. There are a lot of benefits to a hybrid mattress design over the all-foam version, including durability, cooling, support and more. This Hybrid version has many of the same materials that the Casper Original All-Foam has with two major additions. The first is a gentle yet resilient coil system which gives the bed a more durable base.

They also added a special dense layer of foam around the perimeter of the mattress to give the bed extra edge support. If you love to lay close to the edge of the bed or sit on the side from time to time, then you will love this upgrade to the Original Casper Hybrid Mattress.

Casper Wave – Overview:

casper mattressesThe Casper Wave is the upgraded version of the original Casper mattress. It features five layers of foam that stack up to create the 13-inch thick mattress. The core of this design features more pressure relief and support exactly where you need it. This gives you the best in proper spinal alignment in a variety of sleeping positions.

In addition to the upgrade in comfort, you will notice increased isolation of motion transfer, cooling properties, and edge support. You still get the benefits of ordering from Casper, like free shipping, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty. Is this upgrade worth the price increase? Keep reading this comparison review to find out.

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Casper Wave Hybrid – Overview:

the wave casper hybrid mattress reviewThe Casper Wave Hybrid uses all of the many high tech comfort layers and materials as the all-foam Casper Wave mattress. However, Casper added two new features to the upgraded Hybrid version of the Wave Mattress. These are nearly the exact same upgrades that the Original Casper Hybrid mattress has over the Original All-Foam mattress. Casper Wave Hybrid feature “resilient-yet-gentle” coil system. These coils add a lot of durability to the mattress giving it a longer lasting support through years of use.

They also added a special dense layer of foam around the perimeter of the mattress. It is the combination of coil system and this added layer of perimeter foam that gives the Wave Hybrid Mattress it’s extra edge support. If you love to sit on the side of your bed or loathe the “roll out” feel when you sleep too close to the edge of the mattress, then you will love what coils and extra foam do to the side of a mattress.

Casper Essential – Overview:

casper mattressesIn response to a growing need for affordability, this bed-in-a-box company created the Casper Essential. You get just the basics with this style that features three layers of foam. Similar materials from the original Casper were chosen to give you the exact benefits you need without breaking the bank. The design also falls into the universal comfort level category.

At 11 inches thick, this budget-friendly choice gives you support and pressure relief. Is this mattress right for everyone? Will this lower-priced choice give you everything you need for long-term use? This Casper brand comparison guide has you covered with the information you should need to make the most informed decision.

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Casper Mattresses – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleThe original Casper mattress weighs around 75 pounds. The Casper Wave weighs around 100 pounds. The Casper Essential weights around 65 pounds. It’s a good idea have a friend help you set up your new mattress, especially the Casper Wave. Shipping is included with the purchase of any three of the Casper mattresses. Your order will be compressed and roll-packed into a box for convenient shipping.

Upon its arrival, simply remove it from the box, unroll it, and remove the plastic wrapping. Your new mattress will come to life as it expands. It should only take a few moments to fully expand. However, it could take a day or two to fully firm up.

You may notice some smells from off-gassing during this time. The Casper Wave uses only CertiPUR-US foams and low VOC’s. Therefore, this option is the best choice for those that are sensitive to smells. Avoid the area if you these odors bother you while your mattress breathes. Once this period is over, you can place your bedding and begin to enjoy your new bed.

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Casper – Comfort:

You will find comfort in every position while sleeping on the original Casper mattress design. It follows a universal feel to create a surface that fits the needs of most average people. On a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Casper rates a 6 to a 6.5. Back sleepers have ample lumbar support with contouring at the neck and shoulders.

Side sleepers will get nice support but may feel this mattress is too firm. It does not allow for a generous give at the hip and shoulder for ultimate pressure relief. Stomach sleepers can rest easy knowing they have the firmness required to prevent the back from bowing. Persons of larger proportions might need a firmer design in mattress to get the ultimate support necessary for proper spinal alignment.

Original Casper Hybrid – Comfort

You may notice when you compare the original with it’s hybrid version that it feels rather similar with two main differences. When you first lay down you may notice the bed has more edge support. The other is that you have a more responsive feel to the bed. You can get in, out, and readjust much easier than you would in the all-foam version.

Casper Wave – Comfort:

casper mattressesDue to the wave-like design in this mattress, you will feel varying levels of firmness throughout. This gives you the extra support where you need it and pressure relief at key points. Overall, this mattress will have a feel that should please most sleepers. Luxurious softness is paired with precision support to create the ideal comfort levels needed for restful sleep.

Back sleepers will get extra support through the lumbar. Stomach sleepers shouldn’t feel any back bowing. Side sleepers will get pain relief through targeting the pressure points. The foams utilized in the Casper Wave’s design are denser, providing you with a firmer feel than the original Casper.

Casper Wave Hybrid – Comfort

There are two main differences in comfort that you should be able to notice out of the hybrid version of the wave right off the bat. This first is that the Wave Hybrid is going to feel much more supportive than the all-foam version, especially around the edges of the bed. Then you make notice that the bed has a more responsive feel to the bed. It will be easier to move around throughout the night or simply getting in or out of bed.

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Casper Essential – Comfort:

casper mattressesThe Casper Essential was also designed to provide a universal comfort feel. With less dense materials, it could feel much softer to those who are heavier. This is also true for stomach sleepers who may need a firmer feel for ideal comfort. We wouldn’t recommend this mattress for couples to sleep upon full-time.

Though the price makes this a great starter mattress, you will notice it might not hold up in quality. You can find a better longer-lasting option if you spend a bit more. However, this is a comfortable option for a lighter person or as a mattress for a guest room. For these uses, you should find ample comfort for restful sleep.

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Casper – Materials:

The original Casper mattress contains four layers of foam that stack up to 12 inches in height. The breathable layer makes up the topmost portion. It provides a soft feel with a responsive bounce. The next section is made from memory foam that relieves pressure through a comforting contour.

The third segment is made using poly foam that evenly distributes weight, providing a deepened comfort. The base of the original Casper is made with density poly foam. It creates a durable quality and solid feel that supports the body in key spots. These foams are covered with a soft polyester fabric. It is breathable, soft to the touch, and stylishly designed with a gray and white color scheme.

casper vs tomorrow

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Casper Wave – Materials:

This upgraded design got its name from the wave-like shaping of the materials in the core of the mattress. The Casper Wave stands at 13 inches tall and consists of five layers. The top segment is a breathable Flo Foam that is silky soft to provide a high-end touch. The next layer is a latex foam that is cool sleeping and responsive to movement. This prevents you from feeling stuck in one spot.

Next comes a visco elastic memory foam that supports and contours to every curve in your body. Under this, the high resiliency foam layer with a polymer network that increases the support in a wave-like shape throughout. The bottom portion is a dense base foam that creates proper spinal alignment. It also provides a consistent surface for the rest of the materials.

casper wave mattress

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Casper Essential – Materials:

The Casper Essential has just the necessities, including three layers of foam in its unique 11″ design. The top layer is a breathable poly foam. It is soft to the touch a provides a responsive quality. The next component is a memory foam transitional layer that gives you a supported contour. The final piece is a foundation of dense base foam that gives you support and consistency. This mattress is covered with a durable upholstery-grade fabric to give you use for years to come.

casper essential mattress

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Casper Mattresses – Motion Transfer:

casper wave mattressAll the Casper mattresses are only made of foam. Making motion transfer minimal across the board of options. You will find that there is very little movement felt across the original Casper mattress. Due to its design using all foam materials, almost all motion transfer is isolated. The dense layers will quickly absorb any vibrations from getting in and out of bed or changing positions.

Because the Casper Wave uses all foam materials, you shouldn’t experience much partner disturbance. The dense thick, dense layers will give you an even better experience in comparison to the other styles from Casper. If you have different schedules or get up from bed frequently, this is the best choice for uninterrupted sleep.

This new take on the original Casper mattress will provide you with a please night of undisturbed rest. The three layers of foam wonderfully absorb vibrations from changing positions or waking in the night. The Casper Essential does a commendable job at isolation motion transfer. However, it does not do as well as the other two styles from this brand.

Casper Mattresses – Sleeping Cool:

casper mattress reviewTypically, all-foam mattresses are not a favorite for sleeping cool. Manufacturers must include cooling properties into the design for this to occur. Luckily, the Casper brand has given thought to this area of comparison. The firmer foams will keep you from sinking in too far where warm air is trapped around your cocooned body. If you really want to stay cool check out the hybrid versions.

The Casper Wave includes more features to help you sleep cooler. Still, all-foam mattresses will not be the best overall at keeping you cool. This design incorporates a naturally aerated foam in the second layer of the design. This material is also responsive to allow you to rapidly reposition when you feel too warm. The support layers are also cut to include channels where air can readily escape. The cover is also made from a breathable material.

The Casper Essential is probably the worst of the three at giving you a cooler night of sleep. It does not include any extra cooling properties. You will also sink further in this mattress, which leaves warm air trapped around you. The only saving grace this design gets is from having a top layer of breathable foam rather than memory foam.

The Casper Original Hybrid and Casper Wave Hybrid mattresses are both set up to sleep much cooler than their all-foam versions. This is purely due to the construction of a hybrid mattress. The coil systems allow for a lot more air to flow throughout the center of the bed. Giving heat a large place where it can escape from the bed. This is well loved benefit to getting a hybrid version of the Original or Wave mattress.

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Casper Mattresses – Edge Support:
casper wave mattress

Edge support is an important factor to consider. Among the Casper mattresses you may find that they varying components do affect the edge too. With the original Casper mattress, you get a fully-usable sleeping surface. You shouldn’t feel like you will roll out. However, you may feel like you are sliding off when sitting at the sides. This is a typical quality of most all-foam mattresses that can be ordered online.

The Casper Wave has the best edge support of the three different styles. It has a high-end feel due to the enhanced materials used in its construction. Dense foams are used in several layers of this design, creating a firmer feel. You can comfortably sleep all the way up to the edge and even sit at the sides for short periods.

Because the Casper Essential is thinner, you are going to immediately have less support. You can feel the compression of this mattress when placing all your weight in one area. This is extremely noticed at the perimeter. When sleeping at the sides, you might feel a “rolling out” sensation. You will also notice a sliding feel when sitting at the edges.

The Hybrid Casper or Hybrid Wave mattresses are both by far the best options for getting plenty of edge support. Their coil systems along with the extra layer of perimeter foam enhances the edge support by a great deal. You can really feel the difference. If edge support is a much have in your book, we highly suggest looking into getting a hybrid mattress.

Casper Mattresses – Value:

You can purchase an original Casper mattress in a queen size for $995. A queen-sized Casper Wave runs $2395. The Casper Essential is the lowest cost, at $595 for a queen size. While the Hybrid versions of the Original and Wave mattresses tends to bump up the prices. All of these choices includes free shipping with your purchase. You’ll get 100 night to try out any of these mattresses during your worry-free sleep trial. You’ll also receive a 10-year warranty with any of the Casper beds too. You can save $100 on any of the Casper original mattress or $200 on the Casper wave mattresses. Simply by using our coupon code, SLEEPGUIDE at

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Casper Mattresses – Our Pick!

When you compare the Casper Mattresses to other luxury mattress brands, you are going to see a lot more of the beds feeling and made like their Casper Wave Hybrid mattress. However, the prices on the Casper Wave and Wave Hybrid are definetely on the expensive side of the spectrum. If you are wanting comfort without such a steep price tag, then the Original Casper Hybrid is our compromise. You get a lot of great comfort foam layers along with the sturdier edge support and durable coil system. The prices for the Original Casper Hybrid are much more on par with other similar mattresses on the market.

The Casper Essential is a great option when you’re on a strict budget as well. However, you’re going to notice that it doesn’t hold up as well for long-term use. This is especially true for utilization by couples or heavier people. If you want the best in quality for a more affordable price, go with the original Casper design. You’ll get everything you need for adequate comfort within a moderate price range.

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