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July 23, 2018

Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Comparison

Both the Casper Essential and the Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam mattress are both welcome additions to their brands. Both of these mattresses offers several benefits, depending on what you are in search of. The true memory foam feel of the Tomorrow Sleep mattress may be just a bit more expensive. However, the added cost is more than justified to get one of the best valued mattresses available. The Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep mattress review will break down several categories to help you see which bed is best for you.

casper essential vs tomorrow sleep
Casper Essential Overview:

casper essential vs tomorrow sleepThe Casper Essential is Casper’s answer to a mattress that will save you money while providing you a good product. This mattress is made to work for most sleepers out there. It’s universal feel combined with its great price make the Casper Essential a good pick for sleepers on a tight budget.

Though it may not offer some of the benefits the original Casper or Casper Wave may have, it will still be a good option. The Casper Essential will provide has pressure relief and even weight distribution. The mattress even features a simple, but stylish grey cover. With the mattress, you will get a 10-year warranty that will fix any defects that may pop up.

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Tomorrow Sleep Overview:

casper essential vs tomorrow sleepThe Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is the latest addition to this companies line of sleep products. In 2017 the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress was introduced and very well received. And with an ever present need for a high quality yet affordable memory foam mattress the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress came out in 2018.

Between the price and quality of this mattress there are few out there that can compete. The foams used in the mattress are top notch and made for the long haul. As well as offer many benefits like temperature regulation and solid, durable edges and the best motion isolation. The Tomorrow mattress even goes the extra mile and offers an and extra long trial warranty. And even gives you the option of upgraded white glove delivery service. This mattress is hard to beat, but we will see how it compares in our Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep review

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Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Delivery & Unboxing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleThe Casper Essential mattress, like most online beds, comes delivered to you in a sturdy cardboard box. The mattress will weigh around 65 pounds when it arrives at your door and is lighter than some of Caspers other options. Casper makes the delivery process of there mattresses simple and free. Just click the purchase button and your new mattress will be on it’s way to your door. All you need to do once your Casper arrives is cut the plastic and set it up.

The Tomorrow memory foam mattress is sent directly to your home by either FedEx or UPS in 5 days time. This mattress does have two shipping options you can choose from. The first is free standard shipping to your home while the other is a paid white glove delivery service. This service will completely setup your Tomorrow for you and even remove your old mattress. If you go with the free option than the Tomorrow mattress will be packed into a cardboard box and shipped right to your home. And you can easily unbox and set it up too.

Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – After Unboxing:

casper essential vs tomorrow sleepLike many mattresses shipped in a box, some odors do linger from manufacturing. And after being wrapped in plastic a few noxious odors from that may be present too. Both the Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep mattresses will have some new mattress scent escape once opened. However you may notice less of a smell when unboxing the Tomorrow mattress. Their stringent guidelines ensure the best materials and manufacturing process take place for the least amount of odors.

If you are sensitive to smells then we recommended giving any boxed mattress up to 12 hours to completely air out. You will also want to give both the Casper an Tomorrow between 12 to 24 hours to completely firm up. Lastly, since both products are on the heavier side, you should try and have help when setting them up.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Casper Essential and the Tomorrow sleep memory foam mattress are completely made of foam layers. However, the Tomorrow is a thicker bed by 1.5 inches nd uses not one, but two thick layers of memory foam. It also utilizes cooling gel and open celled technology to create a better sleeping surface from every aspect. Both mattresses may have 3 layers in there design with the 3rd layer being made of a support foam for both products. But the thickness, quality and overall feel of each is quite different.

Casper Essential Mattress Materials:

The Casper Essential is 8.5 inches thick and is made up of 3 foam layers. The first layer is 2 inches of Breathable Poly Foam Top Layer. This layer is made to be breathable, soft, and add bounce to the bed. The second layer is made of a Memory Foam Transition Layer. This 1-inch layer is made to contour to your body while providing plenty of pressure point support.  This layer also helps evenly distribute weight all the way across the mattress.

The last layer is a 5.5-inch base foam. This layer provides the majority of the support for the bed and helps create an even surface across the whole mattress. This is all wrapped in a cover that helps protect your mattress from any potential mattress. This cover is made of an upholstery grade fabric that is durable. This cover has a zipper so you can remove it for cleaning and comes in a stylish grey color. This all combines to make a supportive medium mattress that is comfortable to sleep on.

casper essential mattress

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Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Materials:

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is made up of 3 layers of foam and is 10 inches thick. The first layer is made of 2.8 pounds of Cooling Open Cell Memory Foam that is 1 inch thick. This layer is made to provide true pressure relief where you need it most. This layer also works to help control temperature and has an open cell design to help with airflow. The next layer is made of a softer foam layer. This layer is 2 inches of 2.5-pound Pressure Relieving Gel Swirl Memory Foam.

This next layer has gel swirled into it to further help keep things cool. Along with heat dissipation, this layer also works to conform to your body. This works with the first layer to provide even weight distribution to help reach an even more ideal level of comfort. This all is supported by a 7 inch thick and 2-pound High-Density Base Foam. This last layer provides all the support for the bed and is the core foundation, it also helps make the mattress durable for years to come.

The quality of materials and construction of this mattress make it a long lasting and durable bed for any and every sleeper. The foams are dense and consistent making for an exceptional sleeping experience night after night and year after year. Tomorrow Sleep has really done an amazing job of creating an affordable yet comfortable and well crafted memory foam mattress. Setting it well apart from the materials and construction found in the Casper Essential.

tomorrow hybrid vs tomorrow memory foam

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Casper Essential Mattress Comfort:

casper essential vs tuft and needleThe Casper Essential mattress hads a medium firmness level meant to appeal to a large range of sleepers. This universal feel is a little bit softer than the original Casper mattress but making it a good choice for those who wanted a softer option out of the Casper line of products. This mattress does have a few downsides, however, since it’s a bit softer. Heavier sleepers will find that the Casper Essential won’t quite give them the support that they need. Stomach sleepers may also find that this bed may be a little too soft for them. Back and side sleepers will find that this mattress actually gives them a nice amount of sink, but may lack support over time.

Initially this bed does still offer a nice amount of support that will help you maintain good alignment. The Casper Essential has adaptable comfort that will cradle your body as you sleep and give you a good amount of sink into the foam. The Casper Essential does have a thinner profile and combined with that layers used in it make it a perfect starter bed for teens, children or even adults on the smaller side. This mattress is also perfect to use for a guest room. We wouldn’t recommend using this bed full-time if your sharing it with a partner or are heavier though. The mattress can wear down easy and won’t last nearly as long with use by several adults or heavier sleepers.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressThe Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is made to have a universal feel to it to appeal to the majority of sleepers. This mattress aims to have the best combinations of comfort and firmness. It is a medium-firm feel the uses both comfort memory foams that are still supportive and work by contouring to your body while providing plenty of pressure relief. This makes this mattress perfect for both back and stomach sleepers. For back sleepers, the dense foam in the mattress makes for a solid surface that perfectly contours to your back. Side sleepers will find that this mattress is great if they prefer to have a little more support during the night. And if you sleep in several positions it will also work out very well and accommodate and adapt to your body easily.

If you are a heavier sleep you will be delighted to know that the Tomorrow will work well for you. Since this mattress uses denser types of foam, it can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight without a problem. This makes the mattress more durable so it will last for years to come and a perfect option for heavier sleepers who want a firmer bed. The Tomorrow also has a good amount of response that will keep you from feeling like you are stuck in the mattress. This helps keep things cool by allowing you to easily toss and turn during the night.

Tomorrow Sleep
Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Motion Transfer:

casper essential vs tuft and needleBoth the Casper Essential and Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam quickly cancel any motion transfer that happens on top of them. Like most all foam mattresses it’s pretty hard to make any motion transfer at any spot on the bed. Foam is an incredibly absorbent material that keeps your movement from disturbing your partner no matter how much you toss and turn.

Both of these options will be perfect if you sleep with a partner that stirs a lot in there sleep or gets up at a different time than you do. The biggest difference though is that the Tomorrow Sleep mattress uses significantly more memory foam which does do a better job of minimizing motion transfer. Giving you not only great comfort but almost zero partner disturbance. While the Casper Essential does a good job, side by side the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam bed does out perform it again.

Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Temperature Regulation:

While foam is notorious for trapping heat in and running hotter than coiled options Casper Essential does it’s best to keep things cool. This is helped by the breathable cover that helps heat from being trapped in the top layer of the mattress. It does this by pulling heat off your body and dispersing it. This mattress does run a little hot since you sink into it more. The Casper Essential won’t be a great pick for anyone who hates to sleep warm.

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The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is made to keep a neutral temperature throughout the night. The mattress uses open cell technology to help promote airflow in its first layer. In the second layer, the foam is infused with a gel that helps further dissipate any heat trapped within the mattress. These layers work together with the base foam the makes the surface solid so you won’t be sunken into the memory foam. By keeping you more on top of the mattress the Tomorrow Sleep greatly reduces the amount of heat built up to keep a cooler feel as you sleep.

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Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Edge Support:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressThe Casper Essential and the Tomorrow Memory Foam have some key differences when it comes to edge support. The Casper Essential doesn’t have the greatest edge support and is kind of what you would expect out of a softer mattress. If you choose to try and sleep on the edge of the Casper then you will probably find yourself sliding off the side of the mattress by the end of the night. With the Casper, it’s best to sleep more towards the middle of the bed than on the edge and not use the mattress for edge sitting for any extended period of time.

The Tomorrow, on the other hand, keeps a sturdy feel all the way across. The mattress is made to be a little bit more on the durable side than the Casper making edge sleeping possible. You won’t feel any sinking at all from the Tomorrow Sleep no matter where you choose to lay on your new mattress. It can also handle minimal edge sitting if you need a place to put on your shoes before heading off to work. Giving the win hands down to Tomorrow’s memory foam mattress for the Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep in edge support.

Casper Essential Mattress Value:

The Casper Essential like most mattresses comes shipped to your house for free in a sturdy cardboard box. The Casper also comes with the standard 10-year warranty and is budget friendly at the following prices:

  • Twin – $350
  • Twin XL – $400
  • Full – $500
  • Queen – $600
  • King – $725
  • King – $725

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Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Value:

This mattress is one of the BEST values we have seen to date! The quality and durability for this price is exceptional in every way. And the abundance of benefits and long lasting materials will keep this mattress sleeping great for years. Not to mention the exclusive $100 coupon (OSG100) we can offer that makes the price VERY affordable and made this mattress our #1 choice for Best Mattress on a Budget.

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress will arrive at your house in about 5 days after you order it. The mattress has an optional white glove service for a fee and comes with a standard 10-year warranty. The Tomorrow Sleep comes at the following prices, with our coupon, and in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $495
  • Twin XL – $535
  • Full – $695
  • Queen – $795
  • King – $965
  • Cal King – $965

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Tomorrow Sleep
 Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep Value:

When it comes to value their is no comparing the Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress. Tomorrow Sleep is bringing a very well made memory foam mattress that is 10″ thick to the market at a GREAT price. Even though it may still be a little more expensive, what you get for that minimal minor price increase is going to offer a better bed from top to bottom and last much longer.

Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialBoth of these companies feature easy returns and great customer service to help you with any problems that may pop-up. Both of these mattresses offer a sleep trial period to help you get a feel for the product before committing to it. The Casper Essential gives you a 100-night sleep trial to try out the mattress. The Tomorrow sleep comes with a 365-night sleep trial to give you a full year to make a decision on their product. As far as warranties go they both offer a 10 year prorated standard warranty. Both cover most defects and any issues that would arises beyond standard wear and use.

Casper Essential vs Tomorrow Sleep – Summary:

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattressThe Casper Essential and Tomorrow do have a few similarities between them. They both can be shipped to your home fast and free in a sturdy box and have a 10-year warranty. They also both isolate motion transfer pretty well and have minimal off-gassing when delivered, though Tomorrow will still have a bit less. However, that is where the line is drawn when comparing the similarities of these beds.

Tomorrow uses two thick layers of comfort memory foam over a base foam giving you a solid 10″ mattress. While the Casper Essential uses a poly foam in conjunction with a memory foam top layers to give you an 8.5″ thick bed. The materials and construction of the Tomorrow Sleep mattress give you a durable sleeping surface that excels in motion isolation edge support and even maintains a fairly temperature neutral feel. The quality of this mattress is even superb to the original Casper, making the value of the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress one of the best available on the online market. Buy yours now at to make sure you get the best deal of the year!

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