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July 3, 2018

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep Comparison

Today we will be comparing the Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress. Both of these mattresses are hybrids with coil and foam layers. They have a lot of similarities, but a few differences to set them apart. Keep reading as we compare them in several categories to find out which one is best for you.

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brooklyn signature vs tomorrow sleep
Brooklyn Signature Overview:

brooklyn signatureThe Brooklyn Signature mattress comes from Brooklyn Bedding. This hybrid bed is a great priced bed that features their signature TitanFlex foam along with sturdy coil system. Creating a more responsive comfort layer that still is great at relieving pressure. Paired with a breathable coil system creates a comfortable, supportive and cool sleeping bed.

This brand is unique in that it handles all the manufacturing of their beds. Allowing for top notch construction, materials and service. Brooklyn Bedding has been in the industry for years making them not only knowledgeable but also reliable. And keeping things in house allows for consistency as well as pricing that is very appealing to the buyer. How will this established bed in a box brand compare to the newer Tomorrow Sleep hybrid? Keep reading to find out.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Overview: 

tomorrow mattressThough Tomorrow Sleep is a new brand appearing in 2017 their partnership with Serta Simmons gives them a reputation and name recognition that sets them apart. Partnering with this industry leader has allowed them access to technology and best practices in order to create many products that appeal to all sleepers.

Specifically their hybrid mattress. This bed also pairs coils but instead with a true memory foam. Creating a more slow responding and cocooning feel. Equally, if not even better, at relieving pressure too. The only downfall with memory foam is its heat retaining factor. However, their focus on alleviating this is apparent in many of their other layers. Not to mention its great price point as well, giving the Brooklyn Signature mattress true competition in several ways.

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Delivery and Unboxing:

tomorrow mattressBoth of these mattresses ship to you in a compact box for free. The Brooklyn Signature mattress is 115 pounds and will be incredibly difficult to deal with on your own. As will the Tomorrow hybrid mattress at 110 pounds. We recommend having two people to set up these hybrid beds. The Brooklyn Signature and Tomorrow Sleep mattress are made in the USA and will ship from their respective warehouses. Spending minimal time in each box.

The set-up process itself is quite simple. Once you get the box to the room it will be in all you need to do is remove the rolled mattress. Set it on the foundation and carefully cut the plastic away. Initially both of these beds will expand rapidly. However, the foams will take several hours, if not up to a day, to fully firm up. Otherwise, the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid also has optional upgrade to white glove deliver service. Taking out any work for you.

During this process you may notice few new mattress fumes too. Nothing to be concerned about, they are not toxic. Though we always recommend letting the mattress breathe a bit to let the fumes dissipate. Especially before putting your bedding on. Both of these brands make sure these beds are made with CertiUS-PUR foams as well as other components that keep them healthy and safe from top to bottom.

Both of these beds are sturdy, and full of quality USA made materials. Making them heavy, but still manageable during the unboxing process. Also, once opened it is great to let them breathe and expand before sleeping or putting your bedding on. But both should be ready in no time, making the delivery and unboxing process very similar for each.

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best hybrid mattressesMaterials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Brooklyn Signature and the Tomorrow Hybrid use their foam and coil layers to create a comfortable mattress. The builds of these beds most differently distinguished by their top comfort layers. The Brooklyn Signature using a more responsive latex alternative foam, TitanFlex. While the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress uses several layers of true memory foam.

Creating two distinct mattresses with different feels that will appeal to different sleepers. Another notable difference is their available comfort options too. The Brooklyn Signature is available in soft, medium and firm while the Tomorrow is available in medium-soft and medium-firm.

Brooklyn Signature Materials:

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is an 11 plus inch bed made up of three different layers of comfort. The first layer of the Brooklyn is a 2 inch, 4 pounds density TitanFlex foam layer. This foam uses latex in it to get extra responsiveness while contouring to your body and helping keep the mattress cool. This layer also helps with relieving pressure from your body while you sleep to make a functional yet comfortable first layer.

The next layer is another 2 inches of 4-pound TitanFlex Foam. It has the same benefits as the first layer while being slightly denser.  This allows for additional pressure support and adds more comfort to the mattress. This layer helps the bed further contour and huge your body to give it the ability to adapt easily to all sleeping positions and body types.

The last layer is made up of 6 inches of a 1,024 (Queen Size) Ascension Pocketed Coil system. The Ascension Coil System helps provide the ore support of the mattress and minimize any motion vibrations the may occur. It also helps the mattress have a greater amount of durability while giving it stability.

The Brooklyn mattress is wrapped in a soft quilted cotton blend cover. The cover is sewn into a ¾ of an inch layer of form to give the top of the mattress a pillow like feel. This gives the mattress an extra plush comfort. The Brooklyn also has side panels with sewn-in handles to help you easily adjust your mattress.

brooklyn bedding signature

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Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Materials:

The Tomorrow Hybrid mattress is a 10-inch thick combination of foam and coil layers. It has two options to choose from, medium soft which is made up of 4 layers and medium firm which has 5 layers. Both options will come with a 1-inch thick top layer. The medium-firm will have the 3.5 pound Black Diamond Memory foam. The medium-soft option will have a 4.8-pound layer of Density Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. Both also infused with cooling technology too. This top layer helps with comfort and contours to your body to help you get the perfect night’s sleep.

The second layer for both theoptions are made up of 2.5 pounds of density Airy Memory Foam infused with gel. The softer option will have 2 inches of this layer while the firmer option will only have .5 inches of the foam. The medium-firm adds in an additional 1.5 inches of Bounce foam under the Airy layer. These layers give the bed a lot of its responsiveness while providing pressure relief where you need it the most.

The next layer is made up of coils. Both options will have 6 inches of a Pocketed 800 Series Coil system, that helps with both support and the overall durability of the mattress.  The coil systems are made of high carbon steel coil and gauge at .083 inches for the medium-firm option and .074 inches for the medium-soft option.

The Tomorrow mattress also has a perimeter around the coil system that is made of 3-inch thick foam side rails. This perimeter helps keep the edges of the mattress stable whole helping the coils stay in place. This layer is aerated as well to help air flow out of the mattress more easily and dissipate retained heat.

Both the medium soft and medium firm option sit on a 1 inch thick Dense Base Foam that will help with stability while giving the coils a solid base. The Tomorrow is wrapped in a soft breathable cover that looks clean and crisp while matching the mattresses overall design.

tomorrow hybrid vs tomorrow memory foam

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Brooklyn Signature Comfort and Firmness:

The Brooklyn has a good amount of responsive to and thanks to the Titanflex layer. This allows you to not feel like your being sucked into the bed while you sleep, this layer also has Titangel in it to help keep things cool during the night. Along with that, the Titangel is also antibacterial to keep the mattress from building up germs. The second layer of Titanflex is made to be slightly denser and helps the mattress contour to your body even more.

brooklyn signatureThe coils in the bed provide a great response to your movements while providing the core support of the mattress. This layer helps make the bed more durable while working with the foam layers to bring you advanced comfort. The solid coil core also helps you sleep more on top of the mattress helping you have a cooler nights sleep.

The mattress even has three different firmness levers to choose from soft, medium, and firm. These give every type of sleeper an option to choose from that will give them a perfect night’s sleep.

The soft Brooklyn mattress will have plusher feel better for back and stomach sleepers hitting a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This is also a good option for anyone who likes to sink into their mattress.

The medium option is great for all types of sleepers and has a more universal feel to it. The medium Brooklyn hits about a 6 out of ten on the firmness scale hitting just about in the middle.

The firmest option is going to be best for stomach and back sleepers who like a lot of support. This option will also be better for a heavier sleeper and will give you a more supportive feel. The firm option hits an 8 on the ten-point firmness scale.

best hybrid mattresses
Tomorrow Hybrid Comfort and Firmness:

tomorrow sleep hybrid vs memory foamThe Tomorrow Hybrid lets you choose between two different firmness options of medium-soft and medium-firm. The medium-soft option is a plusher cushioning while still providing you the support you need. The softer option is a good pick for side or back sleepers who lover a softer feel to their bed. It also will let you sink into the mattress more while giving you enough support to not be completely engulfed. It will run around a 4 to 4.5 on the firmness scale.

The firmer choice lets you sleep more on top of the mattress without having you feel like your sinking into it. This option will appeal more to sleepers who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. Heavier sleepers will also find that this option gives them more support. This options falls around a  6.5 on the firmness scale.

Both options provide a true memory foam and coil hybrid feel. Combining the heat dissipation and spring of the coils. But balanced by the contouring and more pressure relieving comfort layers. Creating a nice dense top layer that still responds well to moving or changing positions over the course of the evening.

Tomorrow Sleep
Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Mattress Motion Transfer:

brooklyn signatureBoth the Brooklyn Signature mattress and the Tomorrow hybrid mattress use a combination of layers to isolate motion vibrations. Both of these options will work for couples who are on different sleep schedules and isolate any unwanted movement on the mattress.

The TitanFlex foam in the Brooklyn Signature may feel a bit more springy than the memory foam layers in the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. However, unless you are very sensitive you shouldn’t notice too much difference. But, if you want the better option of the two the Tomorrow is going to slightly eliminate excess motion a bit better than the Brooklyn Signature.

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Temperature Regulation:

brooklyn signatureBrooklyn Signature mattress uses a lot of different techniques to keep things from heating up too much. The latex in the first layer helps give the bed bounce. This lets you move around freely without becoming to cocooned in the material. The mattress is also aerated and made to absorb minimal heat. On top of that, the coil layers help to support you and air out the mattress even further.

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tomorrow sleep mattress reviewThe Tomorrow Hybrid mattress allows you to sleep cool during the night. It’s use of both foam and coil layers that help the mattress air out. The foam layers also have cooling technology in them to help the foam from running too hot. The bed also has a lot of responsiveness to keep you from feeling like your sinking into the foam. This lets you move around freely during the night to keep from just sleeping in one spot. The Tomorrow also has different firmness option that will affect how much you sink into the mattress.

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While both of these models do a good job at keeping the heat off, the Brooklyn is slightly better. Hybrid beds will always run a little cooler than their foam counterparts due to the coil layer. Both mattresses also have a firmer option if you can’t stand to be cocooned in foam.

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Edge Support:

tomorrow sleep mattress reviewThe Ascension coil layer helps give the Brooklyn Signature mattress an ideal amount of edge support. Along with the dense and durable layers of even foam over top. You will find that every part of the Brooklyn mattress is usable for sleeping. Creating a consistent sleeping surface in any of the comfort options. As far as sitting goes, it is always recommended to minimize. But the firmer option of the Brooklyn Signature will be the best option if you need to utilize the edges more for sitting.

The edge support in the Tomorrow hybrid mattress is also great. It has a very stable surface to sleep on, even all the way to the edges. This is due to not only a sturdy coil system and dense foams but also the addition of a 3 inch ventilated encasement around the edges. making this mattress not just great for sleep but fairly solid for sitting too.

Both mattresses have technology that helps them feel consistent all the way across. No matter where you choose to sleep on the Brooklyn Signature mattress or the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress you will have a constant feeling of comfort and support. Either way edge sleepers will be thrilled by the comfort both products present. Both choices also have a firm option that will help edge sleeping and sitting be even more reliable.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Value:

The Brooklyn Signature mattress comes in at a great price point. And that isn’t even including the generous coupon too. This well made mattress really is a great value. Giving you a solid sleeping surface with several options and wonderful benefits. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping. It is available in the following sizes and the pre-coupon pricing is listed:

  • Twin – $549
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $849
  • Queen – $949
  • King – $1249
  • Cal King – $1249

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best hybrid mattresses
Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Value:

The Tomorrow Hybrid mattress is also a great value. Especially when you combine the price with our exclusive $125 coupon too. Giving you a true memory foam hybrid bed that will appeal to many sleepers. Giving you great support, ideal comfort and solid sturdy edges. It also comes with a 10-year warranty in the following size and pre-coupon price options:

  • Twin – $550
  • Twin XL – $600
  • Full – $800
  • Queen – $990
  • King – $1200
  • Cal King – $1250

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Tomorrow Sleep
Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Hybrid Value:

When it comes to the value of these mattresses you really can’t go wrong with either bed. After their coupons they aren’t far off from pricing and considerably less expensive than most competition. Even competition that features lesser quality and benefits. The toughest choice is deciding which one has the benefits that appeal to you more. Though they have many similarities they also offer their differences too. Both, we can claim from personal experience though are great options!

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Additional Information:

mattress warranty & sleep trialBoth the Brooklyn Signature and Tomorrow Hybrid mattresses have great customer service and easy return policies. We can’t really imagine the desire to return either bed, but if you do, they are very easy to work with. The Brooklyn Signature comes with a 120-night sleep trial and the Tomorrow comes with a huge 365-day sleep trial. Giving you ample time readjust to the comfort of your new bed.

Both brands also offer several other bedding products and accessories that work fabulously with their beds. Giving you easy one stop shopping for your bedroom. Everything form the mattress protector to new sheets and complimenting pillows too. Tomorrow even offers some unique bedding accessories including their sleep tracker and black out shades.

Brooklyn Signature vs Tomorrow Sleep – Summary:

The Brooklyn Signature mattress and the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress are both great mattress choices. They run cooler than almost all foam mattresses, thanks to their coil layers and added technology. The biggest differences may be their comfort and feel. The Tomorrow has more cocooning and slightly slower responding comfort foams. While the Brooklyn Signature uses a more responsive latex alternative that has a bit faster response.

The other benefits are going to be quite close but giving the edge to the Brooklyn Signature for sleeping cool. And the slight edge to Tomorrow in the edge support. And the price for both, after coupon, is a steal of DEAL! Making both of these beds a great investment into years of good sleep.

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