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April 25, 2018

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Signature Mattress Review

The Brooklyn Signature vs Aurora mattress review is a great matchup. The Aurora mattress and Signature mattress are both hybrid beds offered by Brooklyn Bedding. However, they do have many different features that make them unique and distinct. As well as several similarities that make comparing the two a great way to see which is better for you. Our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Signature mattress review will go through key points of each mattress. As well as the benefits each provides while sleeping too.

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Brooklyn Bedding Overview:

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signatureSince 2008 Brooklyn Bedding has been blazing a trail in the online mattress scene. Their story begins long before this, in 1985 to be exact, with visions of making better mattresses from start to finish. Starting from a storefront to selling on Amazon to now manufacturing and selling their own brand, Brooklyn Bedding. Not to mention manufacturing several other well known online mattress labels.

Their tenacity and driving focus on making quality, affordable mattresses right in their own country has catapulted them into an industry leader. In 2018 they relaunched their Signature mattress with an update that took it from an all foam mattress to hybrid. They also introduced two other mattresses at that time too. The Aurora, a luxury hybrid with even more detail and high-end quality. As well as the Bowery, their introductory priced mattress that still offers a great all foam bed at a very reasonable price point.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Overview:

The Aurora hybrid mattress is the top of the line option offered by Brooklyn. In our Brooklyn Signature vs Aurora review, we found this luxury hybrid mattress has three layers of various foams that relieve pressure and perfectly contour to your body. As well as a very supportive and ergonomically ideal thick coil system over another layer of dense base foam. These five layers make a super thick 13.5″ bed that is available in three comfort options. Between the soft, medium and firm choice you are sure to find a choice that is ideal for you.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signatureThis mattress is not only about ideal support and comfort but is also very focused on sleeping as cool as possible. With added cooling properties in every layer of this mattress sleeping hot will never be a problem. From the copper infusion in the top layer of foam to the added phase change material, TitanCool, added to the surface down to the breathable 8″ thick coil system heat has no chance in this mattress.

The price of the Aurora comes in at a great price too. Especially when you can utilize their latest coupon too. Making it an even more affordable and well-valued bed. This mattress stars at $999 in a twin size and the king size is $1999. The most popular size, the queen, is $1699. However, with our exclusive 20% OFF coupon youcan save on every size and making the queen only $1359.

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Overview:

The Signature mattress was once an all foam mattress, but in early 2018 was revamped to a hybrid. This upgrade featured all the wonderful attributes of the original. But the added coil system gave it increased support and other added benefits. True to the OG the Brooklyn Signature features two layers of patented TitanFlex foams as the comfort layers. These hybrid foams make for an ideal feel that isn’t too responsive or too cocooning.

brooklyn bedding signatureTaking the best properties of latex and memory foam and making a foam that relieves pressure as well as never makes you feel stuck. The TitanFlex foam is also breathable and doesn’t get too warm and works great with the new coil system that offers great precise support and a durable core. The Signature mattress also comes in three comfort options, soft, medium and firm, making finding your ideal feel easier than ever.

In our Brooklyn Signature vs Aurora review, this mattress offers a more affordable price point that is one of the added benefits of buying from a company that manufacturers their own beds. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress starts at $599 for a twin and the king size is only $1249. The queen, the most popular size is only $949 and that isn’t even including our exclusive 20% OFF coupon. Making a queen size only $759. For a bed of this quality, this price is a steal.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Materials:

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is a 13″ thick mattress that has 6 layers. The top layer is 1.5″ of CopperFlex Foam with TitanCool. This layer is not only great for comfort but has several added cooling benefits for a temperature neutral sleeping surface. The next layer is 2″ of TitanFlex Foam, their patented foam also found on the Signature mattress. This layer is hyper-elastic and is immediately responsive to your movements and adjusts accordingly. The third layer of comfort foam is 1″ of Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This layer is great as a transition as well as provides deep comfort and great pressure relief.

The core and main support of this mattress come form the 8″ thick Quantum Edge Encased Coil System. Each coil is individually wrapped for precision comfort and minimal motion transfer. They also have reinforced coils around the perimeter to increase the edge support too. These four layers sit over a 1″ thick piece of Base Support Foam. This sturdy foam creates a solid and flat base for structure as well as core support.

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Materials:

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is a 10+” mattress with three layers total. The top 2″ are TitanFlex Comfort foam that immediately responds to your body and adjusts easily. Under this is 2″ of TitanFlex Support foam. This layer is a slightly firmer and denser layer that is a great buffer and transition layer between the coils and top foam.

The coil system is a 6″ thick Ascension Pocketed Coil System. Each of the coils is individually wrapped for minimal movement and precise support. Not listed, but clearly appears, is a layer of base foam as well. This layer is more than likely about an inch thick and provides a solid base for all to sit on.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Signature Benefits:

Both of these hybrid beds will offer many similar benefits. In the Brooklyn Signature vs Aurora reviewthe biggest difference will be the cooling aspects the Aurora provides over the Signature. Though both are going to do a fine job of sleeping cool the Aurora will do an exceptional job, especially if you are a very warm sleeper. The Aurora takes into account every aspect of providing a cool sleeping surface all night long. Using not only tried and true hybrid construction but incorporating the latest technology to as well.

Motion Transfer:
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Both mattresses will do very well for isolating motion too. The pocketed coils in each mattress make for not only precise support and alignment but also minimal vibrations. This paired with several layers of comfort foams over top most should not have any issues with motion transfer.

If you are a very light sleeper that is disturbed easily you may want to look at an all foam mattress, but the vast majority of sleepers won’t notice any disturbance.

Edge Support:

As far as edge support around the perimeter goes both should do well in this category too. Both offer a consistent sleeping surface and when your weight is evenly distributed you won’t notice a change form the interior to the exterior.

The Aurora does, however, have us a Quantum Edge coil system that does have reinforced coils around the perimeter. This does make for a slightly more solid feel, especially if you are using for minimal sitting too. But for strictly sleeping, the Aurora and Signature do a great job.

Brooklyn Bedding Customer Service:

brooklyn auroraWhether you choose the Aurora or Signature mattress each comes with the great customer service this established company offers. Not only is your mattress made in-house at their USA based manufacturing facility but also comes with free shipping. Once your mattress is made it will be compressed and put into a box that is conveniently shipped right to your door.

Keeping the process within Brooklyn Bedding allows for complete quality control. Making sure each material is the best it can be, the process is precise and correct and the prices stay in check. Ensuring that each end product is well crafted and available for the best price to you. As well as keeps hazardous or unsafe materials or foams at bay too.

Each Brooklyn mattress also comes with a 100-night sleep trial to make sure it is a good fit. For some reason, if the mattress doesn’t work out they are happy to work with you to return it for a full refund. It also comes with a 10-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. Both of these beds are well made and are solid yet comfortable and sleeping on them for 10 years and beyond is very possible.

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